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Drake & Cobra: Mass Arrests, Reboot Event

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Chuck says:

July 3, 2012 at 3:49 pm

I fully understand the feeling of Not Being OF ‘THIS’ World and Knowing that there are much better ways to do things. I had a near death experience as a child and ‘saw’ my life contract (I cannot remember it here and now, but for a short time on the Other Side I was allowed to see it) and chose to stay here in what I knew would be a much harder life than I had originally planned.


Many times as a child and later, as a teen, I somehow KNEW that the way that we teach our young ones and the ways that we relate to each other, particularly as Nations and the like, were extremely primitive, that there are MUCH better ways of doing these things and also that there was an ‘Outside Force’ that kept things running wrongly, intentionally causing harm and keeping us in a backwards state.


Since then I have kept close watch on the doings of governments and corporations, any sort of power group or organization, and it has gotten to be so very very clear to me Where and Who, in general, has been causing all the ruckus.


I have always known that I was a Spiritual Warrior, here to do things for this planet and it’s people. This has, at times, caused me much mental anguish and the feeling that I was dropped here alone without the tools to do the job needed. At times I have thought myself to be insane, but have come to the steady realization that I am one of the sane ones and am working in a land of Artificially Imposed Insanity. Over the years I have made contacts with other Spiritual Warriors and in the past 3 years have gotten to know a lot more via internet.


Recently I came to the realization that I was an active part of The Silver Legion and have had a few talks with Tanaath about some of the missions and types of duties that I would have here as an incarnated Warrior. I must say, it has given me a more solid feeling of what I am doing here, that I am Not alone and that I do have the tools needed for this job, just that most of my missions have been during my sleep time and so I have little to no memory of them. I can clearly remember a couple of them, and Tanaath tells me that they fit into some of the missions that she knows about.


I specifically asked for some healing, as I have a severely bad neck and back, (my neck has been rebuilt once and the docs say I really need 2 more surgeries, one below and one above where they already worked,) and I was in a state of severe, constant pain. Since asking for the medical help through The Silver Legion, and telepathically interacting with one of their/our medics, I have had a major reduction in the actual pain levels, even though I can tell that there are physical things that still need addressed, however, I feel that things are stable enough that I can wait until after 1st contact and we get access to REAL medical tech.


About a week ago I got a clear, clean telepathic message during a nap telling me that “The Action Has Started and You Can Start Looking For The Arrests Soon”, that it may not be apparent quite yet, but that the dam had broken and that actions were going ahead in the background for now, but would soon see the light of day. When I got up from the nap I went online and one of the first things I saw was Drake apparently giving The Green Light. Since then, watching such things as the LIBOR scandal erupt, the Colorado fires and the EMP attack/test on Virginia, I can see that the dam truly IS breaking, that the Cabal is running very scared and is trying to do as much damage as they can with what little they have left and that the Medias are FINALLY starting to show cracks and reporting things, such as the LIBOR thing, where as just as recently as a few months ago, we would never have seen this on the news.

It is time to hold onto your hats Folks, at the very least, the preliminary skirmishes have had their effects and it is time to start taking it to the ones who think themselves The Big Boys now, they are nearly defenseless and are turning on their own and anybody else that they can reach. They are in full panic mode and it will do them no good, they are going down and there is no way for them to stop what is happening..and they all know it.




Sunfire says:

July 3, 2012 at 3:58 pm


Thanks for sharing this! And, great to hear from you again. I missed your comments as I always enjoy reading them. Thanks for the update too. I totally agree. And I think it’s great that you’ve made ties and are involved with The Silver Legion

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Melb says:

July 3, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Hello Sunfire,

I got an e-mail from Drake’s site, that the Canadians citizens are free of financial tyranny, and each citizen will have soveregn adult compensate for illegal income tax deductions, bank interest and so on. isn’t this great!!! I think very soon we will have our sovereign financial freedom from banks.




Sunfire says:

July 3, 2012 at 5:27 pm

Oh that is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

*hugs* I know some Canadians that are going to be happy to hear about this.

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(In the interest of arriving at the TRuth behind Drake, I have posted this as "Still-Listening" on another thread):


/ Quote /

Anyone remember Nesara? Their proponents claimed for years that the bad guys were going to be arrested, and "money packets" were going to be distributed to everyone "very soon." Never happened. This is just the latest version of a fictitious, made up story.

/ UnQuote: Anonymous Coward 1474203 /


True enough.


In fact, before he was "discovered" by Wilcock, etc., Drake was a regular speaker on a Podcast talking about how NESARA money was about to be handed over.


Now that he is known for the Mass Arrests program, he has spoken much less about these handouts. And they were hardly mentioned at all.


Is his whole "MOVEMENT" about a desire to gain attention?


I am becoming a bit concerned that this may be an underlying reality to this drama.

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Martin Capote says:

July 4, 2012 at 3:54 am

excellent article but i sure hope talk of galactic tribunals (if human ones can’t be assembled – although why not if all the evidence is available?) isn’t mere talk – it seems to me these criminals are, as ever, acting w/ impunity (monitored by ED /ETs collecting evidence of their crimes, so we’re told) as i’ve yet to see any hard evidence to the contrary, only bald assertions. (Albeit i haven’t yet read the rest of the new articles here, which, now i’m here, i’ll commence). If they have the power and (implicit and explicit) permission (e.g. from the collective cry that went out and from multiple written pleas here and elsewhere) then just surgically remove these maniacal psychopaths the way they did the Colorado houses, as you would a cancer .I’m sure there’s a standard reply for why they don’t simply get on w/ it, though i’ve forgotten what it is.



Sunfire says:

July 4, 2012 at 7:58 am


There is no standard replies here, though sometimes I wish I maintained an “copy / paste” sheet, it would certainly make answering 30-50 comments I am met with every morning. Sometimes more… Mass Arrest and All In One Removal situations only lead to chaos, and that is something neither us nor the ET/EDs want as it would play right into the CABAL’s plans. The CABAL are in a panic, they are out of money and resources to pull anything significant off. The ET/EDs and their allies have the power/upper hand in this, they’re not going to let any mass casualty, catastrophic or EOW events, and the world isn’t going to end any time soon. So, there really aren’t any real “deadlines” the ET/EDs are up against. And, there are real Galactic Tribunals. The CABAL aren’t getting away with any of this and their charges go back thousands of years.

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Drake- Wednesday Podcast:


(The Podcast was already in progress when I came on):


"Things are underway... A bunch of people disappeared - they went 'poof!'"

"...But you need to be patient..."

"The European banking system is going (down) first.

"We are going (down) second... with maybe two weeks in-between."

Drake has been in-touch will the military since childhood (but would not say why)

= =

"Princess Diana was getting ready to out people - that's the reason... she was murdered."

(The Eric Holder case)... "will be extremely damaging to our president."

/podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/global-voice-2012-radio-network/2012/07/04/gvr--drake-mid-week-update--wednesday-1

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A "MILITARY GREEN LIGHT" - got some action started


(that seems to be the message of this poster who says he knows Wilcock)


But there is still no "financial green light", and no high-profile Mass Arrests

= = = = = =

LoneBear :


Seemed like David was trying to offer up reasons why the green light wouldn't go through more than he was in support of Drake by believing him. What do you guys think?


I happen to know David, personally. He is fully supportive of Drake and "The Event" we are all wanting the Green Light for. But I understand his position. When Drake gave the Green Light, David was the first person I contacted and he, being the journalist he is, got in touch with Drake so he had first-hand information and then checked with his own "insiders" to see if they knew anything--which they did not--and hence his position, "hopeful but unverified."


Given this is a military Green Light, it is reasonable to assume people aren't going to blab about it all over the internet. I know there are veterans on this forum and I'm sure they can tell you that if an operation is in progress, you DON'T talk about it. Period. And you probably won't find out what happened until it is over.


/source: http://globalvoice2012.us/forum/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=25

=== ===


GV-Forum: http://globalvoice2012.us/forum/?mingleforumaction=viewforum&f=1.0


This new FORUM above seems to do a good job of summarizing "The Drake Drama",

and so there is less need for me to do it here - I can save my comments for the Bigger News

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I think Drake had his peak during his last podcast and it's all going downhill for him. I'm sure he's a good person, and he'd like to believe all this stuff. But I have a feeling it's more wishful thinking than reality. And maybe he doesn't even see that. I tuned in to the show tonight for about 3 minutes, long enough for him to bring up the Soros/Trump lawsuit thing and that told me right there he is a desperate man. Kinda sad.

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I think Drake had his peak during his last podcast and it's all going downhill for him. I'm sure he's a good person, and he'd like to believe all this stuff. But I have a feeling it's more wishful thinking than reality. And maybe he doesn't even see that. I tuned in to the show tonight for about 3 minutes, long enough for him to bring up the Soros/Trump lawsuit thing and that told me right there he is a desperate man. Kinda sad.

Grasping at straws, seems to be what he is doing.


(But it did occur to me that following the Soros case, might prove worthwhile.)


Drake will only get "back on track" if there are soon high-profile arrests of obvious Cabal members

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Yet another NESARA-related disappointment coming for the "true believers"?:


STUFF AND NONSENSE - wouldn't it be nice...


/ quote /


RUMOR: First Tranche of Dragon Funds Released July 1st, $83 Trillion




CW: As of 07/01/12 $83 Trillion has been released. Stage one. This is only 15% of all recorded funds. Prosperity will soon be here.


AK: Trying to get a confirmation from 3rd parties on what you told me. Nothing yet. Did hear some people who were supposed to be good guys tried to steal some funds. Am I still embargoed on publishing this? I might post it as a rumor.... [embargo over]


CW: All of the funds I speak of were obtained legally. I cannot disclose much more than I have. The $83 Trillion is most likely not going to wash up on American soil. We are in a holding pattern until the markets are quarantined. This is one of many accounts to be opened. Prosperity will eventually come to Europe and the West.


AK: That helps to clarify things a bit. Can you state whether these are banking system injections, infrastructure investments, or what many refer to as prosperity funds to the masses?


CW: There is a play for many nations to escape the financial treason going on. This release of money is to start the set up this new system.


The new system is to include (1) humanitarian efforts first, (2) infrastructure (new clean free energy) then (3) prosperity programs.


There is ALOT going on behind the scences. I am not at liberty to discuss who all is in on the discussion... but I will say Obama is not an enemy of the State.


/ unquote / link: http://nesaranews.blogspot.hk/2012/07/first-tranche-of-dragon-funds-released.html


I really do not see how this could be possible.

If such a vast amount of liquidity was "released" into the banking system, we would notice it.

And how was this wealth held - What assets was it in?


The sudden shift of even 10% of this figure would massively shift asset prices, and/or currency exchange rates


Do the people who report these crazy rumors have zero understanding of markets

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Bill Ryan takes aim at those peddling hopium in the "Drake Drama":


From Bill Ryan of Project Avalon ...Whose ears are burning?


Posted By: Steve / Friday, 6-Jul-2012


'I've been as mindful as possible not to be personally cruel or hurtful in my objectivity (i.e. stating clearly, and fairly often, that the farcical 'Drake' affair is dangerous, diverting nonsense, which it is ). But here's a personal statement, which I suspect others may share as also being true for them:


For the last year (which encompasses the Elenin fiasco, 11-11-11, endless talk of "Ascension" -- as in some kind of cosmic rapture -- "Nibiru" snapped time and again by cellphone cameras, and now the fantasy of "mass arrests"), I've become more and more disappointed, frustrated and impatient as I read more and more nonsense all over the alternative media.


Boy, are so many of us being taken for a ride, and buying it wholesale, and not learning from our experiences.


The real frustration I have -- as David Icke has -- is with those who are smart and informed enough to know better. For them, I apply higher standards. I can understand and forgive an enthusiastic teenager, hungry for information, for soaking up dubious YouTube videos like a sponge, and learning more week by week. They're on their journey, and all that is fine and natural.


But for those with a responsibility, and a voice, and a platform, and an audience, it's a lot harder to understand.


/more: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=244923


Bill and David Icke "better informed"?

Some would disagree with that part

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I think Sunfire said it is he who has no information who is bashing others. Makes sense. Who are Bill Ryan and David Icke anyway? Do they have any insider or telepathic info? Or just proclaim to be of higher intelligence/discernement who we're supposed to listen to? I'm not familiar with them.

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Somebody is getting frustrated !


Drake Challenges The MIlitary To Arrest Someone


In what I guess you say was a call for a demonstration of good faith by the military, Drake, on this afternoon’s Global Voice update, challenged the military to arrest a high profile domestic enemy such as Eric Holder or George Soros to show the public that ‘The Plan’ he has been telling us about is real.


He also stated that he knows that sources he is in contact with listen to the show, and told them doesn’t want to see these criminals hauled away in a sheriff’s car but in a paddy wagon.


/source: http://domesticenemies.net/index.php?blog=2


This is becoming a bit farcical.

Drake seems to doubt the genuineness of his contacts.

Perhaps he should have been more careful before going public !

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He's onto new topics now:


Drake Kent

It has come to my attention that people closely associated with Galactic Federation of Light, are taking adverse stands in their posts.

>Those involved might want to take note that the info I have put out IS from sources I am familiar with, personally.

Over years of contacts, I have found which is and is not to be trusted. Thus, I also 'temper' the outed info according to its impact and importance.

I was hoping to avoid doing the laundry in a public manner, BUT, those at Galactic Federation of Light leave me no choice.

>In our distant past, several things have taken place. One of those was a newly formed federation. This was the first time an organization of this size and complexity was brought into existence.

This means that all the interactions between all these differing groups had to be worked out.

In addition, the very size was extraordinary and created or caused a bureaucracy that was time consuming and slow to act.

The Galactic Federation of Light knew of the 'bad guys' infiltrating our planet and could not act quickly enough to prevent it. Further, the 'quarantine' was not tightened correctly to offer a full or true quarantine.

Therefore, The Galactic Federation of Light is one of the causes of our present situation/problem.

ALL involved are attempting to rectify or fix all the things that happened because of the above.

I thank all those involved in this effort, including The Galactic Federation of Light.

>I am, and have been aware of the presence of our Pleiadian assistants for many years. Like it or not they are and have been here trying to help for thousands of years.

The society is a sort of military organizational type. Very organized with a distinctive 'order' or command type structure.

None of the 'star' people are conquering types anymore, as this behavior is not acceptable. This does not mean that all accept humans very readily. Some are only tolerant of our existence.

I had hoped to leave this area of discussion out of the things I have been talking about.

However, just as The Creator has stated, everyone needs to work together in order that mankind can elevate itself.

I know that as this is accomplished, man will be seen as much more 'fitting' to join with our much more advanced brothers and sisters.

>The missions are well defined.

Man is to clean his own 'nest' as much as he can.

AFTER/during this, then we will be reintroduced and reunited with our star relations.

-I offer that We The People have the first mission...the clean up.

Therefore, ALL of us here will need to concentrate on our 'human' condition.

-Man has made a lot of very serious messes. Even though we are all human, we have terrible problems accepting each other...race, creed, beliefs, and social differences.

As we become free, the responsibilities of that freedom, have to be a part of a new way of being, in all ways.

>Ladies and Gentlemen, we have enough to do just taking care of our own problems.

Advice is welcome, new ideas, and most of all, letting go of all the 'hate' and artificial disagreements we have made for our own shortcomings...

>The new order is one of peace...nothing more, nothing less.

I suggest we all get busy with our betterment, as ET/Angels will only come AFTER we do.

>The great earth changes depend on exactly how much of this we, as the human race, can accomplish.

World wide destruction or peace?

It is our choice.

Like · · Follow Post · Yesterday at 11:00am


He posted this on a FB group. Sounds like he just enjoys being a leader in this movement, regardless of the emergency-du-jour. I'm guessing a certain number of people will still follow him, because he's "one of them". But he's certainly lost a lot of credibility.

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He's onto new topics now:


"Therefore, The Galactic Federation of Light is one of the causes of our present situation/problem."


He posted this on a FB group. Sounds like he just enjoys being a leader in this movement, regardless of the emergency-du-jour. I'm guessing a certain number of people will still follow him, because he's "one of them". But he's certainly lost a lot of credibility.


It was someone on Kettler's site who called

"the GFOL are the Keystone Cops of the Universe."

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Drake's Take On Obama: The Man Is Dirty, Like It Or Not


One of the questions Drake received from a caller on yesterday’s show was about our antipresident and domestic enemy Barry Soetoro/Obama.


The caller, a woman from California, asked about some websites [these are the people such as Kauilapele and the various charlatan channelers I refer to as ‘the illuminutty’] she has been seeing that say Soetoro/Obama a good guy:


They have it… that Obama, our current president, is really a “light worker” – quote, unquote – in disguise and he is really one of the good guys… is this true or is this somebody putting out false information?


To which Drake replies:


That’s misinformation. Whether anybody likes it or not is not my problem.

I’ve done my homework and found out what is really going on… the man is dirty, like it or not.


You can hear this beginning at about 94:30 in the archived recording of yesterday’s Global Voice 2012 radio show:



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Drakes latest post on the FB group:



Drake Kent

Whooooooo...that be a long list.

Hope Y'all like da fun cause I ain't ever quitin...

Besides, figured if I hit most the others might show up onna show ta complain...

Free advertizin...

We goin through everthing known ta man in here...

A good thing.

>So how be your FREEDOM efforts be doin?

Signed up our county sheriff taday...he likes what he hears from what WE are doin.

Might take him a bit to listen to all them shows an read all that other stuff, but he'll get there...ventually.

Keep hearin rumors bout some kind light gettin turned on...no idea what that be about.

All I can say is


Like · · Follow Post · 3 hours ago


Followed by 300+ comments, almost all in support! :blink:


Ah, here's a dissenter:


David Michael Lowe DRAKE is a right wing wacko pretending to be "of the Light." If you are truly a person of the LIGHT and not the RIGHT then you would not be in support of a hit-list, but compassion. Since when did being a liberal or progressive become anti-American? DRAKE = WOLF in SHEEP clothing. Not ever believing a word he ever says again. DRAKE is the treasonous one here ! TEA PARTY = Racism masquerading as Patriotism. LONG LIVE LOVE AND COMPASSION IN THE USA :-)

58 minutes ago · Like


Kinda agree.

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Drakes latest post on the FB group:

Followed by 300+ comments, almost all in support! :blink:


Ah, here's a dissenter:

Kinda agree.

I want to agree too.

But part of me would like to get rid of these guys for good, like the French did with their revolution.


If we don't do that, what's to stop them from coming back into power?

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Don't get me wrong - I agree we need massive punishment, or else this will creep back in no time. Guillotine, can't say I'm in favor of that. But it has to be something so severe to act as a deterrent. A $3 billion fine slapped on a corp is not going to do it. We need actual PEOPLE put away for a long long time. I can't say I'm a person of "light", but I'm really starting to think Drake is full of it. And yes, for the most part the Tea Party = racists masquerading as patriots. I don't believe it started out that way, but that's sure what it's turned into.

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btw Dr. B, tried sending you a pm and it said I could not (mailbox full?). I then tried to use a previous pm to send a reply and that seemed to go through but maybe you didn't get it. Not terribly important, just thought you'd like to know about your mailbox.

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Mailbox : There's some room now...

== == ==


ABOUT "CONTAINMENT" - an alternative to Mass Arrests?

(that's what Sierra Neblina says)


Let me explain what I mean by containment as I understand and have witnessed. When tracking down these souls, we would inform the galactics of where the people were, and then they would take that person on ship and sit them down and have a good stern talking to these people. They were told that their behavior would no longer be acceptable and that they were given the choice to continue to operate on the Third Dimension, but the rules had changed for them. If they took any action against the planet or the people what wasn’t in the highest light, they would suffer the immediate consequence of that action.


How I can describe it is this. Imagine a soul that is put into a container of light. The soul is still in the body, but it’s under house arrest. Every thought and action of that person is being watched. If the person acts against any other person or the planet in a way that is not in the light, an immediate and powerful response is felt by that person. It is likened to a shock. It is the warning.


It is immediately fallowed with an intense beam of Love. That love penetrates the very fiber of the person in containment. Each person in containment is also given an ngelic guide to assist with the ‘rehabilitation’. Yes, every person is given the chance to rehabilitate. It is universal law. But, if the person continues to act against the agreement, choosing negative thoughts and actions, then the person’s soul will be removed and put into confinement on board ship and watched after by the galactics until the Shift has been completed.


Each person is warned ahead of time that there will be swift consequences to their actions and that they will be monitored constantly. There are, of course, the darkest of the dark. Souls so dark and contaminated that they were tracked and removed immediately. These are the souls so contaminated by eons of abuse to the planet and people that they, along with the negative ET’s that had been assisting them, were all removed immediately. This was done during the great cleanse, when the underground bases of these negative ET’s were destroyed, several months ago [August-September 2011].


/more: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/07/night-time-work-in-the-containment-process/#more-134195

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The Anti-Cabal drama seems to be moving on to other players.


(There are reports that Drake has cancelled his Sunday podcast on BlogTalkRadio):


From GLP's thread: DRAKE, Cobra & Others : Anti-Cabal Action Plan


=== Quoting: Anonymous Coward =====


Well, it's all over folks. Drakes show has been shut down by blogtalk radio. Now he's calling for the people to make the arrests. Always knew this guy was a con man and liar. Same for this ladydragon fruitcake. So much for the military, whiteknights and ET's arresting the bad guys. It ain't gonna happen and never was. You've all been had SUCKERS!


=== Unquote ======


But not everyone agrees with that assessment


=== Quoting: Following-the-Cabal =====


I disagree.


The story is not over - The "Mass Arrests" Meme is now OUT THERE,

and it is being pursued by other, more serious people.


I don't give up on this drama, because there is some evidence that real progress, of a meaningful sort, is being made.



+ The unfolding Libor case

+ The deepening of the investigation into 9/11 events

+ The Fr@nklin Scandal, which ties in with Jerry S@ndusky, but is much bigger than that


Do a search here on "Cabal" if you want to monitor the unfolding drama


=== Unquote ======

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The Cabal Hunter : Name names, Collect evidence

The Madness of King Drake

+ "We won't have to work"

+ "They don't know who to trust"


=== ===


Then don't do it legally. Bad guys deserve to be shot dead instantly, like in the cowboy days! :explosion: :Tank:


How do you know who the "bad guys" are?

Are you going to let Drake let you - then you shoot them?


This is a serious question, and a serious matter.


Or perhaps you prefer to live in The Wild West, where the man wearing the Sherriff's badge rules the roost, and runs the town. And if there is stability, he is probably paid off by the local banker.

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LADY DRAGON's Summary of "The Event"



What is THE EVENT ?


THE EVENT is where you will see on your television a MASS ARREST of bankers, financials and other people including the bad aliens who have been working together in order to enslave humanity.


Yes, I said ALIENS.


There are good and there are bad aliens.


Welcome to your new reality :)


Form an emergency group where you can help put the word out about the TRUTH.


When THE EVENT happens;


What to know


1. Bankers/Illuminati/Cabal/Government have been running the world and doing bad things.

2. White hats including old money, military, veterans, federal marshals, and local law officials are going to arrest them.

3. Media may say it’s martial law and try to spread panic, but the actions are lawful and benefit humanity.

4. International travel will be stopped for 3 days. Some facilities wired to explode will be off limits for safety.


What to do


1. The goal is to transition peacefully and safely. There will likely be disruptions in local travel, food supply, water supply, and electricity.

2. Make sure you have necessities for 72 hours and ideally 30 days.

3. Remain calm. Support the troops and law officers that are arresting thousands of criminals guilty of heinous crimes against us all. Research stories on the internet to assure yourself that the arresters are good and the arrestees are bad.


What not to do


1. You are going to find out that the cabal have done terrible things to you, your family, and humanity.

2. Don’t believe that every one of them is as guilty as the leaders.

3. Some were forced to act and were threatened with torture.

4. Do not panic.

5. Do not riot.

6. Do not run into a bank and start shooting people.


Drake gave the timeline on April 08, 2012 that THE EVENT will happen 30 to 45 days from that date; therefore, between May 08 and 23. The Timeline has been extented for a few weeks and explained by Drake while talking with LadyDragon.


New message from Drake there are two green lights


/from her website: http://www.fcm2012.com/event.html

/other updates---: http://www.fcm2012.com/main.html

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Tom Gord says:

July 17, 2012 at 7:26 am

Greg Giles is saying the military is making arrests, but I’m not so sure if this video is more about the government take over. What do you think?




Sunfire says:

July 17, 2012 at 8:24 am


For one, no more GG links on this site, please. For two, he is completely FOS and a Disinformationist, that hasn’t changed and until he dumps that GFL BS he’s not going to improve his status. I can not read or watch anything connected to the GFL and I wont either because it’s all 100% BS and Disinformation. That is all it has ever been and it wont change. Ever. The Military are NOT making arrest, he is lying about that also. I really thought you were serious when I debunked his BS the last time you said you wouldn’t believe anything he said after. So why even giving him any of your attention or energy now? He is a DISINFORMATIONIST of the CABAL and he doesn’t even know it. Or maybe he does.




Angel says:

July 17, 2012 at 9:50 am


Some sites have mentioned to try and not pay your credit cards, etc because it will hurt the Cabal. If action is not going to be taken until the fall or so, would that be a wise thing to do? I’m considering it, but I also don’t want to damage my credit. Once definitive actions are taken, have the ETs told you of drastic financial changes?




Sunfire says:

July 17, 2012 at 10:12 am


Definitely keep paying your credit cards etc, those sites saying “don’t pay this or that” don’t seem to realize that the small percentage of people that will actually follow that “suggestion” are not going to even make a blip on the radar and only end up hurting themselves in the end. It’s about as good as trying to stop one of those ‘Reptoids’ that is about to kill/eat you with ‘love and light.’ if you catch my drift, it doesn’t work and you still end up dead.

Actions are supposed to be taken by ‘ground’ sources starting in October. There is no specific ‘time frame’ on the ET/EDs because they literally have like the next 18 months to wrap things up, that the Terrans miss. The ET/EDs I communicate with are not directly involved in anything financial, so I can’t really say one way or the other definitively concerning anything financial. A contactee friend I have that communicates with the ET/EDs directly involved in the Financial stuff, said that it’s going to take about 4yrs for the economy to recover, stabilize completely etc. And, about another 10-20yrs for the planet to transition out of an moneytary system all together. That is absolutely all I know regarding the finances that I can really talk about. What little more that I know, I can’t talk about. I do know that the economy isn’t going to completely collapse, either. Keep your eye on http://www.zerohedge.com, that is the best resource for anything financial.




Sunfire says:

July 17, 2012 at 11:27 am

From what I understand the frequencies are going to become much much to uncomfortable starting within the next few weeks, as there are some events coming up shortly that will make a significant difference and things that have already happened recently that were unexpected. I can’t talk about them unfortunately but suffice to say a LOT of great things have and are happening. It’s always hard to know/judge how many people will or wont even notice or will/wont be affected by all the stuff that is happening. A lot of stuff also isn’t talked about because of the necessity of the safety of those that are directly involved. Soon enough we’ll be singing “yIjah, Qey’ ‘oH” (Klingon Victory Song). Around the world! That would be funny, they get a knock on All Hollows Eve and get arrested. “No Trick Sir…just time for you to go.”

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From: Neil Keenan

To: Drake

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 5:27 AM

Subject: RE: as per our conversation



Good Morning my friend,


As always I want to keep things clear so no one gets confused most especially me. The case and the liens are two different issues. For the case I must return to Asia to receive the rest of the documentation, I have most recently been promised, that ties in much more than jurisdictional issues. It ties in actions.



As you know the phony Euros printed by the European Central Bank are in our possession in Indonesia. These notes are outright fraud and we have all the answers back to us from the system. They have no value but they made them as payment for the interest on the Gold from the Global Accounts. Once submitted as frauds the European Central Bank could be out of business. If not then I will go back and bring back millions of Euros and let the ECB accept them and validate them or get out of business. Then you have the end of this atrocity called the European Commission headed by some Eastern European Mummies from Hungary (Soros Boys).


Exposing the Euro is this simple.


Soon we will be auditing and validating what is real and what is not. The Indonesians have waited far to long for the long overdue promises to kick in. Asia has waited far too long. The Middle East has waited far too long. The world has waited far too long. Why? Because the Kazars/Nazis controlled US Corporation has stolen from the Collateral Accounts from Day One. Since when has a Kazar or Nazi ever kept even the simplest promise. In this case they saw the opportunity to financially control the world. Well, we are coming to close you down. Your days in the sun (you are all so white I think you hate sun) are over with. Exposure is already prevalent and in our hands but to literally take the money right out of your pockets will take just a little longer. When we shut you down then it is up to others to straighten out the wrongs.


To date we have closed up the BIS on you and frozen trading for 90 days and making it very difficult for you to do anything. The Central Banks are already in fault not default and in a few days they go into default. It is only going to get tougher and when it does you will become more desperate but guess what? There will be no corners to hide in so you will be forced to stay in the middle of the ring until this is over with. It is best you take a good long look at your situation because soon it will be too late.


Sorry Drake got carried away,

Neil Keenan

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