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ACORE Thread: Learning DISCERNMENT (2016 thread)

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How does a Fictional character restore Sanity?

Maybe there is a "Sanity Clause" in the Ringing Cedars books ?


(But the Marx Brothers have revealed: "there is no Sanity Clause")





Published on Sep 24, 2016

Vladmir Megre wrote nine books about Anastasia in his Ringing Cedars of Russia series, a best seller in Russia that has been translated into at least 20 other languages. I have read them at least twice, and some even more. Anastasia shared her unique outlook on a vast range of subjects as diverse as happiness, co-creation, spirituality, sexuality, child-rearing, healing, gardening, nature and environmental issues, planetary change and much more. This Sunday evening, starting at 7pm, this will be my topic as I present an overview to the Metaphysician's Circle group in Melbourne, Florida. I will begin that talk by reminding people what Edgar Cayce, America's Sleeping Prophet, said twice in his readings: “Out of Russia comes the hope of the world.” Anastasia herself said: “I exist for those for whom I exist.”


The Sanity Clause - A Night at the Opera


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Two good (& mostly fair) internet reviews of the Debate



Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton | Presidential Debate Analysis



Live with Dave After the Presidential Debate


"Trump owned the first 45 minutes"

"Attacks and an exchange are better than robotic presentations"

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It was Trump debating 2 people. He choked...he was on the defensive...and even then he got in some zingers. It was his first and he did well considering the cards were stacked against him. Hopefully with round 2 we'll get to see a stronger Trump.

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Meantime, rumors keep flying about how Hillary managed (with Help) to pull out a draw

> see :

Trump vs Clinton : The Classic Debates




RON KEEPS BORING PEOPLE with Nothing-New - in a crazy and highly news-worthy world




"The most evil people on the planet seem to control everyone else on the planet."

Ron wants a change in the power structure, but later he says: "Donald Trump is not the answer."

I don't think Trump is THE answer either, but he may be a key part of it right now -

Look how strongly opposed the elites are to Trump! They must be fearing the change he can bring in.


As Infowars revealed :

Amazing: Elite Fund Hillary 20-To-1 Against Trump


Ron shows how BLOODY USELESS he is in this video.

he wants the "creator god" to solve problems he whines about, and relies on fictional characters like Anatasia.

At the same time, he ignores real change-agents like Trump and those who are in the anti-Elite movement.


Who still wants to follow this silly old fool? All he offers is tired old Delusional fantasies


(Another example: We've heard THIS old story many times before):



Published on 29 Sep 2016

Since childhood I have dreamed of a better world. To me, it was the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Like the rest of humanity, I had to witness and endure nightmare after nightmare as I saw criminals in the highest positions of so-called power. The biggest liars, murderers and charlatans ran our system in every aspect possible. Visionaries were ridiculed. Some were incarcerated or killed, and some, like me, even had their homes stolen. Despite all this, many still did our best to share our dream and vision of a better world...


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Pending demise of the "Flow Monster"? Who will pay?


Deutsche Bank versus SPY : 10-days : DB: $11.48 -0.82, -6.67% / SPY: 214.68 - 1.96, - 0.90%



Tony C's calling the stock action "corrective" again:


MEDIUM TERM: potential uptrend looks corrective


For the day the SPX/DOW lost 1.00%, and the NDX/NAZ lost 0.85%. Bonds added 3 ticks, Crude rose 60 cents, Gold slipped $2, and the USD was higher. Medium term support remains at the 2131 and 2116 pivots, with resistance at the 2177 and 2212 pivots. Tomorrow: personal income/spending and the PCE at 8:30, the Chicago PMI at 9:45, then consumer sentiment at 10am.


The market opened slightly lower today, then hit SPX 2173. After a pullback the market started to rally, and then the DB news broke. The stock sold off and the market sold off with it. For the first time, since the SPX 2120 low and seven rallies, the SPX fully retraced one: 2152-2173-2145. Now it is quite clear, the entire advance off the SPX 2120 low is corrective. This suggests SPX 2120 was an A, and SPX 2180 was a B, with a C wave underway now. Would have taken this viewpoint earlier if it wasn’t for the ongoing uptrend in the NDX/NAZ indices. Cyclicals fighting the Tech advance. Short term support is now at the 2131 and 2116 pivots, with resistance at the 2177 pivot and SPX 2194. Short term momentum was quite oversold at today’s lows then bounced. Trade what’s in front of you!


> https://caldaro.wordpress.com/


Double bottom at SPY-2116 must hold for Bulls to stay bullish


tony caldaro says:

As long as the NDX remains in an uptrend
a retest of the 2116 pivot would work

kvilia says:

Absolutely agree, Sir. IMO either that’s the end of correction or we will be putting the bear hats on – no need to wait for 1991 if 2116 does not hold.



Concern Over Deutsche Bank's Health Shakes Markets
New York Times-41 minutes ago
Stock markets were rattled on Thursday after reports emerged that some clients of Deutsche Bank, the struggling German lender...
. . .
....Providing all manner of lending and trading services to hedge funds and other investors, Deutsche Bank is one of the elite practitioners on the street, with large trading hubs in London and New York. In the parlance of traders, the bank is called “a flow monster,” meaning it makes its money by capturing a piece of the trillions of dollars of bonds and stocks that are the lifeblood of today’s global financial system. But this status is only as good as the trust that hedge funds and institutional investors have in the bank to make good on trades and to be a sound steward for assets that are parked there.

Making matters worse for Deutsche Bank is that short-term rates tied to the Libor, or the London interbank offered rate — the benchmark financial institutions use when they borrow money — have been edging up as a result of concerns over rising interest rates and a dearth of ready cash in the markets. Higher rates and worries about the bank’s financial health can be enough for some clients to take their business elsewhere.

“Why would you keep collateral with Deutsche Bank right now,” said Raoul Pal, an independent research provider who has been an outspoken critic of the bank for several years. “If you are a hedge fund right now, you start pulling lines and go somewhere else.”

Because of its size, analysts do not expect Deutsche Bank to fail, as Lehman Brothers did in September 2008, and in the process close the door on billions of dollars that investment funds had in the bank. But given the political opposition in Germany to any form of help for banks in distress, especially before important elections next fall, the situation would have to deteriorate significantly to prompt state intervention. Part of what stiffens resistance to a bailout is that Deutsche Bank has, since 2009, tapped markets for 13 billion euros in cash, while paying out 19 billion euros in bonuses, according to data compiled by Autonomous Research.

“It is all about confidence now,” said Julian Brigden, an independent market analyst at Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, an independent research company that caters to hedge funds and is based in Vail, Colo. “If a client has some derivatives at Deutsche Bank, he starts to think — will I get paid. Things can get out of hand quickly.”
Wary Deutsche Bank clients withdraw some cash
In-Depth-The Australian Financial Review-2 hours ago

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Hey, Maybe it is the "Ron-Haters" (or their paymasters) who are attacking RVD



Are Deplorables also "Haters"?


10-1-16 – AM I UNDER ATTACK?


Published on Sep 30, 2016

As usual, I went to the gym in the middle of the night to get my exercise. When I came back, I checked my emails. Everything was working fine. When I woke up, my new computer (less than 6 months old) had crashed. I tried many things; but ended up having to reload Windows. My newest email at mail.com still worked on the older computer, though I could not open either my yahoo or gmail accounts. Unlike other emails that I leave open all the time, mail.com wants a log out after each use, or they automatically log me out after some time. Well, now I cannot open mail.com either. It's not recognizing my password, which is only about a month since I opened that account. Normally, it logs me in automatically, at least on the other computer. Not the old one! It logged me in once; and now I cannot get in. They do not even provide a phone number that I can call for help. I don't want so sound or be paranoid; but I do sense that these things are not accidents. By the way, there were chemtrails all over the sky when I took my oldest granddaughter to school this morning. Just saying…


We do know that those nasty "haters" are paid by someone, else why would they visit Ron's channel and spread their lies?

Ron is doing such amazing work in getting the Truth out, and TPTB have taken notice, and have decide to thwart his work.

So, since the Haters seem to have moved on to talking about other matters, like the election, maybe TPTB have decided to take more direct action and attack Ron's computer.


This is something to think about, and the attack shows that Ron is doing good work: "If you are taking flack, you are over the target,"

and Ron has been telling some important truths in recent days about Anastasia, the heroine of the Ringing Cedars.

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GoldFish Report No. 62, "Geopolitics Firestorm" with the Ambassador, Alfred and :martin:

Published on Sep 23, 2016

On GoldFish Report No. 62, The Ambassador welcomes guests; Futurist and Author of ExoPolitics.com, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, and Systems Researcher :martin: to discuss the firestorm of events happening in the Geopolitial Arena, particularly President Obama's recent Farewell address at the United Nations.


I think we can all see the potential for an economic collapse, and also WW3.


But these guys seem to weave a weird fabric of half truths, into a truly bizarre narrative


+ Was Obama's UN speech an audition?

+ Is Obama a mere "legend", created as a puppet to run the US for the cabal?

+ Is Black Lives Matter, another Soros-sponsored "color revolution"?


So much speculation. So many half-truths. What is one to make of this hodge-podge,

put forward with no evidence


If Trump is "a member of the cabal" then why is the NWO (and the Jews) so fiercely opposed to him?


Maybe people do not believe this Goldfosh Bowl Nonsense, precisely because they ARE AWAKE & have discernment.

These horseshitters never provide actual evidence for their strange views. Remember the fraudulent World Bank documents

that the fake "Ambassador" put forward?


If you want to hear some more plausible thinking on Geopolitics, I recommend the following:


This is a very interesting interview




+ Trump's campaign is bringing into the mainstream, all the wo-wo stuff

+ The way the media is backing Hillary is making their corruption and control tactics obvious

+ JPF is reluctant to investigate the connections between child abuse and the deep state, because it is too dangerous

+ The elites are trying to blame the Russians (for leaks etc), but it is not floating

+ Soros should be "concerned" about the way his emails are getting leaked, and negative articles are popping up in Israel


"Trump may be backed by the Mafia, or the intelligence community... Or probably BOTH"

He sees them as battling Hillary-the-Globalist



> source: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20456&page=3

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Over sensationalism sells....like the National Enquirer...you see it all the time in subtitles to links that are totally misleading. If it's said Trump is part of the cabal in that video of the Gold Fish Report, I'll abstain. Talk about fear mongering. As far as I'm concerned I believe we're in a silent coup...the writing is all over the wall and it's global.


We do know that those nasty "haters" are paid by someone, else why would they visit Ron's channel and spread their lies.

Ron is doing such amazing work in getting the Truth out, and TPTB have taken notice, and have decide to thwart his work.

So, since the Haters seem to have moved on to talking about other matters, like the election, maybe TPTB have decided to take more direct action and attack Ron's computer.

This is something to think about, and the attack shows that Ron is doing good work: "If you are taking flack, you are over the target,"

and Ron has been telling some important truths in recent days about Anastasia, the heroine of the Ringing Cedars.

You made me laugh out loud while reading this LOL

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If you don't like their (judeo-christian) values, why the hell did you move to America (a country founded on judeo-christian values)?

- MSparks, returning from Suspension, on the Jewish Privilege thread


Leave out the "Judeo" in the above, and I might agree with you. (BTW, I don't live in America.)

I might even be able to tolerate Neocons, if one could purge all the Zionist elements.

But let's face it, the Zios used the Neocon agenda (with many Zionist elements) to take over the GOP,

and Trump has only recently freed the Republican party from the toxic grip of the Neocon/ Zionists, like Bush,


Ron Paul tried with his Libertarians but he was too early and non-bold enough.


As "Horace" said on those two excellent podcasts from Friday 9//30 (Hour-1 and Hour-2), the Whites OWN the internet, and they are

now using that base as a beach-head to take back power with Trump as the figurehead for this major new movement.

Once people "get it", it will not be so easy to turn them back into Hillary-supporting useful idiots.


More or less the same message comes out in THIS VIDEO, where two well-known Independent media types agree that:


The Alt-Media and Trump WON the Debate. and Hillary, Lester Holt, and the MSM lost it


The War For Western Civilization | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux


The new power is growing faster than many realize, and maybe especially those overseas who are unable to attend a Trump rally, and feel the magic

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Vandykian Delusion? RVD justifies himself (maybe) in this sound-impaired Video





Published on 1 Oct 2016

Here’s a comment on a previous video: "I know you make videos and some are thought provoking and some are repetitive and lead to little in the way of solutions. What are the actions you've taken personally which have brought on positive real results? These are the areas to focus on. Actions which bring desired results. Results are what matter. If one desires peace and harmony, one must act in a manner which brings peace and harmony to the soul of another. The universe is a mirror Ron. We've discussed this before." If this was coming from someone who only began watching my videos recently, I might get it; however, I was Secretary of State in the restore the Republic movement, part of Swiss Indo and even earlier groups to bring peace and justice to our planet. I participated and marched with several political-action groups in my area. I am not some new kid on the block simply complaining about the situation in which we find ourselves, a situation in which criminal are trying to reduce the world to a slavery planet of morons who cannot think for themselves.



I cannot say for sure if he actually makes a good argument in his favor - because I cannot hear it well enough.


But to say "I was Secretary of State in the restore the Republic movement, part of Swiss Indo" is a achievement of any kind - is the very worst sort of Vandykian Delusion. It is more like being proud of promoting a scam. I think it is time that Ron's listeners poured a few buckets of freezing cold water over him, to bring him back to somewhere nearer to Reality.



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How supporting RVD is like supporting Hillary

I have sometimes wondered why Ron never came out in support of Trump, then I watched this show:

Full Show - DEPLORABLE vs. DELUSIONALS - 09/30/2016

It got me thinking...
+ Both are delusional
+ Both lie to themselves and their supporters
+ Both think they win debates and discussions, where a majority disagree
+ Both have supported negative causes, and scams
+ Both seem to have committed crimes to benefit financially
+ Both have benefited from donations (they may or may not deserve)
+ Both project many of their own issues onto others.

Finally, they are NOT the same. RVD cannot approach Hillary in the pure Evil that she projects.
No doubt, there are times when Ron genuinely means well. There is little danger of that with Hillary

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Those who stay Silent are abetting corrupt elites




Published on 2 Oct 2016

Several of my spiritual community friends (26) received special invitations to hear me speak about Anastasia at a metaphysical group meeting last Sunday evening. Nearly a week later, one responded that I should not share such things with them because they are part of a 501C3 organization. Lots of churches hide behind that control mechanism set up to silence those who tell the truth about our world. The controller’s god forbids such revelations that have the potential of waking up the sleeping giant of humanity. What will it take to stop the rape of the world?


If Ron is right about corrupted elites controlling the world, then the clearest example of that would be the way the elites tries to force on us all, a choice between Bush and Clinton.

Trump's electrifying campaign gave us the chance to vote for something different, a candidate the elites obviously do not like.


We cannot be sure that Trump will deliver everything that he is promising, but voting for him will keep the illuminati's darling, Hillary, out of the white house.


If RVD wants change, why does he stay silent on this important election?

Once again, he looks like a hypocrite to me

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BE BRAVE, beat Google!


Something practical from Jim Stone. A link to a new web browser that so far works quite well on my smartphone. Here is a bit of background on it via a cut and paste from the post.

This made me happy.

YEP. To make Chrome look better (when really it was not) Google sabotaged Firefox by causing Firefox to re-load ads multiple times, which slowed it down badly. Google did this by checking which browser was accessing a web site, and if it saw Firefox, Google would intentionally trip it up with the analytics scripts and ad scripts that loaded multiple times under instruction from Google. There was nothing Firefox could do to fix it because it was external sabotage. So what did Brendan do to get even? He ripped Google’s own Chrome to pieces, took out the crapware parts of it, and had it intentionally screw over the GOOGLE tampering.

Way to go. Way to get even!


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What does Divine Intervention really look like?




Published on 3 Oct 2016

First off, let me say that it is unlikely at this time that I will vote at all in the upcoming election. The last election in which I voted was for Ron Paul. Like all major elections in the US, there was a lot of fraud. That’s why I stopped voting. This election, however, is interesting because of Trump. He is not part of the political establishment. That’s a good thing. There is no way I would ever support anyone from the Bush-Clinton-Obama criminal syndicate. Party is irrelevant – except for idiots incapable of thinking for themselves. Yes, I have friends who seem somewhat intelligent, yet vote for their party regardless of the candidate. I still think the ONLY possible solution for humanity is Divine intervention that wakes people up to the truth about ourselves and this world we inhabit.


What does RVD imagine genuine divine intervention would look like?

Would it be when, on some bright shining day in the future, a perfect person stepped out of a heavenly spacecraft, was loved by all and then somehow ran for President and won?


plees2z.jpg : Does a perfect leader come from space, or from our imagination?


THAT scenario if it happened, is something I WOULD NOT TRUST now. As a matter of fact, that's more or less, what we saw with Obama, a guy who came out of nowhere, and whose background now almost 8-years after he was elected still remains shadowy - many of his records are still closed.

Obama appeared as a virtually unknown, and gave an inspiring speech at a DNC convention: "There is no red or blue America, There is only the UNITED States of America!" But despite his promise of "Hope and Change", Obama turned out to be just another puppet, who did not respect the constitution, who presided over a further decline in America's economy and its fortunes.


Unlike Obama in 2008, Trump is a known quantity, but not as a politician. His political views have shifted over the years, but one consistent thing with him has been: that he is anti-war. and wants to see the country negotiate better trade laws and treaties - He wants to put America first, not some global New World Order. He is strongly, and aggressively opposed by the status quo elites. Unlike Obama, Donald Trump can deliver REAL change, And it should be obvious to everyone, even RVD, that Trump has ALREADY brought huge changes in the political debate and the issues that people are discussing. Is Trump perfect? Of course not (but who is perfect?). Naturally, we cannot be sure he will deliver on his own campaign promises. In fact, some of these look impossible today. But as Trump's children has said: The Donald often achieves what looks impossible. Isn't that what we have seen that already, with Trump getting this far in the race. Can we really be sure his success was achieved without divine help?




It amazes me that RVD keeps calling for change, and when it is standing before him, in the person of Trump, Ron does not embrace it. Who is Ron to say that Trump is NOT the divine intervention he has been praying for? There is no perfect candidate. And the one who may have looked more perfect to some (Obama, 8 years ago), got his positive image. simply because people were projecting onto him the qualities what they wanted to see. Obama is no saint and he is no savior, as we can all clearly see now. After all, our current President brought in Obamacare, open borders, and more wars all around the planet.


Maybe Trump, backed up by helpful things like revelations from Julian Assange and Wikileaks, is how real Divine intervention happens. Certainly, non-PC talks from Trump, and leaks of emails from Assange are waking up people in a real way - not in the hope-filled, but delusional ways that RVD has tried to sell people.


Why is Trump so unpopular (with some voters)?

I suppose it because he speaks his truth in rough way. Many people are offended by his RAW manner, by how he takes on those he perceives as being not good for America, or those who simply attack him first. (When he gets hit, he hits back harder, wherever it comes from) Frankly, I think we need his toughness, and raw human reactions - but maybe not ALL of the time. (Let's hope Trump is learning now some greater wisdom about when and how to hit back.) PC-attitudes, and the enforcement of them are one of the important psychological barriers contributing to the dragging down of America... Another negative influence is Trust in the mainstream media. They do nothing but spin, and try to program us. Trust is shrinking, and shrink fast. We can thank Trump's revolutionary campaign, and the huge evidence of bias that has been brought out in the corporate controlled media. People are finally waking up. This is what Ron wanted. And we are seeing it. (But Ron somehow think this is happening by accident or magic, rather than BECAUSE of the powerful stimulus of Donald Trump's campaign.)


I'll STOP HERE - since I have found a far better Rant and explanation than I could possibly do.

(This is EXCELLENT by "Mike", Stefan Molyneux's colleague):

Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

Published on 3 Oct 2016


Posted a few hours ago, and has 39,000 Views / almost 2,400 Likes already (2360/39,309: 6.0%)

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(I stumbled across this through a Youtube link - Is there a Prophecy?):


TRUMP: the COMING LANDSLIDE. ~Ancient Prophecy Documentary of Donald Trump / 2016)


Published on Sep 29, 2016

TRUMP: Do the secrets of the ancient past prophecy a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for Donald TRUMP? http://godinanutshell.com/product-cat... and mathematically prophecy of Donald Trump victory in 2016 presidential election?

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"Something practical from Jim Stone. A link to a new web browser that so far works quite well on my smartphone. Here is a bit of background on it via a cut and paste from the post."


The problem is that large web sites don't appreciate having their ads replaced by ones someone else is profiting from, and are already sending cease and desist orders. The company behind this new web browser makes its money by taking 15 percent of the ad revenue from the ads it replaces a websites existing ads with. It seems to me they just want to be another Google.

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"It seems to me they just want to be another Google."


They would be better than Google if they did not rig the searches as Google does to favor sites preferred by elites.


I have not yet downloaded BOLD, but if/when I do, I will test it by doing a search on "Trump".

Right now, such a search will get you a load of Hillary-favoring crapola on Google. This truly pisses me off,

and make me want to find an alternative, and see Google disappear

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The SMUG Left are Controlled by ??


The Smugness of Many on the Left is... rather terrifying I think - At least this person is making some effort to break through that:


I disagree with her choice, but I understand why she rejects Clinton so fiercely, and why she’s been swept up in Donald Trump’s particular brand of right-wing populism. I feel that on the left, it’s increasingly easy to ignore these people, to disregard them, to write them off as racists, bigots, or uneducated. I think that’s a loss for everyone involved, and that sometimes listening can help you to at least understand why a person is making the choices they make...

> ZeroHedge: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-06/i-listened-trump-supporter-now-i-understand


Don't these people realize they have been PROGRAMMED by a corrupt & controlled media?


Such people really need to wake up and realize that the Media serves corrupt elites, and to stay in power have painted a very negative picture of Trump


Listen to this podcast interview with Prof. Kevin McDonald, and you might get a clearre picture of WHO is behind this deception, and why they have done it


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/dduke/100616.mp3

Date: 10-06-16

Dr. Duke interviews Dr. Kevin MacDonald on the Political War Waged Against Trump and White Americans!


Ask yourself why:

+ Elites in both parties support Clinton

+ NONE of the 4,000 major newspapers in American have yet come out in support of Trump

+ Over half of the political donations made this year are by Jews and Jewish-controlled corporations like Goldman Sachs

+ 95% of Jews are support Hillary


I think the elites gained their wealth by ripping off the Middle class, and starting wars that benefit Israel, and the business interests of the elites.


Isn't it time we Woke Up, and put an END TO THIS??

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Melbourne Florida is facing some extreme weather issues now




Whatever issues we may have had with Ron, we hope he is staying well - and has power


Hurricane Matthew: More Than a Million Without Power in Florida NBCNews.com


I do note that his Podcast for today seems to be a little late

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Does a Lewd comment 11 years ago matter more than the crimes that Hillary has comment, and the war she might start?


The way this is being handled by the controlled media is a huge indictment of the MSM, not Trump.

The mention of grabbing pussy will soon be forgotten. People talk that way every day in locker rooms, as women discuss the size of men's "equipment"


Let's dust off the dried mud, and TALK ISSUES

David Seaman raises the issues presented by the other leaks from Friday


HILLARY CLINTON WIKILEAKS: Alien Life, Goldman Sachs Meetings!



Published on 8 Oct 2016

The Hillary Clinton FREAKSHOW continues at breakneck speed this election cycle. This time it's leaked emails from John Podesta, former White House chief of staff for Bill Clinton and close Clinton family advisor. The emails, released by Wikileaks, appear to show discussion of alien life, as well as highly troubling CLINTON FOUNDATION meetings held at Goldman Sachs' corporate headquarters.


"The emails concerning this Alien stuff, are a little bit Out There"

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Horrific words versus Horrific actions


Great spot-on comments by the Judge put everything in perspective

Justice w/ Judge Jeanine | Oct 08, 2016 | Trump's Hot Mic Comments; Trump Vow to Stay in Race



Published on Oct 8, 2016

Judge Pirro’s Passionate Pro-Trump Opening Gets Botched by Teleprompter in Perfectly Symbolic Moment

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I find it funny where ever I look, it's all about Trump being a dawg for a lewd comment he made over a decade ago -yet- no one is asking "why was he recorded in the first place?"
Males will always be males, what's the big deal? To me the big deal is who needed dirt on him? The powers that were have been getting dirt on elected officials for decades in order to blackmail or sabotage them later. Or to blackmail someone filthy rich. Thing is, he was in a locker room among peers so that rules out any Joe Blow.

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I am 66 years old. I have never, even as a young man, heard anyone talk like that in a locker room. I have certainly never heard a 60 year old talk like that. It shows an astonishing lack of respect for women, a belief they are mere objects. There is simply no justification for it.

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