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Generative Exploration Co's: GZZ, LRA, RRI, etc

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FOUR more GZZ and RZZ charts

GZZ -vsRZZ ... update : 10d :


RZZ vs AEM/ Agnico & AUY/ Yamana ... since 1/2015 : 3yr : 2yr : 1yr / GZZ-etc


RZZ -vsGZZ ... update : 10d :


Ratio: GZZ -toRZZ


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Ratio near possible low ...


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GZZ finally Popped : up $0.035 to $0.30 : +13.21%

GZZ ... update


GZZ vs. RZZ : update : from Jan.4, 2016 : ... Still lagging



GZZ vs MZZ (Val d'Or Minerals) ... update :


GZZ also has a stake in BTR's Lac Barry project

BTR etc ... update


Golden Valley Mines Exploration Update

Published: Sept 19, 2017

"Key Highlights:

Hole CL-17-14 discovery of new mineralized zone (Temica Gold Zone) with an intersection of 4.7 g/t Au and 44.6 g/t Ag over 2.7 m at 250 m below surface. This drill hole is located over 4 km to the southwest of the Gladiator deposit. Drillhole 17-14 returned 44.6 g/t Ag with the presence of galena as additional sulphide mineralization... Drillhole 17-14 returned 44.6 g/t Ag with the presence of galena as additional sulphide mineralization.


Golden Valley granted an option to Bonterra to acquire an 85% interest in the Lac Barry Prospect, ...

Upon the exercise of the option, Golden Valley shall retain a 15% free carried interest in the Lac Barry Prospect and a 3% net smelter royalty ("NSR"), with 1% of the NSR being subject to a buyback in favour of Bonterra for $1 million payable by Bonterra to Golden Valley.

Cheechoo Gold Project Update

The Company also wishes to provide and update on its royalty at the Cheechoo Gold Prospect ("Cheechoo").

As previously announced, Golden Valley holds a 4% net smelter royalty from all mineral products mined or removed from Cheechoo (Sirios / SOI's project)

> MORE: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/golden-valley-mines-exploration-update-2017-09-19-917368?siteid=bigcharts&dist=bigcharts

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Breakout above downtrend is possible soon

GZZ-etc ... update : GZZ ($0.28), LRA ($0.75), RRI ($0.32), CKG ($3.30)


CKG : Chesapeake Gd: old-$1.540  > $3.30: 2.91-4.45 : all-data : 3yrs : 2yrs : 6mos :


GZZ : Golden Valley : old-$0.100 > $0.28: 0.24-0.495 : all-data : 3yr : 2yr : 6mo / RZZ : $9.48 all : 3yr : 2yr : 6mo :


LRA : Lara Exploration : old-$0.305 > $0.75: 0.50-1.20 : all-data : 3yrs : 2yrs : 6mos :


RRI- : Riverside Res. - : old-$ 0.155 > $0.32: 0.255-0.60 : all-data : 3yrs : 2yrs : 6mos :



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OLD data > with a closer look at some

ATM.v: 10yr : 2yr / Atacama Pac.--- : C$ 0.71 : 0.615 : $1.155 : 083.62 : cad$59.37M
IDM.v : 10yr : 2yr / IDM Mining Ltd. : C$ 0.11 : 0.914 : $0.120 : 359.10 : cad$39.50M
ATC.v: 10yr : 2yr / ATAC Resources C$ 0.48 : 0.629 : $0.763 : 139.63 : cad$67.02M
RUP.v : 10yr : 2yr / Rupert Res.------ : C$ 0.85 : 7.309 : $0.116 : 101.11 : cad$85.95M
INV.t- : 10yr : 2yr / INV Metals------- : C$ 0.81 : 0.977 : $0.829 : 092.59 : cad$75.00M
NCA.t : 10yr : 2yr / NewCastleGold : C$ 0.80 : 5.717 : $0.140 : 203.43 : cad$162.7M
FF.t-    : 10yr : 2yr / First Mng. Fin.- : C$ 0.57 : 1.182 : $0.482 : 552.12 : cad$314.7M
BSX.t : 10yr : 2yr / Belo Sun Mng.-- : C$ 0.45 : 2.842 : $0.158 : 465.59 : cad$209.5M
CGT.t : 10yr : 2yr / Columbus Gold : C$ 0.75 : 2.628 : $0.285 : 152.80 : cad$114.6M
MAX.t: 10yr : 2yr / Midas Gold Cp. : C$ 0.69 : 2.658 : $0.260 : 186.31 : cad$128.6M
FPC.v: 10yr : 2yr / Falco Resources: C$ 0.97 : 2.135 : $0.454 : 180.15 : cad$174.7M
LGD.t : 10yr : 2yr / Liberty Gold----- : C$ 0.41 : 2.259 : $0.181 : 150.78 : cad$61.82M
ER.t-- : 10yr : 2yr / Eastmain Res.  : C$ .325 : 0.842 : $0.385 : 193.01 : cad$62.73M
ALG.v: 10yr : 2yr / Algold Resour.- : C$ .145 : 1.119 : $0.130 : 167.25 : cad$24.25M
LYD.t  : 10yr : 2yr / Lydian Int'l ------ : C$ .355 : 1.132 : $0.314 : 699.62 : cad$248.4M
AMM.t 10yr : 2yr / Almaden Min'l- : C$ 1.15 : 1.815 : $0.634 : 100.44 : cad$115.5M

ER.t-- / Eastmain Res. : C$ : update : 3yr : 12mo : old-$0.325 > $0.305 : 0.28-0.64 - at 1/22/17


presentation : http://www.eastmain.com/_resources/ER - Corporate Presentation - 180117.pdf

AMM.t / Almaden Min'l : C$ : update : 3yr : 12mo : old-$1.15 > $1.12 : 0.92-2.33 - at 1/22/17


AMM.t vs. SLV (note AG content of the deposit) ... +MUX :


+ add MUX ... +MUX :


Almaden Minerals Ltd. owns 100% of the Tuligtic project in Puebla State, Mexico, subject to a 2.0% NSR royalty held by Almadex Minerals Limited. Tuligtic covers the Ixtaca Gold-Silver Deposit, which was discovered by Almaden in 2010.

The Ixtaca reserve and resource is roughly half gold and half silver by value
Total silver equivalent reserve of 167.9 million ozs.
In gold equivalent terms, total reserve of 2.43 million ozs

> more at http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2017/12/20/almaden-hits-16-40-m-of-2-25-g-t-gold-and-25-3-g-t-silver-and-10-50-m-of-2-45-g#JS1ViYkc68Pr64sK.99


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Update / GZZ website : http://www.goldenvalleymines.com/ : RZZ : MZZ : IZZ : SOI :

GZZ Ownership - JAN. 2018 Presentation : http://www.goldenvalleymines.com/investors/presentations/GZZ-January-2018-final-ws2.pdf
Sym.: Company ------- : C$price: -Low - High-- : ShOS : %Pct.: xGzzSh: MktCap: Jan.18 Pres.

 Book Value: 09/30/17: --------------------------------------------------------------------- : $40.0m : (BV)
=== : 03/06/18 Prices :
GZZ : Golden Valley-- : $ 0.265 : $0.24- $0.430 : 129.8 : 100.%: 129.8 : $34.4m : $37.0M :
RZZ : Abitibi Roylaties : $ 9.640 : $7.41- $10.3 : 11.39 : 49.2%: 5.605 : $54.0m : $53.8M :
SOI : Sirios Resources: $ 0.265 : $0.25- $0.49 : 121.2 : 03.3%: 4.000 : $1.06m : $1.20M :
MZZ : Val d'Or Mining : $ 0.105 : $0.07- $0.17 : 33.19 : 24.6%: 8.164 : $0.86m : $0.90M :
IZZ. : Intl Pros. Vents. : $ 0.175 : $0.15- $0.36 : 25.13 : 16.6%: 4.171 : $0.73m : $0.80M :
================== > ------------------------------------------------------------------- : $56.7m : $56.7M :
OTHER Assets:
abt.3% NSR Chechoo: gold royalty: 3% at gold > $1,200- $2,400 ----- : $06.8m? (20% SOI)
HISTORY : GZZ.v : MktCap / NetAV /= MC/nav : %Disc : R: G/R
08/28/17: 0.310 : $38.0m / $54.8m /=  69.3% : -30.7% : 3.33%
03/07/18: 0.265 : $34.4m / $56.7m /=  60.7% : -39.3% : 2.79%

GZZ vs. RZZ : 12-mo : 2-yrs : 4-yrs : GZZ : RZZ :



GZZ- to-RZZ Ratio


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Along with several others, this one is looking interesting now

RRI/v /  Riverside ... update


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GZZ TOO CHEAP? ... On a relative basis?

Will RZZ breakout here, and drag GZZ higher? 

Looks possible, with RZZ at C$10.25, at the high of the year (C$7.41-$10.25)

GZZ.v / Golden Valley versus RZZ / Abitibi Royalties ... update / GZZ alone : RZZ alone


RZZ - has MktCap of C$116.9M at C$10.25, and GZZ owns 49.2% (C$57.5M)

GZZ - has MktCap of C$32.85M at C$0.26, and owns valuable assets beyond its stake in RZZ

RATIO: GZZ-to-RZZ looks cheap too !



The Trigger News item(s) driving RZZ higher could be Q4-2018 earnings, or Drill results, expanding the Deposit

+ March 19th, 2018 News release: "Schedule 2018-2020 Royalties"

Canadian Malartic has provided a 3 year production guidance schedule for areas covered by the Company's NSR's interests during the years 2018-2020.

Gold Estimated Production 3% NSR (2018-2020)
Year    Area*  Tons Mined Gm/t : Mined : Process: Recovered: Stockpiled: Mn.x$1300
2018 Q4 JF     0,907,662  : 0.70 : 20,304 :  12,123  :   10,826  :    08,181    :  $ 26,395 K :
2019 --    JF     1,637,121  : 0.87 : 45,833 :  27,339  :   24,414  :    18,494    : $ 59,582 K :
2020 --    BA    0,362,582  : 0.89 : 10,327 :  08,797  :   07,855  :     01,530    : $ 13,425 K :
2018-20  both   ======= : ==== : 66,464 : ======  :   =====  :     ======   : $ 99,402 K :
US$99.4 /0.775 = C$128.3Mn @ $1300 Gold

+ Feb.20th, 2018 Possible Identification of Additional Royalty Resources / Release: "Update on Malartic Mine Royalties"

Updated Resource Estimate for Odyssey Project

During 2017, a total of 125 holes (86,051 metres) were completed at the Odyssey Project. The 2017 results have been incorporated with previous work to update the mineral resource for the Odyssey Project (inclusive of the North and South zones). Inferred mineral resources are estimated at 1,676,000 ounces of gold (22.5 million tonnes grading 2.32 g/t gold). Indicated mineral resources are estimated at 18,000 ounces of gold (0.2 million tonnes grading 2.45 g/t gold).

(Calculation: 1.68Mn Oz x $1327 = $2,229 M x 3% = $66.9M on Odyssey alone?... much from 2017 drilling?)

Initial Resource Estimate for East Malartic Property

In 2017, an initial inferred mineral resource was declared on the East Malartic Property, which was a historical gold producer directly adjacent to the Canadian Malartic Mine. Inferred mineral resources at East Malartic are estimated at 2,470,000 million ounces of gold (37.9 million tonnes grading 2.02 g/t gold) to a depth of 1,000 metres. Please see Fig. 4 to view the operator's area of focus in 2017 at East Malartic relative to the Company's 3% NSR.

(Calculation: 2.47Mn Oz x $1327 = $3,278 M x 3% = $98.3M on East Malartic alone?...  includes 2017 drilling)

($66.9M + $98.3M = $165.7M vs. C$116.9M x US$0.775 = US$90.6M : 54.7%)

...Abitibi Royalties has not received all or in most cases any of the drill hole data that has not been made public that makes up the Odyssey or East Malartic resource estimates. As of December 31, 2016 all of Odyssey North was contained inside the Company's 3% NSR (inferred resource as of december 31 2016:1)(inferred resource as of december 31 2016:035)(inferred resource as of december 31 2016:051 gold ounces contained in 14)(inferred resource as of december 31 2016:859)(inferred resource as of december 31 2016:650 tonnes at 2.17g/t), the extreme northwest portion of Odyssey South (Inferred Resource as of December 31, 2016: 4,890 gold ounces contained in 110,294 tonnes at 1.38 g/t), based on publicly available information the Company believes the majority of the Jupiter Zones (1-4) and Internal North Zones (N1-N8) (Fig. 5) that are collectively part of the Internal Zones. The Company's 3% NSR covers portions of the East Malartic Property. Abitibi Royalties believes that the areas at East Malartic covered by its NSR include the deep portions of the respective Main/East Zones and the Porphyry Swarm, East Porphyry and Chert/Wedge Zones (Fig. 1, 2, 3 and 4). The latter three zones may straddle the southern property boundary of the Company's NSR at depth and the Chert/Wedge Zone along strike to the east, although there can be no assurances that this is the case. These zones are in addition to the Norrie Zone, which straddles the boundary of the Company's NSR to the west and south (Fig. 3)

(The coming Bonus: An aggressive drilling program):

Canadian Malartic Mine Exploration Budget

Agnico Eagle states that the exploration program for 2018 consists of 140,000 metres of drilling. The focus will be on the shallower portions of the Odyssey South and East Malartic Zone and further drilling to better define the geometry of the higher-grade Internal Zones. (that much drilling might cost US$14 million or more.)

Golden Valley Mines Ltd. and Rob McEwen hold approximately 49.2% and 12.2% interest in Abitibi Royalties, respectively.

> NEWS: http://abitibiroyalties.com/news/2018/

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Abitibi's Value is backed... by Shareholdings (31%!), as well as Royalties

RZZ/ Abitibi has some big stakes in these two:

RZZ vs AEM/ Agnico & AUY/ Yamana ... since 1/2015 : 3yr : 2yr : 1yr / GZZ-etc


====: 03/29/18 update :
Sym : Company--- : us$Last: 12mo-L-High: Sh.OS: mktCap: Owned: -Pct.- : US$-Val. : C$-Cost- : Yield
AEM : Agnico Eagle-: $42.07 : $37.35-51.86 : 232.5 : $9.780B: 444.2k : 0.19%: $18.69M : C$16.9m : 1.05%
AUY : Yamana Gold-: $02.76 : $02.21-03.80 : 928.0: $2.560B : 3550.k : 0.38%: $09.80M : C$17.5m : 0.72%
==== > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : $28.49M : C$34.4m :
==== > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- x1.290 x$28.49M =C$36.75M : (31.5% of RZZ mkt.Cap)

Market Cap of RZZ > 11.40mn shs x C$10.25 --------------------------------------------- : C$ 116.85M  :

Royalties: Near Pit, Deeper, & Other


GZZ vs RZZ.v/ Abitibi, AEM/ Agnico & AUY/ Yamana ... since 1/2014 : 1/2015 : 7/2015 :: 2yr : 1yr /


GZZ could be ready to "slingshot" higher, following RZZ, of which it owns 49%

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Check out CKG

CKG / Chesapeake Gold ... update


2018 Exploration

The Phase 1 drill program will be expanded to test the Lucy, Yasmin and Sundae district scale prospects. Petrographic, structural and mineralogic studies of the drill core will characterize the hydrothermal systems and the mineralization controls. A detailed 3D geophysical model is expected in January for the 2017 IP/Resistivity surveys completed which will further delineate untested sulfide and structural targets.

Presently, Chesapeake is well funded with $20 million in working capital.



Chesapeake Gold Corp.

Chesapeake is focused on the exploration and development of precious metals projects in North America. Chesapeake's major project is its 100% owned Metates gold deposit located in Durango state, Mexico. Metates is one of the largest undeveloped gold and silver projects in the world.

Independent Mining Consultants reported NI 43-101 proven and probable reserves of 18.5 million ounces of gold, 526 million ounces of silver and 4.2 billion pounds of zinc. The metal prices assumed for the reserves are $1,200 per ounce gold and $25 for silver per ounce at a cut off grade of 0.35 g/t gold equivalent.

Few world class open pit mines have scalable development options. Metates benefits from its highest ore grade early in the mine life, a low strip ratio and close proximity to key existing infrastructure. Metates has the option to be an initial 30,000 tpd or 60,000 tpd mine that expands to full nameplate capacity. A pre-feasibility study ("PFS") by M3 Engineering indicates at the Phase 2 throughput rate of 120,000 tpd, annual production over 25 years would be 659,000 ounces of gold, 16 million ounces of silver and 143 million pounds of zinc at a gold equivalent cash cost of $490 per ounce, net zinc credits.
> http://www.chesapeakegold.com/

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Zimco's chart is looking healthier, but can it really get through resistance?

ZC / Zimco ... 10-yrs : 5-yrs : 3-yrs : XX


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Very Quick Video Overview of Golden Valley Mines

Grassroots exploration projects in the Abitibi. An interview with CEO Glen Mullan.
1 star

RE:RE:stateside just about any gold stock invester has never

like I said when rzz is pushing 52 week highs and gzz is going south there's a problem with management..............otherwise they would be tracking the same. I knew the Glenn comment would stir it up as its been a touchy subject .......

..read more

RZZ / Abitibi Royalties vs GZZ / Golden Valley ... update : +IZZ+MZZ :


Possible Cycle - over 12 months




GLVMF / Golden Valley, USD quote ... update


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Transition Metals Corp V.XTM

Alternate Symbol(s):  TNTMF


Canadian Gold Miner
Sudbury Platinum

"Transition Metals Corp is a mineral exploration company. It evaluates, acquires, explores and develops mineral properties in Canada. The company primarily explores for gold, copper, diamonds, nickel, and platinum group metals. Its projects include Haultain, Doherty Lake, Homathko, and Pipestone. The firm also owns an interest in four other early-stage gold exploration properties in Ontario and British Columbia."

Transition Metals Announces the Staking of Six New Exploration Projects within Ontario

Canada NewsWire 2 days ago
Mining has been a tough business for the past several years, for mining companies and shareholders alike. The problem for both has been the same: extremely compressed valuations across most mining sectors.

For investors, the low share prices for many of these companies have meant a limited number of opportunities for substantial gains. For the companies themselves, stiff competition for investor dollars and low valuations have often resulted in high levels of equity dilution for shareholders.

One company that has not been deterred by these difficult conditions is Transition Metals Corp. (TSX: V.XTM, OTCQB: TNTMF, Forum). Transition Metals is a “project generator”. For novices to mining investing, these are companies who acquire early-stage prospective mining properties, add value through exploration...

image: http://www.stockhouse.com/getattachment/5554d390-3956-45c8-a0b6-1549d60d91ef/Transition_enterprise-(1).jpg?width=450&height=288

(click to enlarge)
  • Active options/joint ventures with 7 other mining partners, including well-known names like IAMGOLD Implats, and North American Palladium
  • Valuable ownership interests in three companies (present market value ~ $8 million)
  • 5 district-scale exploration properties, with interests in over 25 projects
  • Preparing spin-offs for shareholders
  • Absolutely minimal dilution

More at http://www.stockhouse.com/news/newswire/2018/04/17/leading-project-generator-plans-near-term-spin-off#mJFiXUpWvkaBOmHh.99


Leading Project Generator Plans Near-Term Spin-off

Jeff Nielson 7 days ago
Canadian Gold Miner is presently a private company, but management is already busy preparing for an IPO. Once that IPO has been completed, this puts the Company in a position to deliver this bonus directly to its shareholders. In a conference call with Stockhouse Editorial, CEO McLean explained that the most probable process for moving these shares into the hands of shareholders would be in the form of a shareholder dividend.

What is the impetus for pursuing these spin-offs? Unlocking value for shareholders. As noted, Transition Metals’ holdings in CGM alone have a current market value of $4.4 million. But XTM as a whole has a present market cap of only $5.8 million – for all of its many projects and options/JV’s (plus $1.6 million in cash).

Clearly the market is heavily discounting the value of this asset as an internal holding of XTM. Through the combination of the IPO plus share distribution, management is seeking to provide its shareholders with a more realistic valuation for this valuable asset.

The same is true with respect to Transition Metals’ plans to distribute its holdings in Sudbury Platinum. Sudbury Platinum is sitting on properties with enormous exploration potential.
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/news/newswire/2018/04/17/leading-project-generator-plans-near-term-spin-off#mJFiXUpWvkaBOmHh.99

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Golden Valley Mines Update

May 10, 2018

Val-d'Or. Québec – May 10, 2017 – Golden Valley Mines Ltd. ("Golden Valley" or the "Company") (TSX-V: GZZ) announces an update on several of the Company's activities, including developments at the Company's subsidiary Abitibi Royalties Inc. ("Abitibi Royalties"), of which the Company owns 49.2% (5,605,246 shares).

1. Related Entities

Abitibi Royalties and Developments at the Canadian Malartic Mine

Abitibi Royalties recently announced an update on its net smelter royalties ("NSR") at the Canadian Malartic Mine.

An initial inferred mineral resource was recently declared on the East Malartic Property, which was a historical gold producer directly adjacent to the Canadian Malartic Mine.  As at December 31, 2017, inferred mineral resources at Odyssey, East Malartic, Barnat and Jeffrey that are subject to Abitibi Royalties' 3% NSR are estimated at 2,313,925 million ounces of gold (32.8 million tonnes grading 2.2 g/t gold).

The 2018 exploration program consists of 140,000 metres of drilling with a budgeted cost of $US17.2 million, including 80,000 metres for valuation in the upper and middle parts of the East Malartic Zone. There are currently three drill rigs at the East Malartic Project and six rigs at the Odyssey Project. In the Q1 2018, 22,089 metres of drilling (46 holes) were completed at the Odyssey Project and 13,600 metres (18 holes) were completed at the East Malartic Project.

For more information pertaining to Abitibi Royalties' NSR interest at the East Malartic Property and the Odyssey Project, please see Abitibi Royalties' Technical Information in its press releases dated March 19, 2018 and May 7, 2018.

International Prospect Ventures Inc.

Golden Valley holds an approximate 16.6% interest (4,170,910 shares) in International Prospect Ventures Inc. ("International Prospect").  Dr. Scott Jobin-Bevans was recently announced as International Prospect's VP, Exploration. 

International Prospect has made application for rights to eight tenements totalling more than 927 square kilometres in the Marble Bar and Nullagine districts of Western Australia where new conglomerate-hosted gold discoveries have been made, led by Novo Resources. The tenements have been recommended for grant by the Western Australian Department of Mines and are now going through Aboriginal title process. International Prospect has signed three agreements with Aboriginal groups as part of this process and is awaiting their formal approval and grant of the tenements.  International Prospect is conducting a review of historical work and planning its initial 2018 program.

Val-d'Or Mining Corporation Exploration Update

Golden Valley holds an approximate 24.6% interest (8,163,634 shares) in Val-d'Or Mining Corporation ("Val-d'Or Mining").  Initial ground work underway on several base and precious metals properties in NW Québec, including mapping and geophysical surveys, to further resolve targets for a drill program later in the year.

2. NSR Updates and Longer-Term Catalysts

Sirios Resources Inc. ("Sirios") - Cheechoo Gold Property Highlights

The information that follows has been prepared by partner and program operator Sirios and has not been independently verified by Golden Valley:  Sirios recently announced its  assay results in drill hole #139: 56.4 g/t Au over 8.2 m, including 867.1 g/t Au over 0.5 m from the Jordi Zone on the Cheechoo gold property.  Sirios also reported that the 2017-2018 autumn-winter diamond drilling program at the Cheechoo gold property has been increased by more than 7,000 metres, bringing the total program to 25,000 metres.  More than 55 drill holes have been completed in 2018 to date, in addition to the 33 drill holes completed in autumn 2017.   Please see Sirios' press releases dated April 17, 2018; April 23, 2018 as well as Sirios' March 31st Management Report for further information.

The Company currently owns approximately 3% of Sirios and holds an NSR on Cheechoo, which ranges from 2.5% - 4.0% depending on commodity prices.

3. Near-Term Catalysts – Joint Ventures (Partner Funded)

Battery Mineral Resources Limited ("BMR") – Cobalt project near Matachewan, Ontario "Island 27 Prospect"

A ground follow-up prospecting, mapping and sampling program was completed in 2017. Selective historical geophysical data has been reviewed and reprocessed. Historical drill holes were reviewed, re-logged and re-sampled.  A detailed exploration effort for 2018 is planned, including diamond drilling of the target.  

On June 1, 2017, the Golden Valley entered into mining option agreement with BMR pursuant to which the Company will grant to BMR an option to acquire up to an 80% interest in the Island 27 Property, in consideration for which the Company will receive $500,000 in cash payments and Battery Minerals will incur $5,000,000 in expenditures over a 4-year period. Once the option is exercised, Golden Valley will have a 20% free carried interest in the property and a 1% NSR.

Alexandria Minerals Corporation ("Alexandria") – Gold Project near Val-D'Or: "Centremaque Gold Prospect"

Alexandria recently reported that a total of 7 drill holes for 3,348 metres were completed at Centremaque, of which two were included in Alexandria's press release dated April 9, 2018 (CAX-18-001 and CAX-18-003) to test the two known zones of mineralization. The information that follows has been prepared by partner and program operator Alexandria and has not been independently verified by Golden Valley:  Alexandria reported that the shallow zone is hosted in brecciated, biotite and chlorite altered ultramafic volcanics with up to 5% pyrrhotite and 1% chalcopyrite from 285.85 m to 286.50 m and returned up to 0.65 m @ 14.50g/t Au in hole CAX-18-001.  The deeper zone contained a zone of chlorite-tourmaline altered sediments/volcanics located north of the ultramafics, containing up to 9 visible gold grains gold grains between 337.10 m and 338.75 m. The zone returned up to 1.80 m @ 36.62 g/t Au, including 1.00 m @ 40.57 g/t Au at a depth of 337.10 m also in hole CAX-18-001. Hole CAX-18-003 intersected both zones with lower order intercepts. Drilling to date has shown the zone to extend for 300m. Please see Alexandria's press release dated April 9, 2018 for further information.

Alexandria may earn an 80% interest in the Centremaque gold project by issuing treasury shares of Alexandria to Golden Valley over a four year period from date of signing with a total value of $250,000, and by conducting exploration activities totaling $4 million over the same four year period, of which $250,000 is to be spent in the first year of the option agreement. The price of the shares, and therefore the number of shares to be issued, is determined by reference to the market price at the time each tranche is due.

Bonterra Resources Inc. ("Bonterra") – Gold Project near Osisko/Windfall Lake: "Lac Barry Prospect"

The Lac Barry Prospect is located to the southwest along the projected strike extension of mineralization on the West Arena Property of Bonterra's 100% owned Gladiator Gold Project, which is currently being drilled on by Bonterra. In addition, the Lac Barry Prospect is adjacent to and immediately southwest of Bonterra's Coliseum Property.

Bonterra is planning a follow-up exploration program per results obtained from 2017. Further ground geophysical and geochemical programs plus mapping, prospecting is also planned. The proposed drilling program will be success based and focus on mineralized trends extending west from Gladiator deposit.

In 2016, Golden Valley granted an option to Bonterra to acquire an 85% interest in the Lac Barry Prospect. In accordance with the option agreement, Bonterra issued to Golden Valley Mines 519,480 common shares in the capital of Bonterra having an aggregate value of $200,000, and Bonterra must incur expenditures in an aggregate amount of $2,000,000 over a three year period on the Lac Barry Prospect.

Bonterra has met the option agreement expenditure requirements for the second anniversary date (March 10, 2018) of $750,000.

Upon the exercise of the option, Golden Valley shall retain a 15% free carried interest in the Lac Barry Prospect and a 3% net smelter royalty ("NSR"), with 1% of the NSR being subject to a buyback in favour of Bonterra for $1 million payable by Bonterra to Golden Valley.

Glenn J. Mullan, P. Geo., the President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Valley, is a Qualified Person for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101, and is responsible for the technical content presented in this news release.

About Golden Valley Mines Ltd.:  The Company typically tests initial grassroots targets while owning a 100% interest therein and then seeks partners to continue exploration funding.  This allows the Company to carry on its generative programs and systematic exploration efforts at other majority-owned grassroots projects. 

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Golden Valley (GZZ) holds an approximate - at 5/23/2018

: Sym : $Price : MkValue :
+ RZZ : $9.950 : $55,772K: 49.2% interest (5,605,246 shares) in Abitbi Royalties (RZZ)
+ IZZ  : $0.330 : $ 1,376K: 16.6% interest (4,170,910 shares) in International Prospect Ventures Inc
+ MZZ $0.105 : -- $857K: 24.6% interest (8,163,634 shares) in Val-d'Or Mining Corporation
+ SOI  : $0.230 : -- $920K: 3% (abt. 4.0M shs) of Sirios Res. & holds an NSR on Cheechoo, from 2.5-4.0%
+ BTR : $0.520 : -- $270K: 519,480 common shs of Bonterra (BTR.v) having an original value of $200,000
+ XXX : $0.000 : -- $500K: GZZ will receive $500,000 in cash & Battery Minerals will incur $5.0Mn in expenditures
+ AZX : $0.070 : -- $250K: GZZ will receive $250,000 of Alexandra Shares over 4 years
---> Sub-Total : $59,945K: / 129.8 M GZZ shs = $0.462 per share
---> RZZ $cost : $xx,xxxK:
---> RZZ $gain : $xx,xxxK:
---> RZZ TAX?? : $xx,xxxK:
---> Sub-Total : : $xx,xxxK: / X.x M GZZ shs = $

+ Alexandria may earn an 80% interest in the Centremaque gold project by issuing treasury shares of AZX.

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VIVA GOLD / excerpt from write-up (invest cautiously, if at all)

VAU.v ... update



"That may sound a little cruel of me but when a company plucks a company out of bankruptcy court with a 424,000 ounce gold resource for a nickel an ounce, what the hell am I supposed to call it? But it gets worse.

Midway Gold had gold projects in Nevada and was going into production when a whole bunch of things went south at the same time. The company went into bankruptcy in June of 2015, just six months before a major low in the price of gold. All their projects got dumped onto a judge's desk at a time you couldn't pay people to take gold properties in Nevada off your hands.

Viva Gold Corp. (VAU:TSX.V) walks into the courtroom and buys what they now call the Tonopah Gold project out of hock for $25,000. It came with an M&I resource within the pit of 424,000 ounces after 641 drill holes and 87,700 meters of drilling. It also came with the biggest ball and chain around its neck in Nevada history.

So they stole the project for $.05 per ounce of gold. But getting the project and the attached ball and chain out of the courthouse required one of the 200,000 ton dump trucks with the tires as big as ten elephants standing on top of each other in the form of a 7% NSR. That's why the judge couldn't give the project away.

In all of recorded mining history there isn't a company mining hard rock that could break even with a 7% NSR. It's what's known as a "Deal Breaker." Or better put, "Ball Buster."

This is where it gets really funny. The Viva management group bought a pig in a poke and they knew it. But they also knew that if they could get the owners of the NSR to get reasonable, they had an excellent chance of having the deal of the year. So they go to the guys holding the NSR and said, "Look guys, JC himself couldn't mine this at a profit with a 7% NSR so either get reasonable or consider turning it into the world's biggest tumble weed farm."

The NSR holders thought about it. Tumbleweed futures are at all time low prices so they said, "OK." And they gave Viva a 2% NSR on the Tonopah Gold project. In Tex/Mex that's called, "El Goodo Dealo." But it gets even worse.

Viva Gold is a new company and management hasn't yet taken the opportunity to totally blow out the share structure. So while they bought ounces of gold for $.05, the company has a market cap of $4.6 million CAD or about $3.6 million USD so investors can buy ounces of gold in Nevada for $8.50 USD."

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/opinion/independent-reports/2018/05/18/viva-gold-steals-gold-project#1iYwZMSHGUTeb6Oy.99

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Some other small explorer / junior miner stocks that I will be looking at are...
Alio Gold Inc. (TOR) ... update

Alio Gold Reports First Quarter 2018 Results

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alio Gold Inc (TSX:ALO) (NYSE AMERICAN:ALO) (“Alio Gold” or the “Company”), or the “Company”), today reported its first quarter 2018 results. Production results were previously released on April 11, 2018.  The Company will host a conference call at 11:00am EDT today to discuss the results and the details of the call can be found at the end of the release.

First Quarter Highlights and Recent Developments

  • Gold production of 17,624 ounces at an all-in sustaining cost1 (“AISC”) of $1,262 per ounce.
  • Maintained 2018 guidance of between 90,000 and 100,000 ounces of gold.
  • Initiated construction of the underground decline at the Ana Paula project (“Ana Paula”) including the first mechanized blast on March 17, 2018.
  • Completed a six-hole 3,800 metre surface exploration program at Ana Paula.
  • Developed a drilling program for a high priority surface target 150 meters north of the proposed open pit (North Area Target) at Ana Paula which included geological mapping at a scale of 1:2,000 and completing the drill pads and drill road access.
  • Announced a business combination with Rye Patch Gold that is supported by major shareholders, and is on track to close May 25, 2018.
  • Appointed Markus Felderer as Vice President, Corporate Development.

The Results speaks for itself

These are just plain terrible results. I don't see how we can get any worse but that's what I said about last results.  Below analysis:

1) AP is a Top Tier resource comparable to some of the best in the planet. The expansion is slow but predictable
2) SF is a high-cost low grade and coming to its end of life. This is a declining asset
3) RPG, WTF caught most of the investors off guard with this surprise. This is a risky move and takes focus off our main goal.
4) Management:  All talk and very little to show for their meager effort. This is a major weak link.

Share price speaks for itself. The goal from previous management was to take risk off the table but now we add more risk and uncertainty. 

Simply put; Great Asset + Poor management = Current Share Price.    Priceless.


Here are some recent Alio Gold Inc. analyst reports:
Otis Gold Corp. (CVE) ... update

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On 5/23/2018 at 9:37 PM, drbubb said:



Viva Gold is a new company and management hasn't yet taken the opportunity to totally blow out the share structure. So while they bought ounces of gold for $.05, the company has a market cap of $4.6 million CAD or about $3.6 million USD so investors can buy ounces of gold in Nevada for $8.50 USD.

Very interesting read, thank you.

I might be overly cautious here, but I would have thought that getting hold of a great valuable asset is one thing, but being able to execute nicely on the production is bound to require a very different set of skills and knowledge for a company whose "principal business is the identification and evaluation of mineral assets for exploration"y and how can one monitor a quality of such execution?

The only thing that springs into my mind would be watching the price action and volumes but the good opportunity might be long gone once the graph becomes more or less conclusive.

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" I might be overly cautious here, but I would have thought that getting hold of a great valuable asset is one thing, but ..."

That write-up was an excerpt from a longer article - and was not mine.

I haven't yet analyzed the company.  But I plan to look at it more carefully.

Just looking at the chart (above & below) I see that it is VERY thinly traded, and that is a big warning sign, since you will often see a thinly traded stock having an asset injected, and then get  strong promotion with stories like this.  I wouldn't recommend buying any unless you take a much closer look first

(I added the following warning from readers here):

VIVA GOLD / "excerpt from write-up (invest cautiously, if at all)"

VAU.v ... update


BTW, a share where I have invested, after doing more research, a company I regard as serious & invest-able with solid management is

McEwen Mining / MUX ... update


I own shares, bought below $2.00, and Nov.$1.50 wts, which cost me 70 cents - ie, I breakeven at $2.20.

McEwen Mining is run by famous mining investor, Rod McEwen who ran and built up Goldcorp, one of the most successful gold mining

companies on the planet, and MUX is his newest major project. 

> There's already a thread on MUX at:

I am also already invested in GZZ.v : AXM.vFF.t, and some other small miners or explorers, but not every share I look at here

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SLOW MARKET - but "there's a lot of money on the sidelines"

Which stocks are Black Friday Discounts this Summer?


"Back at BEAR Market levels... in terms of financings Opened and Closed"

ATY.v  / Atico Mining at 62 cents

ITR.v   / Integra Res.  at 95 cents

AVU.v / Avrupa Min'l  at 89 cents

MAI.v / Minera Alamos, 13 cents


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OREN - Picks

ATY.v  / Atico Mining at 62 cents  ... 5yr : 3yr : 12mo : 10d


ITR.v   / Integra Res.  at 95 cents  ... 5yr : 3yr : 12mo : 10d


CEO Elevator Pitch - Paul Kuhn, Avrupa Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: AVU)

AVU.v / Avrupa Min'l  at 89 cents  ... 5yr : 3yr : 12mo : 10d


MAI.v / Minera Alamos, 13 cents  ... 5yr : 3yr : 12mo : 10d


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AAU / Almaden Minerals Ltd. (NYSE American)

... update :


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GZZ Letter to Shareholders - May 15, 2018

RZZ model at GZZ?: "offloaded expenses... now acts as a substantial NSR holder & shareholder"

GZZ ($0.290) vs MZZ ($0.120) : Ratio: 2.42 ... 5-yr : 2-yr : 1-yr // w/RZZ :


w/RZZ :



Over the past few years, we have addressed many financial issues at your company through continued decreases in expenditures and a significant off-loading of our primary costs (staffing, exploration properties, exploration funding and costs and the associated dilution on share capital).  The most significant change we made in 2017 was to enter into an option agreement with Val-d'Or Mining Corporation ("MZZ"). Golden Valley holds approximately 25% of the issued share capital of MZZ.  Under the option agreement, we granted MZZ an option to acquire a 100% interest in 61 of our grassroots properties in return for incurring a total of $4,000,000 of expenditures for exploration and other mining operations on the properties, and the issuance of 16,666,668 common shares to Golden Valley at a deemed price of $0.12 per share for an (aggregate deemed) value of $2,000,000.  In addition, MZZ has granted Golden Valley a royalty equal to 1.25% of the net smelter returns ("NSR") from the properties.  This transaction enables Golden Valley to shift its exploration focus (and therefore the expenditures) to MZZ.  In addition, the consultants and employees of Golden Valley now consult to or, are now employed by MZZ, thereby significantly reducing Golden Valley's cash burn rate.  Golden Valley now acts as the holder of the NSR royalties and as a significant shareholder, a status and position that has worked well for us with our shareholding in Abitibi Royalties over the past many years.  Golden Valley has retained interests in over 15 of its mining properties (in whole or in part, pursuant to its interests in the various joint venture and royalty agreements it has entered into with third parties) on which exploration continues, largely funded by arms-length joint venture partners.

Management's financial objective was to reduce expenses (not just exploration expenses, but also general and administrative, legal and audit/financial costs) and to improve efficiencies in order to provide our shareholders with targeted services.  I think we have accomplished much of this already, but more improvement is anticipated as our related entities – Val-d'Or Mining Corporation primarily – become more autonomous and gain critical mass.  It is expensive to be a public company, the capital is very expensive and hard to obtain, and we expect those who work with us as contractors and service providers to also adhere to best practices and exceed performance expectations.  "Good enough" rarely is, and we do hold our service providers to the same standards as our board and management, in an effort to keep all accountable in today's competitive environment. 

> MORE: http://goldenvalleymines.com/investors/lettertothestakeholders/2018/

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NHK / Nighthawk Gold ... update :


Jun 13, 2018

Nighthawk Gold Corp. ("Nighthawk" or the "Company") (TSX: NHK) (OTCQX: MIMZF) is pleased to report an updated Inferred Mineral Resource estimate, of 50.305 million tonnes with an average grade of...

Macquarie Research: Outperform rating & $1.20 target for NHK

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