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WHO is "The Ambassador" from the Dragon Family?

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(I posted the following on RVD's website):


SUGGESTION: Since I see THIS on the new website:

"We strategize to spread truth and knowledge through the power of the Internet, Youtube, Social Media and other news and multimedia channels.
To CALL for a united front of all:-
The Religious organisations and Multi-Faiths, The Indigenous Communities, The Universal Spiritualists.
The Consciousness Activists and Futurist Thinkers.
The UN, NGOs, CICs, Humanitarian Organisations, Charitable Organisations and Corporations, Communities, Societies and Clubs.
The Good Samaritans and simply people who care.
The Awakened Politicians, Heads of State, authorities, policy makers, celebrities and role model leaders."

My suggestion, since you are seeking both Truth, and inter-faith cooperation, is to get someone involved who represents those things - someone from the Truth movement. I suggest that you reach out to Kevin Barrett, of Truth Jihad, as well as other who recognize the Truths on our planet, and have also tried to bridge the gaps between religions. Maybe Ron could interview Kevin Barrett, and/or Kevin interview the Ambassador

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Sounds like they need the 101 Guide to the true history of earth, mankind and ET. (As best we can). We discussed this topic previously. I think a comprehensive summary could be put together in pdf format and spread across the Internet. It could have a section of The Way Forward to a Positive Future.

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Renta-Troll? versus Useful-Idiot?


(What you see may depend on what you have chosen to believe.

I suggest not rushing into any belief)

Here's the sort of discussion you might find on some Youtube chats:
I've yet to obtain a copy of this book, but understand it contains much history of these Dragon families: "Gold Warriors" by Sterling Seagrave 2005. Pretty sure enlightened beings wouldn't be in the drug trade. I've noticed your postings on many videos concerning topics of the like. What are you going to do for employment after all this comes to light and your paymasters are no longer?
You are joking, of course. Being a skeptic and examining the evidence critically, which is what I do is the exact opposite of being a rented troll. I will be lead by the evidence that I find to the truth, I you know something important that you think I have missed, then please do share it. I have an open mind, but not so open that my brain will fall out.

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Rada, a member of the Peace Team, has recorded this Video


The Ambassador Interview with Ron Van Dyke: In My Words


My Notes

I think some who don't have time to listen, may appreciate seeing these:
NOTES: on Rada's talk - #1:
+ The Amba enjoys me translating, or expanding his short comments
+ Peace isn't just freedom, it's mind, body, and spirit
: Peace of mind is about managing one's emotions
: Hold an idea in your mind, and see how you feel about it
+ The 555 /666 symbols have great relevance for the DF
: It's a strong thing for the family, maybe not for others
: 666/The Beast is fighting for survival - don't feed it !
: (Using, and over-using an i-phone is feeding the beast)
+ People are focus on money: Some are hurting, many worship it
: (Russell Brand an example of someone maybe acting responsibly?)
+ CABAL: Needs repurposing, not punishment & vengence
: (Rada does not want prisons; maybe work camps)
: "I want riddance, not vengence... not punishment."
"We have to break with old silly ideas" (about justice)
: When people get the floor, we get the biography
+ If people's feeelings get hurt, why are they so fragile
+ The whole notion, is to come out with good ideas,
that become viral... People have ideas sitting there, and this effort
with the Ambassador may lend credibility.
+ The Amba is consistent, he does not hesitate... I am the quiet one.
+ The cabal is misguided. 2014 was a garbage year
+ 2015 is the year of the Goat. They have an independent spirit
: A sheep is also a ram... the Ares spirit. The Rams protect the sheep.
+ We will do all what we can to work with those who can work together
+ The Amba is who he say he is: integrity, compassion and Heart.
: Have I seen his bank account? I would not do that
+ Romance can show up... It makes me smile... he spoke of arranged marriages
: This is ALL about Genetics... marriage can be like that at aristocratic levels
: Maybe we need to start look at this like that
+ I was just a poster, and I wanted to join the conversation with my videos
: The first one came from the heart... and I found it was being seen by DF
: Because people were looking at it, it was like being in a goldfish bowl
: I would be making more videos, but the Team work takes more time
: That's how you become part of something, thru relevant actions
+ The Mission of True Peace (team & website) is to be seen, be relevant
: It is all about networking.! / It is about busting it out !
: Be connect-able. If you have someting to offer (space?): then do so
+ "Disclosure is going to be shattering to them" (the cabal)
+ "Only tolerance will be tolerate" - but that's too absolute (haha)
: We need to get used to using communitative language(s)
: (meaningful, and not jargon, not religious banners)
: "We humans atre responsible for our actions.. we are god's hands"
+ "Big guns will be coming onboard" - attracting more big players
: The cabal needs to be neutered

= ===

Thanks, R,. That was interesting to listen to and ponder.
You must realize that there are a number of interesting contradictions.
Sme EXPANSIONS : may or may not go beyond the Amba's true thoughts

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The Red Dragon is said to be in direct contact with Cobra, so I am reposting this from the Dragon Family thread here too:



Cobra Update 2-20-15… “The Red and the Blue” (Dragons)

Posted on 2015/02/20 by kauilapele



Very interesting information here from Cobra. More is being released about the Dragons as time progresses.

” Being in the new cycle, it is time now to release some intel about the Red and the Blue… The Blue Dragons originate from secret Taoist groups connected with the Agartha network. Together with secret Pythagorean Order they have ignited the spark of Renaissance in Italy:


“The Red Dragons originate from the military forces of the Ming dynasty. The Archons wanted to destroy the power of the Ming. Their first strike was to overthrow the Ming by Archon-controlled Manchu tribes that invaded from the north, took over Beijing and started the Qing dynasty:… Then Qing emperor Kangxi invited Jesuits to China:… The Red Dragons were working secretly in the Qing imperial court and in the military forces against Manchu and Jesuit invaders:


“The Rothschilds still have quite much control over mainland China, with many agents infiltrated into the government structure, with their operating base in Hong Kong. However, lately the Red are giving tactical support to the Chinese government to weed out Rothschild infiltration.


“The Red Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race. Their purpose is to defeat their archenemies the Jesuits… and the Rothschilds… They are valiant protectors and guardians of justice.


“…Red Dragons today are not the same as soldiers of a Ming emperor. They have kept up with the progress of technology and they have access to a considerable military power in a way that will not be described here. Also,
their computer specialists are savvy enough to reset the global financial system with the push of a button if the need for that arises.

> https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/cobra-update-2-20-15-the-red-and-the-blue/

Since the Chinese new year, the Red are becoming more active… They are the secret force behind Putin


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(I have posted THE FOLLOWING on a thread, see Like-Amba, and on RVD's channel):

This thread is too good! I said I was done posting for a bit, and I shall be after this one. But I wanted to invite people to have a look at a Forum where they can post and discuss matters, like in this thread. The posts will not get lost - so the discussion can grow over time. It is Free, of course. / Check out these two threads:
1/ tinyurl (dot) com /TheAmba
2/ tinyurl (dot) com /Like-Amba
There are many more good threads in the Acore Forums:

3/ tinyurl (dot) com /Acore-Forums

...some with content copied from RVD's channel

- please come and have a Look.

TO JOIN as a Free member, see: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19143
(go to post#2 there, to find out how to Join Acore and GEI.)

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NOTES / From Dave Schmidt's podcast, dated 18 Feb.

> http://www.doublewidenetwork.com/index.php/Audio/Sedona_Connection


THREE steps
1/ Announce the platform, and foundation
2/ Create awareness
3/ Cooperate with religions, and politicians
+ A group of advisors
+ Group in China has been learning and teaching "about life"
+ "It will be a true peace movement"
+ Working with a group around the world, all religions, former cabal members are also open
+ Things will be escalating after the Chinese New Year

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REACTION to George L's Discernment Post : This is interesting !


George L.:

... Did you see my long post on DISCERNMENT two days ago?
Here's the final part:
"Where do the Red Dragons and the Ambassador fit into this view of Discernment?
Well, I like most of their message. The Ambassador is passionate in condemning some of the same things in the world that trouble me. I probably agree with 70-80% of his message. The problem is that he behaves like a flytrap. He hides his identity, and he does not come forward with facts and figures or anything that can be verified. Rather, the supporting evidence that he gives, I find to be very unconvincing, even false. Perhaps he is doing what he needs to do to protect himself. If so, I would have expected something like the wink/wink, nod/nod that we get sometimes from Gordon Duff, when he treads onto dangerous ground. But that sort of behavior is not in his style manual... apparently. I did not like the fake World bank documents. And I do not see any possible way that he and the DF could be paying for the U.S. Food stamps programs, as was claimed. Honestly, how dumb does he think we are? But again, maybe that is necessary to protect himself. He said from the very beginning that we should judge him on his results. He's been giving interviews to Ron for about six months. What has he delivered so far? Not much at all. So I think the time left for him to deliver and maintain credibility is limited now. I think the next steps he and the Team makes will be very important. And I would like to see him come up with something solid to keep us all interested and listening.



I do understand why the ambassador does not want his identity to be known all over the world – he is already survived 2 overt homicide attempts and spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 years imprisoned by the cabal, most of that in solitary confinement. There are simply too many crazies out there. He has to do his best protect himself and his family.

Like you and so many others, I like to see some actions that indicate a weakening of the current financial and legal systems, for without that we will neither win the war on ignorance or be able to end human slavery. I also do not understand how it is the family that covers the cost of food stamps and other social programs in the USA. Of course I still have only an elemental idea of how the world's financial system works. This I do know: it really sucks! Obviously it has had more to do with creating never-ending wars than it does with helping the human family evolve.


George L.:
Thanks for that explanation, Ron. What you have revealed could explain why he has tossed out the "evidence" that he has - and I have kept this possible "safety need" as an open possibility in my own mind. I wonder if he understands that some of his odd claims will switch off some really useful potential allies? Maybe he does, and is awaiting the right signs of cabal weakness, and started as he has, because wants to get an audience, a platform and a team organized now so he will be ready for the Time when he can REVEAL HIMSELF more fully, I have to say, it has been always been easy to go on straddling the fence, with the lack of solid info. But you must know that I have not called you, Rada, or the Amba any bad names. I have only expressed my own skepticism while remaining open to his message......

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(I found this)


A new interview on a New Website - But is it really new ?


Voice of The Dragon

An Interview with The Ambassador of The Red Dragon Family




/ related email? : prabhat.chandra@gmail.com /



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Interesting interview. I listened to most of it and he seemed to be in the know, I think?


Are you aware of these secret coloured Bank screens Dr B?

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Interesting interview. I listened to most of it and he seemed to be in the know, I think?

Are you aware of these secret coloured Bank screens Dr B?


I am not - I have never seen them.

But this Video with the excerpt from Cobra makes them sound like a possible computer simulation:



He says Dragon wealth is "not real... just digits on a computer screen"


And if the Dragons think they have quadrillions, where is it?

The total tangible wealth on this planet measures out to less than $300 Trillion, I understand.

And the banks do not carry actual deposits beyond maybe $25-50 Trillion (my guess),

so the "Black Screens" might be pure fantasy numbers.


(in edit - this Comment was posted under a Video on RVD's channel today ):


+UniversityOf Truth

Good point. Here was Cobra's comment from the interview about the Dragon family.


[Q:] If we are changing into a completely new social and financial system, why have the Royal families such as the European Royal families and the Chinese Dragon families in charge of all the wealth of the entire globe?


[Cobra:] They are not in charge of the wealth. They think they are in charge. This is precisely, one of the reasons why it’s taking so long because. So few of those families do not wish to release attachment to the world wealth. One way or the other, when the event happens, this wealth will help __ for humanity and be given to the whole of humanity.

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There's a new Team Video where they talk about new seminars:

offered thru TVOP:


These workshops will be provided by Gwen Caldwell. They will provide you with the necessary tools and information to decide on a project, forming your business structure, writing your business plan or project proposal and give you an opportunity to network with others who have a shared vision of creating a new paradigm. These workshops offer follow up support meetings to answer questions, stay connected and provide support through the process of developing your project. Click the link for details.


ONLINE MARCH 7, 2015 9:00 AM MT $50.00 ** ( Class Limit 80 )

9:00 – Opening, Meet and Greet

9:30 - Welcome by the Ambassador

10:00 – Moving into the New Paradigm

What it means

How to get there



Action and Intention

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Business plans and Project proposals

3:00 – Ambassador takes questions

Closing statements


TWO Hours on "moving into the New Paradigm", and just two hours on

"Business Plans and Project proposals"

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An Enlightening Exchange... possibly

With George Lincoln's suggestion of DF Crowd funding

- from under RVD's Mar. 2nd Video : True Vision (2):


George Lincoln:
More workshops? at "low cost". What a joy.
Projects can be submitted for funding
Let's see some examples of projects that WERE funded, eh?
$50 for Online, and $125 for in person
The practical part seems to be 1.5 - 2 hours long - or have I misunderstood?

TheDacross :
+George Lincoln Now people have to pay to be enlightened. WTF!! This is happening anyway. This ambassador is a BS artist!! People who pay for listening to his BS are beyond help. He has no real funding because he lives in his mothers basement. Get a real job assclown, instead of ripping people off with your basically all talk no action BS basically. CON ARTIST. The veil has been lifted .....no charge at all. Your welcome...

George Lincoln :
Here's my suggestion: The Dragon Family should starting pushing out some money through one of the Crowd Funding sites.

That would get some money to some good causes, and also give some idea of the sort of Project(s) they are willing to back. They could list on their TVOP website their "portfolio" of projects they have backed, and for how much. The TRANSPARENCY would set an example of "new" behavior, drawing a contrast with how the cabal behaved before. They seem to lack the courage to open-up in any way. Maybe this unwillingness to get involved in a meaningful way is stifling them!

paradoxman316 :
+George Lincoln I'd like to see that myself George. To me, funding food stamps in the United States when the program is administered by a criminal government is not a humanitarian gesture. No funding released to criminal institutions, as I see it, is humanitarian in nature. I'd like to see alternative energy solutions, alternative healing solutions, alternative housing solutions, organic agriculture projects and probably many other things that would make an essential difference in people's lives fully funded and activated. I'd like to see legal actions funded against all corporate efforts to maintain the slavery system through financial tyranny. I'd like to see law enforcement agencies and even military given new marching orders with their salaries paid by those with good intent. If the Pentagon is truly the military arm of the family as the ambassador says, why do they still do the bidding of the cabal? I don't understand. There are lots of things I don't understand. Baby steps may be necessary for spiritual awakening as individuals deal with new revelations; however, people are starving and being abused all over the world – as I see it, unnecessarily considering the monetary wealth that seems to sit idle while the cabal continues to commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis.

Linda Livesay :
+paradoxman316, Wow, what a disappointment. So many promises and yet they are charging for an online snippet of how to apply for funding. I have been a skeptic and now I see why. Time will tell..

George Lincoln :
+paradoxman316 : Wow! That's great, Ron. A good list, you have there.
The time for bold actions has already arrived, I reckon.

oltre12.net :
+paradoxman316 Thanks Ron for putting out your doubts that are also ours.

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Dave Schmidt's podcast from 4th March 2015:


I listened to about half, so far


It sounded like they wasted huge amounts of time in China. They were mostly waiting and praying, and talking amongst themselves - from what I heard. Why was their no agenda? It seems like they spent time and money traveling there and got very little done.

And also, it seems like they had their analytic and truth-checking functions switched off.


Who wants to hear Dave Schmidt's sophomoric impressions of HK and China?

(As someone who has lived in HK for years and years, I heard nothing but surface impressions. No insight into the Dragons and their activities at all.)

We ALL want to hear some genuine analysis of about who the Dragon family is, and whether or not they are for real?

If they are, then: WHAT can they actually offer to the world? If it's spiritual advice, why don't they step forward and offer it directly? They could do Video like those from: Lee Caroll / Kryon.

Where's the practical side of this? Is is still missing IMHO.


FUNDS: "They are not releasing funds until the cabal is truly neutered."

Okay - that's clear. Let people take that onboard, and adjust their expectations accordingly.



(Gwen is the one pictured on the right)


(Pt.2 - Caldwell on Business Plans)


Gwen Caldwell sounds like a nice, genuine person, with relevant experience to help those who want to write business plans. For those with no experience to draw on, I believe she can offer a good introduction. But two hours, starting from the introductory level, is really not enough to teach everything that people will need to know. If she and her team will help re-write and edit - as she has suggested in the podcast - then $50 is a very reasonable price for such a service.


Dave Schmidt rightly cautioned people that most new businesses fail, and it may be good for people to come together and form teams


>> LINK : http://www.medicinehorsevillage.com/#!services3/cvmn


Gwen seems to be tied in with the people who made the following video - which looks pretty interesting:




DS spoke about "getting past the poverty mentality" - Is THAT truly a problem in the USA?

It seems to be that Americans need to rediscover a Thrift mentality, and stop borrowing, when they can, to live beyond their needs.

My issue with this, is that she can and should put a 1-2 hour Free Introduction online, and ask people to view that ahead of time, so the 2 hours that are spent at the seminar are truly productive.


I find this tiptoeing around the minimal $50 charge to be a bit nauseating. I would rather she talk about why the seminars will be of actual PRACTICAL value (which GC and DS say little about, its all airy-fairy stuff about loving people and not being in "poverty mindset.") I do wonder if they actually have anything of practical value to offer, when I look at the agenda. This whole exercise of the Amba's team and these seminars seems rather content "light" so far. When, if ever, will they ramp it up?

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Gwen's first Online TVOP Conference


/ some interesting thoughts here from Radagast, who participated /:


"The Way we get rid of government is not needing it!"


The Consciousness of Abundance: Thinking Outside The Box


Published on Mar 8, 2015

After being a part of True Vision of Peace's Gwen Caldwell webinar and discussing some of what came up in Q and A's, I felt moved to comment on the "funding of projects" and the conversation of the implications. Saving humanity and building the better world that will save them is my focus.


(my comment was):

I wonder if Gwen will put some excerpts onto Youtube?
I would certainly plan to listen
You are right: the Big Question is: Business Plan or Charity?
Those are two very different concepts.
I like self-sustaining charities, and I know a very good one !



ACORE THREADS, related to this:


PROJECTS for WE-the-People: Transition Education & Mentoring

by FriarN, 16 Dec 2014


Getting the Most from Crowd-Funding

Started by DrBubb, 03 Mar 2015

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POSTED on RVD's channel, and Modwiz125, by Friar N:


Clarification from : DS/ Sedona Connection : March 11th:



"We are people with big hearts... But there are some things that we want to go away... like the IRS."

"This is the Ambassador's own program."


The DF money will not be released for some time (years?).

In the interim, the Amba is making "Interest-free loans" available from his own funds

You need: Written plan, and "a place to put the funds" - ie A legal set-up.

"There needs to be accountability, a mission, and a business plan."

(Overall: a reasonable and realistic recap of the presentation.)


Modwiz125: I appreciate your recap.



I am still listening to it. But I think these notes capture the highlights.

There was also some talk about how these new businesses might be "A Trojan Horse"

- which can be set up, and put in place; Ready to go, for when the world is changed.

Charla: "All the banks may shut down for 3 days (to maybe two weeks or so.)"

Dave: "We need to be very careful about how we say that."

Charla: "Our job is to Love people through this transformation"

"It's not about FEAR... The family does not want chaos."

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(There's been some confusion about how the Loans from the Ambassador would work):


I must be hearing something incorrectly Ron. Breakthrough projects will be funded where the lender retains 51% ownership AND in addition people need to repay the interest free loan in 3 years? It doesn't make business sense for someone to give away 51% of their business and also pay back the loan? Those are harsh terms. Not even Venture Capitalists ask for that.

There are already groups of private individuals who lend with interest (10-14%) AND you retain ownership. More than likely Ron misheard or I didn't get something.

George L:
51% OWNERSHIP - I also posted this in Modwiz's channel
The 51% is about CONTROL. The borrower does not get full control (100% ownership) of his business, until he repays the money. The sense in this, is that it will DRIVE enterprises to become self-sustaining in the sense that they will have to be run to generate sufficient cash to repay the loans taken from the Ambassador's organization. People may prefer a GRANT, which is not repaid. But the reason for a LOAN maybe be that the Ambassador does not have unlimited funds, and the Loan repaid by one company can then be lent out to another.


A SPLIT may have developed between RVD and the Rest of the TVOP team.

This video by Modwiz may or may not repair it:


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Enterprises with good heart that have become fully-launched and/or self-sustaining

Examples of Success: Two of my own suggestions

People keep asking, including me, for example of successful enterprises with good heart that have been fully-launched and/or become self-sustaining. I keep waiting for this from TVOP... Meantime, I will offer two example that I am aware of.

Mission: "For the United States to be a prosperous country, it must have strong cities, towns and neighborhoods. Enduring prosperity for our communities cannot be artificially created from the outside but must be built from within, incrementally over time. An America in transition must focus on developing strong, local communities..."

ST is set up as a non-profit, with a board of directors. How do they sustain themselves? When ST started out, it had a 1 or 2 year grant, to give them time to get their story out, build an audience for their message, and sign up members. Regular members pay just $25 per annum, and they have something like 1,000 of these. ST also charges for group meeting presentations they make around the country. An example presentation will follow.

2 / CosmicVisionNews (dot) com /

Mission (in my words): Is to get the News out that you will not hear from the Mainstream media. There's a weekly podcast, released on Friday night, which is delivered by host and CVN founder, Geoffrey West. Mr West strips away the veils and reveals the Truth behind the scenes. He is a strong advocate for peace, and keeps a positive attitude towards change, and keeps his message on a high vibrational plane. He speaks from a place where ET contacts with humans are likely, but he does not fall into parroting channeled messages. CVN finances itself through donations, but could probably benefit from a membership scheme, perhaps with interview content that might only be available to members.

>>> OTHERS that I might highlight in future include: RedIceCreations (dot)com and c-realm (dot)com

NOTE: The above are both self-sustaining charities or Non-Profit enterprises, that do not need to take regular grants from Foundations. I am still pondering what For-Profit businesses that I might highlight. There are many, but their stories are more complex, and their missions may be more controversial.

=== ===

YOUTUBE VIDEOS, and Podcast Archives:

1/ ST Curbside chat Presentation :

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Amba News: A BIG CHANGE - DS and RVD to be cut-off from TVOP


It has been revealed today that the Dragon Family has informed Dave Schmidt and Ron Van Dyke that they will no longer be communicating with them !




I have been discussing this in some PM's today, and this summary was in one of the recent PM posts:




George L:



I guess we could say that non-interest loans are Coca-Cola lite; and the 51% ownership requirement is Coca-Cola heavy.


George L:

Interest-free loans are not cheap enough?
What do you want, negative interest?
(If there were grants, the Ambassadors funds might run out fairly quickly. When he gets his loans back, I suppose he might give zero interest loans to other new companies.)



Why isn't the family backing up 555? Why should it be personal funds from anyone? Those trust accounts, as I've understood it, have been held in trust for the people of the world to bring us into a new golden age. There are many worthwhile projects that could and should be funded to create a truthful legal system, a non-debt based financial system, and a media empire that provides truths not covered in the current MSM. The first two would help end financial tyranny and the latter would advance the war on ignorance.


George L:

You probably know that I have a somewhat different opinion of DF wealth.
I have not been able to find solid evidence for those so-called Trust accounts. And if they do really exist, I think the assets in them are far smaller that some think. After all, how much money could have been extracted from poor Chinese peasants and the old opium trade? I do think that there may be what Dr Joseph Farrell has called: "A secret system of finance." And maybe there are some real Gold bonds out there worth billions, but not trillions, for the Family. To me, I think that some of the more independent members of the DF, such as the Ambassador are trying to show that they can build an organization to channel some wealth the poorer people. And you were a key part of that effort. But at an early stage, to attract attention, the DF let expectations about what might happen run wild. Now they are forced to dramatically scale back expectations. And that is not easy. Before you get involved again, I think ot might be wise to wait for this TVOP effort to develop a bit more, so people can see the actual scale of it, and how the system will really work. Zero interest loans are helpful, but they are several steps down for the million dollar handouts that DS was speaking about not so long ago.
=== unquote ===
One of the recent PM posts included: "No one did anything wrong".
My reaction was:
I do see your point, But letting silly numbers pump up people's expectations was not right. George and Friar N were some of the very few saying:
The Amba is telling a good story, but they said: Let's see the Evidence !
Consequently, they never got sucked in the same way as many of Ron's followers did.
George and Friar tried to warn them... but most people did just not want to hear.
SOME MORE GOOD DISCUSSION : under the March 11th Video of Dave Schmidt

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True Vision of Peace March 13, 2015

Published on Mar 13, 2015

This video is the first TVoP authentic communication going up on our website at Truevisionofpeace.com and here. All communication with the Ambassador will happen through TVoP team releases. This will cut down the confusion that has resulted with the multiple outlets that have worked with the Ambassador in the past. There will be one coherent source for communication from the team.

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SOME THOUGHTS on Fairness and Team Building


A. Hart:

We are moving towards a telepathic society and many of us already can feel energy. If you were the wizard you claim to be you would know this. Ron is transparent and says how he feels. The Ambassador has been using Ron's channel as a platform for almost a year as a public personality behind an anonymous persona. If you had been a regular viewer for any length of time you would know this. Transparency is what is sorely lacking in this world and what someone says in secret is a true barometer of who they are. Wisdom is TRUTH and those of us that have heard the story change again and again and again realize that this person that alleges to represent the Red Dragon family lacks integrity. Ron has not revealed the identity of this man, nor the woman involved. Ron doesn't have to do anything to discredit or make the ambassador look bad, he does a good enough job himself by calling everyone ignorant. Maybe he's just seeing his reflection in the mirror. Maybe he should consider practicing what he preaches.


Friar N:

It does seem terribly unfair, that Ron spent his own money on a passport,
And he invested so many hours over so many days in this project.
DS got his income from various seminars, which the Amba attended.
Ron gets... Nothing. Nadda for his efforts.
(I do hope the Amba will keep this in mind, and consider some sort of peace offering for Ron. This would help to restore balance.)



(to A.X):

I see Ron clearly and present and past. I know he is a good man and like him. Enough has been said.

(to Friar):

This is not the whole story. It is Ron's to tell. A neutral opinion of this would fit better.


Friar N:

Rada, I am supportive of your efforts.
But at this stage, I have a sense that Ron has not been treated fairly. I think many others will feel the same. At some stage, when emotions are less intense, I do hope that you, the Amba, and the DF will address this. (Maybe I should not say this, but have you considered that you might find yourself in Ron's position in a few month's time? Do be careful.) I should also say, that the Amba seems to be making a generous offer of his own money at zero interest. And I see him making a real effort to trigger some positive change. I still think that he is genuinely passionate about wanting change. I think that he needs to be more organized in how he does this. Maybe the team in place is the right team to move this forward. But more planning, and more team building may be needed.

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FREE MONEY? No ! (But interest-free. Maybe)


(I just posted THIS ... Here :

True Vision of Peace Update : Amba's comment starts before 17 minutes in)


I fully agree with the Amba, when he says:
"Some say that all this money belongs to us" (they expect the DF funds for free)
THAT idea is not right!
To claim that you can just steal money from the Family because you think somehow (with no real evidence) that they stole it, is NOT right.
I do think that those who feel ENTITLED to free funds from the Dragons need to be, ah, disabused of that notion. That seems to be what is going on now, and that is causing some pain for those who need to give up on the idea of handouts, and downshift their expectations. I would be interested to hear the Amba's opinion on whether he thinks he may have helped to feed those silly expectations by previously saying that there might be a Jubilee by Chinese New year. Is this Interest-free program what he meant? Or was something else once looking feasible?

(The main point is, the TVOP group needs to be very, very careful about the expectations that it generates.)


Crystal says : Go to the Mission Statement:


Our Mission

True Vision of Peace provides tools, skills, and knowledge for humanity to liberate itself from all kinds of ignorance.

Our Vision

Shaping the future by exposing deception, revealing new Truths, and sharing our resources with the world.

> http://www.truevisionofpeace.com/aboutus.html



But, I do think more clarity is needed on the Lending program.


You need illustrations of what sort of businesses will be supported, and how.

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THE PEOPLE are speaking, and they seem to NOT LIKE the recent announcements from TVOP


/ Did the Ambassador have decent support from the DF? It seems not /


(from RVD's channel)


1/ Ashllyne:

Soferia -- If the Amba is who he says he is then he was not well supported by the family. If the family is as sophisticated as they say they are then the Amba was not properly helped. Did he have a chance of succeeding? Am not sure that he did.


I professionally worked in corporations helping teams and individuals lead. Whenever someone like the Amba got a new big assignment such as this one, they immediately got support and coaching. Usually when you are new at a job your performance is going to dip. This is normal.


Then you get the support and the person starts growing. His performance dipped, and then more, and then he went over the abyss. I am thinking he was perhaps set up to fail or for the elders at the end to have control. Who really knows? Or maybe no one expected this to be so hard?


He was given a huge scope and also had to do his normal job. That was an alarm. Difficult to succeed like that. One key thing is to integrate the different inputs from people into a whole. In this case, input was considered negative but it doesn't have to be if you know how to develop solutions which are inclusive. That was another alarm going off that he was indeed on his own.


The more you push away feedback the more annoyed the participants become because they are not being heard. It boils down to inexperience AND not having had the help and support that this team needed. Why they did it in such a fashion is what I don't understand. However, you will agree the Cabal couldn't have planned it better even if they tried.


And now, the flow of communication is controlled. There is more here that we can't see is what am trying to say. He was not positioned to win and am not sure why that happened.


2/ LiquidButterflye

Spirit is really,REALLY beyond tired of all this talk from the Ambassador,talk,talk talk...talk is CHEAP...he talks without living up to his word which is HOLLOW....he talks about integrity,responsibility, blah,blah,blah...it's a bunch of gibberish if you ask me....he says he's going to pay you....and then he doesn't...especially when he orchestrated the situation in the first place.....and he also knows of your financial situation...WOW...UNBELIEVABLE...


3/ Russell Cook

The ambassador who is the faceless mouthpiece of the red dragon family has repeatedly told us that we are ignorant goldfish brained morons that cannot handle prosperity.


Their entire gambit is designed to prime us for their bigger end game con which is continued domination and control.

Their con is similar to the sub-prime mortgage gambit of 2008 except with the twist of dominating & controlling your great ideas, and then taking over your entire business when you fail to repay them in three years.


Anybody with any kind of business sense knows that paying out a balloon payment of an entire startup loan amount in three years is not feasible.

That is how parasites operate. They have no creativity of their own and they must bully and trick those that do have creativity into handing it over to them.


Please do not be fooled again. Look into your heart. You are the All Mighty I AM Presents and you are answerable only to the Creator of All things, and You are that Creator. You are certainly not answerable to a common streetwise faceless con man.

A message to the ambassador and the red dragon family—Do the right thing and stand down now, and you will be forgiven.


4/ paradoxman316

+Ashllyne I also believe the Ambassador does not get the support he needs from the family. He has told me that the family has not been in agreement among themselves, that some still choose to support the cabal. Unfortunately, the cabal requests for funding, while not guaranteed as in the past, do sometimes slip through the cracks – like the $500,000,000 grant to fight Ebola that ended up being used for military purposes in Africa. The family has been dealing with these liars for centuries. They say one thing and do another; and until fairly recently, the family never even checked. He now tells me that the family is unifying. I certainly hope so. I most likely will be recording a video tomorrow addressing the family.

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SUSPICIONS - Lacking facts, people speculate / on RVD's channel


+Key Maker
Only Ron can tell us if this Dragon family is for real and I believe Ron did confirm that they are. Building a coalition to lead change is not easy. Most people tend to underestimate the effort.

I believe the Amba did underestimate it and perhaps did not work thoroughly enough in securing a guiding coalition within the family. When people are not convinced that change is needed, they block it. As simple as that, it does not happen. People need to have an answer to the question What's In It For Me? (WIIFM) That goes for you and me too.
Key Maker
+Ashllyne hmm Ashllyne.. I do hear what your saying and understand the assumption there in.. and I did operate out of that also.. but now.. I disagree.. Ron is not in a position to make that call.. and he should NEVER have been placed in a position of confirming the Red Dragon's existence.. that is for them to do.. and they didn't.. they have not.. they could have.. no worries.. but instead what Mr Ambass has done is USE Ron for that purpose.. rather then a demonstration of some kinda .. they chose Ron as some form of help for them.. the mighty RDF !!.. and now that task is all done.. and Ron has become a liability.. and Ron is ditched.

There is nothing remotely acceptable about any of this.. only if you really really really need it to be acceptable is it going to be.. (I really really wish the bad people in this world would stop etc.. we all have that happening)

Everyone here (well it seems over 90% anyway) are just assuming that these folks.. are actually who they say they are.. no evidence has been provided.. its faith based at the moment.. its all been faith based.. and now I am thinking its a faith based con..a con !!! ! If the RDF wanted to proove they exist etc.. would they use Ron Van Dyke or Santa Clause if he was available?.. no.. they would make a statement that stood all on its own.. this is who we are.. we are here etc.. we have not seen this because its NOT the RDF.. they are imposters.. its a con job.

Ron admits to and is known to be faith based... (and I relate to that.. I think that is in all of us.. hugely regardless if we admit to it or not)

But given the framing of all this.. and the funnel that has been created to get lots of separated projects funded.. given the vagueness of it all.. without a real platform for involvement or any real form transparency.. no its not by mistake that is this bad.. (sure we are meant to think this.. there is evidence to that effect etc)

No.. now.. it is my opinion that Radagast is a plant.. he seems more in control of the situation then even the Ambassador is.. to me.. Radagast seems to have the power position and that was clearly setup for him to have... .. from a long time ago... I am wondering if other people here feel or think as I do here.. (that its a clever setup and the main players are likely in on it.. and others are not etc)

Yes.. yes I believe Radagist is a plant of a well thought out con job .. a con job on the people.. that is my take.. and I am so very very happy to be proven wrong.. infact I will be looking out for it... I am on the side line waiting to be wrong.

Radagast's skill set are just a little to close to what would be required of such a person.. it is Radagast that is pulling the strings.. even tho this will never be able to be proven.. at all.

Now there are people reading this that will just put it into the conspiracy-theory box.. fair enough it was in that box for me for some time too.. now its not!.. now for me this is the reality that I hold in my mind when participating here.
Lacking facts, people speculate. If the Family wants to STOP the speculation,, this would be a great time, for them to support their claims with some verifiable evidence, not the "phony" looking stuff that I and others have criticized !

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CLEARING UP THE CONFUSION ... post from Modwiz channel


+Gabriel Szohner The 51% share held is for security and released when paid. The holder takes no profits, only interest free re-payment on terms unique to each plan. The holder also insures the employees against fraud by the CEO or manager. Salaries, generous ones are encouraged, are part of the projections and funded. If cuts are made, the affected have a place of redress. This is all about accountability and not exploitation at any level. Anyone with business sense and a humanitarian heart will find this plan the gift it is.
+Modwiz125 Thank you for the response .This does answer my concerns. I am impressed that the Ambassador is doing this, I do believe he has good intentions, but would'n't this just be a continuation of corporate Law ? I wish every one the best in their endeavors , but the way I see it the main things that need to be done right now is to reveal the truth of international affairs to the masses and to offer sources of re- education , which needs to be free so everyone will take it...
+Modwiz125 : I find the approach you have just described to be sensible and reasonable. ZERO interest funding of such risky businesses is actually very generous - despite what some people here have said. The problem is the EXPECTATIONS were set at the wrong level, thanks to the earlier communications. DS spoke of handouts of $1 million per person - yet that crazy info was never retracted. To let those notions hand out there, with the Amba himself talking about a possible Jubilee before Chinese New Year, attracted all sorts of desperate people. Ashlynne is right, that the DF should have been much more careful, and maybe had a professional Change manager onboard. In fact, she predicted a blow-up and split some time ago, based on the way that inconsistent messages were coming out from different spokespeople.

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