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A Counter-Coup in 2015? David Wilcock thinks so

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The "War On Terror" Turns Inward – DHS Report Warns Of Right Wing Terror Threat


What you are about to read from CNN is just the very beginning of the intentional demonization of a growing segment of the U.S. population that rightly believes the government is run by a collective of thieving, corrupt, immoral sociopaths...

. . .

Sure, there will always be Neo Nazis and genuine racist crazies out there who hate the government merely because they are small-minded and filled with hate, but they are a small number compared to those who have genuine grievances against the system which are not being redressed. Stories like the following are pure government propaganda and are guaranteed to increase exponentially in the years ahead.


Don't forget, the DHS is the control mechanism in America for Israeli Zionists


Their enemies, are probably the White Hats, who aim to bring the real criminals to justice

The day of justice may be coming soon



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Has he lost it?


It may seem so - but there are some similar-looking creatures (Thoth?) on the walls of Temples in ancient Egypt,

so I am trying to keep an open mind about this:


Secret Space Program & Blue Avian E.T. Involvement

Comments by David Wilcock on Ben Fulford's blog - March 2, 2015:


The ET side of things has gotten very interesting, as I revealed in the radio show I did with George Noory last Wednesday night.


100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years. There were many others the size of our Moon that came in between 1999 and 2001.


The Pentagon and Cabal people got really excited about this at first because they thought these spheres were the return of their Anunnaki gods. However, the spheres remained cloaked with an advanced system that did not allow them to see inside, and did not respond to communications.


The Cabal used an advanced weapon to fire on one of the Moon-sized ones in mid-December. The object lit up, becoming a bright red spot in the sky that people saw (significantly smaller than the Moon, since it was farther away) and redirected the beam back to the base it came from. This caused serious damage and some loss of life.


Since that time we have had the no-fly zone around the earth and the quarantine around our solar system. No one who was already here is being allowed to leave — either from Earth or any of the “colonies,” as they are called. They cannot even get communications out. No one else appears to be able to get in either.


Bibi_zpsx0yh3env.jpg : Thoth_blue_by_Pyramid10500BC.jpg


The group that has appeared from the spheres is called the “Blue Avians.” As silly as this may sound, they are eight-foot-tall humanoids derived from avian life, with birdlike heads and bright indigo-blue feathers. They have more or less normal-looking hands and feet. The head is a synergy between bird and human features. There are other avian types out there as well. It is not common but it does occur.


One of my insiders got pulled into a meeting that was very serious. We didn’t know if he was going to come out of it alive, or at least not without being heavily tortured and screamed at for what he had told me and what was leaked. Only later did we realize that the Blue Avians had personally requested him.


He was guaranteed by them that he would not be harmed. They told him many things. One thing they felt was very important was that they have not had ANY contact or communications with the Cabal. One of the five main factions in the Space Program, named Solar Warden, is allied with them now, and they are working with the Alliance on earth, but never the Cabal.


I had mistakenly said on Coast they had some contact with the Cabal and they corrected it.


They actually gave me some intriguing personal information. The other main thing they said was that Cabal people were defecting over into the Alliance and altering the plans. The Cabal people are pushing for “instantaneous violence” to solve the problem.


This is not going to be allowed.


Apparently the Avians are now “putting on the brakes” and “slowing things down a bit,” as it was about to go really wild, really fast, from what they were saying.


The key is that the Avians want us to move into a loving and peaceful world. They want this transition, similarly, to be as peaceful as possible.


That’s as much as I know now. I do not for a minute believe the insider was lying to me. He was deeply shaken and profoundly moved by this experience.


- David Wilcock

> source: http://hipknowsys.blogspot.hk/2015/03/comments-by-david-wilcock-on-ben.html


>new thread : Blue Avians, Ra People - per David Wilcock, etc

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WILCOCK on Putin, as posted on Ben Fulford's site:


I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance.

I don’t have any idea why Ben came out with such an unprovoked and groundless accusation that Putin was involved in 3/11. Ben has been in at least three Russian documentaries that greatly exposed what is going on, and this included a documentary that talked about 3/11 and repeated what he said about it being caused by Israel.

From what I have been hearing on my end, the panic is every bit as high in the space program side of the Cabal / Illuminati as it is on the terrestrial side.


The Alliance wants to:

- Do away with all cabals and secrecy on earth;
- Release all forbidden technologies (very advanced stuff);
- Eliminate money completely (we will not need it);
- Bring us into cooperation with positive ETs (there are many);
- Set up a transitional government, which then leads to;
- Clearing out most forms of government entirely;
- Completely restore the biosphere, reverse droughts, feed people;
- Colonize space much more than the “colonies” that now exist.


I am sure there are other goals, but those are the ones we know of.


Governments will not be necessary beyond a limited degree when everything is open and honest, there is no need for money because everyone has what they need, and people can all have a voice through electronic communication.


There were VERY big meetings going on, with both the Alliance and the Cabal, starting around last Tuesday — just a few days after Putin disappeared. It is almost a certainty that he was at these meetings.


There have been MAJOR defections over to the Alliance in the space program, and they have been ordered to put the brakes on and not take it quite so fast. They attacked a base on Mars and a base off the coast of South Carolina and caused a lot of “collateral damage” and innocent deaths in both cases.


Though they now have been given the tech to do this, they are being asked not to be so violent with it. This is meant to be a gradual change that remains peaceful, and helps us move into a peaceful spacefaring advanced society.

Very exciting stuff to read here. I’ve been so wrapped up in the space side of things I haven’t paid much attention to the worldly news.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:08 am
I meant to say it is almost a certainty that Putin was at the Alliance meetings. Definitely not the Cabal meetings.

- David
Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:10 am

I meant to say it is almost a certainty that Putin was at the Alliance meetings. Definitely not the Cabal meetings.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:10 am

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(I don't know what to make of THIS - invented maybe?)

Message from “Jake”–very troubling developments–you decide??
Moscow Bomb Shelters Begin To Fill As Russia Prepares For War–
On Monday upon his return to Moscow, this MoD report continues, President Putin than initiated further actions of the Federations total war plan which include:

1.) The immediate opening of Moscow’s 5,000 new bomb shelters President Putin had ordered built in 2010 and which were completed in 2012.

2.) The immediate transferring to these bomb shelters all critical equipment and personnel belonging to the Central Clinical Hospital and Polyclinic Office of the President of the Russian Federation (CCHP).

3.) The immediate deployment of nuclear ballistic missile systems to Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad region.

4.) The immediate deployment of strategic nuclear bombers to Crimea.

5.) The immediate activation to full combat alert of all Airborne forces in the northwest.

6.) The immediate activation of the tens of thousands of troops belonging to the Northern Fleet and Western Military District to full combat alert.

7.) The immediate activation of Siberian air defense forces.

As this nationwide show of force is currently ongoing, this MoD report says, Belarus military forces have put their forces on full combat alert too and joined their Russian counterparts in this strategic offensive as, likewise, Ukraine has issued plans and aggressive maps, showing an attack of Crimea and also Kuban [region in southern Russia] by the Ukrainian Army, with the support of NATO navies.

Comment by Edge on March 18, 2015 @ 5:13 am

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EXCERPT from the Paladin's White Hat Manifesto...

They're Killing US. How many even care?


When one of the Chinese elders asks the question why the people of the US allow their corrupt government to even exist let alone continually and systematically strip away our wealth, rights and lives….what are we supposed to tell them? That we know but we don’t care? Or that we aren’t perceptive enough to know that we’re all slaves? Collectively, we look like complete fools to the rest of the world. We’re supposed to be the leaders of the free world and we’re the ones raping and pillaging and plundering the rest of the world…or trying to. Everyone seems to see that but us. They’re wondering why we aren’t stepping up to the plate and putting a stop to it. Don’t you think the stink of what our corrupt government does stains the rest of us? And if we aren’t stopping it then we must be condoning it.


Given you all aren’t able or motivated to get out of the bleachers and face down the cabal like some of us, you should be glad some hard ass like myself or Tman or John and quite a few other assholes are out there fighting for you on a daily basis because I can assure you, the cabal wants all your dumb asses dead. I don’t much care if you like me because I’m not here to make friends...

. . .

You should be glad there’s an asshole like me and many others out there who are willing to put our lives on the line for you on a daily basis. You don’t have a clue what it’s like, to walk in our shoes and face constant bombardment of all the resources the cabal can bring to bear and then come to a place like this and get marginalized and insulted and cursed by someone who bags groceries for a living and their only motivation in life is to be a bully on this blog while playing the role of court jester. They’re killing us….with chemtrails and GMO food and vaccinations and fluoridated water ...

. . .

Make no mistake, we’re in a life and death battle and the only thing at stake here is the legacy of our children and grandchildren.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”


> http://projectcamelotportal.com/blog/31-kerrys-blog/2507-manifesto


( and then THIS comes out ):



April 14, 2015 – White Hats Report #50 - WE’RE BACK!



After much soul searching, it’s been decided to restart The White Hats Report website in an effort to continue the work begun over 4 years and 47 reports ago. At that time, we suspended our reporting as other matters had to take precedence. In the meantime, Kerry Cassidy graciously provided me blog space on her Project Camelot website wherein I offered submissions periodically for posting and some sites linked to this blog including One World of Nations.
In addition, the furor over our failure to release #48 was addressed in my article entitled “About 48”. This was written for my blog at Project Camelot’s website in addition to being posted here. In this article, I attempted to clarify (1) Why report #48 was not released as promised; (2) The original purpose and objective of the reports and (3) the targeted audience of the White Hats Reports. I also stated the various reasons why report #48 wasn’t released, in part due to the total apathetic response to the historic speech delivered by Lord David James on February 16, 2012 in the House of Lords. He described the $15 trillion theft by the Federal Reserve in favor of Pureheart Investments, LTD. At the time, the approximate deficit of the US criminal government’s income tax obligation shortfall obligated future generations of Americans if not cosmetically enhanced.
And not a single word. Not a single investigation or rally or groundswell of outrage to effect change. The silence was and still IS deafening. Seems you all don’t care and condone the corruption of your government and the banksters who own your futures, your children’s future and their children’s future.
I also stated in “About 48” that just because we didn’t release #48 then we couldn’t release it in the future. That remains the case but until it appears that support from all corners of the US will be behind it, there’s no reason to even consider such a disclosure. Do we want clean governance and pro active media monitoring?
This time around, our focus will not be on the cabal or the politician/law enforcement/judiciary/corporate crowd as they have displayed before the world exactly where they stand by doing absolutely nothing about the deep corruption of the financial system. Our focus this time will be you, the readers. After my response to a troll blogger at another site went semi-viral, being dubbed “Paladin’s Manifesto” by Kerry at Project Camelot, the response from you, the readers, has been overwhelming. It’s both humbled and heartened me and is the impetus behind us resuming the battle in a very public and directed way. Also, we have the backing of key, well placed senior entities whose probity is beyond question.
There’s no room for egos in the battle against the cabal as it fractures, divides and distracts us from our main goal and that remains total freedom. Joining hands and forces with other warriors in the battle to break the chains of our slavery is the ultimate goal.
“The Matrix is a system, Neo”
The tax system, the social media system, the government health care system, the political system, the banking system, the welfare system and all the other “systems” form the invisible prison we live in today. Through the owned media rock stars, these systems are introduced, promoted and defended by the ever running Agency run propaganda machine. As good slaves, we all buy into the control mechanism that keeps us in chains.
“But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.”
. . .
Those of you who wish to lead, it’s time to step up, be counted and make a difference. We’ve sat around the campfire and discussed the response of the public to all the rumored mass arrests. I’ve got news for you, it isn’t happening. Who will do the arresting? The same corrupt law enforcement gangs who’ve allowed the criminals to build their empire in the last 100+ years? The same politicians who are beholden to the puppet masters for their government stipend funded by the taxpayers?
. . .
The world we live in is changing rapidly and if we want a seat at the table to determine our future, we need to act NOW. Rest assured there will be a sorting out process in the coming weeks and months to determine the new direction of the country and the world.

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Comment - from under the Lastest White Hat report: (see above)


Compared to 2008, the economy has stabilized, home prices have gone up some, many businesses have recovered, and the stock market has made people a lot of money in their retirement accounts. You and I know that this has only happened because the Fed prints money, and it is a sign of the end game...a last resort maneuver.

The American people will not awaken in this environment. In fact, no society would rebel in an apparent prosperous environment. However, take away their prosperity and there will be revolution. China, Russia, the BRICS, need to continue their move away from the dollar, and let the US hit the wall that it has been racing towards for a long time now. The American people are too smart, talented, arrogant and spoiled to tolerate an inept government when the system fails. The giant will awake, but not until it has to. As difficult as it will be, the true American spirit is made of greatness.

=== ===

Bonds are "still hanging UP there": (as per Dr.Bubb's Diary today):

TLT/ Tbonds versus LQD / Most Liquid-Corp-Bonds - Are Both in a "toppy" range now?


TLT -vsLQD ... update


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Wilcock on The Immortals, ... and How Putin will do battle etc?

DW audio link http://www.mediafire.com/listen/jpyf…ug/Wilcock.mp3

Made some notes FWIW:

Solving the Unified Theory ( 2 scientists in 2013)

At the coldest temp. there is still movement. Amplitude Hedron shows the wave patterns of the singularity. We are the holograms of the one MerKaBa. It fractalises, infinity is unity, size does not matter. Free Will was given to the components. Because of non separation any transgression has to be balanced (karma). Forgiveness is the key – Law of One.

The rush for Disclosure to claim (good guys) or retain (illuminati) control.

Draco reptilians 12-14 ft tall. Reptoids, their minions – smaller.

Draco’s made some people ‘immortal’ approx. 20 of them. They have to feed on living people who have to consent.
The Pendar (penis of the dragon) is Rothschild. Draco betrayal has just happened so they can escape the solar system. So all the families have been ‘outed’ & are now on their own.
Rothschild, Bruce, Cavendish, Kennedy, Medici, Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupps, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Warburg, Windsor.

The Nazis cut a deal with the Dracos. Spaceship technology, New Berlin in Antartica, moon bases. Obliged Roosevelt & Eisenhower to make a deal.
Solar Warden – policing space for the 40 groups who have bases on the far side of the moon.

If we can energise our DNA we can acquire amazing god-like abilities – thus they splice & use it & are terrified if just ONE of us can ascend.

Our location is prime real estate to the main entry/exit portal of the Milky Way Galaxy.

So called new fighters are old technology put out periodically.

SSP, in 5 main Groups:
+ Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate – the biggest who don’t share.
+ GGLM – compromised by the illuminati
+ Military faction – who think they monitor everything but can’t.
+ Draco ET group
+ Small ‘monitoring’ groups, scout ships.

In the 80s, huge (moon size) sphere ships enter, confronted & leave.

The 9/11 was 2000 yrs after the biblical birth of Jesus. Designed to offset this resurgence of christ energy.

Then x100, Moon, Neptune & even Jupiter sized craft appeared. 8ft tall, blue & violet feathers, bird like faces, flexible beaks, communicate using telepathy & hand signals – now identified with the Ra group consciousness.
They made a deal with the Solar Warden group (who want Disclosure).
They have superior weaponry, including metal expansion (= no assassinations, bombs go dead etc), EMP drones that immobilise all electronic technology, new missiles – the russians have them. Have already been used with effect. The game is already over for the cabal.

Putin is the most knowledgable concerning the secret space program & is on the right side!

The Cabal did something stupid. They used a weapon on a sphere which returned the energy & blew everything up with loss of life in Australia, nr. Pine Gap.
Policy shift: Solar Warden now enforcing a No Fly Zone around the Earth. The cabal has nothing left, no more access to any off world weapons. Stargates closed down, no galactic exit/entry. All they have is HAARP, look at California. They can only move around the solar system via some portals.

The prophesied Energetic Event leads to 4th density where earth is going to a new layer, activating our evolutionary potential for those NOT on a negative timeline.

The cabal expect this can happen as early as summer 2016. They have this future looking ‘telescope’ technology. They believe that in their forthcoming trial & judgement & defeat they will be resurrected victorious by their gods.

Feb. this year the russians contacted VT that they have satellite photos proving the use of exotic weaponry in 9/11.
Snowden was the front man of 15 or so people feeding info. to Russia re. EVERYTHING! This is Russia’s check mate move.

Cabal release ‘claiming the high ground’: Nasa – Ceres, lights on this dwarf planet. The ‘Dawn’ craft will explore it. + Proof of water on Mars. Dribs & drabs of the truth are now coming out.

LOC (Lunar Operations Centre) meeting of the Alliance. Putin disappears for 10 days… After that Obama makes a joke re. UFOs. NBC Jimmy K? asks ‘Did you checkout Area 51 files? Obama replies: ‘ ‘The Aliens won’t let it happen. They exercise strict control over us. I can’t reveal anything. That is is what I was instructed to say.’

Next day Putin shows up.


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2015/04/28/pentagon-plays-military-card-against-china-as-washington-d-c-struggles-for-cash/

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DISCLOSURE? Be careful what you wish for !


(this is from "Good ET" Corey):


The re-education process off providing our true history and dumping this disturbing data on humanity in a responsible way will occur after certain financial event

... and other scandals finally make it clear to the most asleep person that just about everything they think they know is a lie... Once they are awakened from these revelations that will occur by the hands and actions of these "Cabal/Illuminati" groups them selves (The more they try to put out fires they more they spread them) the people will be ready for the massive and responsibly delivered "Full Disclosure" or great revealing.

In the mean time "Even the Elect Will Be Deceived"... It will be a very upsetting and humbling time for many. It will also be a time when we will set the stage by how we handle the revelations, for how we will start off as we finally stand on our own feet. Finally not being manipulated or controlled by another force or groups of beings for the first time in our history...

I hear people say "Bring it on", "We are ready", "Just dump all the info and do not treat us like children"...

I say be careful what you wish for.


> more: Post #111 :


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  • All this activity is leading to major disclosure, the end of money, and the beginning of a 'star trek' society.
  • Bitcoin was made by the alliance so a system of exchange would be available when the Cabal FRN collapses. [despite the bad press Bitcoin has gotten, it remains largely uncontrolled by the Cabal, which is doing everything in their power to discredit it. It is one of the only major exchange systems that is truly peer to peer, no third party can interfere like in the federal reserve system, i.e SWIFT]
  • Dinar and RV part of the Bush Cartel's money generating scam.
  • AIIB off shoot of BRICS, is also an alternative not intending to us the Federal Reserve System.
  • The SSP's that were outside the solar system are stuck outside.
  • This is all building to a massive Cabal arrest and trial like nuremberg, and the ascension shift before 2018. [We have been covering the Babylonian slavery system disclosures of Judge Anna who put forth a call for a mass peaceful uprising against the cabal here: Citizen's Mass Arrest of the Cabal - What You Need to Know | NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015 issued by Judge Anna von Reitz].
  • Earth is going into 4th Density, which has all the same matter as we do now. The vast majority of people will go to this new layer, but those who chose STS will experience a 'world ending scenario'. The Dark groups will experience this negative time line, Super volcanos go off, burying everything 40 or 50 feet down. This is for their karmic correction.
  • Top Cabal insiders from 2009, said the shift is not 2012 but 2017. Which is a massive solar event, pushing humanity up vibrationally to fourth density. This is where psi abilities come in, telepathy, clairvoyance, astral travel, etc. [Law of One discussing the 4th density]
  • Some of these high tech groups, have time looking tech and have known about the 2017 solar shift for decades, but these cabal groups don't know how to make sense of it and think its a major cataclysm. [Daniel from consciousness hugs covered the science of this in depth here. I have been studying the physics of Dewey Larson and his Reciprocal Systems theory, which is endorsed by the Law of One, and it stands as the most accurate physical theory I have ever come across. See this post for more information]
  • Things are supposed to look really bad so we can choose the STO (Service To Others) or STS (Service To Self) path. [within the law of one philosophy and the principles of Natural Law, as we move towards the nexus point of solar upgrade, our choices which slow our progress will 'cost more' (create more instances for karmic learning) so we can choose a path of either STO or STS...]
  • The only thing the Cabal has left is HAARP and Chemtrail tech, and of course the earthly programs of self policing mind control and food, etc. which are already installed in humanity.
  • The people who are aware of this shift are going to have the 'best seats in the house.' [i also think all the people who have been bravely seeking the truth, with varying degree's of success, will experience karmic shifts of a lesser degree, and will help anchor others around them. Each 'awake' person will be a guide for others as things heat up' before the event.]
  • The Cabal is expecting this solar energetic shift could happen as early as the end of summer 2016.

> MORE: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/david-wilcock-major-update-history-of.html


  • The Cabal's script (per their own myths and legends) is to willingly expose themselves and be defeated so they can be killed and resurrected. They are planning a disclosure, possibly as early as summer 2015.
  • David screwed up the cabal plan for disclosure with his previous talk, the Consciousness Life Expo.

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This is all building to a massive Cabal arrest and trial like nuremberg,"



Does not the World, and We-the-people deserve some blame too, for allowing the elites

to impose their agenda?



Indeed, some of it (the taking of guns) has not been allowed by the people

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Ep. 259 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ David Wilcock UFO LIVE on air


Published on 10 Jun 2015

David Wilcock is back with us and we cover all of his recent research into the global issues we have with the Cabal and the very future of us and planet Earth. We talk about his insiders 'Bruce' and 'Corey' and what he will be revealing at Contact in the Desert...oh yeah...and we throw in a little music talk...good stuff.

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