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"Do you know that the total amount of deposits held by JP Morgan Chase is something like one or two Trillion Dollars?"


I checked :


Here's a link to the JPM 2014 annual report:
It shows: (page 192):
Deposits : $2,859 Billions (ie $2.86 Trillion) at Dec. 31, 2014


That's total deposits held from ALL customers. I would be amazed if the largest single customer accounted for more that 5-10% of that total.

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Nonsense Numbers, need to be analyzed


Many people who write about Dragon wealth and gold seem to be clueless.

Here's an example:


". After the 2008 financial collapse in the first (for a long time) partial audit of the Fed it was discovered that they covertly gave away at least $16 trillion to domestic and foreign banks. For comparison, the entire US Gross Domestic Product last year was $16.2 trillion. Currently, the too-big-to-fail banks globally are carrying over $700 trillion in derivatives debt and the Federal Reserve has been printing tens of billions of dollars a month in fake money, putting the burden of repayment on us and on generations to come and calling it by the lovely name of “Quantitiative Easing”. This is exactly the kind of thing that the Elders don’t want to happen all over the world."


> http://in5d.com/foster-gamble-dragon-family-and-brics-to-usher-in-new-currency/




+ That $16 Trillion was not "given away", it was LENT, and the loans were repaid.

I expect that the Fed took some collateral to back those loans, so it it was not repaid, the Fed would have taken the collateral.

The point is, this was NOT charity, it was cheap loans, at a time when many banks had limited access to credit.


+ "$700 Trillion in Derivatives Debt"

This sort of brain-dead comment always sets my teeth on edge. People who write crap like that are know-nothing bozos, and deserve zero credibility.

If it were actual "DEBT" then it would be on the balance sheet, along with other assets and liabilities.

Derivative EXPOSURES are not debts, they are bets. Typically, no money changes hands until the maturity of the debt.

So the footnotes about Trillions in exposures are not money that was lent or borrowed, it is a bet.


Here's an example:

If Bank A enters an oil swap with Bank B, where the settlement will depend upon the average oil price in Q4-2005, they need some was to record that

exposure. If the size of the derivative is 1 million barrels, and the agreed fixed price is $60, then both banks would record a derivatives exposure of

$60 x 1 million, or $60 million. But the actual amount due at Maturity, will depend on the average price of oil for Q4-2005.


If that turned out to be $55, then the fixed price paying bank (Bank A) owes more than the floating rate paying bank (Bank B), and that difference

of $5 x 1 million, would be $5 millon - not $60 Million. And if the price average was $60, no money would be owed at maturity.


The point here is that huge amounts of exposure are reported, but they can boil down to much smaller amounts at maturity - even zero.

And the direction of the payment will not be known until the floating price is established

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(On TVOP Alternatives... here's ZAP's):

I received this chain letter several days ago, very enlightening:
From the information I have regarding a man that goes by the name of ZAP...he's been operating...for MUCH longer than Schmidt...on the "Project Funding" side of our global changes and THAT is the reason why DS has, basically taken to SLAMMING and attempting to discredit this man!
ZAP is likely, Schmidt's BIGGEST "competitor" in this and DS, apparently fears him the most. ZAP has FAR more people signed up through him and DS won't allow my posts to be shown because he knows that I'll share ZAP's information and discredit HIS information! Having conversed personally with Schmidt (at one of his workshops and via e-mail on several occasions) and having confronted him on some of his nefarious activities with OTHER nefarious individuals, I know more about Schmidt than I care to know, but am glad to have been able to uncover this information about him...so I could move on to another and BETTER option for what's coming! :-)
ZAP knew the project funding side of it was coming a good number of years ago and has several Foundations set up for different funding purposes and has been reporting on this for a number of years longer than DS! Schmidt started out reporting on the RV/GCR...then switched to the Project Funding when he FINALLY realized the RV/GCR was NOT going to go anywhere anytime too soon! This is where the "Ambassador" came in. DS knows, himself, "how to follow the money"! The fact that there's been a number of HUGE "bait and switches" pulled on the people that were originally on DS's newsletter list tells us that MANY have left the confidence of DS and the "Ambassador" and have gone to working with ZAP instead!
ZAP requires NO fees, has NO requirements of attendance at ANY "workshops", no "presentations" and associated fee requirements and is, in fact, planning to provide FREE information on setting up foundations and non-profits for those that might need this assistance on his HUMANUS website! Please go to his website at: Humanus Foundation Submit your Humanitarian proposals to this e-mail address: projects@humanus.ca
".....requires NO fees, has NO requirements of attendance at ANY "workshops", no "presentations" and associated fee requirements and is, in fact, planning to provide FREE information on setting up foundations..." Now, that's what I'm talking about!" Here's hoping it's for real. I will of course do my due diligence, just as I did with the Ambassador. It would be great if funds could be secured to help Ron with specialist support for intensive rehabilitation of his faculties following the stroke or even a mini-studio ...)
+Alithea Kella Wow the bait n switch and still did not answer my questions and yet go on making claims you did your due diligence with the Ambassador without supplying one bit of proof...smells like BS to me!. you go on with your bad self!!


+rhmbicyclersvideos What bait n switch are you talking about? Yes, I've done my due diligence and continue to do so. And the proofs are mounting up nicely, thank you. Also, if your smelling BS I suggest you take your nose out of the TVoP trough!
Comments from under

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From the same thread as above:


We have read the above thread.To confirm we are a UK/USA/HK based Intel agency and we investigate frauds relating to the conspiracy and fantasy funding arena.
We are covertly watching this matter along with many other scams and frauds being perpetuated by numerous protagonists.We are not out to destroy dreams but out to warn from over 20 years experience in mopping up and recovering defrauded monies taken from good meaning individuals by crooks,scammers, and big talking ego centrics who propagate myths to earn their living out of the blind faith sector.Our work has achieved many convictions and prison sentences for the unscrupulous individuals as well as recovering some funds.We have seen and heard everything and watch for textbook trends in the areas of Ponzi,upfront fee fraud,currency fraud,wire fraud and historic bond myths. At the moment we are watching the TVOP ,Dave Schmidt and the Ambassador to see if this is more of the same we see every day in the arena.The charging of 100USD fees to attend workshops or consider projects is nothing wrong unless what is being promoted is false or made up lies.
The 100USD upfront fees charged by the Ambassador are wrong if the funds to even consider these projects do not exist, that is where the potential fraud and scam can progress.The usual facets of the upfront fee fraud sector emanate from Humanitarian projects,Strict confidentiality, anonymous individuals,no transparency and failed timelines and constant excuses and failed promises. We are monitoring these danger signs and will be delighted for all if proven wrong.To date we never have been. The key here is keep your eyes open,keep logical, keep asking those annoying but relevant questions.If its real then the truth it will out itself if not the questions will be responded to with abuse,anger and deflection.Best to you all.
( A few posts later, he adds):
... All we are saying is tread carefully with the RDF,Ambassador rhetoric and what Dave Schmidt is telling you and ask for the proof that funds really exist to potentially fund these projects as at 100USD per 10 min pitch and a few thousand applicants we see a nice route to a good return extracted on potentially false pretences for Schmidt and the Ambassador.

The way to silence our experienced and fact based cynicism is for DS, TVOP and the Ambassador to perform on their promises then we will know our scepticism is unfounded.

At the present time we are involved in pursuing two individuals who are involved in this arena elsewhere who are making the same ego claims as DS and the Ambassador.Claim to be involved with the elders ,grandfather's,01,Historic bonds,RV,GCR and are now under investigation for a fraud of circa 3.5MUSD in Europe,USA and HK.

This is all we now need to say. Let's see what happens.
=== ===
Could he be writing abut Neil Keenan?
BTW, FIU File has confirmed to me that "FIU" means Financial Intelligence Unit, and there are groups like that
all around the world, and they have an international organization called:
The Egmont Group

Recognizing the importance of international cooperation in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism, a group of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) met at the Egmont Arenberg Palace in Brussels, Belgium, and decided to establish an informal network of FIUs for the stimulation of international co-operation. Now known as the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, Egmont Group FIUs meet regularly to find ways to promote the development of FIUs and to cooperate, especially in the areas of information exchange, training and the sharing of expertise.


> http://www.egmontgroup.org/

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I don't understand why Dr.Bubb closed the other thread. He must have good reasons. I guess we can always use this thread to continue sharing.


I'm looking forward to read what Janus might reveal about the Ambassador, the RDF background, and hopefully what's currently going on in the world financial system?


As far as I understand from the conversation @ modwiz youtube dated June 7th, Janus (real name Mark @ Pay it forward foundation Global and more interesting info here) did accept the Ambassador's invitation to talk prior to coming in public. Looking forward to seeing some transparency and hearing more from Mark.


I do believe that sooner or later we will come to know everything. For the time being, let's be patient and cordial, yet vigilante in searching for truth and working for each other. Blessings!

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Yes. Please.

Comment here on this thread about TVOP and Projects.


The emergence of FUI File's comments on the Ambassador was an important recent watershed.


Since then many people have lost patience with the story.

By locking the old thread, I can separate the old, less skeptical comments from newer ones where

a large number started Harder questions, and/or gave up on the story.


So please comment here on:

+ TVOP Projects: Questions, Comments, Examples (28 replies / 1,212 views)

Or on:

+ The Amba and RDF Fall short ... of Realistic Expectations (8 replies / 103 views) : NEW !

If you want to ask more questions or reveal some Truths About the Ambassador or the RDF


Or on:

About the Dragon Family.

+ The Dragon Family : Bloodlines and Wealth claims (50 replies / 2,321 views)


I am sure one of these threads will soon become the new main "Amba" thread






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A Final Warning?



3:01 AM
Our warnings are genuine.If you pay fees do your homework check they are really able to do what they say.There are many egocentrics out there believing their own rhetoric and talking a good game.For example both the Amb and DS have already made statements so far out of reality to make us ask questions. What we are watching for here is a real development a timeline met a project going through.The upfront fee scenario is very clever as it claws you in on a low intial fee and then takes you down the road of more cash payments means you progress to project funding ie due diligence fees,business plan fees and lawyers fees Escrow fees. What happens in reality is thousands of dollars down the line there is no funding the offers of finance are fake and the bank wire confirmations never arrive.Then excuse after excuse why the funds are held up,usually blamed on regulation issues etc.

If you are seeking funding there are many institutions,transparent out there and business angels and yes the banks willing and able to fund the philanthropic sector.If the funds they claim they have are fantasy, then the projects will rot in the boulevard of broken dreams with the protagonists long gone and the investors out of pocket.

We repeat for the final time!!!

We are not accusing anyone!!! just advising anyone wanting to go down the route of the TVOP,Ambassador and Dave Schmidt should watch the facets and signs carefully.

Check every doc,every individual in what they say and ultimately call for proof of the ability to fund before wiring monies to these groups or individuals. What we find is the most efficient part of these transactions is the initial payment of the upfront fee to the protagonists in these groups.
> source: Ron's Dilemma

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People who had attended seminars with Dave Schmidt are complaining


They say that he made certain promises, and is now washing his hands of those.


I have had complaints like this by PM:

"... This is a ghastly customer experience. Nobody can say I have no skin in the game.

TVoP is basically washing their hands of what the previous folks did, including the Amba..."


Would this be happening if TVOP was really what it says it is?

I think not.


Be very careful

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