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Simon Parkes: Exposed Illuminati, ET contacts. Posts on Proj-A

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A comment from this Gordon Duff interview:





Somewhat surprisingly (to me):
Duff wrote (in his usual indirect way) : VeteransToday, 2-9-14:
"The video below was sent by one of our “regulars,” the club of insiders that are much of the unseen muscle behind VT. This is two hours, monotone, monotony seemingly but is it?
Those I know, please excuse this purposeful deflection, are periodically subjected to not unofficial briefings where things spoken of in the video above are discussed."

The same one that I took the following Excerpt from:
Simon Parkes: On "Humanity's Choice" : 15 Dec. 2013


A small world. And who would have thought these two guys were on the same message?
Duff also mentioned a Richard Dolan interview:
Secret Space Program: Richard Dolan [Full Length]

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"The Scales are Being Balanced" (since we have not had full information


"The Hidden World of The Illuminati"

Published on Jan 29, 2013

Quantum Leap TV is on the air... Tonight on The Truth Hour... "The Hidden World of The Iluminati" the new season 2013... Join host Johnny Guzman and special guest Simon Parks from The United Kingdom... Simon is an expert in the occult world of the Iluminati and the Extra-terrestrial experience...

Johnny Guzman interviews Simon Parkes
The Hidden World of the Illuminati

SP: March of last year there was an attempt made on my life.
My car was rammed off the road.
I had a passenger with me.
But we were OK
Politically it's quite difficult for TPTB because here I am, holding office and prepared to speak about the truth.
So...it does cause them some aggravation
But my electorate are very much behind me and support me 100%

SP: I'm coming out with my story for 2 reasons
The 1st is to say to people, "Your government lies to you. Your government knows an awful lot more and is not telling you the truth."

And the other reason I decided to go public with this is because I thought there's an awful lot of people out there who have experiences but have nobody to turn to.

JG: We hear the term 'Illuminati' and we think 'bad'.
But the word in Spanish ..... means it's got the light on.
Tell us about that. There's 2 groups - the dark guys and the lightworkers

SP: When you go on the internet and Youtube, it's Illuminati this and Illuminati that.
Unfortunately, a lot of people who mean well do not really understand how could they not be privy to the secret workings of these organisations.
... But there are in fact 3 groups of Illuminati
There are the ones I refer to as the dark wizards
They are very high Masonic members who have Satanic rituals and rites
These are the bad guys
Then there's the opposite.

My grandfather was one of the light Illuminati or white Illuminati who tend to work for the good of mankind.
And in the middle, there's a whole range of these very, very intelligent powerful people who just do their own research.
They don't get drawn into one side or the other
But when you see on YT the word 'Illuminati', what people are usually referring to are the bad guys

JG: ....Have you seen any of these dark rituals that these dark wizards do?

SP: Yes.
Your listeners would have to understand that if you become a very, very powerful man (you're generally a man; a woman can become a witch)
But if you're a very powerful man in terms of the money you have and you've invested in a wide range of organisations, you wield incredible power
And so you are invited to join one of these organisations and you will find that you form a brotherhood which has a masonic link
In order to bind that brotherhood together, you will be required to undertake some very disturbing rituals
The object of which is to make you so wedded to the organisation that you couldn't ever never leave that organisation or turn your back on them
So it's not just ceremonies; it's actually a form of religion
Some of these people at the very top have some incredible dark magic powers and can use them very effectively
So it's a very well kept secret but due to the internet and a lot of researches, more and more is coming out about this group.

JG: Can you name any names? Tony Blair? George Bush? Who are you talking about?

SP: You've already named 2
Certainly here in England, Her Majesty The Queen
Although she's a woman, would certainly be a person who would give instructions to such a group
You had the Bushes.
You have even Hillary Clinton ....
Do not for one minute think that a POTUS gets to that position because of his ability
The Americans had one president that I'm aware of, who was a man of high integrity and he was murdered by his own people.
I'm referring to JFK of course
Every other president was there because it was designed that he would be there because he would toe the line.
He would follow through with the agenda
So anybody who has a position of immense power must be a member of that group because they could not have afford to have such a powerful person outside of their control.

JG: Are they also involved with these Draconian reptilians?

SP: Yes. If you look on YT, unfortunately the drawings that you see don't match what I am used to.
I'm working with a forensic artist to render some artwork
My next presentation in England - UFO conference- will be in March
I'm hoping to have some of his artwork to put up on the viewing screen so people can have a much clearer idea of what these beings look like
... The humans who have these positions of power look up to the Draconian reptilians as their gods
They basically receive their instructions from these beings and have done so for thousands of years
You go back to ancient Egypt
You go back to the Sumerian times and times before that.
What's happening at the moment is that these dark wizards are attempting to set up their own power base
They're turning their back on their gods simply because the NWO has not been delivered to them as quickly as they expected it
Asa result of that, these people have got their backs up against the wall.
They're under terrible pressure and they're fighting amongst themselves
Unfortunately for humanity, for the next 2 to 3 years, it's going to be rather difficult
But the long term prospects are quite good

JG: So George Bush and the Queen of England - they answer to these reptilians but they now want to do their own thing
Because of that, there is chaos, conflict within them?

20:05 min
SP: Right. At that senior level, such as the Bushes, Rockefellers, the Rothschilds - no.
That level retains a healthy respect for what we would call offworlders.
The problem arises in middle management.

As you come down from that top grouping - this handful of people who dictate which way the major economies of the world will go
As you come down through the command structure, you have a number of people who might be controllers of a state in America or in Britain, it might be in control of a city of 2 or 3 million.
Those people now tend to be wanting to set themselves up as their own power base and not take instructions from on high.
This is the problems that we're getting because these people are not becoming rogue.
You might find that a large amount of money is withdrawn from a corporation which wasn't authorised....
So what you've got are individuals who are looking to protect themselves if there is an economic collapse around the corner
A lot of people in the know are trying to draw their money out very quickly and exchange that for something that will be negotiable int he future.
So there's an awful lot going on at the moment throughout the western world

JG: Tell us about the difference between the different groups - the mantis and the Draconian reptilian

SP: Both groups refer to themselves as coming from the 4th frequency
You would know that as the 4th dimension
They are very clear that that is the area they live in
I use the word ET or extra-terrestrial simply because that is terminology that everybody is familiar with
If I was to be absolutely accurate, they are not extra-terrestrial; they are extra-dimensional
They don't spend thousands of years travelling in a space ship to get here.

They are able to access a portal - what Albert Einstein and others refer to as a wormhole.
But we'll just call it a portal ....
So they can access a portal and they can come into our reality, either in a spaceship or just physically themselves
The Mantis are called that because they have a very strong resemblance to a praying mantis
A very ancient race
I'd say they're benevolent to humans
They have their own agenda but they're not out to kill anybody
They have their own plan
Whereas you've got the Draconias reptilians who have been interfering in humanity's workings for thousands of years, do unfortunately kill, have no compunction in taking action that would enable them to control it a little bit better
So you have 2 very powerful groups who have been involved in humanity's manipulation for a very long time.
There are other groups but those other groups tend not to become involved in the manipulation of humanity simply because it's the wrong thing to do

JG: Why did they choose you?


SP: There is nothing special about me
I'm just like anybody else
However, I am of great interest to them
Don't think I'm the only person they're contacting.
There are literally thousands of people on this planet that are being contacted
The great majority of them don't come forward and don't wish to discuss it because they just wouldn't be able to handle all the media attention that comes their way.
Those people who are brave enough to come forward and tell their story - that's great.
In my case, it's genetics
They've made it very clear that my body interests them. and they're creating a hybrid race
They have been attempting to create a hybrid race for a very long time
There's a number of people on the Earth whose genetics are suitable to exist in the 3rd dimension (which is what we are now; well, we're probably 3.4 or 3.5 now) but are able to exist in a higher dimension.
So that when the time comes, these hybrids can come to Earth.
They have a greater chance of survivability
So that's primarily the reason

27:23 min
JG: Why so much fighting over this planet?

SP: You are right.
As a planet, we are tucked away in a cul-de-sac ....
However, the entities that come to collect me refer to this planet as a water world
And there are very few vibrant water worlds like the Earth
There is such a diverse amount of life on this planet
The other thing is we revolve around our sun every year which means that our life on this planet has a very short life expectancy through radiation from the sun
Our bodies are broken down and degenerate very quickly.
That means that we evolve very quickly, we adapt to change very quickly
We are fascinating to study
Back 100+ years ago, the humans were doing tests on moths.
They found that when the industrial revolution came, all these moths change their pigmentation to black because of all the smoke coming out of the chimneys when they were burning coal
Within 30/40 years, these moths changed to black and the white moths died out.
As a planet with a diverse range, we are fascinating to observe.
That's what they are doing - they are observing us.

JG: Do they take you physically?
What do they do with you?
Are you afraid?
Are they using you?.....

SP: No, I'm not afraid.
I'm very privileged.
When I about 11½ years old, I'm very privileged to remember that I made an agreement with them
Researchers refer to this as a soul contract.
Most people don't ever remember their contract
I actually had a verbal contract. Nothing written
It's an agreement that you make
And I agreed to let them come and collect me.
I'll tell you the terms of the contract.
I was taken on to a spaceship
I was hysterical.
I was not even 12 years ago and I was very upset
And the being comes up to me, outs his two hands on my shoulders and makes me an offer.
They don't speak with their mouths open.
The messages are sent straight to your brain
The message was: Would you like to be like us? To have knowledge and understanding. To see the future and know the past. To have power and authority
That was the deal offered.
I was so excited about knowing about the past and have a chance to see the future that I said, "Yes! That's what I want to do."
Then his hand just came off my shoulder, took my hand and he said, "Then come with me."
I think I spent 2 days there.
I know that because I had to sleep.

I had a bed. I had to go to sleep.
I knew I was there for more than 1 day.
Because I can remember making an agreement, I know that it was consensual
These beings have never hurt me. Not once.
Yes, I've been on an operating table and prodded about but I've agree to that.
It's something I had to do.
The final part of your question was: What do they do?
Generally speaking, I'm taken off the Earth but not for long periods of time and I'm shown around the spaceship or I'm asked to interact with a machine
Sometimes they want to do things to my body
They say I'm not sick but I will become sick unless they do something
We have conversations; again it's done from mind to mind.
So it's not your usual story of somebody being visited at night and then they go rigid and can't move and they are taken and dumped back.
It's never been like that for me.
And because it's more positive, then I feel I am able to talk about it.
God willing, that's the way it is but had it had been the other way, as so many people have had a very bad experience, I probably wouldn't have wanted to talk to you about it.
I'd be too traumatised
Since I went public, I've had a heck of a lot of people contact me - ask me for advice; wanting to tell me their story
And do you know what? Most of them have very, very harsh stories to tell

So I'm just very fortunate

JG: Why are their stories harsh and yours are not?

SP: .... I actually asked on one occasion.
There was one person that really hugged on my heart strings because she said to me that what was happening.
She was being taken at night and she remembers being put on an operating table and they wouldn't talk to her.
They wouldn't communicate with her and they would just return her.

She said that the worst part was not the fear but the fact that they wouldn't communicate to her
When I had an opportunity to ask this question of these beings, I said, "Why are you doing that?"
They don't have emotions like humans do.
They have feelings but not emotions.
They were quite shocked and basically they were saying, " Well, she shouldn't remember.
We don't communicate what we're doing with these people because basically, they are not supposed to remember.
Why would we talk to them when they're not going to remember. "
So what was happening in this particular woman's instance was her conditioning was breaking down.
And she was getting recollections and memories back.
They intend me to remember stuff
It's much more of a two way process
I don't consider myself a contactee as somebody like Alex Collier
Alex Collier .... is the archetypal contactee
I don't mix with beings from a much higher frequency
I think Alex was meeting people from the 6th or 7th dimension who are very benevolent to humanity.
The beings that I am in contact with are ambivalent to humanity
But I have a much more two way conversation with them

JG: What is the promise they are making to you in order for you to be in touch with them and let them study you or whatever they do?....
What are you going to get out of this?

SP: Well, that's a very human thing, isn't it?
"What's in it for you?" That's how we are on this planet
We're money mad.
We are possession mad.
'There must be something in it for you' - that's the paradigm that we need to move away from...
But it's a fair question....
What I get out of it is the fantastic knowledge that I am privileged to actually meet and communicate with something that we are taught in school does not exist.
That in itself is just wonderful for me.
That's fantastic.
Sometimes, I am at home and I'm quite domesticated.
My wife's out at a meeting and I will vacuum the house.
And I'm standing thinking, "What on earth am I doing vacuuming this floor when yesterday I was in a spaceship doing this?"
And I am forever comparing my life on this mundane planet with its pathetic rules and regulations and its crazy addiction to money with the world that's up there where money doesn't exist and the values are different.
In terms of what I get out of it - yes, I have the opportunity to put questions to them regarding the future of the Earth
They are fairly OK with answering them
Sometimes the answers are not as full as I would like but they never turned round to me yet and said, "We're not discussing that."
I've always had answers.
So yes, I have a little bit of knowledge regarding the future of this earth
But whether that's just a reward for being a good boy and playing the game - I don't know.
I come back to the point that I've never ever been hurt.
They ask my permission before they do something
That is almost unheard of in the contactee/abductee world but they will speak to me and say, "Can we do this? Do you object?"
Even humans aren't as nice to you, are they?

JG: So if you say no, you don't want to go with them, they basically leave you alone?

SP: Yeah. Perhaps a good example would be fairly recently
I was taken to what appears to be an underground base.
The walls are very rough hewn rock and i have to stand up against some sort of metal armature
These are not humans.
They are doctors
Aliens have professions just as humans do.
I'm not happy about the position I'm in.
I'm moving and the alien in charge says, "You have to keep very still because we are going to use this device which fires as a beam and if you move about, you could injure yourself."
And he says to me, "Are you going to follow the direction of your doctors because the doctors are getting quite stressed and say you mustn't move around."
If I had said no, that would have been the end of it because they would say, "We can't do this procedure."
It's a very unusual relationship.

JG: Give me an example of the knowledge that they are sharing with you.

SP: .... There's a device on the Swiss/French border called the Hadron collider
Sometimes called the CERN device
Officially it cost $2B to build.
In reality, it cost $4B to build
It's not owned by a private company
It's ultimately owned by the American government who lent on all the major western countries to raid their black budgets to pay for this device.
The lie was put out that this was to find the Bosun particle or dark matter.
And in this world where we are talking about money, nobody provides $4B for no return.
But in effect, there is no return for this.
So no private consortium is involved.
It's military.
I had a number of conversations starting from September of last year regarding the true use of this device.
It became apparent to myself and some others that this device had to be taken out, for want of a better word.
It didn't so that it couldn't operate
You'd have heard all about Dec 21st 2012 - the ascension day.
A lot of nonsense written about it.
But it's no surprise that the Hadron collider was scheduled to activate on the 17th Dec and run right through until 22nd Dec
I've been sent a screen shot of a computer screen from the facility which showed that it failed to operate between the 17th Dec and the 22nd Dec
This CERN device was built for only one purpose, which was to maintain a portal between this world and another.
Now that has failed and if your listeners go online and do a bit of research, you'd see they are absolutely panicking and they want to build another one with a circumference of 50 miles.
50 miles - which would cost somewhere in the region of $10B and they want this built by 2015 because that is their last opportunity.
Because come 2016, no more portals can be opened
The Earth would have moved so far from the galactic centre that they will not be able to open any portal
So that's one piece of info
You heard it here first folks.
You think of Project Camelot as Cassidy and Bill Ryan
I'm actually on Bill Ryan's Project Avalon
It's very kindly let me come on to his website and post my remarks there .....
Yes, there's some very useful info that comes through to me.

JG: So they are building this portal to go where?
Or to do what?

SP: The portal already existed.
That was the point
The portal is already existed.
Some of your listeners may be familiar with the term 'Annunaki'
I refer to them simply as the Anu because that's what they refer to themselves as
This portal had existed since Sumerian times and allow these beings to bring forward reinforcements or replacements.
With the portal closed as it is now, they are effectively isolated on Earth.

They are desperate to open another portal.
That's why they need to build another machine

JG: The Annunaki - they are these Sumerians, the Enki and Enlil and those guys?

SP: Yes, that's correct.

JG: And you're saying that by 2016, if they don't hurry up and build another Cern, they're going to miss it....
They stay here and what happens?

SP: What will happen is that there will be a false flag alien invasion followed by an attempt to set up a single government.
The One World government
If they can get the One World government up, they want to RFID chip every human being in the western world.

A lot of whistleblowers have said that the dark Illuminati's plan is to wipe out the human population by 2B or 3B
That was a plan 20 years ago
Technology has moved on now
You don't need to wipe out 2B/3B people.
You can stick a RFID chip in them.
Because if they don't do what you want, you just turn the chip off.
So the plan to control humanity is to have everybody chipped.
So that's basically the way they're looking for.

JG: What should we be doing?......

SP: ..... It is down to particularly the American military
The question is whether the American military will follow the orders their government give them
Will the American military shoot on their own people?

Will the American people resist what's going to happen?
Once the high powered weapons are taken off them - this is all part of the plan - once those high powered weapon come out of the citizens' hands, then we might begin to see some very overt action.
What your listeners and every decent man and woman can do is form associations.
Little clubs
They can talk to each other
They can try to offer support and help
And they got to be able to resist the lies that are going to be force fed down people's throats
Because if this incident occurs, you'd find the internet will be turned off
Your mobile phones will be switched off
The only news you're going to get will be through official government channels

And people even in isolated areas can make contact with other people, form a support network, then you at least have your friends to fall back on.

JG: So this is if they don't get their way by 2016?

SP: I think we're going to see this before 2016.
If they haven't got it by 2015, they're in real trouble
They're in real trouble.
2016 is that's it.

They can't do anything.
They've had it.
Any cards out of the pack - any aces - they got to play between now and 2015.

JG: In the meantime... isn't there anything or anybody that's good that'll come to help us out?
Or .... do we have to look within ourselves and wake up....?
No outside intervention.....?
So it's basically up to us?

SP: Yeah, people always want this 7th cavalry to come charging in.
They want someone else to do the dirty work
Someone else to take responsibility
The problem is that humanity has been lied to for so long that it's fallen asleep
When I discussed with these aliens that come to collect me; I've argued for humanity.
I've said, "How can people make a choice when they don't have the full truth?"
That's not a level playing field.
The scales aren't balanced
And what's been happening over the last 18 months is the scales are being slowly balanced.
That doesn't mean that all the hard work's going to be done for you guys
What's going to happen is the scales have got to be balanced and then the human population has got to decide where it's going.
What is it going to be do?
Is it going to carry on living this life of nonsense ...?
Or is it going to take a very bold step?
Let me put it to you this way: Why is a nurse in a hospital who saves a child's life paid less money than a man in a bank who makes millions of £ for his bank manager and their shareholders?
Why does western society value money more than life?
Until humanity can get to grapple with these really fundamental issues, it hasn't got much hope.

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I just noticed that the Guzman interview was not a recent one

It's was 29 Jan 2013 and I thought it was 29 Jan 2014


I'll go work on the Clif High interview next.


They have zilch chance of a fake alien invasion

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The latest Parkes video is pretty interesting, jammed with information


American Government has two lists:

+ A list of those who have had alien contacts
("the aliens are meant to provide it, but it is incomplete")

+ The Human govt abdicates responsibility, "others" decide : "I am on that list"


He talks about the amazing sort of "service" he gets from UK authorities

= =


1:39 hours in - interview with Philip Scofield
"They asked me to do drawings... I drew two aliens"
"We are not allowed to show the Reptilian on TV"

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I think SP said over at the Avalon forum that there is a surge of beneficial energies coming in mid Feb or so. I asked my friend if she can see them. So she asked and saw a big stream of energies coming in. They are of a much higher frequency than we've had and are coming in to help us evolve. People will have to choose to advance or stay behind. Pretty much as the way Dolores Cannon puts it. It's causing some people to feel dizzy, nauseous and anxious but not with me. I'm just getting the sleep disturbances


BTW I was watching this video on time disappearing. It's very interesting though I can't pretend to understand all of it and I am not expecting that 3 days of darkness or any reversal of the Earth's rotation. Maybe I should put it in The Event or Ascension threads

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It's supposed to like you regaining all your 12 strands of DNA; back to the time before the reptoids turned up and GM'd humanity.

As in back to the time before the Tower of Babel when people were able to communicated with others via telepathy

Plus you'd be able to manifest what you want.


I think the dizziness and nausea may also be the symptoms mentioned in this article:


My friend was telling me of the extra chakras which people do not normally know of.

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Yah, that can be dangerous

I seem to recall Sunfire/Tanaath saying that people will have to be careful what they wish for

You also need to shield your thoughts - there's a public area and a private area


It's going to be absolutely wild when we shift.

I've had a taste of this telepathy thingy back in 2010 and I wasn't comfortable with it at all.


But it'll be exciting, no?

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Yah, that can be dangerous

I seem to recall Sunfire/Tanaath saying that people will have to be careful what they wish for

You also need to shield your thoughts - there's a public area and a private area


But it'll be exciting, no?


Yeah. "Public and Private"

Just like GEI's General discussions, and The Fringe

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Here's what my friend said about the surge coming in (and don't forget, we are constantly getting these good energies anyway as I have posted before but this is something new and much stronger)


Clairvoyantly, when I asked to be shown what was going on, I saw a big stream of energies reaching our planet. It seemed to vary in intensity from time to time, but its momentum is building up, and it is beginning to make a noticeable difference to the energies available to us here on Earth.

I then saw this these energies, which have a faster vibration rate than any we have been exposed to here before, can be used to help us evolve spiritually. All that is required from us is the aspiration to progress as Light beings, to evolve or ascend as some put it. It is the road to enlightenment. We have a choice, I also saw. There will be some who choose not to be aware of it, or be touched by it. These folk will continue to vibrate at their current slow rate. They will remain in their darkness as they co-exist with us, the moving ones.
I see this not as something that happens on any particular day, but as an ongoing process that started a while ago. hard to say when, but I would guess it intensified towards the end of 2012 and is gathering momentum. A very exciting time to be alive.
In myself, although I know I have a very long journey still to travel, I am aware of getting a deeper understanding of things around me. It is subtle, but I am knowing things that I need to know through sensing them in a way I never could before, not even if someone else told me. Hard to explain. It just happens. I take it to be the result of the new energies.
She then copied me part of an email she received on less well known chakras (wasted on me as I am not into chakras)

… 9th) The Soul Star Chakra: This is the Chakra that is just above the Crown Chakra, and it is the home of the Soul in your Physical Incarnation. The Color is an Opalescent Goldish White Color, and it feeds in the Energy of the Soul. When the Activation process is complete, the Soul anchors down into the Heart Chakra, and there is a constant Flow of Energy and Information between the Heart Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra, between the Heart and the Soul. All the records of the Soul’s many lifetimes and purposes are held in the Soul Star Chakra. The Soul Star Chakra is also the connection point be- tween the Body, Soul and Spirit and the Higher Dimensions of Light. When the lower body is aligned with the Soul Star, then it is possible for the Divine Light and Energy to flow through the Light Body and the Body, through the Heart and into the Earth.  In this way, High Frequency energy does not damage or disrupt the physical system, but flows into the Earth from where it is dispersed into the Crystalline grid system and integrated by the Earth herself. So the New Light Body acts as a constant Receiver and Transmitter of Higher Light Codes on and to the Earth.

10th) The Solar Chakra: Just above the Soul Star Chakra is a Golden Red Color. It is the Light Body Connection to the Sun, which is now known as Solaris. The activation of this Chakra is a Key to the Light Body Activation, be- cause it is needed to connect to the Sun and to absorb and integrate into the Light Body any Solar Flares and Radiations that are transmitted by the Sun. When the Solar Chakra is not online, people find it difficult to deal with Solar Space Weather, and any activity can make them dizzy, nauseous and anxious, and can affect sleep patterns and emotional patterns. When the Chakra is activated, these “symptoms” disappear, and the energy is dispersed into the Light Body and into the Earth in the correct balance, and does not disrupt the nervous system of the person. The Solar Chakra is also used to connect with the Solar Council of Light, which is the Council of Light that works with our Solar System. Incoming Light Waves and Light Codes are transmitted first to the Solar Council and then to the Earth. There is a Solar Crystalline Temple on Solaris which receives the Light Codes from the Galactic Center and also houses the Solar Council of Light. The Sun, Solaris, is also the Place of Golden Light where we go to before we are born as we await incarnation on the Earth. It is also the place that we go to after physical completion. We “report” to the Solar Council and we then decide whether to return to the Earth on another mission, or to continue our outward journey into the Galaxy.
11th) The Galactic Chakra: Above the Solar Chakra is the Galactic Chakra, and this is a brilliant White/Platinum color which produces a Diamond Light. It is this Light that creates the Diamond Dance of Galactic Recon- nection.
The Galactic Center is also known as the Great Central Sun, for it is from here that the pulsations of Light are sent out into the galaxy. The Galactic Center, known to the Mayans as Hunab Ku, is the center of the Galaxy and a place of Great Power. All Souls that work in the Galaxy, or are birthed in the Galaxy, need to pass through or come from the Galactic Center. There is a Crystalline Temple at the Galactic center which houses the Galactic Council. All new souls and incoming or leaving Souls are required to “report” to the Galactic Council to determine their work and mission in the Galaxy. At this time, the most important Project is the Golden Earth Project, as the Galaxy itself upgrades in Frequency to become the Golden Rose Galaxy and the Earth becomes a Star/Planet in this new Golden Galaxy. Those working with the Earth Project can also be assigned to Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades, who are also working with the development of the Earth/Solaris Project at this time.
12th) The Universal Chakra: This Chakra is situated above the Galactic Chakra and it is Turquoise Blue and Gold in Color. It connects the person to the Flow of Energy from this Universe and from other parallel universes, as necessary. This is the Chakra that will need to be developed in the future to allow for interdimensional space travel within the Multiverses, as may be necessary in the evolution of the Galactic Human.
13th) The Cosmic Chakra: This Chakra connects into the Heart of the Cosmos and the Heart of the Divine Creative Intelligence. This is the Source of all Love, Compassion and Evolution in our Cosmos. This Energy is what is known as “The Great Mystery” that cannot be known. It is Infinite and Omniscient. The Color here is “All Colors” in a constantly changing kaleidoscope of color and movement and a constant process of Creation.

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I've had a poke around that Project Avalon forum place. Like all forums, it's riddled with cabal stooges. I think Bill Ryan might be OK and there appears to be a number of people who consider themselves lightworkers, but the energy there does not resonate with me. I spotted some cabal agents there right away from other sites. They like to work their way up the slippery slope to be people of consequence and opinion formers/leaders.


I'm bored of the pettiness and bickering and back-biting and ankle-snapping. These guys will go their way and we'll go the other. It should be great after the Shift. Sunfire said I'll know where to go for the wrap-up party. Then I'll pick up my pardner-in-crime and we'll head home. Those suckers from the fae realm (like my friend) will stay on and take care of this place.

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I've had a poke around that Project Avalon forum place. Like all forums, it's riddled with cabal stooges. I think Bill Ryan might be OK and there appears to be a number of people who consider themselves lightworkers, but the energy there does not resonate with me. I spotted some cabal agents there right away from other sites. They like to work their way up the slippery slope to be people of consequence and opinion formers/leaders.



Are you willing to Name Names here... or perhaps; Drop hints, of those you think are "bad guys" or "cabal stooges"

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Alien Intervention and Exo Politics with Simon Parkes - Part 1 of 2

Jan. 3, 2014 (originally recorded in summer 2012)

An interview with Simon Parkes that "ties up loose ends", concern ET's and disclosure

+ Both Germany and the US has pre-WW2 UFO crashes, and learned from the technology

+ The US got the technology to explode nuclear bombs, and Germany got technology to make plutonium.

In fact the plutonium used in the bombs exploded in Germany, came from a captured German submarine

(Parkes has Jewish blood, is father was a Persia Jew, whom his mother "wanted to have child by")

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(this is the longer version of an interview, where an excerpt appeared in post #12)


Alien Intervention and Exo Politics with Simon Parkes - Part 2 of 2



Published on Aug 10, 2012

Part 2 - Simon's Experiences

Simon Parkes on Alien Intervention and Exo Politics
Simon has had several close encounters with various beings.
He claims MI5 are involved also.

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He sounds genuine enough but I wonder what is his agenda.

He says he represents the Mantids and they hope to gain something from helping us.

The Matrix V author said many ET races are here hoping they too will Graduate by simply being here when it happens and that is what they have been abducting all these people.

They have been looking for the special je-ne-sais-crois.

If they are hoping to tag along and Graduate with humanity, it ain't going to happen.

The MV author said various races have asked him to take pity on them and tell them the secret but there's nothing to tell.

It's like the parable of the little red hen who goes about baking a cake.

You have to participate in making the cake before you get to eat it.


Oh well, maybe they're helping so that the whole place doesn't get fried (including their own world)

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115. Julian said on 2/23/14 - 05:18 PM


Hi All,


As you know I'm impressed with Simon Parkes.


Here are two sets of questions and answers we've exchanged on Project Avalon. Here's the first exchange. I was trying to narrow down if there was any truth in the idea of the AC interceding on our behalf.


<<<<I do have a question following on statements made by Simon regarding the Andromedeans. Simon has said that a galactic council intervened on humanity's behalf several years ago to "level the playing field". He has also expressed positive interest in Alex Collier who had contact with the Andromedeans. Yet in his recent interview he passed over their involvement rather quickly.


Leaving the whole "Tolec" issue aside,


1) What role are the Andromedeans and other allied human races playing at the present? (Elaboration on the Galactic Confederation issue)


2) Are these non-terrestrial humans aware of and in accord with the Mantis plans that Simon refers to?


3) Does Simon have any thoughts on why Alex's Collier's many "predictions", relayed from his Andromedeans contacts, have not materialized as given? Specifically is there an active contest being waged on 4D or above with respect to these timelines? If so can elaboration on this be given?


Thank you, Julian>>>>



<<<<Hey, Julian,


1) active military involvement in regard to preventing reptilian craft re-supplying their remaining DUMB's. Also assisting many non - STS people in their lives here on earth.


2) The Andromedian council is not just made up of " Andro's" - the council gave its blessing to a formulated plan, the "signatories" of which were " higher" Humans - the answer to you is, yes my friend.


3) When Alex first went public ( in the 1980's and more so in the 1990's) Our earth ( I mean by this your earth and our earth) was on a negative timeline put their by meddling with the Orion Box ( sometimes called cube) Alex would have been shown the outcomes for that train line ( rail road track) = Time Line, however this does not fully explain the situation - often a plan unravels BECAUSE it is talked about prior to it happening - e.g the last Olympics there was indeed an event that was to have happened - so much talk about a possible alien fake action took place that any plans had top [i think he mean to say 'to' and not 'top'] be pulled - sadly this makes the people look as if they got it wrong or were misled.





Second exchange.


<<<Hi Simon, Many thanks indeed for your answers. I hadn't thought to look here (the Discussion Thread that is) for your reply and therefore reposted the substance of my questions (with slightly more specificity regarding "sonic beam weapons") on this current thread some time ago. Sorry about that. It seems we all owe thanks to the Mantis people. I posted the first of these questions on the discussion thread and added three more here. I'm hoping this is the right place to post them. This this right karelia?


1) My friend Kim in Pittsburgh has been having increased contact with the Mantis people since Anthony Kane was there and reports they (Mantis people) came to "fix" a long standing problem in her cranio sacral system. She says they repeatedly stated they were intervening because there wasn't much time left before "something" happened. I wonder if you have sniffed anything out along the lines of anything happening immanently from your perspective.


2) Following several of his sessions with clients who had been attacked by Reptilian types in the past Anthony reported being visited by a Reptilian named "Pindar". This being reportedly is the Reptilian henchman who is in charge of running operations on planet Earth. Pindar was unhappy with Anthony's work specifically and recent developments in general. Does this description comport with your understanding of the Reptilian organizational structure?


3) Anthony worked with moderate to severely involved autistic boy and stated his soul contract had been rewritten with "modifications" as he descended through the birth canal and in the process created his autistic condition. Apparently Anthony's work effected significant change with this boyl. Any sense that the description of soul contracts being modified in the birth canal accurately reflects the methods used by regressives?


4) Anthony realized at some point that the State College/Pittsburgh PA area was a nexus of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Reptilian activity. This corresponded to my own observers based on work in this area with ritual abuse survivors. The impression is also further by the concentration of Defense Department industries located here as well as the sexual abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky and Penn State University. Any thoughts on about this from your sources or your perspective?


Many thanks, Julian



Hey Julian,


1. we own thanks to one branch of the mantis beings - yes mantids work a lot on repairing human brains - its been done to me - yes 2016, I have written this date before, you would not have seen the threads.


2. Ok they don't use the word "henchman" when they wish to stop the activities of a gifted human then " an interfacing intermediary" is sent = yep you have described this process very well.


3. THIS is perhaps your most striking question, your friend speaks the truth, I mean this Anthony guy - on more than one occasion I have guided in souls to babies in their mother to prevent overwriting or new soul insertion - I am sorry I was not tasked to protect the child you speak of - if Anthony has had difficulty in this case I am willing to help.


4. I will make no comment - Avalon is the safest place for gifted people - but top [i think he mean to say 'to' and not 'top'] comment on buildings still in operation might bring attention to Avalon, so I will steer clear.


all the best,.




2016 folks.

If Simon is right the NWO people will push their world government into being for almost a year before it tumbles. At least that was an earlier time line. The important thing is, we will come through this business and the work we are all doing to wake ourselves and others up is important and a real contribution.

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Thanks for that.


Parkes is becoming one of the most interesting (and honest?) voices to listen to

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Are you willing to Name Names here... or perhaps; Drop hints, of those you think are "bad guys" or "cabal stooges"


They are watching me and I'm sure they pop in here to see what I post.

They watch what I'm doing over at Project Avalon too and i think they're interfering right now as I'm looking through SP's comments and suddenly the search results have gone dead.


Am I really such a danger to them to warrant such attention?

I would have thought they have enough on their plates with their world falling apart.

They are so pathetic and petty.

I must have dismayed them when I joined.

They were blocking me but I circumvented that.

They seem to be very afraid of people seeing my comments.

They're so pesky.

I joined a forum a year or 2 ago but hardly ever posted there.

Then last summer, I posted something which might have upset them terribly except I wasn't aware of that at the time.

I went on holiday and when I came back, I was barred from the forum.

I cannot view anything there any more.

It wasn't even about 9/11 nukes nor anything like that.

It was just about something I saw on holiday a few years ago.

I shared the photo and the woman who owned the site (it was a psychic website) confirmed what I thought it was about.



They are freemasons

There are forums that they run, forums that are run by non-freemasons but are controlled by the freemasons because they inveigled themselves into positions of power/authority/standing, forums where the freemasons neither run nor control but they would have members there who steer the discussions or disrupt those which do not meet their approval.


They have technology on their side. They can erase info and mess around with websites, bury info.


I'm not much interested in engaging with anyone these days. I had this dream last night which ended with my seeing the garbage trucks coming round to take the rubbish away. I think this was a reference to that question which John Kettler had put to the ETs:

Who gave the ETs the right to dump their rubbish (ie psychopaths) here on this planet?

They're being removed.


Before i got to seeing those garbage trucks, I dreamed that I was standing by a large intersection.

Bill Hicks pushed past me to run to the middle of the intersection where he addressed a lot of people (who were not visible).

Then he rushed over to me and everyone's attention followed him.

People were looking in my direction but what caught their eye was a butterfly which had landed on my face, possibly my nose.


Not sure what that meant but Bill Hicks was that guy who was famous for saying that we're on a ride but some people have been on it for so long that they have forgotten that it's only a ride. I sure hope I don't get lots of people looking at me. I like anonymity.

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134. Julian said on 2/25/14 - 07:45AM

@Alexandria #129 Here's another post from the thread on Project Avalon devoted to discussions with Simon Parkes. It's a different perspective on the Draco/Human conflict that reflects a spiritual framework as opposed to a militarily oriented confrontation. I'm not saying one is better or more credible than the other. Perhaps they are expressions of the same thing, I honestly don't know. Just food for thought.


<<<<<Simon, I'd like to tell you about something very encouraging. Last night as I was lying in bed restructuring my belief and energy systems (in line with the new matrix you have gifted to me) a very interesting thing happened. I realized that on a very deep level, I did not wish harm to the reptillians, even though what they have done here is reprehensible. When I realized how deeply I felt this, and how strong my decision was to do no harm to them, I found that I had uncovered a very deep pattern of division within myself. I realized that I had been caught between my human self and my deep soul self and therefore had been unable to act fully in a very fundamental and subtle way. As I looked at this division I asked to find a way to resolve it so that I could integrate all of myself. Suddenly.... A deep wave of sorrow washed through me as I realized that I was witnessing the death throes of an entire precious species. I actually realized they (reptillians) are going to die out, because they have lost their personal connection to the source of life and organization.... which creates coherence and allows a species to flourish. In doing this they had to become a parasitical life form, unable to sustain itself except by robbing others of the force they no longer had access to. I saw that I had agreed to help them by carrying their reptillian DNA within my body. This part of who they are will survive, even as they die out. All day today I have such a deep love for the reptillian information I carry within myself. I feel like a mother who is nurturing an infant with the greatest sense of care and attention to the sacredness of my duty. The love I feel for this legacy is very deep and unconditional. At the same time I feel free to watch them die out as a species with no qualms what-so-ever.>>>>


The words themselves are very moving yet I suppose the real lesson is that all this arose when she "restructured" her personal energies and beliefs from a larger perspective. It seems that is the crucial element now that lays within our reach and comprises our real responsibility.



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"I realized that I was witnessing the death throes of an entire precious species. I actually realized they (reptillians) are going to die out, because they have lost their personal connection to the source of life and organization.... which creates coherence and allows a species to flourish. In doing this they had to become a parasitical life form, unable to sustain itself except by robbing others of the force they no longer had access to..."


Would this perhaps regret making a species of cockroach extinct?


In a way, they brought it on themselves, by CHOOSING to become this world's enemy.

Personally, I think the extinction of all evil Reptilians would be a joyous event

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"I realized that I was witnessing the death throes of an entire precious species. I actually realized they (reptillians) are going to die out, because they have lost their personal connection to the source of life and organization.... which creates coherence and allows a species to flourish. In doing this they had to become a parasitical life form, unable to sustain itself except by robbing others of the force they no longer had access to..."


Would this perhaps regret making a species of cockroach extinct?


In a way, they brought it on themselves, by CHOOSING to become this world's enemy.

Personally, I think the extinction of all evil Reptilians would be a joyous event


Yes, but I can see where she's coming from. It's as though she's describing some sort of process of reconnecting with Source, where such concerns are not seen as 'good' or 'bad', but they just ARE. She says that she gave her permission for this before she was born. It is about unconditional love. It is from a higher level where 'evil' is just another aspect of the One consciousness. Or something like that! :)

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A tragedy for them...

A necessity for the rest of us.

Evolution towards better, I would say


A pity in that they (the Reptiles) forced things in this direction

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