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Ambassador, GMOP and Dragon family Fall short of Realistic Expectations

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... confirms her name is Chooi-Chin Goh and shows her involvement in hypnosis.


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Yesterday 11:05 PM
We are now of the strong opinion that this entire issue of the TVOP,funding ,Ambassador,Dave Schmidt is basically a fee collection exercise masked as an attempt to change humanity.It is clear that the individuals involved have personal issues that have made them bitter with the world and this is a crutch and an outlet to rant their feelings.

However in doing this they appear to be taking money themselves from others on the basis of a totally unproven story and a fantasy project funding scheme. The irony is in many situations they are utilising the banks they so abhor and other facilities supported by their hated cabal to receive and use these upfront fees.

Travelling like DS to cities like Hong Kong and bragging you are there from the roof of your 5 star hotel no doubt funded by the Cabal does not go with the rhetoric.It is pure hypocrasy!!!

Being very hard hitting ,do any of you really believe that the world is going to be saved by a hypnotist in South Wales in the UK ,an anonymous voice who lost all his money to Mastercard and has a heart problem, a failed politician from Sedona who states his mother was abducted by aliens and an unproven project funding scheme from which not a single project has been funded and no proof of funds or underwriting team have ever been provided.

What is proven is upfront fees being paid to the protagonists of TVOP and their message and it is the use and rationale for these fees we are investigating.

The team involved are clearly experienced in charging fees it is their methodology. Charging fees is not the problem per se.It is however if it is based on deception!!!

The issue of Modwiz and the Ambassador is interesting from the last YT video.Question is does Modwiz really believe in him,or is he so far in to this as he has to go along with it otherwise he loses face.Why does Modwiz not ask the key questions? he appears scared and in awe of this Ambassador.

Also the Ambassador is rushing the 100USD fee project pitches,you have days or you have missed the boat to save the world and however well meaning and founded your project is time is up.This makes no sense at all and is a final rush to get money in????

It's all so amateur!!!!

Anyone in the real project funding arena knows there are countless sources who could fund a good philanthropic project rather than going down this route!!!There are no timelines and deadlines in funding for real world issues and many established organisations who could help.Why is this not linked with these sources?Answer , everyone is pandering to eccentrics, egocentrics and the Ambassador smokescreen rhetoric.

What this matter needs is UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF OF FUNDS ,answered questions and reality. As the longer it goes on the credibility is dissapearing,the excuses and delays less believable and as expected we are heading towards the conclusion of a potential scam we warned of and suspected months ago.

Someone should contact Mrs Keyte (Chooi Chin Goh and ask her what is really going on here.)

Caveat Emptor!!!
1. DS said he was funding his own travel, and maybe he was - Making enough money from his bogus seminars to do so. The relationship he had with the Ambassador (who is now referred to as the Scam-Faster-Bore), gave him an edge, and ability to attract fresh suckers to his seminars, and his podcasts
2. Instead of losing "face" by admitting he was wrong, the ModLizard is slowly losing all credibility, as people realize it is a scam, sucking money, and funding nothing
3. All along, the Lizard avoided and shrugged off the real questions, so eager was he to build a relationship with the ScamFasterBore. Lizard's always acted in a sycophantic way, and now his has been trapped by is own pride and carelessness
4. They provide no proof of their claims, because there is none. What was provided previously was laughable (Running chikcen cloud formations), or clearly fraudulent (fake World Bank documents, with impossible claims)
If if looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - It's a duck (a scam.)
Time to put a fork into this one, and move on

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Dumb Shite is back promoting the ScamFasterBore - listen at 14 minutes


The Upcoming Currency Collapse


Please people, do not send money to these people.

If you believe what DS is telling you, be cautious and await some solid proof.

After so many months, this has SCAM written all over it.

Do not send money to this failed politician

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Yesterday 08:17
DS latest video is claiming that it is a Chinese tradition to give something to get something in return which is why on the project funding AMB charges a mere 100USD per time. (stated with indignance!) because the Ambassador then passes your project on to a law firm who specialises in grant funding and the Ambassador/RDF are then paying the 2,000USD to the lawyers themselves??? So its a great deal!
Does anyone have proof of this who have paid fees to TVOP/AMB and does anyone know the name of the law firm for checking out? We suspect this is a lie!!! But has anyone any proof to prove us wrong!!

He is also saying that these are test cases for the RDF so dipping their toe so no guarantee or experience there then! In the next breath he says they have approved some projects but does not know when funds are going out and then the RDF have funded projects for the World welfare fund. What is it to be then???

It all contradicts and makes no sense. Is DS also under the spell and brainwashing of the Ambassador?He believes everything without question.Then says we should all question and then gets annoyed at observational questions!!!

This is getting very bizarre!!

Still no proof of anything!!

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FIU on Swissindo / Mr Sino


Billie Girl / Yesterday 07:45

+FIU FILE Yes, I picked up the fact they were rushing to get the money in for the projects. The first thing I thought of was why the rush, saving humanity and the world is not something that can be done over night. It's an open ended affair, projects will keep on coming in and likely over years not a couple of months.

I hope these people do get prosecuted and the ambassador said himself he's spent time in jail! It's not sounding hopeful that people will get their money back but when can we expect prosecutions of these people?

Also, have you heard of Mr Sino (M1) of Swiss Indo, and what is your take on that?


FIU FILE / Yesterday 08:43

+Billie Girl​ ​​ We have spoken with so many who say they know M1 are M1that we could publish a list.Remember this is a spinning merry go round of over 20 years that characters jump on get what they want (upfront fees) then jump off when they are outed as a scam or have earned enough.Today RDF tommorow will be something else.Name us one of these groups Swiss Indo,RDF,Five Star trust,White Hats,Red Hats,Knights Templar, Chinese Elders,grandfather's, M1 who have achieved anything provable and tangible in the last 20 yrs.The Collaterell accounts are unproven,the historic bonds unredeemed,the RV and GCR never happens and the same spin goes on year in and year out with different players.Mostly in the tag of humanitarian projects!! The players spinning the myths are the ones that make the money not mankind or humanity as a whole that they claim to help.

Many have been brought to justice and the fight to stop the scams continues and it will as long as these myths propagate.There are very clever mind manipulators out there. Is it a coincidence that the TVOP domain is registered by a Chinese hypnotist???

Yes the fact the Ambassador spent time in jail and may have a criminal record is possibly why he cannot show his face for fear of being recognised and his history may out. It depends what he was sent to jail for!!

Caveat Emptor!!!

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(more from Youtube):

If you give these people money, it seems you are headed towards Disappointment


+Douglas Blacksmith Piper
that sort of thing has been happening to us for a while now.. since Ron's health took a down turn. (the peps that post critical things know their posts are removed.. and people that don't do NOT know etc)

Today I posted this


and now it has gone.. it was removed before the day was through. but I knew this would happen with this post right.. I was expecting it.. so I took a screen shoot before it was removed and posted it to my google+ page

These people are crooks even if a project or two gets funded (which it hasn't) or they make a claim to funding something that cannot be verified etc.. like ALL of their claims so far
Yesterday 21:45
+rhmbicyclersvideos I am not sure what you agreed with Radagast when my case was discussed. Radagast informed me I needed to pay $100 for the project pitch. He said TVoP does not recognize the fact that Dave Schmidt and the Ambassador had partnered initially on project funding. I am expected to write off that $330 effort. How much skin in the game does the Ambassador need and want when all of my investments to date have been made to pursue funding under the Amba's DF project funding?

I simply cannot justify making additional purchases. I paid $99 for Dave, $85 for Gwen, in addition to travel expenses to Dave's workshop as a compulsory funding gate for the Ambassador at that time. My total disbursement to date has been $415. Am being asked to spend an additional $100 for project pitch and $50 for project symposium. Otherwise, Radagast told me I am expecting to pitch for free! This is not what I purchased originally and certainly these were not the costs that were explained to us. Project pitch of $100 was instituted later, prior to my original purchases. This is customer service upside down. This experience feels more like a third world country where customers have no rights.

I met people at Dave's workshop (considered compulsory at that time) that had flown from Calgary, Toronto, Philadelphia, Delaware and were staying at the hotel to qualify for project funding. THIS WAS UNDER THE AMBASSADOR'S SPONSORSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY. It is a stretch to say that Dave Schmidt was making this up and that Dave alone lied to us. I can't imagine how upset these folks are. I was lucky and able to drive and stay at friends but talk about having skin in the game when I had to travel for 4 days. My return trip was through a dangerous snow storm.

RhM thanks for trying. I was under the impression that the $100 total cost previously stated would be honored (also considering I had spent a lot more than that). I was instead told it would not be fair to have me pitch for free?? What exactly did you understand that you asked me to write to Radagast? I got nowhere. I hope this clarifies to you why there are people upset with TVoP. TVoP is distancing themselves from the Ambassador having any prior responsibility and this does not make sense to those of us who were here from the beginning. The Ambassador is responsible for these monetary losses. I am not going to continue with TVoP purchases so I will need to write off this effort. Please advise because I am confused as to what you thought I was going to be able to accomplish with TVoP. Thanks.



Yesterday 23:33
+Ashllyne​ Your experience is very common in the upfront fee arena.Shortly you will be ignored completely by them as an irritant as your use to them as being a source of money is over.They are moving on to the next victims.The attendees at the workshops,symposiums will shortly out with their stories of disappointment.Based on promises,timelines and failed commitments.We await to hear of anyone who has actually been funded or can explain the process for project funding they are experiencing.

It is very simple it is time for DS,Ambassador, RR,Mrs Keyte (Chooi-Chin Goh) known as Crystal G to openly confirm that funds exist to consider these projects.Also for transparency it is essential for the legal firm that are working with the RDF and who the Ambassador claims to be paying for the work they are doing on your projects, once you have paid 100USD, to issue a statement confirming that what the Ambassador is stating is true and they are looking at these projects and being paid.The legal firm should state their name, address and telephone number so applicants can check the status of their application.This request emanates from the comments by Dave Schmidt justifying the Ambassador charging 100USD per case upfront in his latest video at 14Mins in!!

Also if you made payments to TVOP and are unhappy with the service and progress you can ask PayPal to investigate where and to whom your funds went and you can file a formal complaint.It is possible that as TVOP are using PayPal the funds are then connected on to personal bank accounts and this should be looked at and identified if a scam is suspected.

We await to hear the outcome of the above.

As we state again as we have time and time again and been blocked,laughed at,abused etc if the funds are not there this is a BAIT and SWITCH operation and an upfront fee scam.We have given TVOP,DS,Ambassador RR numerous opportunities to really prove their statements are real ,but all we get is deflection and abuse.

As 20 years investigating these potential scams this arena ticks every box currently.

Has anyone who has paid the fee and becoming dissapointed tried to contact Chooi-Chin Goh (Crystal G )on the Swansea telephone number to corroborate this is real? From outside UK +44 1656 840 799 within UK 01656 840 799 She appears to be a very public figure as a hypnotist and no doubt will be happy to answer any questions you may have.She is also the ID registrant of the TVOP.Perhaps she can clarify where the fees are going in relation to the project funding.

With regard to the blocking of comments this shows the fear of logic,rational and transparent thinking and enquiry which is always the death knell of any scam.

Let see how this pans out.If the complaints start to accelerate the investigation will go forward to police agencies.

Caveat Emptor!!

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I think RVD sums it up well here:


06-25-15 - CHANGE IS COMING, BUT WHERE'S THE M0NEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foP85uMAusA&feature=share


I have been part of SwissIndo and closely affiliated with the Dragon Family. Each has made promises to me personally. Neither has delivered.


With the Dragon Family, I have had limited personal contact with the Red Dragon and regular contact with the Ambassador. I was promised $5000. So far there has been no receipt of any money whatsoever. I can't really say if either is lying; but, as they say: "the proof is in the pudding." Unfunded promises carry no weight.


If the RDF/Amba can't even look after RVD after all he has been through, why should we believe anything they say? If the Amba can't come through with $5,000, how can anything regarding funding of humanitarian projects even be remotely possible?

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If the RDF/Amba can't even look after RVD after all he has been through, why should we believe anything they say?


I agree entirely.

These people have stolen part of RVD's audience, and carried them into their scam,

while leaving him "high and dry", when he could have used their help.


They are NOT good people, and clearly are not who they say they are.


It is time to call a spade and spade, and a scam a scam.

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Ron updates his listeners on financial realities - Neither kept promises




"...People keep asking me which one is telling the truth because I have been part of SwissIndo and closely affiliated with the Dragon Family. Each has made promises to me personally. Neither has delivered. When we were supposed to go to Indonesia, expenses were supposed to be paid by SwissIndo. That did not happen. Those who went had to pay their own way. With the Dragon Family, I have had limited personal contact with the Red Dragon and regular contact with the Ambassador. I was promised $5000. So far there has been no receipt of any money whatsoever. I can't really say if either is lying; but, as they say: "the proof is in the pudding." Unfunded promises carry no weight." - RVD

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Favorite Bird?


It's great to hear Ron finally doing some truth-telling about these scammer groups


Since some are asking...

Key Maker

I have no idea who DrBubb is (why should I ?)
What is DrB---'s favorite bird? (strange spelling)
so I can't create an account in the Acore forums.. can someone tell me the secrete word etc..
Answer: Admiral Byrd

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MESSAGES - anonymous


We have all been played here.. 100,000's of people have bought into the RDF story (more like millions).. so please keep this in mind.

IMO If TVoP is clearly exposed as a scam.. then the RDF will also not last long... and don't worry about that, the people behind this RDF scam are not powerful people at all IMO.. not even close!.. and I doubt very much if any form of force will be used here by these people.. they are just punks!

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What is needed for change, even revolution is... Courage (not free money)


Chris Hedges June 8, 2015 Town Hall Seattle

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Having destroyed his credibility among RVD's audience, the Amba is now looking for another audience:



Some further nonsense from the fake "Ambassador"


+ "Ben Fulford is a journalist, and may know more than me"

+ "It was never my purpose within the family, to go out an explain"


Well, to be frank, if you have nothing to tell us... then STFU !

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Desperate to keep the Sheeple in the pen where they can be sheared...

The ScamFasterBore, and his Mod-Lizard stooge are spinning like mad:


The Quiet Jubilee Has Started



The Lizard claims that China will distribute $21 Trillion.

Has anyone got a link to the story he is citing?

I would like to read carefully the actual announcement

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(here's one version of the $21 Trillion Story):


With $21 Trillion, China’s Savers Are Set to Change the World
June 25, 2015 — 2:00 PM PST

Few events will be as significant for the world in the next 15 years as China opening its capital borders, a shift that economists and regulators across the world are now starting to grapple with.


With China’s leadership aiming to scale back the role of investment in the domestic economy, the nation’s surfeit of savings -- deposits currently stand at $21 trillion -- will increasingly need to be deployed overseas. That’s also becoming easier, as Premier Li Keqiang relaxes capital-flow regulations.


The consequences ultimately could rival the transformation wrought by the Communist nation’s fusion with the global trading system, capped by its 2001 World Trade Organization entry. That stage saw goods made cheaper across the world, boosting the purchasing power of low-income families at the cost of hollowed-out industries.

Some changes are easy to envision: watch out for Mao Zedong’s visage on banknotes as the yuan makes its way into more corners of the globe. China’s giant banks will increasingly dot New York, London and Tokyo skylines, joining U.S., European and Japanese names. Property prices from California to Sydney to Southeast Asia already have seen the influence of Chinese buying.

Other shifts are tougher to gauge. International investors including pension funds, which have had limited entry to China to date, will pour in, clouding how big a net money exporter China will be. Deutsche Bank AG is among those foreseeing mass net outflows, which could go to fund large-scale infrastructure, or stoke asset prices by depressing long-term borrowing costs.

‘Historic Proportions’

“This era will be marked by China shifting from a large net importer of capital to one of the world’s largest exporters of capital,” Charles Li, chief executive officer of Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd., the city’s stock market, wrote in a blog this month. Eventually, there will be “fund outflows of historic proportions, driven by China’s needs to deploy and diversify its national wealth to the global markets,” he wrote.

The continuing opening of China’s capital account will also promote the trading of commodities in yuan, and boost China’s ability to influence their prices, according to an analysis by Bloomberg Intelligence.

As was the case with China’s WTO entry, where many of the hurdles had been cleared in the years leading up to 2001, policy makers in Beijing have been easing restrictions on the currency, the flow of money and interest rates for years. What’s making 2015 notable is the International Monetary Fund’s once-in-five-year review of its basket of reserve currencies. China wants in, and is accelerating reforms to get there.

Offshore Centers

Recent steps to promote its currency have included setting up five offshore yuan centers, a new link between the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges and letting the tightly controlled yuan trade against the dollar in a wider band. It has promised to remove a cap on interest paid to savers...


> more: http://omnifeed.com/article/www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-25/with-21-trillion-china-s-savers-are-set-to-change-the-world


> Bloomberg : http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-25/with-21-trillion-china-s-savers-are-set-to-change-the-world

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US$21 Trillion (available from Chinese depositors) makes no sense !!

(The Mod-Lizard NEVER checks his facts, as we have seen previously. I do.)


(here's another, better? figure): Rmb 30 Trillion / 6.21 = $ 4.83Trillion at End 2013


$4.8 Trillion x 7.753 = HK$37 Trillion (maybe that is what was meant, a HKD amount)


The following info seems more reliable:

"Bank deposits in China from 2003 to 2013 (in trillion yuan)

This statistic shows the bank deposits in China from 2003 to 2013. In 2005, the total amount of

bank deposits in China was approximately 30 trillion yuan."


> source: http://www.statista.com/statistics/278004/bank-deposits-in-china/



That money is ALREADY sitting in Chinese banks.

If just HALF of the owners of those deposits pull them out and invest outside China, the Chinese economy might collapse,

and certainly, interest rates in China would rise.


... meantime, we are seeing realtime stories like this:






The Market Detonation You’re Ignoring: “The Chinese Market Is In An All-On Crash”


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THE DEBT (of China) was reported to be US$21 Trillion:


China $21 Trillion Debt Load Seen Swelling on ’14 Economic Plan


©2014 Bloomberg News Published 5:08 pm, Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 6 (Bloomberg) -- China’s leaders spurred speculation they will allow the country’s $21 trillion debt mountain to inflate after refraining from cutting their annual economic- growth target.

Analysts at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. and Nomura Holdings Inc. said authorities will need to loosen monetary policy, after Premier Li Keqiang yesterday announced a goal of 7.5 percent growth, the same target as last year. Li said China will seek an “appropriate” increase in credit.


Any easing would contrast with leaders’ efforts to rein in a $6 trillion shadow-banking industry and control the build-up of local-government debt that followed stimulus measures unleashed in 2008. Li is seeking to support growth amid three money-market rate surges in eight months and the threat of defaults of high-yield investment products and corporate bonds.

“I had hoped that they would pay more attention to curbing the risks but instead they focused on growth,” said Dariusz Kowalczyk, Hong Kong-based economist and strategist at Credit Agricole SA. “They will just have to pay the price of higher leverage and once they start to deal with this in earnest, the costs of solving the issue will be bigger.”


> http://cached.newslookup.com/cached.php?ref_id=325&siteid=2266&id=5099874&t=1394068014

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Having destroyed his credibility among RVD's audience, the Amba is now looking for another audience:



Some further nonsense from the fake "Ambassador"


+ "Ben Fulford is a journalist, and may know more than me"

+ "It was never my purpose within the family, to go out an explain"


Well, to be frank, if you have nothing to tell us... then STFU !


The Ambassador does have something to tell us at the end of this video:


+Red Panda TVoP FEES PAID TO VOLUNTEERS I thought I might address this one separately, since it's a big, big, big one!! To call themselves volunteers and then pocket workshop fees is dishonest and misrepresentation. Volunteers can only receive modest sums or modest gifts from the organizations they volunteer for, if at all. TVoP needs to acknowledge if their business model collects fees to pay staff and operational expenses, and that they generate profits. This simply needs to be disclosed. The last 5 minutes of the video with Alfred were important. The Amba/Mikael publicly discloses "_fees go to pay volunteers"_ WOW! All this time, he's been trying to position TVoP as a not-for-profit initiative all the while collecting fees for the personal gain of publically declared "volunteers" who are involved in TVoP for the love of humanity?! Adding up those fees show that revenue is potentially considerable based on number of people they claim are going through the compulsory funnel of fees (workshops, seminars etc). Wouldn't it be natural for anyone to perceive this as fraud and unethical business practice towards the audience? nb: only a few short months ago, Amba/Mikael made assurances that 100% of fees would go to recognised CHARITIES. Unfortunately it seems many have forgotten!

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I just posted THIS under RVD's latest video :


(Ron may have blocked or deleted this comment.)



" Another TVOP Lie? (posted here, since Modwiz now deletes all my posts):


ModLizard is prone to exaggeration, and his reputation seems to be shriveling-up and dying. Right now, he and TVOP seem to be like rotting dead fish, as their claims melt away, and nothing happens in the way they promised it would. They leave behind a bad odor.

ModLiz released a video this week (The Quiet Jubilee - Jun 27th) where he makes some outrageous claims: "Chinese will release $21 Trillion over the next 5 years to improve life and infrastructure." I checked for news, and the closest I could find was a Bloomberg article: "With $21 Trillion, China’s Savers Are Set to Change the World" which claims that Chinese people and companies have $21 Trillion* in bank deposits, and changing chinese currency regulations may soon allow them to invest some of that wealth oustide China. (Actually, they can already invest in Hong Kong stocks, and that has triggered a decent rally in those stocks this year. China's own stock market had a huge rally over the last 12 months, and this year HK stocks have done some catching up.) There is no evidence at all that Chinese money will be directed into humanitarian projects. The people who control that money will seek returns for themselves, and will not be operating with a mission to help the world.

*/I could not substantiate Bloomberg's figure at all! US savers have something like $10 trillion+ in bank deposits. The best figures I could get on China showed $5 trillion, not $21 trillion in bank deposits. If someone has a better source, please provide it./ "

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I got a chuckle out of this last comment. It is not likely to last long, as Modwiz removes the comments that are critical.



Soooo, can we use a portion of the dough-the $21 trillion to stop the cabal from spraying the planet with poisonous chemicals? I have heard the Chinese and Russians might have advanced weaponry to the West. How much of the $21 trillion does the Ambassador think we should spend stopping the chemtrail program.....or does the Ambassador and Radagast deny the existence and seriousness of the toxic spraying of earth?
A jubilee I do believe BUT not from these frauds. These 2 guys are full of shit.
Chyrstal Chimes 11 hours ago
+alan guttenfelder Very good questions? If I had the kind of money the Amb. is talking about, that's what I would do. Stop the chemtrails, put Monsanto out of business, roll out the free energies that they have hidden from us. Put big pharma out of business & re-program our miliary boys to serve the people & not killl them.
What say you Mr. Ambasador or Dragon family?
Why all the secrecy, if you are authentic & trying to help humanity. We as people expect transparency from our politicans & Presidents, but we rarely get it. so to my mind you are no different than the crooks have had hijacked humanity. Same old world order with a new twist, a new face, but the same old boys network behind the curtain, using their puppets to promote their newest scheme.

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Is the Funding real? Or is TVOP just "blowing bubbles" of Hope

I keep an open mind, but big doubts remain, as far as I can see:


Red Panda 12:47 PM
+Friar Newborg According to Dave S, one project worth $25M was approved as well as others in the millions of $. So either the money will flow, or the excuse parade will begin.
Friar Newborg 2:29 PM
Okay. Let's see it !
Let's see the detail. If it turns out to be genuine, I will retract some of my comments. But this seems long overdue to me


Alithea Kella 2:42 PM
I bet you a box of biscuits he reaches out to Pete Santilli next - ROFL !!!!




Friar Newborg 2:46 PM
haha. That would be so fitting.
Pete was asked by Keenan to save the fragments of his reputation. Wouldn't it be amazing, if the Amba tried that too... Maybe AB would even "make peace" with Keenan to keep his scam alive. He must be desperate now. We are onto him, and putting a pin quickly, into each bubble he blows.



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The TVOP fee charging is now under deep scrutiny and we will now finally see if anything is funded.


If we see excuse after excuse delay after delay we will know that what FIU and others have been intimating is true.


If the funds were never there and just fantasy then it will proven as a scam.


Modwiz attempt to connect the 21Trillion in China to their efforts is priceless nonesence!!!


This whole Modwiz Ambassador rhetoric is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.The gullible and blind faith comments by believers who fear to ask some logical questions before paying fees on the premise that there are huge funds available is baffling.


No doubt FIU will come back with some nugget soon!!


Let's see what happens!!

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Saw this from FIU last night.


Interesting take on the latest FIU comment:-

This is all piggy backing the AMB taken credit for over the next 15 years the 21 trillion moving across the world from China is simply nonesence.There is no mention of a humanitarian projects. In fact it is investment in hard industries. With dare we say it the money passing into Cabal banks. The Chinese are not a philanthropic people they are controllers and bullies on their own.The way they treat their people is ruthless the fraud and scams against the workers on the Olympics Beijing 2008 was exposed and then surpressed as it showed their non humanitarian approach to the world. The rhetoric of Rad and the AMB is a reaction to the criticisms of upfront fee claims.They cannot prove funded projects or a progress towards them so they invent a story based on a generalised editorial from Bloomberg to make out they are the reason behind the 21T due to their efforts.This is another box ticked in the upfront fee scams we have seen this approach many times. They have to now justify some real progress and there is none just words and fees.


Rad has twisted the Blomberg comment to tie in with their rhetoric it has no correlation!!!!



Caveat Emptor!!!



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Good contribution from a Newby! Thanks, sandie27


Meantime, we are all being asked to swallow garbage by TVOP.

But it seems that a majority are rejecting it, and Modwiz and TVOP must be busy as bees,

deleting the negative comments, to hide the reality that a vast majority see through the scam.


Here's how one poster described it:


Alithea Kella 3:28 PM
I went onto Alfred's channel to make sure no comments of mine had been deleted. Friar, I was stunned! Even those who hadn't followed the RDA story were angered by him. Now add to that comments by everyone who has ever been blocked, deleted or just plain afraid to express themselves, and what you have is confirmation of the real extent of censorship going on over at Modwiz & Dave S. Yet they still attempt to spin it as trolls or claiming it's people with multiple YT id's. I'm so embarrassed for them. In fact, I feel pity.




Who are the Champion Swallowers of Garbage? (the "Useful Idiots" who believe so easily)


Well, you have the TVOP team: Chrystal G, and Modwiz (but they are being PAID, to put aside their discernment.)

The real champion-swallowers are those who do it voluntarily, people like:


RHM, the "bike-king", who has long been a supporter of scams, like TVOP, Swissindo and NESARA:

I am grinning from ear to ear too! As I have said many times "the truth will always come out". Thank you Radagast for this prelude update. I am looking forward to the next vid. This is awesome news! Thank you to all who have stepped up with their project ideals and have followed through. Thank you Mr. Ambassador and the TVoP Team! Thank you to the "Dragon Family". Namaste.


But there are others too. It may not be a nice thing to name and shame people.

I am doing this as a form of "tough love", to try and wake people up.


On the Modwiz125 video (here) - you will find accepting comments from:


barbara fleury, Luc van Lier, ANON STARSEEDS, AllTogetherNow Elaina, Horak Zarkirin, Gregory de Jong,

nicole satterwhite, Diane Smith (of course, poor thing), likkik

Johnny LeRose, are you really swallowing this nonsense?


I wonder how many of these are genuine seekers of funds, who are paying actual fees to TVOP, and how many are URL's made up by TVOP to make it look like there is support. (Some folks thing that RHM, and the ModLizard, are the same person. Soem think they are not, because of the difference in posting styles, which can eb faked.)


Come on, folks. Please wake up !

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Keymaker may be serious, or having fun, winding someone up.

What do you think?


Key Maker 02:20

+rhmbicyclersvideos wow 21 Trillion is alot cash.. I feel like a bit silly now.. you were right all along aye.. oh well.. No hard feelings aye RHM

so we should celebrate the 21 Trillion Dollars that the RDF have managed to organise for us somehow! wow.. ...so I must say RHM this 21 Trillion Dollars really proves the skeptics wrong ! boy oh boy does it ever.. it is amazing to think that 21 Trillion was released by the RDF because of the fine work that you and the TVoP people did there over the last 12 months etc.. stepping up and showing the RDF that good honest people do exist etc (you know thank god you and the other had the heart and love and did that)

you know RHM.. now I feel so bad that I was not a part of it all now.. you were right all alone RHM.. the RDF are real and they do care.. allot too aye 21 Trillion Dollars over 5 years that is massive... now I wish I was one of the people who got their project funded and prooved to the RDF that we humans are worth saving etc. Still now I that they are for real I can apply for project funding as I have this wicked idea for a completely new type of ****** *** (can't say in the open) ..

anyway.. now 'The Quiet Jubilee Has Started' I just wanted to say.. you must have been right all along about the RDF... and I must have been completely wrong... it does happen.. oops.

Yes yes Thank you Mr. Ambassador and the TVoP Team! Thank you to the "Dragon Family" . Namaste
rhmbicyclersvideos 06:00
+Key Maker I think the bigger picture was missed by many including myself. I had no clue that was on the table regarding the TVoP projects. I am not part of TVoP yet, I was waiting until I finished teaching summer school to submit an ideal so I would have some time to devote to it. Let's see what projects get funded and the impact they have on humanity. Cheers to a better world for all!
(in edit: the comments from Keymaker were later deleted... But you can see them here.
Here's a further post that Key made):
Im sorry to have to inform you RHM but I was not being sincere in my post to you..

I was just having fun with you that's all, RHM your a good guy IMO.. (that may be confusing I understand)
I do believe you want a better world tho.. but my friend.. you have indeed been sucked in by the psychology of the RDF story line.

I refer you to the actual news article that your friends ABA and Rada are using as evidence

Now RHM you do have the ability (the brains) to read that article for what it say's.. I am asking u to.. please.. read that article and then .. give the idea that RDF is a scam on good hearted people some space... they are making claims that are completely off the wall and they are cutting out an audience that will not question them..

the 21 trillion is not going to humanitarian projects bro.. its going to buy building and power plants etc.. its just plain commercial investment.. please read my google+ page.. I am not out to pull down the RDF I am here for truth.. like you are, I am here to help in some way, like you are.. etc

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