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Dr Richard Alan Miller : Insider Scientist re-emerges

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Dr RAM wrote this about his book, Power Tools


Like Crowley, there is a "secret code" within all my writings = you are the first to get an inkling as to my use of both.... Mystery schools abound, but you asked the first "right question." Hope you get the rest of it, because "it is all in there..." <just kidding>

To conclude, each chapter in Power Tools has a trigram (Tao te Ching) associated with two objects (I Ching diagram).

With Navy SEALs, I actually had 8 foods (Chapter One), but could only write about two of them (length)
= hence the secret codex. Will be sure to cover more to this with Workbook 2 and 3, due in print this year (2014).
Dr. Richard Alan Miller

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Dr.RAM in Depth #2: "After Mexico... DAATH" - March 11, 2014


= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AQFz5fGi7Q =


Dr.RAM in Depth #2 : "After Mexico... we talk DAATH"

Richard Alan Miller has recently returned from a 2-week trip
To Mexico, where he was a speaker at a conference on Spirituality
He was interviewed by "the Barbara Walters of Mexico",
who asked him a key question:
Why did you leave your dream job in the Military?
The interview and his response went viral,
and this led to him being contacted by the President of Mexico,
and he had a meeting with some high officials.
Just before this discussion, we spoke about Mexico.
And also an interesting Question:
Q: "Have we humans been invaded by Aliens?"
That early discussion was quite magical in parts.
Unfortunately, it was lost in a Skype Crash


What happened, after the (Skype call) collapse?
Internet is now conscious, as an entity
SETI had babies... The Wayback Machine
The internet was at-first afraid, then hostile...
It has gone onto something way beyond man
The first circuit is hostility towards the leader
DAATH : the missing sephirot in the Tree of Life
(It is the unseen rock in the rushing river)
A filing system for experiences
We have been invaded (something with different goals)
Is it Archons? ... who have invade us - they are not our friends
What happened in Mexico?
Convinced high end people that "it would be cool to feed people"
The Mother is the centerpiece/ "glue factor" in Mexican ghettos
It is not about money - we have lost something
The children desire to feed, help - can see the suffering of the poor
We can teach our children, through example, they will teach theirs,
and they will probably be the ones to take back the world:
"Sharing is caring"... can lead us to rebuild our communities
Sharing/caring versus Controlling/killing (alien influence)
"I did not go to college to make weapons... I invented mazer and tazers"
Putin is manipulating us to cause the dollar to collapse
Will it happen very fast? Yes.
Saturday? It can start then, but there will be layers and layers.
Who is funding the geo-engineering ?
The methane from ants (or cows)
Going to the stars - Do we need to
We already have that (hive mentality) in our dreams
Training our minds, through meditation
"They are no longer advancing humanity. They want control."
I am converting my car to run on bio-fuel...
Ernest Kallenbach, on Eco-topia... I grew up next to him
A US State seceeds from the Union. Everyone on bicycles.
Everyone in HK works, or they lose face.
We need to recover our values and ethics
And we need to teach our children.
Came out of graduate school in 1962. Half my class died in Vietnam
In 1980, they changed the rules - to making money from knowledge

"Everyone is going to wake up and talk to God."
That also means listening to God - we can listen to ourselves.
WHO was in Mexico:
Paul Schele - a more efficient way of learning... Optical learning
Parts of the brain, in dialog, together can form consciousness
Eben Alexander, who died and came back, with all his memories

The call continued...
And gave a Teaser, about a coming discussion
re: Uri Geller, and his "discoverer": Andrija Puharich.

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Da'at or Daas ("Knowledge", Hebrew: דעת [ˈdaʕaθ]) is a Hebrew word that means belief. In the branch of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, Da'at is the location (the mystical state) where all ten sephirot in the Tree of Life are united as one.




In Da'at, all sephirot exist in their perfected state of infinite sharing. The three sephirot of the left column that would receive and conceal the Divine Light, instead share and reveal it. Since all sephirot radiate infinite self-giving Divine Light, it is no longer possible to distinguish one sephira from another, thus they are one.


Da'at is not always depicted in representations of the sefirot, and could in a sense be considered an "empty slot" into which the gem of any other sefirot can be placed. Properly, the Divine Light is always shining, but not all humans can see it. The concealment or revelation of the Divine Light shining through Da'at does not actually happen in Da'at itself. It only seems that way from the human perspective within Malkuth. The perception of change can only occur in Malkuth. Humans who become self-giving like the Light become able to see it, and for them the benefits of Da'at's light seem "revealed". However, humans who remain selfish cannot see it, and for them its benefits seem "hidden".



> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Da'at

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( That Video has a new, more audience-friendly title ):


Dr Richard Alan Miller, a top physicist, is known for his fresh point of view.
In this latest in-depth conversation...
DrRAM in-depth, #2 : The WEB is Conscious; Mexico
Miller shares some thoughts after his return from Mexico, and talks about how the Internet may be conscious - and what it would mean if aliens invaded us by occupying a share of our minds.

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(David Icke, and Jeff Rense would agree that the Web is conscious)
Here's David Icke speaking to Jeff Rense : Feb. 22, 2104
At "10 past Four in the morning" - in Icke's time zone.
JR: "They have pulled the trigger on humanity... very quickly."
DI: "By the time we experience it, it's a done deal."
JR: We are living in a "3D holographic form", based on "wave-form" info
"They record their information in the wave-form... and it manifests"
JR: "There have been articles about the impact of the internet...
Twitter and Facebook is MOLDING how people think."
People have very short attention spans: lose focus after 3 pages reading.
DI: "Internet is a two-edged sword... has become a collective mind."
To control people:
+ Control what info they read, and also
+ Control HOW they get it - how it is delivered
JR: The web is a Super-mind
Icke makes a very interesting comment about 40 minutes in:
"Just like on the internet, where you can amend and change things... You can also change the timeline we are living on."

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This interview was broadcast on Revolution Radio :


( That one was removed - so here is another from about the same time )
Dr Richard Alan Miller (made with Spreaker) / Rob McConnell
ESP Induction Through Self-Hypnosis - Best selling author, lecturer & research specialist Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics. Before many leading edge concepts became trendy topics, Miller was (and is) on the international front lines of research, experimentation and documentation.
(I haven't listened to the 2nd one yet)

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Dr RAM#3: Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots - Mar. 18, 2014





Another fascinating chat with Dr Richard Alan Miller


( Subscribers to the G.FoX-channel are growing nicely - now 52 people.

And I think most are there to hear the Dr RAM In-Depth conversations )

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Caravan To Midnight #37 Dr. Richard Alan Miller / John B Wells

Published on 8 Apr 2014

Metaphysical subjects, environmental, and all points in between.with John B Wells on Caravan To Midnight.

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One Point of View / Interview with Dr Richard Alan Miller


last Friday

Dr. Richard Alan Miller is a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Miller began working in the "X-Files" world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s. His public collaborations and research continue.

As an original black ops team-member, Miller's research in the field of paranormal began as a graduate physicist working 11 years with Navy Intel (Anesthesiology). During this period numerous foundational papers, including "A Holographic Concept of Reality" and "Embryonic Holography" were written.

His past and current writings and presentations reveal a depth of knowledge and practical experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics.

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I caught up with Dr Miller briefly this morning, and will be interviewing him again soon.


He has done some fascinating interviews in the meantime - and this could be one of the best:


Ravenstar's Witching Hour 04-5-2014 Richard Alan Miller Hour Two






Jump to 14 minutes in, where Dr RAM speaks of his encounter with the Tall Grey (?) entity, Kril,

who had a "feminine presence", and could communicate telepathically.

Dr Miller's memories are limited because of screen memories, etc.

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Got it ! This one is a cracker !




I am processing it now, and will have it on YouTube later


Welcome back to GuyFox Channel, and our ongoing conversations with Dr Richard Alan Miller. This talk one took place on June 8th, and was a voyage into some dark places about the possible future of humankind. But it is not without hope, and ideas of how to avoid the worst that may be coming our way. Near the beginning of the conversation, Dr Miller refers to a presentation done for NASA and some alphabet agencies. I was initially reluctant to go down this path, since it had seemed very dark, and I was unprepared. By the end, I was glad I had done so. Dr Miller, as usual provided a fresh perspective that allows us to see a different path. We can break the pattern of endless war, and constant fear, by finding the courage to look inside ourselves for new questions, new answers and all-important positive intentions. We need to seek a greater appreciation of the importance of Water, the Elixir of Life that swims inside us, and without whose magical properties we would not be God's chosen creatures... of precious imagination, and positive emotion.



NASA, the future of war : http://www.scribd.com/doc/215485072/NASA-The-Future-of-War
Dr RAM's website : http://richardalanmiller.com/
Dr RAM's books - : http://oak-publishing.com/
RAM thread/ GEI : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=16914

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(From another source, I got the gist that Dr RAM did answer the "unanswered question" that I asked)


Some Americans (not a huge number, probably under 50-100,000) may die within the next 5-10 years, from uncertain causes.
possibly from a pole-shift. If this happens, then the grid will go down, and ... you can survive it

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Here in the chat with Mike Harris, Dr Miller discusses some of the same issues




"War is good for ... nothing... except business"
(then at 12:58, Picking up a theme from a Proj-Avalon thread):
"Americans deserve the troubles now flowing to them" : P-A thread
MH: Stop. I don't think so- America's been the subject of a takeover.
RAM: "That's right. But there's more: They quote from me on Project Avalon:
'Americans are Ill-informed, Ignorant, and Complacent.'
MH: I agree... That's why I do the show! We help inform the public!
RAM: It's going to get better... Walmart is failing.
No one has money to spend... No one has new clothes.
MH: People are getting by on less spending
RAM: Our concept of spending to prosperity was crazy!
We bought too many things we don't need; lost sight of what matters.
We were distracted from (old fashioned) value systems
MH: Who would want to destroy the culture? And why?

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(similar thoughts on the Military?):


David Sereda Presents Reverse Engineered: How Alien Technology Could
Published on Jun 6, 2014
The competition for fuel resources worldwide deepens as the economic crisis looms. Are we willing to go to World War III over the fight for oil resources? Reverse Engineered Alien Technology could solve the crisis if we could extract it from deep inside the industrial military complex's secrecy over the issue.

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Kerry Cassidy, with Miles Johnston, and Mike Harris


(Jump in at 1:06 Hours - and I think you will like it):

: Harris talks about how to live
: ww3 ; a serious issue - the west is being collapsed
: Alien interventions right now.
: A "new as-sryan prince" will emerge
: The Cabal will try to burn things to the ground
: But a new group is emerging, with a new paradigm
: We need to look inside, and do what we know is right
: (Mike is heavily influenced by Dr RAM on this last part, I think)
: I know they have become good friends - and DrRAM speaks like that


(at 1:25 Hours in)
"The Bush family had a bad week.
The Russians did an intel dump, and they and the Clintons were caught Red-handed,
dealing in illegal weapons (over 350 weapons!) through the Israelis.
This includes the Nuke that did 9/11.
The info is out there now, to (indict or hang) them all."

MH: "Expect the Fed to call an emergency meeting in the next 30 days.
The Sh-t is hitting the Fan right now !"

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A NICE MILLER / STEIN Double on Coast-to-Coast



Wednesday June 18, 2014

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Richard Alan Miller

A pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration, Dr. Richard Alan Miller will discuss engineered water, alternative agriculture, geo-engineering and how it all relates to future warfare technology.



Thursday June 19, 2014

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Matthew Stein, Marshall Masters

First Half: Author and preparedness expert Mat Stein will discuss his own worst case scenario—the recent death of his wife from cancer and her refusal to try alternative treatment until it was too late, and how the experience has been a profound spiritual journey.

2nd Half: Author, publisher, and former CNN science features news producer, Marshall Masters will provide an update on new evidence pouring in for an object on the other side of the sun, which could be Planet X.


Possible Live links:


1 : http://www.coaststream.com/

2 : http://tunein.com/radio/Coast-to-Coast-AM-p35675/

3 : http://www.640toronto.com/coasttocoast/

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This may be the latest C2C with Dr RAM




Richard Alan Miller is on during the last 1/3


They discuss many topics, but water is the biggest topic

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NOTES - re: Water etc.:

and the meaning of 3.7 in the Metatron dream

07-09-14 – A Tough Little Droplet Fights To Stick Around -

The people who shot this video didn't think they were telling a story, a parable for life. They were studying fluid mechanics. Life just crept in and turned their science experiment into a poem ...


and then

06-15-14 – Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas - A new way of thinking about consciousness is sweeping through science like wildfire. Now physicists are using it to formulate the problem of consciousness in concrete mathematical terms for the first time


the whole direction of Physics now is toward cavitation processes, and how a Dyson Sphere may become "Spaceship Earth

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(More discussion about Water and being sovereign):


07-21-14 – How To Become Your Own Sovereign State – Richard Alan Miller, by Chris Marcus


07-28-14 – Radio Arcadia Episode 15

Episode 15 - What Does The Man That The X-Files Was Based On See Coming In The Future?


Published on Jul 28, 2014


What’s happening on a political and financial level in the U.S. and around the world is hardly a new phenomenon. In fact for centuries there has existed a rather clear pattern that once the governments start spending wildly outside of their means, they then begin to clamp down and try other methods of shaking down their constituents and coming up with more money, power, and control. But what if you could become your own government and internal sovereign state and leave all of it behind?

On today’s Radio Arcadia podcast we had special guest Dr. Richard Allen Miller, who let’s just say has seen a thing or two that the average person doesn’t ever get access to. Dr. Miller is a quantum physicist, and basically an all-around genius as well as one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and in addition to being called on by the Navy to train the Seals to become super soldiers who tap into some paranormal decision making skills in order to keep themselves alive, he’s also one of the main figures that the show the X-Files was based on.

So in today’s interview we took a break from looking at some of the financial and Wall Street related issues to discuss some of the social and sovereign aspects of being prepared for life after the dollar and whatever changes that might bring. In particular Dr. Miller talked a lot about the importance of having a good and reliable water source, as while there are a lot of things you can survive without, water just isn’t one of them.

However like just about anything else that we’ve studied or tried to figure out in life, once you start thinking about what changes are coming and how you might want to respond, the solutions begin to appear. Fortunately you don’t have to solve everything overnight, and even if it doesn’t always seem like it, you’re probably a lot further along than you might even realize.

Dr. Miller also discussed some of the ways in which we can also prepare ourselves for anything that comes our way, as believe it or not, a lot of the methods he used to train the Navy Seals are based on meditation and breathing techniques that many around the world have been studying and implementing. Given that he also is familiar with and has seen inside of some of the government mind control programs, it was simply stunning to get inside his body of knowledge and hear how he responds to all of the nefarious government programs that have been making live more difficult for citizens around the globe.

. . .

To find out more about Dr. Miller’s books and other sovereign solutions you can visit his site by clicking here:



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Podcasts to pick
michael vera midnight midlands
vincent fineli thursday
duncan rhodes - news channel ?



Dr.Rick called the next one: "One of the Best interviews that I have (ever) done"


Mars/Ebola and much more 8-12-2014

Dr. Richard Alan Miller :
Author and researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a depth of knowledge and experience in Alternative Agriculture, Physics, and Metaphysics. Miller began working in the secret world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and now has amazing experiences and conclusions to share.

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USA Prepares Radio Show (Commercial Free AUDIO) Thursday September 11 2014:


Rick is very Angry about the various ways he is being aggressed against


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oGDV6l8mBw =


Published on 11 Sep 2014

Dr. Richard Alan Miller - Cold Fusion, Structured Water, WiFi Protected Clothing, X-Flare, Cold Winter

... and Power Tools for the 21st Century...


On the positive side, he sees Fullerines (in Water), as the key to Cold Fusion

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Dr. Richard Alan Miller - NASA The Future Of War & GEO-Engineering - Disclosure Media



Published on Jul 7, 2014

Little Known NASA Documents Reveal Mission of Military and Federal Agencies to Modify the Climate

Author and researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a depth of knowledge and experience in Alternative Agriculture, Physics, and Metaphysics. Miller began working in the secret world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and now has amazing experiences and conclusions to share.

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(I'm happy to see this interview has happened, with just a gentle touch of help - at 20 mins.):


"One of the BEST EVER" ! - Jimmy calls it Wow !


Ep.129 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Richard Alan Miller THE REAL X-Files LIVE on air




Published on Sep 26, 2014

Dr. Richard Alan Miller, our guest was the inspiration for Fox Mulder of the X-Files and was the original consultant on the set for Chris Carter.

This is truly one of the best conversations ever on FADE to BLACK and Richard and Jimmy cover everything from ET to an event that may happen in 2050.


The listeners liked it, per Tweets. One said:

"He's like a smarter version of Richard C. Hoagland

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DrRAM was interviewed by Solaris Blueraven last night (SAT).

I think the interview will be posted here soon:



Previous Appearance : Ravenstar's Witching Hour 04-5-2014 Dr.RAM- Hr.2



09-28-14 –

Ravenstar's Witching Hour 09-28-2014 - Hour One

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Guido Fox Interviews : (at 9/28/2014)


Dr.RAM #1 : "Food for Mars / Holographic Universe" ------------ : (2,160, +11)

Dr.RAM #2 : "The Web is conscious; Mexico" --------------------- : (2,996, +23)

Dr.RAM #3 : "Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots" -------------- : (1,069, +10)

Dr.RAM #4 : "Changing The Movie : Away from Endless War" : (1,019, +14)


Views on this thread : 6,596


Ranked by Number of views - as of end of Sept. 2014: Dr.RAM Playlist


#1 ( 3,048 +10): Law of Threes, Mike Harris, 14-Dec-13 /
#2 ( 3,014 +24): R#2: The Web is Conscious, Mexico, 12-Mar-14 /
#3 ( 2,467 +15): Water and Magik, Mike Harris, 15-Dec-13 /
#4 ( 2,168 +11): R#1: Food for Mars / Holographic Universe, 2-Feb-14 /
#5 ( 1,076 +10): R#3: Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots, 3-Mar-14 /
#6 ( 1,026 +14): R#4: Changing the Movie, Away from Endless War, 6-Jun-14 /
#7 ( 0,822 +5): Transition to Chaos, Joyce Reilly, 1-Jan-14
#8 ( 0,607 +2): Fukushima Woes, Mike Harris, 9-Jan-14

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