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Pesavento Patterns on the NASDAQ 100 futures

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E-Mini NASDAQ futures;



I've been highlighting all signals that occur everyday on the NASDAQ and copying the charts to


Pesavento Patterns on the NASDAQ 100 futures




Green arrows denote signals that lead to a 10 point move in the right direction, black arrows denote failed signals that would result in a stopped out trade and white denote signals that would result in a breakeven. I'm also using Pesavento's patterns (Fibonacci retracements) on those, so once there is enough data there I may be able to see some patterns emerge either solely with the Pesavento Patterns or perhaps in combination with the signals my own indicators generate.


(This is distinct from the the green/red triangles that appear on the charts. Green triangles pointing to a part of the chart means a long orders filled, red triangles means short orders filled )




Here's today's signals and Pesavento retracement patterns;



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