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Dr Richard Alan Miller : Insider Scientist re-emerges

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Rick's back on with Kerry Cassidy... on Project Camelot







Published on Oct 3, 2014

This is my most recent interview with Richard Alan Miller. I have done several with him.

The first in depth interview with Rick Miller was done in person and called THE MAGUS WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD. Highly recommended.


(I have received this message from him shortly after the interview):


guess what? my www.OAK-publishing.com site was hacked late last night
(2 am), so (again) no orders (yet) - it was working just before the
show, but then.... have someone already on it this morning. looking
for clues...
so, you are right - must be cutting into someone's nerve...
i've decided to publish the fullerene bomb paper EVERYWHERE today



If you want to buy a book from Dr Miller, try: http://www.OAK-publishing.com

But be a bit patient, if the site is down

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Does whistleblower Randy Cramer's Timeline match Dr Richard Alan Miller's Timeline ?

Everytime I watch this 30 minute video

( The Secret Mars Colony: https: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKAyH6_96oQ ) ,

it seems more likely than we have, or have had, colonies on Mars.

For example, DrRAM has recently posted some research papers which describe science for Teleportation

And at 5:30+ into the "
" Interview, he says: "I think we are already on Mars," - with a laugh,

and then gives a Timeline, based on his access to beyond Top Secret documents, as a reader:


1970 - As Reader, discovered three documents (tying in his own discoveries, re: Water on Mars)


1964 - Mariner 1- used his technology in a flyby to test for water (Muons speeds impacted)

1967 - Detonated a nuclear war head at Martian South pole, unsuccessful effort to terraform Mars

1968 - Joint expedition with Russians to Mars; "I have no idea what happened with that"

Likely : "As in the Alien Planet film, we are going to discover other Life forms there."

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Ravenstar's Witching Hour Richard Alan Miller Oct 19, 2014 Hour One




Hour Two: - dr RAM does a biography sketch here


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrsN6qGD7vM =

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The organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field which is, in part, determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which, in part, determines the behavior and orientation of these components. The holographic model of reality emerging from this principle may provide a scientific explanation of psychoenergetic phenomena.




The pattern or organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field, which is in part determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which in part determines the behavior and orientation of those components. This field is electrical in the physical sense, and by its properties it relates the entities of the biological system in a characteristic pattern and is itself in part a result of the existence of those entities. It determines and is determined by the components. More than establishing pattern it must maintain pattern in the midst of physiochemical flux; therefore it must regulate and control living things. It must be the mechanism, the outcome of whose activity is wholeness, organization and continuity. The electrodynamic field then, is comparable to the entelecy of Driesh, the embryonic field of Spehmann, and the biological field of Weiss.
-Burr and Northrop,


1935 Since the dawn of time there have been two conflicting explanations for the nature and structure of the world in which we live. Those can be most simply stated as the field and the particle...



> http://aetherforce.com/a-holographic-concept-of-reality-by-dr-richard-alan-miller/

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dr ram on c2c:


Coast To Coast AM - November 15, 2014 Mind Powers




Host Richard Syrett welcomed Richard Alan Miller, a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. They discussed a wide range of topics including secret military research, new age physics, and powers of the mind. Miller spoke about his early days being part of a black ops team for Navy intelligence, and later working for Boeing. The aircraft company was involved with researching magnetic monopoles, and anti-gravity approaches, and further, the ability to change space and time with repulsion coils just nanometers in size has been developed, he said.

"There are conspiracies, cover-ups, and false flags layered like an onion, and every time you peel one back, there's another one," he remarked. Miller detailed some of the secret things he saw in Antarctica-- a set of caverns, one of which was a mile-high and had clouds in it that rained, a Nazi submarine base in disarray, and a Viking base from the 14th century. "The whole of Earth is honeycombed with interconnecting tunnels and networks," some as far as 100 miles below, which could be populated by people who haven't been on the surface since the Great Flood, he continued.

Miller believes there is very strong evidence that our system was invaded approximately 250,000 years ago, turning man from homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens, who contain one genome that is unknown to Earth-- rhesus negative. From a metaphorical point of view, "the war for Earth might be going on inside each of us on a more interdimensional level rather than on the physical plane," he posited, adding that there is evidence we're sharing our planet with other intelligences. Miller also touched on such topics as Mars, remote viewing, super soldiers, stargates, terraforming, and alternative agriculture.

Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/coast-to-coast-am-nov-15-2014-mind-powers-earth-seeding-t101389.html#ixzz3JLCD8D2r


guy fox said:

"how interesting. on coast: the host sounds good, and the guest is distorted.

in my interviews, it is just the reverse."

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Wow ! Dr RAM Talks ET's... at last


He has been reluctant to do so before, because: "I have a block when I try to discuss it"

Who put it there, KRIL or the Navy: "I'm not sure. But it is there."




He met KRIL, the 9-foot tall, long necked ET at Area 51, for about one hour,

during which there was an intense telepathic connection.

"Then, I was debriefed for three days."


You can hear him struggling to remember... at xx mins in:


Ep.157 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Richard Alan Miller, Paul Moller X-Files LIVE on air

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOdwGccUPTQ =


"The way it happened, there was a big pile of documents that I was reading,

and then the door opened... Then I forgot everything. I felt a soft 'feminine' touch."

"I went because the Alien asked for me... I don't know how that works."

. . .

"I heard a soft voice in my head, that was not my voice... Then I don't remember."

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11-21-14 – Feet to the Fire: Dr. Richard Alan Miller Sept 7th 2014 –

Published on Sep 21, 2014 - Dr. Richard Alan Miller returned to F2F for an 2nd live, stream-of-consciousness interview Sept 7th 2014.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller is a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Miller began working in the "X-Files" world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s. His public collaborations and research continue.

As an original black ops team-member, Miller's research in the field of paranormal began as a graduate physicist working 11 years with Navy Intel (Anesthesiology). During this period numerous foundational papers, including "A Holographic Concept of Reality" and "Embryonic Holography" were written.

His past and current writings and presentations reveal a depth of knowledge and practical experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics.

Miller now writes for Nexus magazine and is a preferred guest on internet radio. He is re-emerging at a critical time in humanities evolution where metaphysics and practical survival converge.

Books from Dr. Richard Alan Miller:

Here are some links referred to by Richard during the interview:

Richard Alan Miller Documents (in .DOCX format)
Ebola Whitepaper




Richard Miller's Last Interview on F2F posted on YouTube

Other audio only interviews on F2F:

Also, Dr. Miller responds, of air, to comments left on his last video interview:

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"MILLER TIME" on the Kev Baker show






Part-3 :

Talking To Our Future Self & Holographic Universe with Dr Richard Alan Miller

( Published on Dec 30, 2014 )


Dr.Miller sees a potential Pole shift around 2020... Time to get ready now.


"A pole shift would effect our borders"

"The Map the Navy uses is ::


"Gordon Scallion, and Edgar Cayce, also have future maps."

"Now is the time for preparing, we may see the grid come down in 2015... for 3-days or so."

"You'd better get you water sorted out now."

"Imagine you are on the 19th floor of a NYC apartment, and you water goes down.

How will you go to the toilet?"

"LA after a polar shift will be like a Zombie war."

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TOP Dr Miller Interviews, on the Guy Fox channel


TOP 8 - End of 2014 (vs.end Sept.2014):


#1 : 4,111 = 72,069, (#2: 3,014 +1,097): R#2: Web is Conscious, Mexico, 12-Mar-14 /
#2 : 3,813 = 73,776, (#3: 2,467 +1,346): Water and Magik, Mike Harris, 15-Dec-13 /
#3 : 3,793 = 68,435, (#1: 3,048 +0,745): Law of Threes, Mike Harris, 14-Dec-13 /
#4 : 2,739 = 32,967, (#4: 2,168 +0,571): R#1: Food for Mars / Holographic Univ., 2-Feb-14 /
#5 : 2,260 = 54,233, (#6: 1,026 +1,234): R#4: Changing the Movie, from Endless War, 6-Jun-14 /
#6 : 2,160 = 06,459, (new: N/A : +2,160): Popping Acid with Timothy Leary, 15-Nov-14 /
#7 : 1,971 = 49,575, (new: N/A : +1,971): R#5: Power Tools, 15-Nov-14 /
#8 : 1,352 = 24,343, (#5: 1,076: +0,276): R#3: Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots, 3-Mar-14 /


T= 22,199: 381,857 mins (Q4: + 9,400) : ave.Time: 17.20 mins


PlayList : http://tinyurl.com/RAM-Playlist

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USA Prepares - interview of Dr RAM


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Why did the US go into Iraq?

Near the beginning of this... Dr RAM gives a reason you may not have heard


The Liberty Men interview the amazing Dr Richard Alan Miller Part 1


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Interview with Dr Richard Allan Miller by The Liberty Men


Just sharing my notes and words of wisdom from Dr RAM, he’s a paranormal physicist and ex navy seal, black-ops turned whistle blower








· Geo-engineering started in the 1950’s – to capture rain moisture in atmosphere with Barium Oxide to trap the water then manipulate it with HAAP

· The Military are not responsible for spraying these chemicals

· Highly illegal to fly unmarked aircraft


· Sponsored by the UN and Trans-National Corporations (Illuminati)

· These planes cost around $250k per hour = hundreds of millions

· Not for the purpose of Global warming


· Chemtrails is an out of control experiment for weather and beam weapons

· Essentially the SUN IS HEAING UP - Confirmed by The Daniel Papers

· See- http://www.conscioushugs.com/daniel-papers/


· Typically Dr Ram has mainly warned us about the risks of another celestial body entering our Solar system and the Magnet Polar Shift.

· My speculation - Perhaps the Nano metallic particulars are related to controlling the magnetic polar shift.

· Blocking natural sunlight effectively inhibits the evolution and development of all plant, animal and human life forms


· We are all infected with the concoction of chemicals, artificial bacteria, polymers and Nano bots that enables and enhances mind control technology through BIO-API

· Bacteria that exists in the Zenosphere (virtually no information about this word on Google) but Dr Ram is referring to somewhere in our atmosphere. It has crossed with some other bacteria where these life forms are in everything

· What is a BioAPI?

In order to program your typical laptop computer you need an API. Application Programming Interface. This is simply how to talk to the computer so a programmer can tell it to do things, like read a DVD, recognize mouse movement, etc. A BioAPI is exactly the same thing, except instead of computer hardware a BioAPI interfaces with your body parts, specifically your neurons and synapses which control your body and mind. Also known as wetware, essentially the BioAPI in you consists of nano-implants. These implants are required because it's simply not possible to influence, communicate or control any part of your body or mind with classical methods as a electromagnetic quantum signal has nothing to talk to, hence the requirement of a middleware (the nano-implants or wetware)


I find it difficult that virtually no one is able to provide a more definitive answer for this huge expensive experiment that is going on all over the world in plain sight. Even whistle blowers like GoodEt and Omniverse have no information.


I suspect there are numerous reasons for such a huge scale project:-


· Using water as a weapon

· Weather manipulation

· Delivery system for viruses and bacteria

· Delivery system for Nan Bots to enhance mind control technology

· Enhancing particle beam and scalar weapon technology, Earthquakes

· Depopulation through infertility, reduced immunity to micro-dehydration

· Enhances mind control technology

· Tinkering with the food chain and GMO crops

· Enhances radar and allows alien craft to show up more quickly



He wrote an article in 2007 where these wriggling fibres come out of the body that appears to have a type of consciousness. They are really a Nemitode

Links to further info

Synthetic Telepathy http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_psycho16.htm




· Cold Fusion / Brown Gas technology – western technology

· Hot Fusion - A tokamak (Russian: токамак) is a device using a magnetic field to confine a plasma in the shape of a torus. Achieving a stable plasma equilibrium requires magnetic field lines that move around the torus in a helical shape. Such a helical field can be generated by adding atoroidal field (traveling around the torus in circles) and a poloidal field (traveling in circles orthogonal to the toroidal field). In a tokamak, the toroidal field is produced by electromagnets that surround the torus, and the poloidal field is the result of a toroidal electric current that flows inside the plasma. This current is induced inside the plasma with a second set of electromagnets.

· The tokamak is one of several types of magnetic confinement devices, and is one of the most-researched candidates for producing controlled thermonuclear fusion power. Magnetic fields are used for confinement since no solid material could withstand the extremely high temperature of the plasma. An alternative to the tokamak is the stellarator.



· This is in the hands of our children, set examples and teach them well

· Human diversity is a key strength

· View everything as a living habitat and treat it as such

· From the universe, galaxies, solar system, planets, man, animal, plant, sea, water, soil, bacteria, viruses down to small molecules are habitats that should be treated with respect.

· Magic = physics with a mystery school

· Our water, food, air and thoughts are all under attack

· Opinions of Americans from other nations is that they are ill informed, ignorant and complacent

· They spy on us at many levels and if you don’t get it right you get to come back and do it all again.

· We have a choice but most people are focussed on destruction

· Never stop educating yourself and always take personal responsibility for your actions

· We have been ‘invaded’ 100,000’s years ago and they hide in many places, DNA, generics, blood type!

· The battle for earth is going on inside each of us so we have a responsibility to listen

· Learn how to flow and listen to yourself, bio-feed back to learn

· There are only so many ways to fool us and distract us – distorted value systems

· If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, even though it might be in conflict with someone else, that is ‘Gods Will’ (metaphor)

· E must take all responsibility for our actions / inactions

· Magic is about discipline and education and distraction with materialism.

· Money is a theoretical prop, labour is real

· Food needs to be taken off the open monetary system and be like water (hmm, licence to print money & control us all)

· We may have the same issues with air as with water due to chemtrailsand GMO



· Effects of Fukushima and constant leakage from aging nuclear plants

· Next 20 years likely chaotic

· Main reason for going into nuclear energy was weaponry – it was a test

· Financial, food, grid collapse

· Africa and Asia worst effected

· Urban survival skills needed


· That which is unknown, not definable, can only be experienced

· Our physical may not be real

· Cybernetic Anthropology: three concepts that are crucial to any organism or system – communication – control – feedback. This refers to the relationship between human and machine

· Being bored is lack of intellect

· Fly370, probably remote flow with Rothschild involvement over patents

· What happens in our minds eye will make it happen



· A concept or idea is a virus (I agree with this. Government bodies are infected with a ‘paperwork viru’ which preoccupies and keeps them busy serving the virus like good sheeple, lol)

· Information is not about truth, it is now a weapon to be used on a world battle on the internet. Everyone is involved so the battle is taking place inside each of us.

· He has seen evidence of more advanced technologies and culture in Peru


· We are all responsible for our thoughts and what comes out of our mouth

· Everything Starts With Sound and cascades into light and microwaves

· The Universe likely started from just a sound


· The Voice of Silence book, Describes 10 sounds that depict your spiritual relationship with yourself.

· Obama is not the President, it is the Trans National Corporations

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01-24-15 – Sustainable Lifeboat Part 1:

USA Prepares By "Dr. Richard Alan Miller" Captions By CVMCoNews.com -



Published on Jan 24, 2015 - Subscribe to; http://DocRAM.com

see upcoming events for Dr. Richard Alan Miller as USA Prepares, giving you practical information on what you need to do for the survival of your friends & family!


Sustainable Lifeboat Part 2: USA Prepares By "Dr. Richard Alan Miller"



Sustainable Lifeboat Part 3: USA Prepares By "Dr. Richard Alan Miller"


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Dr Miller regards this video as perhaps his "best yet":


02-09-15 – Feet to the Fire: Dr. Richard Alan Miller - Fullerene Fusion Bombs 10-12-2014



Feet to the Fire Interview with Dr. Richard Alan Miller 04-20-2014 - Published on Apr 22, 2014 - Live video recorded from the April 20th 2014 live interview on Feet to the Fire Radio with Dr. Richard Alan Miller. One of my favorite guests, Richard talks about many topics and metaphors. Spirituality, reincarnation, mushrooms, multi-dimensional makeup of reality, the holographic universe, the real battle for earth though infected/altered genes, and much much more. You may wish to see it a few times to get it all in

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MARS : What to Eat there?


Bas says they will take plants and insects, no livestock - at about 5 mins



Dr RAM says... chickens might be a good idea


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Good ET's material

(from the Fringe section of GEI : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19823&page=4 )

...is now overlapping with that of Dr.RAM:


: light-bulb_zps8kwmqebx.jpg :


"Lightbulb" : "the SSP / Secret Earth Govts are barely holding together"


In all of the shuffle I wan't to make sure that the main message is not lost on anyone. Focus on the message and changing the world "One Person At A Time... Even If That One Person Is Yourself!"

Daily Focus on becoming a more "Service To Others" Person (In any small way you can), Focus on becoming more "Loving" and "Forgiving"... Focus on opening your mind (Keeping your discernment firmly in place) and "Raising Your Vibration and Consciousness" through what ever means and belief systems you practice (Prayer or Meditation). Treat your bodies like temples and try to move to a higher vibrational diet.

These changes will not ultimately occur through War and Violence from what is being communicated to me and now strongly IMHO...

= unquote, from Good-ET =

> source: Post#755:



Truly, I wish that more people had taken the time to listen to this interview with Dr Richard Alan Miller:


Dr RAM#4: Changing The Movie : Away from Endless War


I think it hits some of the same important points as Good-ET touched on above.

But maybe "changing the movie", as Dr RAM calls the needed change - might express what is happening more clearly for some readers

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A more subdued Dr Miller, talking with Vincent Finelli about global flu, etc


They also discuss the coming "Get Prepared Expo"



Dr.RAM Videos from the Guido Fox channel


TOP 8: Apr.5, 2015 /vs. End of 2014 : Chg.Mins. (Sept.2014) : RANKED BY MINUTES listened
#1 : 4,551 = 87,388 / 3,813 = 73,776, +13,612 (#3: 2,467): Water and Magik, Mike Harris, 15-Dec-13 /
#2 : 4,745 = 82,960 / 4,111 = 72,069, +10,891 (#2: 3,014): R#2: Web is Conscious, Mexico, 12-Mar-14 /
#3 : 4,497 = 81,010 / 3,793 = 68,435, +12,575 (#1: 3,048): Law of Threes, Mike Harris, 14-Dec-13 /
#4 : 3,107 = 75,379 / 1,971 = 49,575, +25,804 (new: N/A ): R#5: Power Tools, 15-Nov-14 /
#5 : 2,822 = 64,684 / 2,260 = 54,233, +10,451 (#6: 1,026): R#4: Changing the Movie, from Endless War, 6-Jun-14 /
#6 : 3,333 = 39,204 / 2,739 = 32,967, +06,765 (#4: 2,168): R#1: Food for Mars / Holographic Univ., 2-Feb-14 /
#7 : 1,576 = 27,700 / 1,352 = 24,343, +03,357 (#5: 1,076): R#3: Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots, 3-Mar-14 /
#8 : 2,293 = 06,789 / 2,160 = 06,459, +00,330 (new: N/A ): Popping Acid with Timothy Leary, 15-Nov-14 /
T= 26,924: 465,114 /22,199: 381,857, +83,785 mins (Q4: + 9,400 views) : ave.Time: 17.27 mins (17.20)

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Streamed live on Apr 9, 2015

UPDATED: I have RICHARD ALAN MILLER and BOB DUNN as my guests on Camelot TV (see below for bio and links to prior interviews)
We discuss the objects seen near the Sun, climate changes happening around the world and on Mars... As well as possible pole shifts and the ice melting leading to a possible ice age...


"NASA confirms there is something coming off the elyptic near Neptune.

It is 5X heavier than the Earth... something is effecting our sun...

We are talking about 'The Day after Tomorrow',,, and a mini Ice Age,"

"It could bring a 60 meter rise in the ocean water levels." "

Stay safe: "12 feet underground for at least six weeks... Then, snow everywhere"

- Dr. RAM

A Planet Four Times the Size of Earth Lurking Far Beyond Neptune - Is NASA Hiding Planet-X?

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(per an email from Dr. Miller):


this recent video contains further information (on what Miller said in his interview for Project Camelot)


04-14-15 – Dr. Richard Alan Miller On Planet X The Day After Tomorrow With John B Wells


- Video Audio Editing by http://CVMCoNews.com join the discussion on this chilling but thrilling episode of Caravan To Midnight April 2/2015, with host; John B. Wells brings Dr. Richard Alan Miller along for the ride! In part 1 of 5... See; http://DocRAM.com for updates...

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INTERVIEW with Dr. Miller's publisher, Dr Nick Begich


Mind Control _ PSI Saturday

This show was broadcast April 11, 2015.
It is now archived here — Use Player
Every Saturday 7:00 pm Pacific – 10:00 pm Eastern – 03:00 GMT (Sunday)
Will be archived here after the broadcast by Monday.
PSI SATURDAY — explorations in Paranormal research
Coming up Saturday: Dr. David M. Jacobs and Dr. Nick Begich.
Gene Steinberg and David Biedny of TheParacast.Cominterview Long-time UFO abduction researcher Dr. David M. Jacobs. Are abductions real encounters with alien beings as described, or a fantasy invented by the individual or hypnotist? In addition, you’ll hear from Dr. Nick Begich, an expert on mind control.


> http://noliesradio.org/archives/1954


Some very interesting comments, on what we need to do to take back our power.

Other things, like: Mobile phones are not safe, especially for children

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Dark Journalist, does some wonderful in-depth interviews with people like :

Richard Dolan, Dr Joseph Farrell, and Catherine Austin Fitts


He has just interviewed Dr Richard Alan Miller - and here is the link:


Comment from youtube -

*AWESOME** DJ this is a totally amazing episode! I've never seen him in an interview before...he is a real genius! I think this is one of my all time favorite episodes I really really love it when you talk about altered states my head is still spinning :)
Here is a Timeline of this Episode for Everyone: Opening thoughts 0:01 Remembering John Mack - 2:49 Astral City - 7:19 Nibiru/Planet X - 11:01 Mysterious Dr. Carl Schleicher- 12:18 ("montauk reported to him") Training Navy SEALs - 17:52 Studying Dreams - 20:38 Meditation as a Power Tool - 28:08 Types of Psychic Phenomena - 34:23 DARPA & Secrecy - 39:49 World Conditions in 2015 - 44:10 Economic Upheaval and New Opportunities - 52:21 Fukishima as an Extinction Event - 58:02 GMO Mind Control - 59:43 New Barter System - 1:08:27 Meeting with an Alien? - 1:18:10 Spirit Molecule DMT - 1:22:38 Eternal Recurrence/Ouspensky - 1:27:57 Alien Reality vs Mystical Consciousness - 1:36:56 Closing Thoughts - 1:38:40
BTW, this (following) music is by the same Daniel L. who did the interview
(An intelligent and talented guy!)
Album Midnight Broadcast / Label Engemics Records / Released January 01, 1998
DJ's explanations re: Black Projects, etc.:

"I’m Dark Journalist, I’m an independent reporter and filmmaker, my video show adds a new twist to Alternative Media. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have on subjects such as Black Budget Economy, The Breakaway Civilization/Secret Space Program and UFO Secrecy.

I think in this crucial time we need a whole new way to look at the world and the levels of disinformation in our media institutions. I call this new approach “Dark Journalism” and feel it’s crucial we discover the truth and achieve transparency from the ruling elite in our culture. If ever we needed to unmask the forces controlling our reality, this is the time!"

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Dr. RAM's background... from childhood


Men On Mars, Nazis in Antarctica, An Alien Named “Krill”

Posted by Steven DiBasio on April 25, 2015


Glimpses inside the life (and mind) of Physicist Richard Alan Miller



If you pay attention to alternative media you have likely heard the name Richard Alan Miller. In the past several years the physicist has been interviewed by all the “usual suspects” (and more), including Kerry Cassidy, George Noory, Mike Harris, Jeff Rense, Vinny Eastwood, Veritas Radio (Mel Fábregas), Red Ice Radio (Henrik Palmgren), and most recently, Dark Journalist (Daniel Liszt).


Miller’s story is fascinating. As he puts it, he has “been there and done that,” with a career as a physicist in the “military” that began in the late sixties, “ending”[ii] in 1981 when he left to cultivate a life of “personal sovereignty” as a “dirt farmer” and (self-described) “mountain man.”


His recent emergence was encouraged and facilitated by his friend, well-known activist, lecturer and writer, Nick Begich, son of former United States Congressman from Alaska Nick Begich Sr., and brother of former U.S. Senator Mark Begich.


The following material is taken from interviews with Miller, as well as from a discussion I had with him (short excerpts are included in this article).



Navy Man

Richard Alan Miller was born on March 16, 1944 in Everett Washington to a military family, and is a legacy Swiss Mason, “holy bloodline, holy grail” of the Nelson line. His lodge was formed in 1480, he says, “to protect the bloodlines of Christ.”

According to Miller, his mother and grandmother were famous psychics in the Seattle area and the television show One Step Beyond, which ran from 1959-61 on ABC, was based on their work with the Seattle Police Department in the 1930s.


Miller’s Grandmother


Miller’s scientific genius flourished early. During his junior year at Mount Rainier High School in 1960, he won the Navy Cruiser award with “A New Meson Field Theory,” and in 1961 he created a linear accelerator and hydrogen bubble chamber, and was, he says, the first American to create particles moving faster than the speed of light.

Thereafter he studied physics at Washington State University (WSU) (Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical Physics) and the University of Delaware, (Master’s Degree in Solid State Physics). He also did graduate work at Princeton and MIT. While at WSU he built a plasma jet subsequently used to make space tiles for NASA. He “jokes” that “several Professors were afraid I was going to blow up the campus.”


His teachers have included such luminaries as Linus Pauling, Richard B. Murray, Roger Penrose, Richard Feynman, Charles Muses, Albert Szent-Györgyi, and John Wheeler. Miller believes his education was orchestrated sub rosa by “old man (Pierre) du Pont,” and that world-class scientists were “trotted out” one after another to teach him.


Another teacher was Andrija Puharich,[iii] famed occultist, scientist and spook, and the man who brought psychic “spoon-bender” Uri Geller to America. [iv] Miller was also influenced by Timothy Leary with whom Miller experienced LSD for the first time in 1964 as part of a program in which “geniuses” were administered the drug.




After graduate school, Miller was immediately hired by Boeing and given a top secret clearance along with three “vault permits” permitting him to explore certain reading rooms without the usual “need to know.” In these vaults Miller says he encountered three papers that changed his understanding of himself, and which were also his “first clue that things aren’t what they seem.”

One paper discussed how technology Miller developed in high school was used on the Mariner 4 by NASA to establish the existence of water on Mars in 1964, while another described a manned mission to Mars in 1968, one year before the moon landing.

Here Miller discusses the three documents he encountered while at Boeing, as well as a later trip to Antarctica in which he encountered what he describes as a bombed out Nazi base[v]:



Mankind Research Unlimited

MRU-biz-card.jpgMiller was Northwest Regional Director of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), a front for Navy Intelligence, from 1974 to 1979. He worked out of the University of Washington, and his boss was Dr. Carl Schleicher. According to Miller, “the smoking man” of X-Files lore was based on Schleicher. Miller was himself an early consultant for the X-Files and wrote several workups for the show.[vi] Miller also helped ghostwrite the Carlos Castaneda book Tales of Power.

Miller’s job with MRU was to investigate “weird phenomena” that happened on the west coast. Wilbur Franklin at Kent State University handled Midwestern strangeness, and Schleicher covered the East Coast. The chain of command at MRU is telling: “Basically at that time, old man du Pont was in charge of technology in Navy Intel. And he reported to Rockefeller.” [vii]

Unusual phenomena that Miller studied included a man named Jack Schwarz who could stick needles through his arm without pain or bleeding, [viii] and “sherpas” who could climb frigid Mount Ranier barefoot without frostbite or other ill effects.

Here, among other topics, Miller discusses his government funded investigations into Navajo sand paintings, purportedly capable of altering the weather:



Seal Corporation

According to Miller the Navy Seal program is an outgrowth of a predecessor organization, Seal Corporation of Amherst, Maine, an outfit for which Miller devised a method (questionnaire) for ascertaining “psychic” abilities amongst enlistees (“how to think with your gut”). Those who showed the most promise were then trained using protocols Miller developed for creating “super soldiers.” According to Miller, the first three Navy Seal units were thus trained.[ix]

One of the protocols Miller developed (in conjunction with Yugoslavian hypnotist Milan Ryzl) was an “ESP” protocol which Miller used to win the “First Psychic Tournament” on September 24, 1975, an event sponsored by Llewellyn Publications in which top “psychics” participated such as Jeane Dixon and Sybil Leek. According to Miller, he won the tournament by “three orders of magnitude” often choosing correctly 18 of 20 in a given series, and never getting less than 15 of 20 correct in any series![x]

This “ESP” protocol for Navy Seals is detailed in Miller’s book ESP Induction through Forms of Self-Hypnosis. The second book in the series, Power Tools for the 21st Century (and its associated workbooks, one of which is currently published), discusses additional protocols for turning soldiers into “supermen.”

The third book in the series, The Non-Local Mind in Holographic Reality, will complete his “Toward the Evolution of Consciousness” trilogy.

“Alien” Artifacts

“Back when I was doing it, we knew about aliens but we were more worried about what the Russians were doing. And that’s a fact.” While Miller’s work did not generally involve “exopolitical” matters, he says he has personally seen “alien” artifacts. He was involved in two studies on artifacts, one of which was with scientist Wilbur Franklin, conducted at the University of Chicago “in their vaults.”

As he put it: “…I know there’s something going on out there because I’ve seen technology that isn’t us.” Miller adds, however, that the technology could have come from an ancient advanced human civilization, and was not necessarily of “alien” origin.

Area 51 & “Krill”

Miller says that he visited Groom Lake once, in the mid-1970s. The reason for the visit was rather simple: He was summoned there … by a seven to eight foot humanoid “alien” named Krill.[xi]

The story Miller was told about Krill’s background is as follows: After the Roswell crash, two dead aliens and a dying alien were recovered. After the third alien died an autopsy was performed, at which time a fourth alien (Krill) showed up demanding the bodies of the three dead aliens (because “…they could apparently resurrect those aliens on a physical plane. They had that kind of technology”). This happened during Harry Truman’s presidency, and “Majestic was set up” by or with Krill as a centerpiece of the program. Miller does not know why Krill wanted to meet him.[xii] For his part Miller knew nothing about Krill and little about Roswell: “I wasn’t even briefed.”

Upon arrival at “Area 51” Miller was taken eight floors below ground and brought into a room where sixty or so documents had been placed on a table. He was allotted one hour and “…I just started reading [the documents], grabbing one after another without even knowing what I’m looking at, just grabbing the documents, trying to get it into my optical memory, when the door opened,” and in walked Krill, a being with a “feminine” feel (though “she” was apparently sexless) and a long neck.

Miller spent an hour with Krill in a filmed encounter, during which Miller and Krill sat at opposite ends of a small table completely silent, dialoguing back and forth telepathically. “And that’s where I … first became familiar with synthetic telepathy. It’s how she was talking to me in my mind.”

Following the encounter Miller’s memory was somehow blocked (apparently by Krill), so that he was unable to recall what they “talked” about. “I just remember the peace and something very feminine talking to me inside my head and I dialogued it back.”

Later, “[the military] … spent more than eight hours in debriefing, trying to with hypnosis and scopolamine and something else, I forget, trying to … debrief me,” but to no avail. “And the problem is there’s some kind of a hypnotic block that … uh uh it um it um uh it it uh blocks my head like that. It it just it it I I can’t um I can’t get at it, it’s it’s like it’s there.”

“That’s my total alien experience.”[xiii]

Synthetic Telepathy

In the early seventies while at the University of Washington Miller worked in a lab next to infamous mind control scientist Jose Delgado.[xiv] Delgado was doing chip implants in monkeys, and Miller was working with microwaves. Another scientist was studying drugs such as ketamine and BZ gas.

A researcher named Allan Frey had discovered a “new sensorimotor input” in man, a kind of “sixth sense,” which involved microwaves. Building on Frey’s work, and inspired, he says, by his experience with Krill, Miller was involved in developing “synthetic telepathy,” a technology that enables an audio signal (voices etc.) to be projected with microwaves into a person’s head, bypassing the ears.

Other names for this technology include “voice to skull” and “voice of God” weaponry. Newer capabilities include the ability to clone emotions and mental states (psychosis, suicidal depression, etc.) onto another person. This is sometimes referred to as “EEG cloning.”

Chemtrails / “BioAPI”

Miller is concerned about the possibility of a BioAPI (Biological Application Programming Interface) as one project that may be in play in conjunction with the widespread spraying of “chemtrails.”[xv]

Part of his concern arises from his experience at the University of Washington working on a “site selective molecule” that could be put in drinking water (for example) and which would, following ingestion, migrate to the brain whereupon it could be activated using microwaves.[xvi] A particular area of interest was the contingent negative variation (CNV) or “jump potential between neurons.” Miller claims that control over the CNV could possibly allow an external agency to “take over someone’s will.”

Miller’s concern is that nanoparticles in chemtrails could also target the CNV. He is fond of quoting Merlin: “Anything not specifically forbidden is mandatory … which means, if it’s possible, it’s probable.”[xvii] And he believes it may well be possible.



bookstore logo

Miller has not been entirely free from unwanted attention. In 1974 his business (he owned an occult bookstore and herb shop named Beltane) was raided by Army intelligence and “Feds.” [xviii] Four people entered, two in civilian clothes and two in military fatigues.

He was held under arrest while his papers were ransacked. The agents seemed mainly interested in a paper he had recently written and delivered called “Embryonic Holography,” seizing all work related to this topic. Miller later re-wrote “Embryonic Holography” from memory.

More recently, in July 2014, someone broke into his home and wiped his hard-drive (and backup drive). Miller’s journal (what he calls his “magical memory”) was lost as well as ten manuscripts, which he is now rewriting.



In addition to the books already mentioned, Miller has written many other books on magick and alternative agriculture including The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture, The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs, and The Modern Alchemist.

Unpublished works include Spook Central (MRU Reports), The Seal Reports, Electro-Magick and Yogatronics, and The Holistic Qabalah. Publication of these works awaits a suitable patron.


“There’s a new world ahead of us where, you know, it’s gonna be different.”

Miller believes how this “new world” unfolds is up to us — that we must each decide, individually, to “change the movie.” He is fond of a saying he attributes to Rudolf Steiner, spoken in conversation with Miller’s great-grandfather: “We are no longer at war in the physical world. If you want to change this world, change yourself and the world changes with you.”

A mystical idea no doubt. Perhaps even true?


> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/04/25/men-on-mars-nazis-in-antarctica-an-alien-named-krill/


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TWO Interviews (Excerpts from)... by Steven DiBasio on April 25, 2015

(He wrote the article in VT, just above)







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