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Something BIG may be coming... A Liberation ?

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Greece to Eurocrats: NO !!!




A 61% No Vote... is more like: "F--- No !"


Greece Resoundingly Rejects Austerity In Referendum On Bailout ...
Huffington Post-2 hours ago

The win for the "no" camp constituted a major victory for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras, who had campaigned heavily against the deal put forward by the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. But it also raised uncertainty about the country's financial future and its place in the eurozone.

"Even in the most difficult circumstances, democracy can't be blackmailed -- it is a dominant value and the way forward," Tsipras tweeted on Sunday night, adding that Greece intends to restart negotiations with Europe next week.

A final tally of votes indicated that 61.31 percent of voters decided against the bailout deal.

2 /
Greek referendum: Asian markets fall sharply after Greece no vote ...
The Guardian-3 hours ago
But he adds the vote did not give a mandate to split from the European Union entirely but to strengthen Greece's negotiating position.

China is the exception - it saw a boost on open this morning - but that is attributed to the enormous and unprecedented government measures implemented over the weekend to try and stop a market crash.

This from Justin:

Analysts said that regional market panic was unlikely, even after Athens appeared to take a step closer to a “Grexit” by roundly rejecting the bailout terms set by its international creditors But they added that negotiations this week would be critical.

‘no’ vote is a surprise,” Shoji Hirakawa, chief equity strategist at Okasan Securities, told Bloomberg News. “But the key is that the direction is going toward more talks after this.”

( Oh, Brave New World, that has such people in it! )

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