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Ambassador, GMOP and Dragon family Fall short of Realistic Expectations

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Here we go, exactly what we've been saying for months. There was never an agreement with PNC bank. Ron merely believes there was an agreement because the bank didn't respond to his affidavit.



This reminds me of the way that Heather misused the UCC system. She made a filing which she claimed would foreclose on the entire banking system, and then claimed it was effective because it was unrebutted.


And that's exactly where Ron got that bullshit idea from.



Please note that BONNIE J. BERRY, a party unknown in this case, filed an affidavit in a private attorney’s Newspaper called THE EAGLE on January 26 and February 2, 2012. Thereafter, on February 15, 2012, they held a Sheriff’s Sale in which the alleged plaintiff bought my home for $100.


This appears to be a total fabrication by Ron. Actually update, it's an entire load of bullshit:



The Eagle is not a private attorney's newspaper. From The Eagle's website:


The Eagle, Brevard's fiercely independent weekly newspaper, is published every Thursday by a blind, disabled veteran, who is fiercely independent himself.


Meanwhile Bonnie J. Berry is not "a party unknown". He works for the advertising on The Eagle newspaper and was the one that published the notice of tax sale on the newspaper. Which is of course, standard operating procedure, they have to advertise tax sales in a local newspaper.


If Ron is trying to argue that they bought his home for $100 by filing an affidavit in a private newspaper then that is a total load of bullshit.

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I want to be sympathetic to someone in Ron's situation.


But it is so hard. He spins, lies, and tells half-truths to win sympathy and donations.

What I see is a man who is in a mess of his own making, who refuses to admit the truth,

and blames everyone he can, apart from himself.


Those people who believe his message, without investigating it, and feed him sympathy are not much better.


This story is a sad example of what our society has become: Liars at all levels, surviving and winning by posing as victims

And bleeding hearts, who lack discernment. I do not see how to pull of of this, until more of us are discerning.

This is the reality that Ron and others like him will not admit we have slid into.


The Big Theme for GEI in 2016 is:


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Ron has now posted the home address of one of PNC's lawyer along with home phone number and told his followers to harrass her.


The comments section had a link to this 2012 video by Ron:



This has given me a new theory.


The 2012 case was only about Dr. Mary's house and stuff. Is it possible that Ron asked whether they were going to sell his current house in the bankruptcy case, the lawyer said no, and Ron assumed that answer meant they would never go after his current house?


This video was also linked:



Ron states that the affidavit he's relying on was thrown out of court.

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Without trying to sound smug,everything I have said about.GMOP,RDF claims of wealth,Dave Schmidt, RVD,Gold historic bonds etc etc have proven 100% true.


Nothing they claim is real,the World Bank document claiming RDF funds was a fake and fraud.But still GMOP took fees to pitch for funds for projects they could never fund.The oldest advance fee con trick in the humanitarian project funding arena.


Ask yourself this what added value has DS,The Ambassador, RVD offered to anyone in this so called philanthropic rhetoric.


It is now clear we are dealing with liars, deceivers,scammers, deluisoners and egocentric characters.Only out to help themselves.


The story of billions and trillions are the watchwords of these individuals. But in real life they are without wealth or credibility as not one single word they say can be trusted or is ever acted upon.


FIU have warned everyone to avoid these characters as those sucked in are only heading down one road.


The Boulevard of broken dreams.


The Egmont Group of FIUs is out to put these groups to the test and to see prevention of fraud rather than cure.


The Ambassador uses fake historic bonds and a fake World Bank document to claim wealth and to take fees for project pitches based on it.If this is not fraud what is.


I am open to being proven wrong.


But these groups come and go spin their lies take the fees they can grab for projects or seminars. Noone ever gets funded and the seminars are based on hopium delusions and lies.


Where are those who have been funded by RDF? Answer nowhere.Why because the funds do not exist.Its a web of lies.


Caveat Emptor!!!

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Judgement Day for RVD?


We do not want the drama to play out as Ron is scripting it


"Within the hour I went and retrieved my mail for today; and I was shocked to get a notice from my ex-attorney regarding my home.

The judge granted the bank’s motion to take my home. I have no idea how quickly they will move; but I do know this: I will not leave here voluntarily. What they are doing is criminal; and they have been getting away with it far too long. If I don’t make any more videos, you will know why."


This was inevitable, given the facts that Ron has presented to us.

He has not handled it well.

It was suggested to Ron that he downsize, by selling his excess stuff, and moving into a smaller property


Instead, he clung to to his stuff, and held onto his discredited Sovereign Citizen beliefs.

So now, Ron is in an uncomfortable corner.


He his is talking about resisting arrest, and resisting any attempts to remove him from "his" home.

This is absurd. As we have here, and backed up with evidence, the money to purchase the home came from a bank loan made by the bank to Ron, and secured on Dr Mary's home. Ron signed a document saying Dr Mary's home was free and clear of claims, and he had the right to mortgage it. This proved to be false. The court denied him a clean title to Dr Mary's house. He had no right to take a mortgage loan against that property. Ron has steered his listeners away from seeing this truth. He has asked them to believe certain lies and half truths. Thus, RVD's dozens of supporters who believed his lies, and gave him words of support and encouragement, have helped Ron to build a bubble of delusion within which he has been living.


If something tragic comes from this drama, the Ron has only himself to blame for creating and believing lies about the status of home ownership, and the legal position of someone who borrows money from a bank. A smaller share of blame will go to those who helped him to build and keep alive the bubble of lies and half-truths in which he has lived.


Life is sad and tragic at times. And the tragedy is even worse when it could have been prevented - simply by acknowledging the truth.


I do sincerely hope that Ron will come to his senses, and steer his life towards a happier final chapter, or closing chapters, than he has scripted so far,

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Some other websites treated RVD as an amusement, and an object of Ridicule.


It was easy to do that - and to say things like this:


"Bingo. IMHO it's quite simple, RVD is a con man who believes his own hype, leading to an amusing-to-outsiders form of denial. Doesn't want to make payments to the bank? Well, they "make money from thin air," so he doesn't have to, regardless of what he signed. And the frustrating thing is that it seems to work, at least for a time. Make enough of a fuss and nobody wants to deal with you, which works for 2 year olds and "new age sovcits."

- QL


What was different about this website, is we always retained the hope that Ron might wake up in time to save himself from a self-inflicted disaster.

Perhaps we were wrong to think this - He's been on a tragic path for a long time. Perhaps it started, when he assumed that he could get something (a house) for nothing.

This mode of thinking is usual not a good one. It almost always leads to some form of trouble. Worse yet. RVD attracted a raft of followers who also wanted to hear promises that they too could get onto Ron's free-riding cloud.


The whole episode has allowed me to see how childish so many Americans (and some foreigners) have become.


The run and hide when truth comes into the room, and them get 'surprised' when it gets up on all fours and bites them in the @rse.

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The soup thickens...

As Ron finally reveals some key facts about his case

Herein, Ron admits that: "There was no way that I could afford the $3,000 - 4,000 a year of back taxes on the Merritt Island property"


He also admitted that the property would have therefore gone in a tax sale. Yet, he claims the property is still his.

Wake up, people. Look at Ron's behavior.

1. he borrowed money under false covenants, pledging a property with a disputed title. and refused to repay the loan
2. he never paid the taxes on the Merritt Island property, the title was in dispute, and he had no ability or intention to pay the taxes
3. he used the stolen bank funds to buy a second property where he lives now, claiming it was therefor free and clear
4. he doesnt pay the property taxes on the home in which he lives now

5. he has taken years to downsize, despite his weak legal case

6. he says he will resist with violence, if bailiffs force him to leave the house he has grabbed through subterfuge

Is there anything truly Noble or admirable in this guy?

I cannot see it. He talks about "criminality of banks", but the only criminality he reveals is his own


If the world is just, he will not keep the home, and should be making other arrangements for his living. But he refuses to do that.

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Ron looks very old and tired here.

it is a great shame that he does not embrace reality, and put his life on a healthier and more sustainable path




"I worked all morning ... in creating a document for the court."

This sounds like a worthless task to me. There are better things, Ron could be working on

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I have now gotten to a point to where I will read his blurb first, then determine if I want to be frustrated the rest of the day and watch the entire video. I am seriously at ends with all this, I dealt with my dad being naive to certain things or plain stubborn bUT RVD takes the prize.. When Ron was sick, his son and I had a few back and forth messages. it was obvious he cared for his dad but at the same time I think he has grown frustrated with his father's ordeals. Maybe he knows the full story and has just let things ride? Ron is those types who become so anal about things it simply screws them all up. Hope everyone here is doing well. ;)

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"... I am seriously at ends with all this, I dealt with my dad being naive to certain things or plain stubborn bUT RVD takes the prize...."


I suppose that is a legitimate one line summary of how many of us feel about Ron's case.


After saying that, what more is there to say?

I recall one of the posters on Ron's channel saying (I paraphrase):

"Ron DOES have a purpose here, and that is: To be a negative example that people can learn from."


His case teaches the importance of Discernment !

If people visiting here agree with this, I invite them to visit some of the other Acore threads, and contribute.

Of particular interest may be :


DISCERNMENT 2.0 : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20553


As I have added to the Logo, I think that 2016 will be the year of Learning and Enhancing our discernment.


If we are to have a better world, we not only need to awaken from the sleep that the mainstream media puts us in,

we need to be able to discern truth. We are being bombarded with misinformation and half-truths, not only from

the mainstream, but also on Alternative media. I reckon that at least half of RVD's ideas are partly or fully wrong.

The same goes for Dave Schmidt, and the merry band of hucksters surrounding the Ambassador.


I think Acore and GEI can be a place where people examine non-conventional ideas, and separate wheat from schaaf.


When Ron was promoting OPPT, I looked into it, and saw it was a scam. I nearly ran away from RVD and OPPT.

But I asked myself (my higher self?) some deep questions, and the answer that came back was that I had a platform (GEI),

and a role to play in seeking and finding truth. I also heard an interview with Zen Gardner, who talked about Wisdom teachings.

This gave me the idea of starting Acore, and so i did.


Thanks to all who have visited here, read the threads, and contributed here. I invite you to be part of a bigger purpose.

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Let's move to a New Chapter on this story by thinking more deeply about the Lesson learned from RVD, DS, and others




( old thread hits when closed: 25,744 )


... and starting a new one :

Discerning RVD, DS, & GMOP, and moving forward



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Brevard News | floridatoday.com/news


Brevard County Florida local news | Melbourne, Palm Bay, Titusville, Viera, Cocoa and the beaches on the Space Coast.
Email :


(here's the story - was it published or not, I could not find the record)




Local man locked in 10 year battle with a bank

A local man, Mr Ronald Van Dyke may be made homeless if he loses an ongoing dispute with a mortgage lender, PNC bank.

This story goes back to 2005 when Mr Van Dyke borrowed $255,706.71 through a short term loan secured on a home that had supposedly been given to him by a deceased widow. He used the loan proceeds to buy a second home in Melbourne, Florida where he lives now.

The loan was not repaid, because Mr Van Dyke's claim on the inherited home went into dispute. The bank tried to gain repayment by selling the house in Melbourne, FL that Van Dyke purchased with the loan, but the bank's efforts have been blocked and delayed by various actions taken by Mr Van Dyke, who has been unemployed for years, and is now in his late sixties. Among the defenses used by the retiree were: an attempt to transfer title of the home into a trust, which was not allowed. Bizarrely, Van Dyke now claims that he does not owe the money because "all bank lending is fraudulent, because banks do not lend their own money."

This case has received attention globally, from parties as far away as Hong Kong, because Ron van Dyke is a well-known video blogger, using the name Paradoxman316 on Youtube. He has recently asked his viewers for prayers, and for people to help him "defend his home". He vows not to leave willingly, and says, "I would rather die than lose my home." A bit of internet hyperbole, we do sincerely want this to be. An eviction notice has been granted this week..



> Source and Obituary of Ronald Dyke (a different person?) : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20561&page=2

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A BLAST from The Past


Haven't listened to the Goldfish Report for ages (until now). What the heck is going on over there. Weren't they super liberals?? Now it seems that they're Trump supporters. Who'da thunk it? Am I missing something?


All their predictions failed --- and of course, the Ambassador failed.

Maybe they (Louisa et al) are trying something new, in pursuit of an audience.


I would like to see a "back to their roots" program, where they bring on the old team, and talk about what went wrong.

THAT might be genuinely informative


The Team of Amba-Lovers:
The Reverand Radagast, Steve (the opera-singer, who is still there), Sanjay, the pirate and "wonder from down-under, Sherry Beal (of Your-Right-to-Know), Louisa ("our outreach"), and the fake Ambassador himself.


Most of the early Videos have been deleted - one of the oldest is this one:


GoldFish Report No. 26 The Ambassador Welcomes Actor/Activist John Otrin


"Actors are Truthers"

(Maybe in THEIR fertile imaginations, they are)

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