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Strong Towns : addressing the Long Emergency ... and more

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There's real hope - for those who "get" a transport-oriented / self-generating growth model for saving towns and cities


Charles Marohn Strong Towns Curbside Chat


Published on Jan 23, 2016

Host: American Planning Association Washington Chapter
Event Sponsor: Thurston Regional Planning Council / www.washington-apa.org * www.trpc.org

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NO MORE NEW ROADS ! ( a new & essential policy initiative for America?)


Now it's Fix it First! Rather than: Build it, and figure out how to maintain it later


And so old roads will be abandoned (eventually)


The US can no longer afford to be so reckless. It need a Dollar and Sense policy

So Strong Towns has been telling us


Rachel Quednau interviews Randy Simes

MP3 : http://shoutengine.com/StrongTownsPodcast/StrongTownsPodcast-0275-randy-simes-15428.mp3

Rachel Quednau interviews Randy Simes all the way from Seoul, South Korea, to talk about the Ohio Department of Transportation’s expected announcement of a major shift toward “fix it first” policy, and away from new road projects. Randy is the founder and managing editor of UrbanCincy, news sources for Cincinnati’s urban core, as well as an urban planner who has worked around the world.

> Read Randy's article on UrbanCincy.


/ 2 /


MP3 : http://shoutengine.com/StrongTownsPodcast/StrongTownsPodcast-0276-nonewroads-week-15567.mp3

Chuck and Rachel discuss this week's #NoNewRoads campaign. They touch on the new federal transportation funding bill, issues in Texas, Minnesota and Washington state, as well as a fascinating new tool you can use to look at transportation funding priorities in your own state.

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Checking in with Chris Martensen / in a recent ST podcast


MP3 : http://shoutengine.com/StrongTownsPodcast/StrongTownsPodcast-0307-chris-martenson-18195.mp3


Chuck: I think we could talk about the three Es.

You've done hours and hours on this, and I strongly recommend that our listeners go and delve into The Crash Course. But I want to switch to your book Prosper. The full title is Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting.


You and Adam wrote this book. I read it, I found it incredibly empowering and actually really optimistic. I wonder if you maybe could start by just contrasting that life you had before 40 with kind of an overview of what life after 50, now, for you is, with this kind of new prosperous set of principles.


Martenson: I'd love to. We started all of this with The Crash Course, which is the problem definition side. Obviously, I could wade around in those waters a long time. But problem definition or information, it doesn't lead to action. It's just useless anxiety producing stuff.


Adam and I, over the years, we've spent a lot of time in seminars in our own lives personally, which I'll get to in a second. Online, working with people who wrestle with this information of how the world is changing and ask this very important question, which is: What should I do?


What I did in my own life was I sort of went into more of like the Gandhi side of things and said, "I think I have to become the change I wish to see." It's a matter of integrity for me. I don't ever write about or entice people to do things I haven't done myself.


But as well, it was itself the right thing for me to begin doing is to figure out how to become more resilient, more well insulated against the shocks and travails that might come, but also to increase my quality of life while I was maybe trimming my standard of living as measured by stuff, the classic stuff.


Prosper is really the written form of what Adam and I and a lot of our readers have gone through in terms of transitioning their lives piece by piece, taking steps away from what I'll call classic american consumptive life style, into something a little bit more fulfilling, a little bit richer, a little bit higher quality as it were.


If somebody came to my house and looked across my yard, they would see a standard two acre suburban lot with a cape on it. Put it in the back, I've got a 50 by 70 foot garden and I've got an orchard and I've got some bees and I've got chickens. When the spring finally comes people would notice that this is an extraordinarily beautiful landscape I've got that is entirely abundant and edible and/or good for pollinators or whatnot.


In that story, there's a really important thing, Chuck, that I came across, which was discovering that myself, that humans in general, we can be extraordinary agents of abundance and regeneration. We can use our minds to that end, or we can build golf courses and spray pesticides on them and be maybe sort of the opposite of that story.


> more: http://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2016/4/13/chris-martenson


Do you know you neighbors? Do you have any sort of cooperative relationship with them?
If not, you may be in the wrong place

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If you want to be lucky, he needs to Learn the techniques


Stay Alert, Stay Lucky


"Shifting your thinking about how lucky you are, and how you can make your own Luck, is one of the most important shifts you could make"

"Those with an alert, open and mind positive mind tend to be more lucky, which is pretty obvious.

As they say, opportunity favours the prepared mind"


Another part of the Lucky Success Formula, is: BEING A BADASS - in the sense of this podcast.


Mr Money Mustache talks about saving at least 50% of your net income.

It worked for him... He retired from working at 30 years old.

LISTEN to how he did it:


MR MONEY MUSTACHE : Apr. 11, 2016 Podcast / with Charles Marohn

"Focus on happiness, not status"
"Debt is not a natural state. It’s something that happens when you make a mistake.”

ST-MP3: http://shoutengine.com/StrongTownsPodcast/StrongTownsPodcast-0303-mr-money-mustache-17939.mp3

We kick off Strong Citizens Week here at Strong Towns with a conversation with Mr. Money Mustache. MMM is -- by far -- the guest our listeners have most requested, and for good reason. He is the individual digital to our community analog. His insights will help you live a better life and, should you choose to be a true Mustachian, put you in position to help your community become a Strong Town.

If you're not already, you should be reading everything you can at mrmoneymustache.com.


> Learn to be Lucky: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20766

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