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The Curse of TIME Magazine Covers

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Karma is coming - Greta will pay the Price... and David Hogg is paying

Political Groups Exploit Children Like Greta Thunberg And David Hogg Then Discard Them



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NEXT Up for the Curse: BIDEN and HARRIS, Joint Person of 2020


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris named 'Person of the Year'

Despite not actually having done anything

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been named Time Magazine Person of the Year, even though they haven't done anything. Joe Biden spent most of the year living in the imaginations of American Democrats who believed him to be whatever they wanted him to be, which was mostly "not Trump," while on the physical plane he barely left the basement of his Delaware home.

Kamala Harris, who had been running for the Democratic presidential nomination before Biden snagged the nom, was polling in single digits when she dropped out of the race in December 2019.

. . .

The county, as Biden Harris are so fond of telling us, is in the midst of crisis. The duo has intoned climate change, economic problems, racism, and the everlasting coronavirus pandemic as reasons that the federal government must enact broad, sweeping measures.

They have done alot of talking, they've barely answered any questions, they have shown that they have no control over the leftwing of their party, and they are unable to unify the incredible divisions among the American population.

> https://thepostmillennial.com/joe-biden-and-kamala-harris-named-person-of-the-year-despite-not-actually-having-done-anything

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Literally, everyone is criticizing them...

TIME Gets ROASTED For Making Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Person of the Year



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