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The Dragon Family : Bloodlines and Wealth claims

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Zap writes a newsletter in which he states the following: (sorry for the all caps, that is how he writes)



I'm corresponding with a fellow who's said you're "a member" of the Golden Dragon family; is that accurate to say? Does the family include some European royals, or is it strictly an Asian bloodlines thing...?







In a conference call Jerzy Babkowski (aka Zap) says that the only family that is in existence right now and has authority is the Golden Dragons, of which he is a part. http://landachinaglobal.com/resources/18%20Landa%20Update%205-6-2015%20%2862%29.mp3 @ 1 hr :39:00


Dave says that Jerzy is the one with faulty intel, and Jerzy says Dave and the Red Dragon Ambassador are making a good effort, but the Golden Dragon is the primary family and that he is not too keen on the way the Ambassador is charging people to seek funding.


It may be that both Dave S and Jerzy are being led down a path which they think is the Yellow Brick Road, but which may turn out to be the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I'd like to be wrong on this but I am finding it hard to be optimistic.

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IF THE DRAGON Collateral Accts. mythology was true...

Greece could save itself, by just doing a bail-in on the Spiritual White Boy accounts


Look at these crazy figures ! "thousands of trillions"

(Sadly for Greece, it is all made up - if 1/100 of that much money had flooded into Greek banks, we would have noticed)


Until two or three years ago, the Committee of 300's shadow government banking nexus held a large covert document called The Black Book (aka Book of Codes). This book then found its way into benevolent hands in the form of Neil Keenan. He talks about it here (30.03.15).

The detailed content of The Black Book has not yet been disclosed, but it may confirm a story that has been circulating on the web via alternative news outlets for several years.

The story is this:

On Friday 25th January 2008, White Spiritual Boy funds in the following ten off-ledger black screen Greek bank accounts were recorded to have held,

collectively, audited (but untaxed?) sums in excess of thousands of trillions of $USD:

667. ATEbank (Greece) Account no. 3597772412
668. Alpha Bank (Greece) Account no. 54477738142
669. Aspis Bank (Greece) Account no. 36777219821
670. Eurobank EFG (Greece) Account no. 364477712

671. Emporiki Bank (Greece) Account no. 28277754132
672. Geniki Bank (Greece) Account no. 864777212
673. National Bank of Greece (Greece) Account no. 97772541114
674. Piraeus Bank (Greece) Account no. 98877722335
675. Proton Bank (Greece) Account no. 864242777

676. Bank of Greece (Greece) Account no. 39937177812



> source: http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.hk/2012/01/greek-white-spiritual-boy-off-ledger.html

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Bloodlines Just exactly what the hell is this anyway?


I would love to hear an explanation of what this is and, more importantly, WHY IT MATTERS? Because you own all the gold? We’re all human beings occupying this space on earth for a limited amount of time and to constantly posit that a certain group or groups should lord over the rest of us for what? Because they’re great, great, great, great grandpappy was in charge of some island hundreds of years ago? Or he was a raider on the Silk Road, stealing from the merchant caravans traveling to and from the Orient? Or he was the most ruthless pirate of the seven seas and pillaged merchant ships for their bounty*? Or he stored the gold for all the corrupt rulers of the European fiefdoms? Or loaned them money and put them forever in his family’s debt? Is this how you get to be considered “bloodline” and therefore allowed to rule the world through tyranny, murder and suppression of the masses?

. . .

And what’s with all the damn secrecy about it? Are you descended from Jesus? Abraham? David? Who? Maybe Genghis Khan? Julius Caesar? Not disclosing this simple information leads one to believe you all have something in your past to hide. So why aren’t the origins of all this bloodline stuff revealed?


I’m wondering if it’s partially due to the consistent inbreeding of the bloodlines to the point where it’s all so convoluted and embarrassing they don’t want it disclosed. We all know of the Zionist’s persistence of changing their names to hide their identities. And it’s not like you couldn’t make a case that the inbreeding of the “bloodlines” hasn’t produced a few generations of psychopaths completely disconnected from reality. But some constants of the “bloodlines” continue to persist through the ages: power, control and destruction. And they’ve made a total mess of all of it.

- Paladin

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/08/paladin-open-letter-to-elders.html


*Or running opium in Clipper ships

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I’ve said many times and stick to this mantra: Unless the cabal is arrested and imprisoned, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. How can you try to elicit faith in a new system when the criminals who’ve been plundering the old one are still walking around, fully capable of preying on the same victims as before? This is what I’m talking about when I say “disconnect from reality”. Or maybe it should be disconnected from our reality as their reality is all about them and how their “bloodline” survives.

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/08/paladin-open-letter-to-elders.html


Here's Kryon's solution:


Kryon / Lee Carroll - How to Beat The Cabal


He says: Follow the Money, to see who is controlling things

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PALADIN's SOLUTION - is a bit more muscular than that of the wishy-hopey Kryon:


It seems the Elders have no plans to arrest the cabal, prosecute them for their crimes against humanity, confiscate their assets and return them back to their rightful owners and imprison them for their misdeeds. So…..how about creating a media concern with some of that gold and expose the cabal for what they are? If this was done, the American people as would the rest of the people on this planet would take care of business. The only thing standing between the truth and the cabal is the paid off, owned, whore media.


Destroy the protective propaganda force field around them and the ground troops will handle the rest.

. . .

I would offer that most of us are smarter than some of you are because we’ve figured out how to carve out a living and enjoy what few niceties we can garner given the paltry salaries you give us. We’ve been able to figure out a way to survive in this world with a helluva lot less than you have and still enjoy life. You were born with a trust fund, we were born with a social security number. We accomplish more with less than you ever will. So keep that in mind as you devise your plan without getting input from the very segment of the population you NEED for your proposed plan to succeed.

Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/08/paladin-open-letter-to-elders.html

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Suggestions from Paladin's blog post, comment section:


Kryon has some suggestions on how to beat the cabal:


Without their funding, they will lose their power.

We need to understand where they hide their wealth, and how they gain access to it. Part of it may be the Four Harvest Industries: Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the Military industrial complex. If we can change our buying habits, and break up their monopolies and their control of the media, we can begin to cut them off from their funding, and maybe their ability control outcomes. This is an urgent matter. We need to break the chains of political influence before they can push either of their pre-selected puppets, Clinton or Bush, into the White House.

Let's think clearly about Kryon's suggestions, and the ones I have added ontop.

It is not too late to regain our power in order to sidestep the traps they are setting for us.

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Without their funding, they will lose their power.

If we can change our buying habits, and break up their monopolies and their control of the media, we can begin to


True, but people have been bashing Monsanto for quite a long time, yet, they still keep moving forward.


The problems:

  1. There are people who are willing to work at Monsanto and further their aims
  2. There are people who buy products Monsanto makes.
  3. Most people don't know what Monsanto is involved with, and support them financially without knowing it.

If people refused to work at Monsanto, and people refused to buy their products it would be history. Why do people work there? Why do they carry on genetic manipulations that may harm everyone on the planet?


Why do people become police officers or soldiers and violate the rights of other people? They do not understand what human rights are, and they are not moral beings. The biggest problem in the world is the level of morality humans are operating at. Humans have been largely an immoral species for centuries. Can we expect any change? Will the level of morality rise in the foreseeable future?


It can be hard to avoid buying products that support these activities when one does not know corporate connections.


Here is a list of companies and brands that can be avoided:


PepsiCo ($4.8M) - IZZE, Naked Juice, Simply Frito-Lay, Starbucks Frappucino

Coca-Cola ($3.2M) - Honest Tea, Odwalla, Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee (10%)

Nestle ($3M) - Gerber Organic, Sweet Leaf tea

Kraft/Mondelez ($2.4M) - Boca Burgers, Green and Black's

General Mills ($2.1M) - Annie's, Cascadian Farm, Larabar, Muir Glen

ConAgra Foods ($2M) - Alexia, Pam organic cooking sprays

Kelloggs ($1.1M) - Bear Naked, Gardenburger, Kashi, Morningstar Farms

Campbells ($980k) - Plum Organics, Wolfgang Puck organic soups

Smuckers ($900k) - R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz organic, Smuckers Organic

Hershey's ($880k) - Dagoba

Bimbo Bakeries ($560k) - Earthgrains bread

McCormick ($400k) - Simply Asia, Thai Kitchen - See more at: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=8959#sthash.fMFi2ZCK.dpuf

Here is an article on an app that lets you boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And more by scanning your shopping cart: http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2013/05/14/new-app-lets-you-boycott-koch-brothers-monsanto-and-more-by-scanning-your-shopping-cart/
Here is a direct link to the app: http://buycott.com/
I just watched a documentary on corruption in Africa. It is difficult to help people in Africa when funds and resources are hijacked before reaching the intended beneficiaries. Again, a moral problem.
Why is the moral level of humanity moving so slowly, if it is moving at all? Lawrence Kohlberg described six stages of moral development. Humanity has to move further along in this development before the world will change in a significant way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Kohlberg%27s_stages_of_moral_development
A new financial system will do little good as long as there are people aiming to hijack it for their own purposes. The Federal Reserve as a system is not necessarily the problem, it is the intention and actions of those who run it that is the problem. Again, a moral problem.

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Thanks, RP.

I will cc that to two other threads:

Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto - Post #658

Takedown of the GMO MONster : "The most hated corporation on the Planet" - Post #22

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Santilli is giving Keenan more airtime :


(very little of this rings true to me, but some of it might be):


Dragon Family Urgently Trying To Stop The New World Order - Neil Keenan Update


Published on Aug 10, 2015

Full Episode here:https://youtu.be/hr9WdciiWdg

The Dragon Family, a group of wealthy Asian families, when he was chosen by them to be their principal in dealing with projects and platforms and protector of the accounts which 85% belong to the family.

About Neil Keenan - Neil Keenan is an international businessman and “world patriot.” In his lifetime of endeavors, Keenan has been in contact with the full scope of world personalities from heads-of-state to family “Elders” to cabal criminals. His vast experience combined with his nature as a fighter make Neil Keenan uniquely and ideally suited for his ongoing work in helping to free humanity from cabal enslavement.


(I posted there):

Excuse me. but why praytell would a wealthy Asian family hire someone like Keenan to "help them preserve their assets."

The only thing he might bring to the table would be his CIA connections, if he indeed has such connections. I do not understand how he is "fighting for" anyone, but himself. When he got his hands on a gold treasure chest, instead of repaying people like Jean Haines, the money disappeared. "It's mine," he said.

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OPIUM Peddlers reinvented themselves as modern "China Traders"


Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China


This reality may have something to do with the fake "Ambassador's" ties to China

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Is "the Dragon Family" the same people as Preston James describes here as the "Opium Cartel" ?


(of course, not all who benefit from the wealth generated and stolen are directly involved)


The RKM Opium Cartel was then able to use these underworld crime networks to distribute their newly developed illegal narcotics trade to more and more of the public and increase revenue and power substantially. The RKM soon realized that it could quite quickly use the opium trade for clandestine purposes to debase societies and easily access their resources. If this was insufficient to get complete control over a nation well then they would use false-flag terror to start wars and conflict whenever necessary to gain cheap access to the natural resources of these nations and further their own agenda of world domination.



The vehicle they chose was Turkish opium which one of their members had discovered. Smoking it had the ability to stop time, take away anxiety and severe physical pain, while producing euphoria and a complete “care not” attitude. But the best part was that it could quickly become addicting in many users, necessitating regular use. Opium trafficking thus could generate huge profits but could also serve as an extremely effective weapons of subversion, debasement of a nation, actually it could be used as a major covert weapon of war.



One of the battles of the first Opium Wars between England and China

Opium was first tested as a weapon of subversion, profit-making and a covert weapon of war against China. The Chinese government quickly caught on to this and went to war twice to stop this which is now known as the Opium Wars. China lost due to a powerful British Naval Task force but a sort of checkmate was reached where Chinese Opium sales were limited.

England has been spending massive amounts of their gold and Silver in China importing large amounts of silk, and and wanted to get as much of it back as possible. This was one of their main motivations for trafficking opium to China.

Through this experience trafficking Opium in China much was learned and it was found that the best way to maximize such trafficking to nations unlike China which had governments which could be more easily corrupted.


And it was decided that in order to maximize profits government officials would have to be bribed to make Opiates illegal, while paying off the government agency heads and key police to look the other way, with periodic arrests of anyone attempting to compete independently. Sometimes when certain crime kingpins in their drug network became too powerful and started challenging the opium Cartel’s authority these folks would be busted and sacrificed to keep them from challenging the Cartel and also to fool the public that the government was really trying to stop illegal narcotics.


Opiates and even cocaine were legal in the USA before the Opium Cartel bribed officials to make it illegal, while simultaneously bringing their Cartel into major cities through the underworld crime groups they had co-opted. This same strategy was used to outlaw alcohol consumption in America during prohibition and like outlawing Opiates and other narcotics and the far less harmful drug marijuana, it failed miserably. Prohibition permitted the underworld to grow incredibly and provided a huge boost to the power of the RKM which was their secret master controller.

Americans got to the point where they just would no longer put up with prohibition of alcohol anymore and it was repealed. What many do not realize is that the same American RKM anointed bloodline family supported prohibition through front groups like the Women’s Temperance League and also was behind the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Although Women’s Suffrage was a good idea but was done actually to bring more tax revenues into the USG and increase the profits of the RKM Banksters.


We now know for certain that the group that controls this international secret Opiate and Narcotics Trafficking Cartel that works through the Pentagon, the City of London and Israel and control the Israeli-American Terror Machine is an inter-generational “bloodline” group of families families who are actually the nexus of a small Worldwide death-cult based organization, best described as a Luciferian Death Cult.



> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/10/17/the-pentagons-biggest-dirty-secret/

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This old thread deserves a bump,

and a mention on the new Nacro-Cabal thread : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20930



Perhaps some more on this, to get the conversation moving.
Type Public
Revenue US$48.85 billion (2015)

Top(ish, may have been overtaken now) pharma company takes in US$48.85 billion of revenue.

Russia has 1.5 million heroin addicts.
Spends 1.5 Trillion Rubles a year on the stuff
Thats about $20Billion dollars a year.

Ignoring that is mostly a gold transfer out of russia and into the US, and excludes the much much bigger Chinese market.
Just so you get a feel for the size of the market. We're not talking loft space gange farms here, its industrial production and distribution - mostly administered by the US military it seems.

But what exactly are the "negatives" of ISIS for the US population?
for all the fear, uncertainty and doubt these guys pump out through the MSM - you are still more likely to die having a sofa dropped on your head than be involved in a terrorist incident.

What are the positives?
without them the entire supply chain to Russia and China completely breaks down. (minding that "ISIS" seems to be as real an organisation as Al Queada)

Its not clear to me exactly how massive the contribution to the US/UK economies are (not least because you really shouldn't believe any of the above figures).
But it at the very least appears it wipes out the US and UK trade deficits.

And if they really were running the trade deficits they've been reporting for as long as they have they would of gone completely bust a very long time ago.

You know that "dot com bubble"?

Was it a coincidence it coincided with the near complete eradication of production in Afghanistan 2000-2001?

30% reduction

All that without getting remotely close to how the incredibly severe negative social consequences of such a scheme has on both Russia and China keep the locals busy trying to stop the civis murdering each other for their next fix.

What does this have to do with Hillary?

She's neck deep in this game. (and has been since her husband got involved in Kosovo and Bosnia - which are other countries up to their necks in it - or rather, nearly weren't until the Americans stepped in)

She knows all the super powers secrets. she is a hawk (which imho is actually important now, because Putin is definitely not a dove and he will seize on the slightest weakness).

Now, Trump....
An outsider with zero security clearance history does not bode well. There is very very little love for US foreign policy internationally, they have only one friend (the UK), and the world is facing two wanna be superpowers in waiting who have many scores to settle and a very unpleasant history of "human rights"


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No one knows where the Rh negative people came from.


Rhesus negative blood simply means that the blood doesn't have any Rhesus antigens on the surface of the red blood cells. An "absence" of a protein does not necessarily have to originate from anywhere. The simplest explanation is that Rh negative blood is caused by a mutation on the first chromosome which rendered individuals incapable of producing functional Rhesus proteins. As for why there are so few people with Rh negative blood, Rh-negative is a recessive trait, so all an individual needs is one functional Rhesus gene to produce Rh positive blood. Since Rh negative blood does not hinder an individual's survivability or confer any evolutionary disadvantage other than the inability to receive Rh positive blood (which is pretty much a non-factor during the time period when blood transfusions weren't available), people with non-functional Rhesus genes continued to thrive and reproduce which is why there are still individuals with Rh negative blood.

Most, familiar with blood factors, admit that these people must at least be a mutation if not descendants of a different ancestor. If we are a mutation, what caused the mutation? Why does it continue with the exact characteristics? Why does it so violently reject the Rh factor, if it was in their own ancestry? Who was this ancestor? Difficulties in determining ethnology are largely overcome by the use of blood group data, for they are a single gene characteristic and not affected by the environment.

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one ® negative gene. The average among most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percent Rh negative, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh negative. The Samaritans and the Black Cochin Jew also have a high percentage of Rh negative blood, although again the Rh negative blood is rare among most black people.

The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a "Mutation" of "Unknown Origin", which happened in Europe, about 25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc. 5% of the Earth's population are currently Rh-Negatives. But, they are 15% of the population of the England and the USA. The most distinctive members of the European branch of the human tree are the Basques of France and Spain. They show unusual patterns for several genes, including the highest rate of the Rh-negative blood type. Their language is of unknown origin and cannot be placed within any standard classification.

Consider Iceland, 1% of its population is Rh-negative. The population of Iceland is about two-third of Scandinavian and one-third of Irish descent. Scandinavia, Ireland, and the British Isles show from 16% to 25% and above Rh-negative. The other populations with a proportion of Rh-negative individuals similar to Iceland occupy the eastern half of Asia, Madagascar, Australia and New-Zealand. The people of the Basque region have a greater than 50 percent concentration of the RH negative gene,. The frequency decreases in relation to the distance from the Basque region into the rest of the world until there is very little evidence of this gene.

This genetic mapping helps to show that a mutation from RH positive to RH negative occurred somewhere in the Basque area of Europe maybe as much as 40,000 years ago. Science tells us that the red hair DNA did not originate with human beings but was Neanderthal DNA. "When we look at the Y-chromosomes in Wales and Ireland, we find a very close match with the Basques." Other genetic evidence, he says, strongly suggests that the Basques are the descendants of the Paleolithic inhabitants of Western Europe prior to the arrival of farmers between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago". During a period in history known as the Dark Ages, which happened around 1200 - 800 B.C. The "Tribe of Dan" was shipped into Western Europe with the aid of the Phoenicians from the Mediterranean Sea at about the same time in history. They came into Spain, France (Languedoc Area of France).

We also know that the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel known as the Hebrews migrated into Europe and became a blended group who would later become known as the Scythian, aka Aryan Races. They migrated into Europe from the Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges while the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea. Phoenicians helped transport the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France, and the British Isles by way of the "Sea Route," from the Middle East. Phoenicians appear to be the Siberians of Russia, the Yakuts, Sakha and the Buryats. THEY ARE THE SAME RACE WITH THE SAME DNA. They have the same spiritual and historical traditions: the same names of landforms, rivers.

Rh-negative women and men have several "Unusual Traits" that Rh-positives don't:

* An EXTRA-Vertebra (a "Tail Bone")....some are born with a tail (called a "Cauda"). CAUDA EQUINA - The bundle of spinal nerve roots arising from the end of the spinal cord and filling the lower part of the spinal canal(from approximately the thoraco-lumbar junction down). Embryology : Caudally the tail region projects over the cloacal membrane.

* Lower than normal Body Temperature
* Lower than normal Blood Pressure
* Higher mental analytical abilities.
* Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive "charged" virus/bacteria)around the body.
* High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields.
* Hyper Vision and other senses.

Another salient genetic feature is the the shape and sutures (bone joints) of cranial bones of Basques [The skull ridge].
A third skeletal difference is the tendency to having a thicker breast bone



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Interesting Interview with "Paladin" - but how real is it?




His comments on the Las Vegas shooting are thought-provoking.

He also has some intriguing bits on the Numerology of the Vegas / Madulay incident


Then he comes on to talking the financial reset (at about XX minutes) - which may or may not have reality to it.


Currency RESET talk has been around a long time.

I think these so-called elites make many plans, but they rarely seem to work out as they have planned:


+ Hillary was not elected

+ Guns have not been taken away

+ The USD has not crashed, or been replaced

+ MGM stock may have been shorted, but it has hardly dropped from its highs


REALITY: Elite scumbags control nothing, and have a horrible record of managing events


Kerry's earlier interview with RDS was replaced with her talking about what she thought was happening in the world



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