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Found 1 result

  1. CryptoCATS Chat (Public) ... http://tinyurl.com/cryptoCats > main charts thread This is the main Forum for the Crypto Meet-up & Viber Chat Group. The first trial meeting will happen at 9:30am, One Hour before the next REINTA Meetup. That is Sat. Feb.10 at Seattle's Best - Corner of Dela Rosa and Palanca St., Makati PH. We will have a general discussion about Crypto's, and maybe discuss a project that I am considering: A Crypto Currency Trading mentoring program. The Crypto talk will end sharply at 10:30, when the Usual REINTA Meetup begins. If there is an interest in doing so, and people cannot come early, then we may (also?) meet after the REINTA, possibly at a different location. COMMENTS on this idea are welcome. M.H./ "dr Bubb" ======== Learning Experience? I am still learning the idiosyncraticies of trading BTC, and I am aiming to optimize ST entry & exit points using MA's and other trading signals. BTC trades 24-hours, and so the ST moving averages are different than for stocks & commodities. I may change some of the MA-periods in the links below, as I acquire more experience. KEY MAs : All: 8yr: 4yr: 2yr: 1yrL: 12mo L: 5mo L: 2mo: 1mo B-6d : : 10d B C: 5d B: 2d B/ BTC : ETH : LTC : mktCap / TestBM Almost Live / Recent prices over 5-days (( Historical charts )) : 8yr : 2yr : NYSE Bitcoin Index / NYXBT : 3yr : 3yr-377d : 1yr : 6mo : 2-yrs w/Weekly Bitstamp price data : 2yr-w.D : 2yr : 1yr : 6mo : ======== CryptoCATS Chat: (8 original members were on a Viber chat started the same day as this chat / now XX members) INVITE Yourself : LINK : To cryptoCATS chat (host: DrBubb): https://invite.viber.com/?g=3DIy3ubIV0czRAFERkWjYR_Yyz_0Xny- === Related MeetUps === REINTA Property Meet-Up : Real Estate Investors Network and Take Action! BGC CC Meetup / 2nd THU : CryptoTalk Manila - Discuss, Trade & Network Bitcoin China, 2017 thread : The Bitcoin Jump of 2017 Bitcoin NewsReleases, PH : https://bitchikka.com/
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