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Found 1 result

  1. TVOP Projects: Questions, Comments, Examples This thread originates with a discussion on RVD's channel AC George: I agree that there is not much "concrete" evidence, and that personal contact, emotional inflection and context of expression combined with speculation is what Ron, Rad, and anyone who does not personally know the Ambassador has to assess the situation. I talked with him personally, was shown some pictures and given some explanations. Anything can be fabricated, and acting talent abounds. I still like to think I have some level of discernment in telling if someone is a con man or not though. In this case, I don't see the flattery that most con men express liberally when trying to sway an audience. Mostly a lot of caution and frustration when that caution inhibits communication. I also was told in no uncertain terms that anything that can be done has to be done so as to not incur the wrath of the "cabal" in any open manner. In other words it seems to me there is a status quo that doesn't allow for much boat rocking, and that the Ambas hands are tied more than he would like to admit. If that is the case, and we don't just want to deny that there is even an inkling of opportunity here, I think we need to work from both ends here. So yes, effort needs to be made to prove authenticity regarding Amba, DF etc. What would that entail, if we take into account that there are limits to the level of public disclosure those parties are comfortable with? And yes, we need a much clearer description of how the project pipeline is to be managed to benefit both ends. Having seminars to teach people procedures that mainly seem to cover the asses of benefactors and demanding pay for them does not seem like a gesture that encourages cooperation in my opinion. Disclosure and training regarding proprietary procedures should be pro bono on the one hand, and include room for negotiation on the other. In other words, "we the people" are lacking in the confidence and knowledge to cover our own asses. I don't see a problem with loans if contingencies to balance out risk and benefit are adopted that are acceptable to both parties. But the people are at a disadvantage, in terms of knowledge, confidence and experience in such things. The DF may believe they are going out of their way here, but from the view of the audience here, they are being quite stingy in their willingness to help. But if they must be cautious then let them do so without sacrificing the necessary lines of communication to establish working relationships with those whose creativity is left floundering for lack of resources to apply it. I don't see why we have to stay polarized like this. I see this as an opportunity for negotiation from which we can learn much, and also teach much to those who may think they don't own anyone anything. Before running to realize specific projects, lets move to organize and structure how best to go about this from both ends. Let's not stick to the assumption that it has to be one sided. There may always be risks. But lets negotiate to minimize them and if we cannot beyond a certain point, let's balance them out between the parties involved. Else what are we going to do but always wait for the "perfect benefactor"? Isn't that the same as waiting for a savior? Friar N: Interesting comment, as usual, Aristo. As someone with a background in finance and auditing, my habit is: if I have a question, I ask. And if the answer isn't clear, I ask again. People usually don't get upset, because I keep a positive attitude, and my questions are relevant, penetrating, and revealing. If someone says: No, I cannot tell you that, the refusal to answer can be revealing as the facts. The sort of questions I would ask would be: How much of the DF wealth is tied up in Trust funds? (I think the percentage would be very high.) Who manages it? What sort of detail do you get? Do you know where the funds are invested? Can you get direct access to some or all of the funds? I think you get the idea. BTW, the questions I would ask now are different than 2-3 months ago, because I have learned more from my own inquiries. But if even SOME of these questions were answered, I think we would be getting closer to understanding DF wealth, and why it has been so hard for the Amba to make a bigger difference. I still think the key to moving this into productive fruition, is for people to understand how project pipeline of requests will be handled. I submitted two examples of businesses that I think are worthy of support: Strong Towns and CVN. But in their present form, they cannot easily repay a loan, so their request would have to be structured in such a way that the Loan could be repaid. I have some ideas about how to do that. And it would be interesting to develop ideas around one or both of these concrete businesses. This would be purely as an example, since I have no connection with either one.