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Simon Parkes: Exposed Illuminati, ET contacts. Posts on Proj-A

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In a way, they brought it on themselves, by CHOOSING to become this world's enemy.

Personally, I think the extinction of all evil Reptilians would be a joyous event


I heard that the thinking is that they themselves have been preyed upon and the ETs/EDs have been investigating how this came about. They're like vampires. Someone came along and turned them into a parasitical race. Ideally, I think the ETs/EDs would like to reverse the process. Did you read that passage from The Pied Pipers of Heaven on how a planet was reptilianised and turned into a predatory race by deception?


It could have been us, you know. According to Sunfire, a whole bunch of worlds conspired to send this wave to hit Earth in December 2012 which would have activated the reptilian DNA which we all have and thus turned us all into reptilians through no fault nor desire on our part.


Substitute vampire for reptilian. Suppose someone turned you into a vampire and you have to spend all eternity sucking people's blood. Would you not feel sorry for such a creature?

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"Would you not feel sorry for such a creature?"


Not while I was fighting it.

Maybe AFTER its demise - and the threat is gone - I might

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Change... or admit it was time to move on

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He sounds genuine enough but I wonder what is his agenda.

He says he represents the Mantids and they hope to gain something from helping us.


I note Parkes said:

The Mantid group have not declare war on the reptilians. As a consequence no Mantid spacecraft has attacked or destroyed any reptilian basis. This interventions from other groups who have militarily intervened precludes them from brokering any form of peace deal. The Mantids who are not at war are thus in a position to broker a possible agreement....


LOL! I don't think some of the ET groups out there are looking for a peace deal with the Draco and Hydra reptilians nor their Grey slaves. They have no interest in any negotiations with that lot. They only want to render them extinct. I wonder if Parkes is giving us the whole story.....

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This info is from the Project Avalon forum.
Parkes' reply is in red.

I took this statement from Simon as being related to the number of underground bases left operational, not the number of individuals...
So, Simon, which one is it:
1) number of individuals?
2) number of underground bases?
Thanks in advance!
Number of underground bases operational and alien controlled about 25, many more bases purely human controlled, reptilians may be between 300-350 individuals left, greys Under the control of reptilians, several hundreds, greys Under the control of the shadow government, several thousands.

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That's an excellent interview.

Thanks for posting it.

I am learning plenty about how the Illuminati operates from Simon, whose family was in the "magical Illuminati"

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115. Julian said on 3/26/14 - 07:58PM

The latest Q/A from Simon Parkes on Project Avalon.

I bring you Simon's answers, as usual in purple and prefixed with "S."


Posted by Dawn

Simon, I have a question for you. For many years I knew I was AWAKE. And now I am coming back to that place... but I am 'in and out' of WAKEFULNESS. I do not think that the part of the night when I am 'UNCONSCIOUS' is normal. I think this is the time when we are 'all fiddled with'. Since beginning your thread and linking into the energetic field of this thread (What courage you have to create this)... I have found myself able to come to WAKEFULNESS a number of times to prevent various psychic attacks in the night. Can you add any information here that may be of service to us all? In particular I am having trouble remaining conscious when the fields of numbing vibration engulf me. I am pretty sure that these are being generated to affect me and act as an 'anesthetic' causing me to lose the ability to defend my body and mind. I am also pretty certain that my situation is not isolated... I think this is effecting us all PS: adding a bit more info here. I rather frequently have the vibration 'come over me' during the day. This is less common in my current life. When this happens it is a herculean task to remain awake. These days I put on an MP3 player which has holosync frequencies and allows a very short dip into delta wave brain activity before pulling me out and bringing me back to wakefulness. Without the MP3 player I may be 'out' for many hours... but with it 3-20 minutes suffice. I am now wondering if the MP3 recording counteracts the 'buzzing and vibrating field'

S: Yes, partly, the MP3 electromagnetic energy is interfering with their attempt. I know most women don’t have pockets, but if you can somehow keep a marble or a round object on you, when you feel the attempt to take you out of your body, get hold of the marble and resist the attempt. The reason I would like you to do this is that if you rely on machines to protect you, you are not developing your own mental and energetic self. This is very common with many people and especially so on Avalon. If you would like to PM me on this matter, I can go into more detail.



Posted by SamwiseTheBrave

Hi Simon, I'd really like to hear your opinion about the world's financial situation, which I have not seen you comment extensively on at all. Anything at all you know about potential plans concerning ALL nations to reevaluate the global monetary system would be appreciated.


1.) Do you foresee a global cotastrophe financially in the near future?

S: Yes. But not concerning all of the globe. Just those countries that are attached to America.


2.) Do you see a smooth transition into a new global monetary system?

S: No. Some countries will resist joining any initiative that is headed by the United States.


3.)Will the United States be able to have a smooth financial reevaluation, or is it destined to collapse like the Roman Empire?

S: The object will be to collapse economically, and the plan then is to financially build. The collapse is pre-programmed into the economy, and then what they hope will be a smooth transition to a one-world monetary system.


4.) Do you foresee debt forgiveness part of the global currency reevaluation?

S: No. Because that would let countries off the hook and would limit the control that the elite would have on them. The debt will be re-scheduled.


5.)What will the global financial situation look like in 2017?

S: I can’t answer that precisely because I cannot see beyond 2016 on this timeline at the present moment. However, if we maintain on this timeline, I do not foresee a one-world economy.



Posted by doodah

Thank you, Simon, for previous answers. I have a few more questions: How do the negative Reptoids take our excessive emotional energy? (I mean, it is to them like a smell that they inhale? Or is it something more like an electromagnetic field that they bask in, like we might bask in sunlight to make Vitamin D on our skin?)

S: During the height of the Roman Empire, much pain and anguish was to be found in places such as the Circus Maximus. This pain engendered in the audience great emotional upswelling. This would be akin to an electromagnetic energy, although it would be resident inside energetic waves, which we could describe perhaps as being created by the brain. This energy would be fed on by negative reptilians. This is separate to a reptilian being present at the torture and death of a human when it is the chemical release from the body of the tortured that the reptilian would feed on as perhaps a junkie would on crack. So in your question I have shown that there are two types of energy release that the negative reptilians seek, and this is what makes humanity of great attraction to them.


Can they exist without our excessive emotional energy?

S: Yes, they can, but they couldn’t maintain their position within our reality without it.


If everyone on this planet would become fixated on generating the essence of Love, would the negative Reptoids go away?

S: Yes.



Posted by Lcam88

Greetings everyone. I have been contemplating many of the details discussed here and recently I coincidentally ran across a couple of videos that tries to shed light on the earth prison. An interplanetary war including earth and mars where Mars was stripped of life. Suggestions that very very high power plasma type weapons described as based on torsional waves where discharged.

S: I do not know what you have read or where you have read it, but that is entirely correct. As an addition, you might be interested to know that torsion waves are also a by-product of some type of alien spacecraft power plants used for the engine, and both have similar effect, but it is how you focus it and how you project it to the target when it is a weapon that makes it so destructive. There was a time when Mars and Earth were very closely linked.


Large amount of junk DNA in the human genome; there seems to be evidence that human life was deliberately shortened by turning off certain parts.

S: Yes, if you are running a prison planet, you do not want your prisoners amassing a large amount of learned knowledge. By restricting the body’s ability to survive to within 100 years, it was deemed that those individuals would not become excessively powerful through knowledge, and that is why each new incarnation on earth starts, as it were, afresh with no previous knowledge. There was a time on earth when true humans lived far longer than they do now.


Our discussions suppose a type of soul erasing/blanking perhaps in relation to a light. The supposition being that perhaps our ancestors, perhaps an interplanetary race, lost a war and as a form of punishment was imprisoned through genetic modification of our bodies to weaken them in every way, plus a deliberate mechanism to imprison us in a post-life type basis. Would this hypothesis or scenário possibly carry weight to describe perhaps the origins of what is now the human race?

S: I will split your question into two parts:

The first part relates to human souls from this planet who had not lost a war but nevertheless were modified by negative reptilians.

I now move to the second part of your question and say to you that you are very correct. Many races who have lost wars have been transported to this planet just as England transported those it did not want to Australia. And this in part explains why this planet is so confused and has so many people who are out of control.



Posted by Ron Mauer Sr

Quote: Posted by Simon

{snip} The time is coming when food will become scarce in a number ofr developed worlds and its people will come out on the streets. Much of this is being orchestrated by "off worlders".

The end of 2013/ all of 14 and part of 15 is the years of make or break

Hi Simon, Assuming we are still on the same timeline, it could be very helpful if you gave us your assessment concerning food scarcity and potential food riots. Do you expect food scarcity and food riots to happen in the UK? US? Europe?

S: Yes, I do, providing the plans of the elite come to fruition. In the summer of 2012, one of the leading Rothschilds through one of his many agents caused a factory to be built in the former Eastern block. The cost of this factory was somewhere between 15 and 20 million pounds. This factory, which is now built, is to produce packets of nutritious food and vitamin-enriched supplements, which are only to be sold to Illuminati family members throughout Europe. The elite will not cause food shortages until their own network is in place. This will be completed some time next year.


Do you think it wise to store food to last for more than a few weeks? After a few days without food, riots will definitely occur and interrupt supply lines.

S: I foresee not an ending to food supplies, rather, I foresee disruptions to food supplies. For example: one would go to the shop on Monday, and there would be no bread, but lots and lots of cheese. On Tuesday, there would be no cheese, but lots and lots of bread. The difficulty will be in the large cities. It is probably better to attempt to grow food if you have access to land. Certainly I advise storing tinned food and bottled water. You will only need enough for a few weeks. I do not foresee food shortages lasting in the long term.


3. If the electricity needed to pump clean drinking water is interrupted for more than a few days, many will have the experience of going home. Water availability is critical. Do you think it wise to have a plan to obtain clean water?

S: I think it’s certainly wise to store bottled water.


4. Many think it necessary to form rural communities, share resources, share skills and work together in mutual support. Do you expect this to be necessary in the UK? US? Europe?

These are unpopular topics for those who feel stuck in situations that are not easily changed, but the issues remain very important. Planning and preparation may help many to more comfortably weather the storm which I feel is rapidly approaching.

Thanks, Ron

S: I think if you live in such a rural area, this is what you should do because you have an advantage that those in the cities do not. Recently, archeologists looking at the end of Roman Britain, came to the conclusion that London between 380 AD to 420 AD saw its population reduced by three quarters. This was in response to a complete economic breakdown in what had been Roman Britain. These people did not die; they left for the countryside.



Posted by SamwiseTheBrave

I'm going to go ahead and post a few more questions which I think are pertinent for all of us directly right now:

Hey Simon, you've mentioned that various ET races are working with various nations, but you have not gone into detail about their goals. If you could elaborate on ET and nation correspondence further, it would be greatly appreciated!


1.) What ET race is working with China? What is the overall goal of China and this ET race for humanity?

S: China is in an incredibly difficult position because it has come to a separate agreement with the ET race that is supporting it. This is largely a reptilian group who sees in China a potential successor to the United States; should the US and its one-world order fail, then the reptilians would seek to replace the US with China. However, there is another alien group attempting to gain a foothold with the Chinese government, of greater interest and importance at the moment is the very humanoid group who are supporting President Putin, and it is here that the potential flashpoint will arise.


2.) What ET race is working with Russia? What is the overall goal of Russia and this ET race for humanity?

S: The two groups that are currently assisting President Putin are a splinter group from what researchers refer to as Nordic; however, there is backdoor assistance from the Pleiadeans, which has been officially sanctioned.


3.) What ET race is working with North Korea? What is the overall goal of North Korea and this ET race for humanity?

S: The North Koreans are supported by the same group that supports America. The difference in politics is due to China and China’s influence upon North Korea.


4.) Out of the most powerful nations, which one do you see having the "best" plan for humanity?

S: None of them.


5.) How many details do Russia, China, and other nations know about the "Illuminati," Reptilians, and their Satanic New World Order?

S: The only countries that are kept out of the loop are those countries that are not controlled by that group.



Posted by justoneman

To Simon, thanks for the responses to my two sets of questions. You asked me a question back, so here is my response -


Hey Justoneman, thank you for sharing with me - yep, 1963 was the start of regular visits - my birthday is in September did you see what the object was that was in your left hand ? No, I didn’t see what the object was and in fact, I was laying flat on my back with my left hand (which was holding the object) out to my side. I never thought to try and look at it as I was fixated on watching this strange, squirming amoeba shaped object above me. Interesting... as it just occurred to me that it had to have been pitch dark in my room and so to see anything would be odd. It was like the amoeba shaped object had its own luminescence. I will never forget feeling a counter force to my own will (which tried to release the object) grasp the object tighter. I then felt a swelling of terror and that’s the last thing I remember until my mother walked into the room. At one time during my life, I considered that my mother interrupted the process and because of that, whatever was meant to take place was unable to complete. But later in my life, I felt the odds were higher I simply blacked out and that I came back to consciousness when my mother came into the room. And to make sure we are on the same page with the following...



So my question to Simon is - Could the "soul" simply be a concept meant to imprison those (like myself) who have bought into the concept?



Hey, NO - I use the term soul because its what humans use and the bible uses - I am referring to your real you, that which has value outside of a 3D set up and is immortal, unlike our bodies which readily break down and fail.



Thanks for clearing this up. The issue I had with “soul” vs “the spirit” (the real you) is that I had explored this idea of “soul” to represent a “special” connection to “the good God” and that some beings had a soul and some beings did not. Dr. Malanga’s research also suggested this type of universal dynamic and though I am now adverse to the idea, many give credence to Dr. Malanga’s conceptions as to the actual makeup of our universe. Some Avalonians who are reading this thread previously endured my struggle with this soul vs spirit thing. It is my current view that my concept of “soul” could be an implanted idea (possibly what L. Ron Hubbard referred to as R6) meant to lead so many to a false belief we are “special” which you probably can see where that might lead. Interestingly enough, Truman Cash has referred to the spirit as also the soul yet clarified with me directly that he uses the two words interchangeably to mean the same thing.

S: Thank you for coming back. Without a soul/spirit, there would be nothing to animate a body. This soul/spirit is actually pure life; it is not a concept; it is what makes you live. It is religion that is the false programme, and it is religion and its concept of ‘if you’re good, you’re saved; and if you’re bad, you’re not,’ it is this which is the controlling concept. Now I have a question for you, please: Are there any marks on your hand, or have you noticed any marks on your hand which held this object? And finally, which fingers of your hand tingle? and lastly...



In fact I do what is called " hyponitic regression" although I don't call it that, the many people who have come to me regain memories very clear and which are as substantial as any - but your right, there are many that undertake this and for whatever reason things don't work out - my view is such activity is appropriate but only in rare cases., where the need to remember is related to de-programming activity. I might just also venture to say, that just because you remember this incident, and no other it does not mean that you have not had many other visits.


I have seen a good dozen or more of your interviews and presentations (some of them twice and even three times) and the man I have gotten to know through these videos I very much trust. I would be open to exploring how you might help me retrieve my memories as I have no doubt there’s far more to this current lifetime’s story regarding possible contact with EDs, ETs and other anomalous phenomena. I would be glad to send candies! I am far too curious and have no fear. If this is possible, let me know how to proceed. So many have thanked you for coming forward, for your candor, for your bravery and willingness to help others. This is another sincere thank you... Chester

S: This rather depends on what help you think you might need. If there are things that have happened to you that you have not yet told me, or you feel there is more to what has happened to you, then we should move this PM.



Posted by TrumanCash

Hello, Simon. I am very curious about this--How do the Mantids justify abducting people against their will, implanting them, subjecting them to extreme physical and emotional pain, sexually abusing them, and then wiping out their memories so that they cannot remember these traumatic abduction incidents?


S: I personally don’t justify this, and I personally haven’t seen that take place. However, I have spoken to enough people to convince me that it does take place. I have not held a discussion with the Mantids on this subject. Once only, I discussed the concept of free will, and my understanding of their “logic” is that they believe that the end justifies the means, which I don’t accept.



Posted by Flash

Hi Simon, I am actually verifying the translation of your Avalon video in French. It will be great. Patrick who is not even a member has done a great job. My question: If the Mantids are to be referee in the actual négociations or the actual game being played out on eath, with universal components, in that case, what are the rules on which the referee bases its décisions?

S: The Mantids operate within a system, just as any other life form does, that has as its final arbiter universal law. When a life form chooses to break that universal law, its outcomes are never what it expected. The Mantids, unlike so many reptilians, understand this. The rules of the game, for want of a better word, are actually quite simple. That any meaningful activity must be under a free-will decision or its effect will be contrary to that which was planned. However, many individuals are hurt, which violates their free will. Strangely as this may seem to you, this violation does not cause a failure of the aggressors’ plans. What would cause a failure to the aggressors’ plan is the violation of a complete race and not of individuals interacted with at different times.


We cannot accept a referee if we do not know the rules of the game for one, nor the on what considérations and results will be based on. What are the considérations taken into accounts and what are the expected results for either camp?

S: In a football match, do the individual players accept their referee?



Posted by Julian

Hello Simon, Just finished reading your answers. This is a very informative site and you continue to be so generous with your time and energy. Thank you. I'm understanding more about the role of the Mantids yet questions persist. If the higher humans have attacked militarily, and reinforcements for the regressives are blocked, and awareness is growing towards a 2016 transition to 5th density, why is a "peace treaty" necessary? Putting it another way, if the regressives are faced with evolve or die, and the higher humans are forgiving in the face of a credible change of heart, it would seem that no further accommodation towards the regressives is needed. What kind of peace deal are you suggesting might emerge?

S: In a war between two human factions, a peace deal means division of land and the control of the population. This is a very human concept. The peace I refer to is the potential salvation of entire races. This is not a peace deal where people sit around a table arguing who owns this or who is responsible for that.


One senses a movement towards reproachmont between Mantids and higher humans with some overarching purpose in mind. Almost as if the Mantids had reached a cross roads and elected to change direction. I understand you don't wish to go into much detail but I'm curious as to what is motivating the Mantids. Is there some crisis they face that is associated with a change in their thinking?

S: Many millions of years ago, the future that is now your reality was projected, mapped and planned. It was foreseen that humanity would reach a crossroads. You are right; the mantids have existed in a stagnated state and wish to evolve themselves. The amount of energy required to evolve can only be produced when a complete planet consciously makes that decision. Therefore, if the Mantids wish to obtain a higher consciousness, it is in their interest to ensure that humanity also obtains its higher consciousness.


My friend Kim pointed out that your features appeared to shift during the Avalon interview. Are you "shimmering" between dimensions at times and is this process under your conscious control?

S: Thank you for observing what very few observe. I am accessing a past history where what is unfolding now was planned a very long time ago.

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1.) What ET race is working with China? What is the overall goal of China and this ET race for humanity?

S: China is in an incredibly difficult position because it has come to a separate agreement with the ET race that is supporting it. This is largely a reptilian group who sees in China a potential successor to the United States; should the US and its one-world order fail, then the reptilians would seek to replace the US with China. However, there is another alien group attempting to gain a foothold with the Chinese government, of greater interest and importance at the moment is the very humanoid group who are supporting President Putin, and it is here that the potential flashpoint will arise.


2.) What ET race is working with Russia? What is the overall goal of Russia and this ET race for humanity?

S: The two groups that are currently assisting President Putin are a splinter group from what researchers refer to as Nordic; however, there is backdoor assistance from the Pleiadeans, which has been officially sanctioned.

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As above, so below.

There's a war in the higher dimensions and it's also played out here.


I'm a bit concerned that Putin is being advised by some Pleiadeans as I've heard that there are no positive ones to be had...... There's a battle out there in the Merope system and it seems that the Pleiadeans there are as mad as the Zionists down here :(

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Two more interviews with Simon Parkes


Citizen Sane Episode 07 - Simon Parkes - 8 Mar 2013


(I found the woman host's accent difficult to listen to.)


Simon Parkes 2 Reptilian and Mantis Aliens


Published on 11 Feb 2014

(oh dear, it's the old AMMACH interview, recycled!)


/ this might be a new Excerpt - why is the UK system educating people like this /


Getting Your Children Alien Ready ~ Simon Parkes


Published on 15 Feb 2014

From the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igs5La...
Simon Parkes is an elected local politician for the Labour party, what the average person would consider a member of the establishment, and as such presents a serious challenge to controlling elements who wish to lie and falsify information to the public in the name of national security.

In this presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes

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There are still Questions unanswered by him on Proj.-A, like this one:


Simon, two more question for you, if you please:
As Dr. Richard Alan Miller has said:
"We do not have Free Will, because we do not have Full Disclosure."

What are some of the best methods we can use to obtain a clearer understanding of the true position for humanity on this planet, so we can make wise choices for our future?

Is speaking English sufficient?

Or is there information in other languages that we could learn, or have translated, to enhance our incomplete understanding of the world?


> http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?30323-Simon-Parkes-about-Mantis-Aliens-Reptiles-and-other-aliens./page134

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(Mentioned on the Proj-A site: Simon Parkes about Mantis Aliens, Reptiles and other aliens. ):



wilbur-allen-275x155.jpeg : http://theunexplained.tv/


Here is another interview of Simon, this time done by Howard Hughes.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by Howard Hughes, he had done his research, some reading, and his questions were organised and on target. Very good job, I did learn things I had not in other interviews.


And here, Simon's position for the 10 most shocking thing said by politician,

Guess what, he is in first place (this is an article on funny things)


Sorry Simon, we have to tease at times


As advertised, the interview with HH is excellent.

Simon's grandfather was named: James Owen Marsland

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Linda Moulton Howe - on Art Bell - Oct. 3, 2013


Talks about ancient preying mantis - at about 1:15 hours


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9nXDfkuQmo =


Talking about an abduction - Linda Porter, with an 8-foot tall preying mantis


"A sense of deep sadness about her and all humans.

Their job is to monitor life on all planet... "

"An intelligent grey, holds up a heart from a dying human, and says it is important for this human to live."

"What if... this is a huge complex chess game, with non-humans who may not get along."

"We must be made the way we are, with complexity and violence, for a purpose."


She also spoke of papers she had seen, and conversations with military types.

"Standing reptilians seem to be a part of out history, and so do intelligent serpents". (reptilians)

"The first humans left Eden, and lost their innocence."

(at 1:27 hours - she talks about studying Gnostics)

"The soul-spirit moves in and out of different containers."


(1t 1;32 hours)

A guy from the DIA revealed to her;

"My job was to monitor three alien races - It is so classified..."

"I was shocked to see a chapter in your book about this."

"They (alien races) have been here terraforming and modifying Earth for more than 240 million years."

He said, "One of these groups manipulated genes to produce dinosaurs."

"My view... we are the latest model of a long line of genetically modified humanoids."

(At 1:37) : Bigger picture

"What could be behind this genetic manipulation..."

"There is a conflict about what can be done with life... Huge arguments between factions of tall blondes"

(At 1:44) :

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Simon Parkes has been saying that the cabal will try to fool us with a fake alien invasion in order to get us all chipped. Maybe they might have to resort to using food if they can't manage the fake alien scenario.



Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries: What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America

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MANTIS beings discussed by Courtney Brown - in the Giza project too


Courtney Brown -- The Great Pyramid of Giza on The Plane Truth ~ PTS3096


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfbO7T3CT30 =


105: giza project - 107 minutes

pray-mantis lady

clones - defective, New crop



30 mins (first group ETs): what happened?

Atlantis project: humans were stable - no wars, like now

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(( New VIDEOs - on Mantis Beings ))






Praying Mantis ETs - How real are they? What's their agenda?



I have taken excerpts from Three very different interviews where Mantis Beings are mentioned. The idea is to kick off a discussion about these beings and their role in human abductions, and experiments with human DNA.


The three interviews include:

+ First, An October 2013 interview with Linda Moulton Howe by Art Bell for Dark Matter

+ Second, an April 2014 interview with Dr Courtney Brown, talking about results that two top Remote Viewers obtained when viewing the Great pyramid at Giza and its builders, and

+ Third. a August 2011 interview with Simon Parkes by AMMACH


If we take all three interviews on face value, and assume they are accurate,

then it may be possible to say:

+ Praying Mantis ET's have been involved with abductions and tampering with Human DNA since (at least) the Old Kingdom period of Ancient Egypt, back when the Great Pyramid was built. And that is during the Old Kingdom period of Egypt. And human cloning may preceed that

+ The Mantis beings seem to have an ability to put their human abductees at ease

+ They are involved in the creation of clones, and seem to tarck human bloodlines very closely through long periods of time

+ They seem to have a preference for abducting individuals of Celtic, Romany, or Jewish descent, as well as possibly Native American

+ In some cases Praying mantis may be cooperating with other aliens races, such as greys and even Reptilians - though they are saidn to be "playing a double game" with Reptilians


+ Their goal seems to be to create a hybrid race, that could survive a chaotic and difficult time on our planet, though they may have little or nothing to do with the events causing depopulation, and they may be prohibited from inteferring to a greater degree by "higher laws"

+ Alien technology, for cloning and construction of pyramids was 1,000's of years ahead of what humans had developed on their own

+ In Egyptian times the ETs seem to have been involved in creating a religion, which may have been intended to give humans a purpose, which may have impeded their development spiritual and economic areas.

+ In Egyptian times, another race may have "chased away" or supplanted the Mantis and Grays that were manipulating human DNA. Some humans were displaced by this changeover too. And it may have been associated with the Exodus, which was mentioned in the bible. This raises the question of what other ET race had the power to displaced the first group of ET's? And why did human civilisation go into reverse (apparently) after the first race was gone?

I hope these interview will stimulate discussion on YouTube and elsewhere, and people wanting to know more should refer to the full interviews, and other materials by the interviewees.

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Lots of Questions answered here - such as: What do ET's want?


(viewing some of this - It is probably here already under a different name)


News 24 - The Alien Agenda - What THEY don't want you to know


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF4QbI1C9SI =


"The elites do not want you to know (about ET's) because the next question is:

What about the technology?"

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He's back on the PA forum.

Apparently the mantids told him that "time really is fast running out and things should start moving quite soon."

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Can't see it (on the PA private forums)

The Zios and the Love Rabbits bounced me

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