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Suppressed technology - Free Energy

Discussion of Free Energy technologies  

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  1. 1. Is Free Energy a possibility ?

    • Yes. Working technologies exist and are being developed, and will be commercial
    • Yes. Technologies exist, but are being surpressed
    • Maybe. The possibility is strong, and something may be commercially viable soon.
    • Maybe, but it will require laws of physics to be superceeded
    • No. Not unless new scientfic principles emerge one day
    • No. It is an impossibility under the immutable laws of science
    • I am not sure
  2. 2. Should this thread be in the Main section ?

    • Yes, I always had an interest in such technology
    • Yes, things appear to be developing & and I want to be better informed
    • Maybe, but it depends on how the discussion develops
    • Maybe, but perhaps only temporarily
    • No, not yet. There's no enough evidence yet that it is real
    • No. Topics like this just put people off
    • No, and probably not ever. The whole concept is an impossibility
    • Not sure.
  3. 3. Is there a connection between UFO's and Free Energy?

    • Both are equally likely
    • Both are equally unlikely
    • Free Energy is more likely than Space aliens visiting Earth
    • Space aliens visiting Earth is more likely than Free Energy
    • All or most of UFO's are "ours", and our governments already have Free Energy technology
    • I have no strong opinion on any of the above

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I think he's addressed the question as to why he hasn't made it open sourced but has instead issued usb sticks to government reps but for the life of me, can't remember why. Go poke around the FAQs and you might find it. I have a feeling he has ET connections.


Thanks CMJ, but I couldn't find any mention of it.


But the fact remains, by any conceivable logic, it doesn't make much sense to give this to nation-states but not actually bequeath it to the people of the world. Nation-states don't have the best record in terms of using tech appropriately (war mongering!) or acting in the best interests of humanity in general ;)

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Now that we have reached the governments that represent over 60 % of the world’s population, the Keshe Foundation is not going to wait for the rest of the nations to join, even though they are welcome to receive the technology whenever they ask for it.


Please note that no European nation except Italy is joining the Foundation spaceship program because of the threats and false accusations that the government of Belgium has made to other EU nations with regard to the Keshe Foundation.


The fact of the matter is that some five years ago certain officials in Belgium tried to force us to hand over our technology to him as dishonest lawyers of the government for him to abuse it for their personal financial gains, which we refused to do.


Subsequently he made threats to our lives and they have not stopped their underhand work, circulating false documents and accusations about the Foundation and its founder in the EU, and this has led the EU nations to hold back.


This blockage of technological advancement is a loss for the European nations, but other nations of the world have no time for the organized criminals in the structure of the government of one of the smallest nations in Europe.


Through police reports, we have recently come into possession of a hard copy of these accusations and false documentation made by Belgium. It is no problem for the Foundation to refute these slanders and now we understand that it was because of these accusations and pressure from Belgian government officials that the European nations were not responding to our invitation.


Thus we are not waiting for European nations to join the Foundation as they are not even 5% of the world population and are only siding with the suppressors of information.


The rest of humanity has to go forward and thus we are starting our world teaching program as announced below.


However the Keshe Foundation would like to be able to work with scientists all over the world and for all nations to benefit from this new technology, and we cannot leave the European nations behind just because of their shortsighted leaders, prompted by a few wrongdoers who have taken the rest of the Europe and the Foundation hostage with their false accusations and paper shuffling in the offices of European kings and prime ministers.


What a shame that a few pedophiles in the smallest nation on this continent are keeping the rest of the European nations in the doldrums of 18th century science, and persuading them to ignore the potentials of this ground-breaking technology.


We teach from Europe and Europeans should directly benefit from this technology. So that the European population does not fall behind as we are going ahead with our teaching and have made arrangements to bypass those governments who are trying to prevent the technology being taught in Europe. To this effect we announce the following:


A: Cancellation of presentation


The 14.12.2012 presentation is canceled because the Belgian authorities, on the instruction of the government, have officially and in writing forbidden our nuclear research activity. In a recorded session with government lawyers acting on government advice and in the presence of the head of the nuclear inspectorate of Belgium, we have been requested to move to another country, or else to give up our rights to a few pedophiles in this country so that they can abuse the technology to make more arms and kill more people.


In our view the Belgian government has made this move because their criminal cases are about to go to court and they are trying to prevent us from revealing what they have done to the Foundation in recent years to subdue and silence us.

We will find another way to make our presentation as we have done before; science will prevail over a few feeble minded child-molesting people who are at the helm of this nation (according to what is being said in the Belgian papers nowadays).


B: Production and teaching center


We have requested the Belgian authorities to allow us to take over the Genk Ford plant which is to close with the loss of 14,000 workers, so that we can start the production of units for our energy, space, agriculture and health systems, and start teaching our technology to the world’s scientists and engineers in this plant.


We made this request in writing over 4 weeks ago, after talks with the unions, and we are still waiting even for simple confirmation of the receipt of our written request, even though the office of the first minister has confirmed that it has been received.


If you are Belgian please ask your government why 14,000 people should go unemployed when jobs could be guaranteed, if only the problems mentioned above were not holding them back.


A journalist from Humo Magazine came to our offices about three weeks ago and took about over one hours of interview to report this (if you would like to know more go to http://www.humo.be/ ) and they have been told that they can publish NOTHING about this or Keshe Foundation in Belgium.


In Belgium the Keshe Foundation officially does not exist, even though we have charity status and two commercial companies registered and BTW registered.


No one can make a success of anything in this country unless the criminal organization at the helm of the country is paid in full. We have nothing to pay with as we have given our knowledge away for free to world governments and world citizens.



From now on our next step is clear and the Keshe Foundation is starting the world teaching program and development of its technology as of 1.12.2012.


1: International teaching for governments and their scientists


As of 1.12.2012 we enter the next phase of teaching for the world governments that have accepted and have joined or are getting ready to join the Keshe Foundation spaceship program.


The first teaching of the world governments’ scientists starts on this day, at the request of some of the governments that have received the USB stick containing our full technological information.


The first group of government scientists will start on this day to learn in more detail about the development and the scientific principles behind the technology.


The purpose of these preliminary teachings is to present the basic concepts of the new Magravs technology so that when they read the patents, the government scientists will be able to interpret them correctly and to give their governments appropriate advice on which the authorities can take an informed decision.


2: Teaching university scientists


The next step is teaching university scientists, as we did in the most glorious nation of Sierra Leone last September.


Early next year we will start the teaching program for the leading non-government scientists of all nations. The first session of this teaching has been preliminarily agreed with the Italian scientists in the health sector of the Foundation program.


The plan is for the first international lectures of the Foundation for world scientists outside our center in Belgium to take place, with the support of Italian scientists, on 20 and 21 January 2013 in the island of Sicily.


The booking form for this teaching congress will be posted soon on the Foundation forum and by the organization in Italy.



3. Technical support for international teaching


The Keshe Foundation has made a fundamental move that means that as of 15.12.2012 the Foundation will support all its sub-divisions and all nations’ websites in their own language on its own server.


All teachings from this day will be facilitated direct, and in some cases with a streaming video conferencing support system, through our new server which can support thousands of live video channels simultaneously. The systems have been purchased and are now getting set up for the launch around that day.


If you would like to have a domain name like Italy@keshefoundation.com for your nation’s Keshe Foundation, from this day it will be possible to do so. You have to appoint your nation’s webmaster and the site will be supported by the Foundation’s own server under the Keshe Foundation.com banner.


Thus everyone around the world will be able to read about the Foundation and their nation’s activities as well as everything happening in other countries with regard to the Foundation. This will make us truly one organization, in which all nations can participate according to their own culture and language.


Our public lectures now moves to different countries and will not be restricted to Belgium and Holland. There are series of lectures planned for 15, 16, 17 and18 December in 4 different cities in Italy.


Lectures in France, Germany and Japan are under consideration in the early part of the 2013.


Through our lectures we will fund the furnishing and purchasing of equipments for African universities to enable their research and development of the technology.


4: Publications


The next step is the books. The second edition of all three books is in progress and will be published shortly.


Books 4 and 6 will be released before 30.3.2013, if God be with us.


The e-books for teaching have not been started but soon will be. We apologies for this delay as our negotiations with governments have taken the major part of our time in the past few months, and now we are seeing the fruit of this hard work.


I as the Director of the Keshe Foundation would like to thank all those who have been active and worked or work with the Foundation to bring the Foundation to where it is now and to where it will go in the future.


The Foundation belongs to all mankind and we try to set the right foundation as a unified organization and we need support in every manner from the Keshe Foundation family worldwide.


I wish you all the best, for your nation and for all mankind.


M T Keshe


The Dirctor of the Keshe Foundation

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Again, what I really don't understand is why they aren't focusing efforts on getting their e-books out all over the web, for the benefit of all mankind, rather than publishing old-fashioned paper books?! It all seems very last century in that regard! ;)

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Extract from Fulford's latest report

..... devices like this one are now available at Japanese electronics markets:



Here is a link to where you can actually order one of these devices online (if you can navigate through the Japanese):



The item is in the bottom right corner of the page. A Japanese reader of mine brought one of these generators to me and demonstrated it so I can say I have seen it with my own eyes. It runs for 120 hours on a small bag of salt water. Maybe soon, instead of charging the batteries for your mobile, you will just say “pass the salt.”


I have a clock that runs on salt water. It's in the kids' room. I'll ask my daughter when she comes home if it's still running. We have had it for some years now.

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Cryptologic/ Electronics Engineer (retired)


Dear Mr. Fulford,


I am writing for two primary reasons for corresponding with you:


1. You seem to be somewhat unacquainted with new energy producing technologies, or psuedo-technology which could be used to most efficiently realize the goals of the Dragon Families with whom you are working. I have a recommendation for you with some modest, put definitive documentation. If the White Dragon Society has access to qualified engineers you might ask them to evaluate my brief proposal. Upon request I can elaborate.


2. As a private individual representing only myself , I am nevertheless working to help, support and purge New World Order conspirators from my Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). I would like to ask you for any information that you or your associates may have on Satanists or Gnostics that may be in the Mormon Church leadership or in Utah so that I can begin to investigate and gather information to help to purge them from the Mormon Church.


My problem arises from the fact that most of the work in the USA on opposition to the NWO comes from well meaning people in the Christian Fundamentalist churches who are so rabidly anti-Mormon that they can’t see beyond their own prejudices to help someone who is actually on their side and who wants to help the good people in the Mormon church to purge the filth of the Satanists from their midst.


LENR-CANR, (Cold Fusion) Nuclear versus Classical Chemical/Thermal Processes

Please reference the following report:


Defense Intelligence Analysis Report DIA-09-0911-003 (unclassified)

In my 34 years of service at low to mid-level technical activities in the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, I have never quite seen a report like this. It is truly an odd duck. Not only is it unclassified, it is clearly meant for a much wider audience than the Government/Intelligence executives and scientists to whom the DIA usually addresses their findings.


~ Cold fusion works! Low Energy Nuclear Reactions has been shown to occur by observed nuclear byproducts in numerous experiments from laboratories in several countries. These experiments are all variations on the original work done by Pons and Fleischmann in 1989.


~ Currently, under heavy international scrutiny from the Physics community Dr. Andrea Rossi has, in Italy, demonstrated a working 1 Megawatt output cold fusion reactor. Tests are finishing up this month. Smaller units have already been built, sold and delivered.


~ Dr. Rossi is forecasting a 2013 delivery date for his first, electrical reactors designed for homes. These reactors, are completely safe, and would be delivered in a form factor similar to an American sized water heater tank.


Please reference these two web sites and their related links for more information:




These two web sites feature Dr. Andrea Rossi’s work, although others are also working on commercial LENR reactors. He was the first to try to take it out of the laboratory into production.


There is still heavy opposition from specious attacks that originally emanated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other groups affiliated with hot fusion, whose research funds were threatened by this simpler approach.


For a more complete story just Google LENR.


The technologies that you have mentioned in your news letter are not truly “free energy”. We still cannot violate the laws of thermodynamics. They are chemical reactions that use expensive and low yield chemical processes. The Sterling Engines are very efficient external combustion engines. They are used in cruise missiles because they are efficient, but like the salt water devices that you mentioned they use very expensive chemical rods, powders, etc. which are used up as chemical energy is produced. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) are also not “free energy”, but use nuclear processes which yield millions of times more energy for the heavy water that they convert to energy.


Actually, I know of no reputable scientist, including myself who regards “free energy” as anything other than misunderstood chemical processes or outright scams.


My proposal: Have the White Dragon Society coordinate and perhaps buy up most of Dr. Rossi’s initial home reactors. These would be marketed as a package deal with an electric car. A company, designated by the White Dragon Society representatives would hire a company (like Mitsubishi industries) to put together a home system that would include the E Cat reactor, installed into the clients home, which would be disconnected from the power grid. The electrical car which would be charged at home from the reactor. One candidate car would be the Mitsubishi i-MieV


(see http://www.mitsubishicars.com/MMNA/jsp/imiev/12/showroom/overview.do?cid=paid_search_imiev_google_0010&kwid=225×12036).


Franchise dealers would do the formal sales and installation work. These might be sponsored extensions of current Mitsubishi car dealerships who would be partnered with approved local home contractors.


The reactor/car combination would provide for all home electrical and automobile needs for a single family. Financing for this package would be marketed through a Japanese/Chinese bank (perhaps using WDS funds) which would loan the money at market rates to interested consumers. I should think a trial program in a city like Osaka or Kyoto would be ideal.


Let me know if you have any questions for me.


NWO People in the Mormon Church


Like any devoted Buddhist, Moslem, Catholic or Sikh, I love my church. My professional life was spent at low to mid-level service in U.S. Air Force intelligence (including four years in Misawa, Japan), the NSA, FBI and as a contractor for the CIA until I was fired for not keeping my mouth shut.


As an engineer who conducted studies, friendly interrogations, and control of some engineering projects I have some unique tools for being able to investigate and perhaps do battle some of the NWO types, like Romney and the Eccles family who have infiltrated the Mormon Church.


I am simply soliciting any advise or information you may have for me in this regard.


I appreciate your work and newsletter. I so much appreciate what your sponsors in the Red and Green are doing for my country, USA after they and the world have suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis who have controlled us.


Warm regards,



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A Machine To Die For The Quest For Free Energy


Conventional Science Claims this is Impossible

Uploaded by SowhatNC

November 16, 2009


'A Machine to Die For' is about the search for perpetual motion and free energy.


Conventional science claims this is impossible, yet generations of inventors have been mesmerized by the promise of an engine that powers itself.


The world’s reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on.


'A Machine to Die For' showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest.


For more Suppressed Technology videos, click here

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RUMOR: Free Energy Devices In US Warehouses NOW


Hi, I was lucky enough to be able to hear the interview with POOF, and I woud Love to Thank you and Thank Poof as well


I know he is being truthful, the last few minutes of the interview was what got me so very excited was hearing that he was involed with the free energy boxes.


My husband's job takes into different businesses and he happened to go into a business last year and was told "You see those boxes? Do you know what they are?" He didn't have a clue of course. He was told "one box could supply enough free energy for a town".............


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Electromagnet Flux Energy Research


Inventor, James B. Schwartz of the Philippines, has come up with a device that allegedly puts out as much as six kilowatts of electricity, tying into the Earth's frequencies, using a solid state arrangement in a panel made from "left-handed material" -- Aluminum and Bismuth interwoven with coils.


Dr. James Schwartz lights up three 800-Watt bulbs with his solid state aluminum-bismuth panel system.

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latest news about the Greek project for cold fusion.


See some info in english :






Translated parts of a presentation in the Greek press :


"Buying with 5,500 Euros a box half cubic meter of 45 KW forget forever the energy costs of your home."


Experiment :

"A plasma generating device heats nanodust nickel at 500 degrees Celsius, leading to alterations in the structure of isotopes of nickel. Then, three imported catalysts in the reaction chamber, followed by separation of the diatomic hydrogen compressed individually by electroejaculation. In the next phase the monoatomic hydrogen was insulated, by lengthening the path of the single electron - which entailed and emission of gamma radiation. Followed by the absorption of gamma radiation and convert it into heat."


"Since the start of this reaction and now need no further heating of nickel (as opposed to the method of Rossi) and 'burning' could take months. Sufficient introduction of argon gas to maintain the interior of the carrier at the correct pressure. Noteworthy was that the closing process of the system was instantly by simple closure of the hydrogen supply and the provision of required Rossi hours. The final reaction product was photons in the infrared range, i.e. heat."



"The extractable activity seen from this experiment were six times the input. "It's the end?" Asked Mr. HATZICHRISTOU. "We have come up X14, but we are not risking before we are sure that the ceramic insulation that we use could stand it," he answered. "How much nickel is required for fuel?" Asked again. "Three grams we put on 16 June, from what you see, did not run out till today (21 November) and have the same performance. All you need is two liters of hydrogen every 6 months, "he replied Alexander Xanthoulis".....


The base of the company is moved to Canada recently because of the problems they had to face in the Greek-European environment..

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Here's the Forbes article



Cold Fusion Gets a Little More Real [updated]



.............. I first wrote about cold fusion in my Backspin column in Network World last year and then again a few days later in my Forbes Technobabble blog when I learned of an Italian Inventor, Andrea Rossi, who claimed to have developed a cold fusion device he called the Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat.


Since then just over a year has passed with Rossi having done a couple of unconvincing demos (the biggest and least convincing was on October 28 last year). I could go on at length about the endless news items about Rossi but the bottom line is that to all intents and purposes the E-Cat is still vaporware … it’s all still “jam tomorrow.”


As for the rest of the companies that have announced they’re developing cold fusion devices only one stands out: Defkalion Green Technologies, a company based in Greece …




Originally this group was involved with Rossi’s company, Leonardo Corporation, but the two parties split over a year ago for reasons that have never been made completely clear. Since then Defkalion has issued a few press releases and a minimal amount of hard information … until a few days ago.


On October 18, Defkalion published two documents: An executive summary and an extensive report of tests of their system in which the names of third parties who witnessed the tests, which were conducted in September in Greece, were redacted.

The reports are very interesting. Here are the conclusions from the summary report (the emphasis is mine):

1. Defkalion was able to demonstrate
an excess of energy

2. They were able to demonstrate that
they can fully control the reaction
: starting it, stopping it, increasing and decreasing it.

3. They were able to demonstrate that the reaction is dependent on hydrogen gas.

4. The contents of the reactor were removed and weighed to be 59 grams of mass, most of which was a ceramic encasement. Therefore,
the reaction appears to produce more energy than a chemical reaction from a known amount with an equivalent mass; implying a nuclear reaction is involved.

5. There were error bands associated with all data obtained which have not yet been completely established. These will need to be addressed in a detailed analysis of this data.

It is my opinion that Defkalion is sincerely attempting to accurately measure and demonstrate the performance of their technology with confidence that they can achieve a COP >1 for a long enough period
to exclude any possibility of a chemical reaction

It is that last point that’s the biggie … and another sentence in the report stood out:

Upon a preliminary look at the data, the reactor was operating well in excess of
a COP of 3

This is potentially huge! An independent witness asserting that the system may be outputting three times the input energy! The question was, who was the independent witness?


The reports were published as PDFs and as I know a thing or two about the format I checked to see if the documents had been properly redacted. The executive summary, it turned out, was not properly formatted so it was simple to bypass the redaction and discover that the executive summary was written by Michael A. Nelson, a NASA employee of some thirty years standing.


I contacted Mr. Nelson and found out that he was not attending the tests as a representative of NASA but rather on behalf of The Free Energy Foundation (their Web site is, as of writing, offline for unknown reasons) the New Energy Foundation (see footnote). The Foundation paid Mr. Nelson’s expenses to travel to and from the event which he attended out of scientific interest although Mr. Nelson told me “It really never mattered to me if my expenses were covered or not. I was willing to pay out of my own pocket for the chance to get an up close look at what they have.”


Mr. Nelson simply wants to know if there’s anything real about cold fusion and he’s operating as an impartial expert to try to establish what is real about the topic. That’s it. He’s not trying to critique or disprove anything, he’s simply doing what real scientists do; investigating things that are interesting




Now, before you jump to the conclusion that his comments completely validate cold fusion, please re-read them very carefully … what he’s saying is that the results look promising but further study needs to be done.


The reason further study is needed is simple: Determining whether more energy is produced than is input is not a trivial matter and requires a significant amount of equipment and preparation which the Defkalion tests didn’t adequately cover. That’s not to say there was anything wrong with the tests, simply that the test environment wasn’t a comprehensive as would be required to produce incontrovertible evidence.


Even so, the Defkalion tests were, as far as any cold fusion experiment performed to date has gone, the best so far and they were witnessed by someone who is, for want of a better description, a serious scientist.


So, it appears that cold fusion, in the sense that the phenomena is a real and viable basis for energy generation, looks like a much better bet than it did a week ago. Now it’s up to the other players in the nascent cold fusion market – particularly Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation – to show more clearly what they’ve got.


My hat is off to Defkalion and Mr. Nelson for giving all of us who sincerely want to see cold fusion become a reality a little more hope.

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More on the Defklion device:


It's not available yet Georg. They are still testing it.


Tips from the press presentation (newspaper "To Vima"):

- The chief commander af the American national security agency visited the company's offices to get update about the project.

- The president of EU, Mr Barroso, asked for detailed information too.

- The turkish government offered 100.000.000 euro in exchange the base of the company to be moved in Turkey and the final product to be labeled as turkish.

- Canadian gov accepted the greek scientists without putting any conditions and terms.

- One of the Greek scientists said : if we had started 10 years earlier now we'd be dead (...).

- Exxon's vice president said to them : In 2-3 years you'll receive an offer from us which you could not deny..

- The company's representative declared their persistence in "not to use the technology for military purposes"


Let's hope that all this story is for the good of the Earth and the people.

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Found this in a webbot forum. It seems Clif High has predicted that there will be free energy devices based on springs.



free energy generator


As promised, here's my "simplified diy free energy generator" video. Select "HD 1080p" to view all the details of this machine in highest quality. My video was shot at: 53.322062,6.206194 (insert in Google Maps), september 1st, 2012. This is the raw video footage (only inserted some titles).I drove 38 miles to this remote location, it's a nice place to sit, eat and relax and it's not near any buildings. It's easy to build yourself, although it took me 3 tries to get this one working. Please give me feedback if you improve it, so I can create a better version. It's base is a strong neodymium magnet and a self wound coil. The magnet was salvaged from an old harddisk - these are véry strong and easy to find! I tried round earth magnets (18mm Ø and 2mm thick) from eBay but they don't seem to work. Maybe the shape to create the magnetic field isn't right? I think it's not a perpetuum mobile, the power has to come frome an external source.

Maybe zero point? Voltage is stable, even under load, that's promising!

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Another video from that guy


free energy device tested on light bulb

Published on Nov 18, 2012


My improved free energy generator demonstrated on a 12Volt / 5 Watt festoon car light bulb. Combined with 2 neodymium magnets, it has enough power to light it up. That's great stuff! The first model of my solid state energy device had only one magnet and it wouldn't give enough power to light it up like this. It worked great on small motors and LED's though, they don't need as much energy. The second kidney shaped magnet is turned 180 degrees around, opposing the other magnet. It's made of 2 very strong neodymium magnets and a home made coil.

The magnet comes from an old harddrive. These are véry strong and easy to get!

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..... the Philippine Department of Energy tested Ismael Aviso’s electric car, showing that running off wall power, the 11 kW DC motor ran at 45% efficiency, but with Aviso’s on-board generator which harvests ambient energy from the surroundings, the motor ran at 133% efficiency (overunity).

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01/17/2013 / Vinnie Eastwood's interview


Mark Dansie & Sterling Allan : www.peswiki.com


MP3 : http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Vinny-Eastwood-32k-011713.mp3


A very serious debate from two free energy experts, Stirling being the cheerleader presuming innocence until proven guilty, while Mark demands to see the evidence before beliefs are formulated to begin with. Are we overly reliant on technology in our daily lives? What happens if it fails? Are we not yet developed enough as a human race to be trusted with some of the most radical devices? Or do advances in technology radically develop the human race? How do patent offices and legislation work?


Is there an agenda to suppress beneficial discoveries for fear it will undermine current tyrannical practices by big oil and other energy giants? Is the planned obsolescence and "drip feeding" model of corporate sales holding humanity back? Or is technology developing so fast these days that by the time one products gets to market another has already been developed that makes it obsolete? These are some of the most important and pressing questions of our time which we attempt to answer in this lively and wildly informative interview.

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Retraction from Veterans Today


“We would like to update our past posts regarding aneutronic fusion generators made by Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc (LPP for short). We have came across an additional information and have determined that LPP Inc., contrary to our earlier report, does not and has not produced, exported or sold ANY aneutronic fusion generators, for $70,000 or for any other price. It is an R&D firm seeking to develop such aneutronic generators.


Provided adequate funding, which it is seeking but has not obtained yet (as of Feb 2013), it expects such generators to be possible within five years. Once developed, LPP estimates that the generators could cost about $300,000 apiece for a 5 MW unit....

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