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The Game (of life)

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  • In truth, YOU are not your body, gender, race or the sexual orientation of the body you are using as a vehicle for experience
  • Your nature is that YOU are an absolutely unique living energy being of tremendous capability, which is experiencing life on 3rd density Earth
  • You are currently extending part of your energy into this dimensional frequency, connecting it with a physical body as a vehicle for experience (incarnation) .


Incarnational Experience - a developmental process of Self-realization and spiritual maturation using one or more projected threads of awareness into 3rd density organic bodies, used as vehicles in order to acquire experiences, using multiple scenarios and developmental processes, eventually yielding enough spiritual maturity in the Higher Self allowing departure from the Game, allowing more capable functioning within more expansive areas of reality.


  • You are not your incarnation, but you adopt an interactive Persona [ego] in the incarnation, the formation of which is based on your experience, the depth and variety of which is unique to you in that specific incarnation, as well as the limitations and control structures of the genetic DNA programming in the body you are using
  • You have decided to play The Game here on Earth - just for the experience
  • A significant attribute of this 3rd density universe, and the galaxy in which we reside, is that experience takes place in a setting of very polarized patterns which are a behavioural function of incarnations connected to an immature Higher Self used to progressing within groups, not as an individual, and to the exclusion of others, in some fashion
  • This function manifests itself as 'dark' and 'light' polarity functions with a full spectrum of 3rd density experience in between
  • In terms of polarities, Earth is located in a Dark Polarity section of the Galaxy
  • Dark polarity manipulates because it can
  • Light polarity manipulates because it thinks it knows what is best for you
  • Both sustain themselves with the energy from each other; they feed off each other

Source: http://www.trufax.org/matrix5/segments/primer.html



A Few Points To Keep in Mind:


"The focus on external power giveaways is important to the Game. You must give your power away to appease the Game. As long as your power is given away, you cannot discover who you really are."


"Your Higher Self allows freedom of choice here as learning experiences. You won't make a choice that will cancel any experience that your Higher Self requires, but there is plenty of latitude in 'other' experiences. The more Advanced [spiritually, aka "strength of your spirit"] you become is due to how you handled decisions for your incarnation."


"The Law of Allowance says that Light-siders must be free to be what they are, just as are Dark-siders. This is part of the Game. Light-siders do not follow this law and neither do Dark-siders. This is a law with Balance at its root and Balance is what BOTH polarities dislike. There is no right or wrong, just different experience, BUT the best choices are made with greater information, so you are less likely to be suckered in."


Source: http://trufax.org/


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Disclaimer from Vlad:

The information in this thread is highly controversial and uniquely subjective. I do not agree nor disagree with most of it, but I do have my beliefs and perspectives. In fact, I believe that a thorough dissemination and critical analysis of these kinds of topics/ideas is essential before one chooses to believe or disregard them. Nothing can be taken for granted; all must be processed through our filters of discernment, prior knowledge/experience, and mutually-agreed upon ideas/perspectives.

In my opinion, discussions in a contradictory format are what will uncover truth and separate truth from lies, the quickest and most efficient way. However, we must keep in mind that all have a different perspective, and more importantly a different interpretation; unless we know for a fact that all are on the same page, in terms of understanding, interpretation and perspective, contradictory discussion is futile and will likely lead to dead-end arguments.

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Pre-Game Phase


Before the Higher Self chooses to participate in the 3rd density Game with its experiences (not all Higher Selves do).


Higher Self Sequential Incarnations

  • Experience in the 3rd density begins with incarnational experiences that occur one-at-a time (sequentially)
  • It is the mode of experiential gathering that is predominant in the 3rd density universe
  • Higher Selves at this early stage progress in groups (they look close together, almost like a 'carpet', on the 5th density), and operate within group mind sets, where everyone more or less thinks the same, dresses the same, and behaves the same, and certain types of experience within the group is prohibited and subject to various penalties
    • every planetary society 'out there' in the galaxy operates this way, in the group mindset format
  • You have already 'had' hundreds of thousands of incarnational experiences over eons of time in this mode, on a great many worlds all over the galaxy
  • A Higher Self in the slower sequential mode 'reincarnates' into planetary societies that progress as a 'race', as a group or as a planet
    • individualism is suppressed
    • everyone thinks the same way, looks the same.
    • anything that doesn't support this is forbidden
    • technology and Science are tools of control, to preserve “the group” is the prime focus
  • One often retains much of their memory from 'previous' incarnations within the game, but none from “pre-game” experiences
  • Sequential incarnations retain the memory of 'previous' lives (but none from “pre-game” experiences), as well as all the baggage and fears
    • ever seen a child prodigy who speaks like an adult, plays piano like Mozart at the age of 4, etc? A sequential incarnation
  • If your Higher Self is in simultaneous mode, you have already experienced perhaps hundreds of thousands of sequential incarnations within this Galaxy
  • Group mindsets are where the concept of dualism (ex. 'good' vs 'evil') and polarities come from, wherein a group protects itself using technology together with the operators of security, sensation and power to achieve that objective
  • Everything ‘alien’ to Earth comes from a sequential format
    • all the conformity, control, manipulation, racism and divisive belief systems, and conflicts have been inculcated on Earth for to suppress unique individual expression/expressions by incarnations of Higher Selves on the simultaneous path
    • the "can't say this", "can't do that" reflects sequential control through technology, using security, sensation and power to 'preserve a way of life' through the promotion of belief systems and conflicting polarities/factions
  • This is all an ill-fated attempt to divert progress toward more advanced perspectives, outside of cultural boxes, and to ‘protect’ sequential incarnations and societies from the ‘contamination’ of individualism and more evolved perspectives which threaten group mind sets



Higher Self Simultaneous Incarnations

  • Since progression is a function of existence, the nature of The Game on 3rd density provides for the next stage of 3rd density incarnational experience. Gradually, over eons of 'time', Higher Selves advance beyond the sequential growth stage, become more mature and individualistic, and make the choice to use the 3rd density incarnational progress not sequentially, but simultaneously, wherein more than a thousand incarnations on Earth, through different time periods, are experienced by the Higher Self, simultaneously
    • you have simultaneous incarnations going in every race, gender, religion and body sexual orientation
  • Since all incarnations from your Higher Self are essentially YOU (experiencing through different bodies and persona), enjoy being 'who you are' and make the most out of the incarnational experiences you have
  • Incarnational experiences of your Higher Self (first sequential, then simultaneous) comprise a very small part of your total experience as a Higher Self. Experiences on this level of reality (through the use of organic incarnational vehicles) prepare us for experiences on higher levels of reality, within which most of our experiences and creations occur
  • Earth is the current incarnation point in this galaxy for Higher Selves using simultaneous incarnational mode
  • The Game was ultimately created by Higher Selves. Each Galaxy is ultimately created by Higher Selves as a place to house Galactic experiential games
  • Each Galaxy has a unique variation of The Game, you chose this one
  • If your Higher Self is on the simultaneous path, experience is accumulated through a great many different unique incarnational points (more than a thousand, all YOU, experiencing) simultaneously throughout the phased space-time continuum on Earth in order to gain experience, maturity, knowledge and wisdom for use as a basis on which to further expand your experience at more refined density levels
  • In order to effectively maintain multiple incarnations simultaneously, memory on the incarnational level of pre-incarnational knowledge is blocked, in order to eliminate interference in the experiential process
    • the Higher Self retains memory of all experience
    • you can relive any experience that you have accumulated, anytime, once your awareness is withdrawn from the body, i.e. death of the physical body



Another Facet of Life on Earth - Nature Spirit Incarnated in Organic Bodies

  • Because of the nature of the organic body and nervous system, by resonance, it can be an attraction for Spirit of more than one nature and path
  • There are bodies whose occupying Spirit comes from the animal kingdom, because due to the DNA breeding command structure there are many more bodies than needed by Higher Selves for sequential or simultaneous incarnational processes on Earth during EndGame
    • humans animated by Spirit from the animal kingdom currently comprise an amazing 65% of the planetary population on Earth at this time
      • these 'people' love to be fed, watered and taken care of
      • riot at the drop of a hat
      • feel a relationship to animals and nature and love to interact in mass crowds
      • no real 'spark' in their eyes
    • Ever wondered why things on Earth 'change' but remain the same and even from a sequential viewpoint the civilization never seems to advance at any meaningful rate?
    • they make wonderful slaves and a real food source for some dark groups



Side Note:

  • Judging and good & evil are all 3rd density control devices, they don't exist in higher densities, they are all just different experiences
  • Few are able to handle what goes on in conversations among those who have long overcome the false limitations of 'the sacred body’
  • When you don't support the physical's supreme stance, you can be labeled 'morbid', 'insensitive', 'unfeeling' or whatever
    • these terms are all used to enforce the body's control over the spirit
    • once the spirit has matured enough, usually in Very Advanced and higher incarnations, you begin to see the body for the dead end, temporary vehicle it is
    • the body/life isn't 'sacred’, NOTHING is sacred. If anything, EXPERIENCE is what the Higher Self treasures
  • Every experience /sensation that the Higher Self has had can be duplicated on higher densities exactly as it was on 3rd density"


Source: http://www.trufax.org/matrix5/segments/primer.html

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What Does School Really Teach Us

1. Truth Comes from Authority

2. Intelligence is the Ability to Remember and Repeat

3. Accurate Memory and Repetition are Rewarded

4. Non-Compliance is Punished

5. Conform: Intellectually and Socially"


It is a lot to unlearn.


But when I listen to thoughtful podcasts like this, I realize many people are busy finding another way forward


> http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2016/04/RIR-160415.php


John Morgan - Esotericism on the Right & Plague of Modernity - Hour 1
April 15, 2016
John Morgan was one of the founders and is Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media, a publisher which has established itself as the leading outlet for the European ‘New Right’ school of thought in English, and has published many other books relevant to the dissident Right and traditionalism more generally. Morgan is also co-editor at the new Right On website. He currently resides in Budapest, Hungary.

John returns to Red Ice to engage in an assessment of the modern Rightist discourse in Western Europe and the US. He begins with an overview of his intellectual and spiritual journey through esotericism, the occult, existentialism, philosophy, and ancient mythology, which eventually connected him to the conservative revolution of the European Right. We discuss the deeply fractured state of Western civilization that seems to stem from a disjointed awareness of heritage and tradition and lack of spiritual veneration. We consider how this lost kinship has primed the conditions for Islam, whose strength lies in a deeply rooted belief system extending beyond pragmatic politics, to again descend upon the West. John sights this escalating conflict as a deep urge within the human psyche to seek out the authentic and go beyond the prescribed programming of this era of material prosperity and egocentricity. Then, John talks about his first years in business with Integral Tradition Publishing in India, a venture that materialized out of his rejection of modernity with its inherent nihilism and a desire for a broader understanding of the enduring culture and identity of the East.

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