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Keenan, Collateral Accounts, the WDS & Planetary Power Shifts

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"Ambassador" Leo Wanta : another con, or another clown ?


Coast To Coast AM - May 28, 2016 Hijacked Trillions Paranormal Accidents



This story is totally unconvincing.


+ He does not give ANY straight answers to logical and obvious questions

+ The amounts he throws around make no sense: $23 Trillion? No way !

+ He does not give any indication that he understands how large financial & currency transactions work

+ No one of standing backs his story - as far as I can tell


If you have a different reaction, we can discuss it here

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It's a financial version of the messiah myth. They are all storytellers telling us about all these $$, yet none has any practical impact on the real world. For a fee, though, as we have seen so many times, you can help them make the story real. Dave Schmidt is so hot on the trail of the RV that he was too busy monitoring private exchanges to do his radio show for the last two weeks!

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"I'm stuck 50/50 between thinking Keenan is running the scam, or if he's some middle man between OITC

and the dupes with him taking a cut of the donations that come in."


The way I see it is:

There are several people running similar scams. And they compete with each other, and overlap to some degree.

In fact I first heard about this type of scheme 8-9 years ago, some years before I had heard of Neil Keenan.

The guy who told me about it gave me a very complicated story about how he was working with a chinese family (Dragons),

that was one of the richest families on the planet. But their wealth had somehow wound up in the hands of the US government.

But they would get it back someday, and it would be paid in Gold.


I was told that if I lent him some money - he asked for $10,000 - that I would get it back with high interest "within a few days,

or weeks." I asked many questions, and was eventually shown some documentation, including a Green Passport, with

my contact's photo, which had him pegged with some sort of impressive title (I forget what it was.)


In the end, I refused to give any money, but he persisted. Eventually, I had to break it off, and not return his phone calls.


Earlier this week, I met with someone who did lend him money, and I was told he has not had a penny back after all these years.

I was told that the "Dragon representative" is still giving him stories about how there will be a breakthrough any day.


Here are some other bizarre parts of the story:

+ I was told that Mao is "still alive" and that he and some other elders are being kept alive with some secret technology

+ The Dragon rep told me that he had Obama's phone number on his phone, and they sometimes have conversations

regarding Obama's role in getting the Gold and the funds released

+ He also told me he had Ben Fulford's phone number, but they have never spoken


It is partly because of my historical contact with there stories that I became interested in RVD and the OPPT scam all those years

ago. I had an open mind, and wanted to see show the story from Ron and OPPT overlapped. Then, I became an aggressive

debunker of OPPT, Swissindo, and The fake Ambassador when I found how poorly they answer genuine and logical questions

And why you helped so many but couldn't help RVD....when people's eyes are filled with $$$ that's all they can see or hear

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Official bankruptcy of the US came on May 2nd, claims Fulford


Benjamin Fulford: June 06, 2016


"China to take US real estate; while the US will want China take as large a haircut as possible"

"Khazarian Mafiosi are fleeing to Patagonia"


It amazes me how he can keep putting out such claims... without any evidence.

It is like he is writing a bad novel and is trying out some plot devices


I do hope he is right that: "Hillary will be taken down after the California primary."

Whereas, "Trump is pushing for real change"


I like the fact that the Rothschild missed another "DEAD"-line BUT because they made up an excuse about someone, something, somewhere... they got another extension. I wonder what the NEXT excuse will be and how long the next so-called "DEAD" line will be? Would they have given ME the same "do-overs" IF "I" was a rapist, murdering war-monger (or would they have busted my ass immediately)? Or are the Rothschild's so much more valuable than the rest of humanity "combined" that it's fine for them to CONTINUE their kidnapping and raping of children, killing, murdering, assassinations, and war-mongering because the lives of good, honest, hard-working people DON'T have as much "VALUE" as thieves, murderers and liars do? ... so we CONTINUE to wait.

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Conversations with monsters



A small black child tries to befriend a monster

Notice the lack of males. Do you want THIS for your future?


Meantime, Keenan is also having conversations with "a Rothschild"


Neil Keenan Update: Are We On Our Way Home? - June 6, 2016


The Rothschilds are asking Keenan to head of a new party.


"Because he was the toughest of their opposition"


Right. When you are about to lose power, you put the toughest of your opposition in power,

Hear that, Hillary, you and Jebbie Boy should put Trump in charge

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Official bankruptcy of the US came on May 2nd, claims Fulford


It's even stupider when you realize what the source for that claim is.




Benjamin is basically arguing that because Puerto Rico, which is a U.S. territory, missed a debt payment on May 2nd, the entire U.S. has gone bankrupt.

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Fulford keeps talking about surrender negotiations, between the cabal and his WDS. But the latest word seems to be that the cabal has pulled out of the "surrender talks"




No wonder.

For the garden variety Illuminati chieftain, even if he wanted to surrender, he would not know whom to go to,

A poster on QL describes the dilemma:


The Observer wrote:

Here is the issue I have with these phony stories about the Cabal surrendering: every time I see a claim like this, I can never figure out to whom I am supposed to be surrendering to. I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted on wild goose chases locating somebody who is in charge of the Cabal prisoners. I have tried the county sheriff, the commanding officer at the local National Guard base, the municipal court clerk, and a justice of the peace. All I got from these folks was a shrug of the shoulders or a suggestion to try the next county over.

Please don't tell me that I have to surrender to Dunford or a Dragon Ambassador; I couldn't get near Dunford and for some strange reason, the Ambassador could not be identified, let alone located. I even checked out the NWO death camps we have set up just to see if they got converted into holding centers for Cabalist prisoners and found them to be empty as well.

What good is a surrender if you are not taking prisoners?


> http://www.quatloos.com/Q-Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11105

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Decapitation? A Major turn now in place?


European Markets are getting clocked today


World Markets
Nikkei- 225 : 16,601.: - 0.40%
Hang Seng : 21,043.: - 1.20%
FTSE- 100 : 6,134.4 : - 1.57%
DAX-------- : 9,873.9 : - 2.13%


UKX / FTSE-100 ... update : UKX-etc






Global stock markets may have been decapitated yesterday.

Several markets gapped down, and left in place a formation at the top, that looks similar to an Island Reversal.


This may be associated partly with the realization that Brexit and the break-up of the EU is a real possibility

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Throughout our extensive research we are very much aware of Mr. Keenan using $US9.5 million (not including frozen/stolen accounts totaling more than $US185 million) of his own money to finance his many global efforts.




This pretty much confirms to me that Keenan is running a scam.


Oh I also really liked this bit:



From our extensive and thorough inquiry there is no question that this happened, since we have seen the direct communications in that Mr. Keenan received such a letter.


"Keenan receiving a letter" isn't proof of anything!

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Neil Keenan : The Biggest Fool?


Let's look at this letter:


On Monday, May 2, 2016, Neil Keenan received an email from the Dragon Family advising him that President Obama had resigned, the RV’s would open, and the Cabal had surrendered.

From our extensive and thorough inquiry there is no question that this happened, since we have seen the direct communications in that Mr. Keenan received such a letter. Upon checking deeper, we learned that “President” Obama did resign with reservations, although he retains his public position as a front man.


(the letter is obviously nonsense)


Thus far, we have concluded that Mr. Keenan’s statements which are referred to above are indeed accurate. We are also aware that in order for Neil Keenan to verify and expose the above, he chose to let go of billions in profit in a deal with the US Treasury regarding the purchase of 300,000 MT of AU.

This was to be a deal with the New Republic, not the old Zionist Cabal one, which is the only way, according to the documents we have seen, that Mr. Keenan would deal with them. The Cabal and the Bush/Clinton families had to be gone in order for this business transaction to be completed.

According to Neil Keenan, with his huge profits from this deal, he was going to use these profits to secure and open the Global Accounts. It is known that Mr. Keenan is once again in the midst of many financial transactions, to generate an influx of funds to complete his task.

Throughout our extensive research we are very much aware of Mr. Keenan using $US9.5 million (not including frozen/stolen accounts totaling more than $US185 million) of his own money to finance his many global efforts.


NK would have to be the biggest fool on the planet...

To "let go of billions in profit" if it could have been done in a legal way (he could spend the billions doing good works, if that is he real intention - it isn't!)


But for the transaction to supposedly go through : "the Bush/Clinton families had to be gone"


Ben Fulford has been trying to wish away the Bush/Clinton crime families, and that has not happened.

NK isn't going to have an easier time wishing away Bush/Clinton.,, or even Obama, despite the nonsense in the letter

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Keenan is sticking to his guns and doubling down saying his claims about Obama stepping down and Fulford's military coup were true. His evidence, that a bunch of websites talked about it. He also claims he said it 3 weeks before anyone, something disproven here by Bubb.

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SOFT LANDING for the Rothschilds?


The comment right at the end of the letter was a real hoot:


"One final note, we also saw the invitation from the Rothschilds requesting Mr. Keenan attend a sit down meeting with them within the next ten days. They are looking for Mr. Keenan to put together a team by which to facilitate a soft-landing for the Rothschild family."


(some people visiting his site took this seriously - why?

why would the Rothschildren think a clown like NK had any authority, or any useful suggestions to offer to them? )


James E. Washin

June 15, 2016 at 9:33 am

what is mean by a “soft landing” and why do they deserve it?

Maybe to help avoid WW3, violent revolution, civil war type of thing.

Plus, some people have flipped and are helping.


I’ve read articles dating as far back as 2012 of cabal surrender. Why are they allowed to continue doing business as usual during negotiations? It appears they are just buying time to complete their plans. I see no signs they are serious about a true surrender. They won’t even give you your money back. How can you trust they will hold to any agreement you make with them?

If the old and new government is the same. What now? Are we moving forward or not? Doesn’t this mean general Dunn is cabal controlled too? What are we negotiating with? What’s in it for them? If they don’t give in to our demands what can we do about it?

Sorry I’m so confused, but I see a few serious loose ends that have me worried. What should the people be doing to help?


THEY NEED ARRESTING..not paying off
NO immunity for all their crimes. ALL their assets seized.. ALL
There will NEVER be peace for the world as long as they are allowed to lurk anywhere except
where we can see them.
TOO many humans have died by their hands.. the PEOPLE need to stand and TAKE BACK what is theirs..

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FULFORD : June 14th


US and UN power hand over or hostile take over up for grabs
Posted by benjamin
June 14, 2016

Special update: The Rothschilds finally got in touch.
This is what the Rothschilds had to say about the situation to a WDS member in Asia:
“It is 0440 hrs here. I finally got in touch with them. Strange time for sure. I spoke with Nat’s personal secretary. I am sure the call was rerouted. This is what she told me, ‘ we are aware of what you and your contact in Tokyo desire. We do agree and are working with other members of the family to make this happen. We are also aware of what is currently taking place. The Golden Lily’s are ready to be harvested. The first of 3 is being prepared now. The group that thinks they will get it, will not. It will be integrated in the change-over to the new plan. Each new district will have their own reserves, for their new currency. Each district will be part of a basket of Asian currencies that are backed with various commodities. We will send our representative over to meet with you, as we know how to reach you. After that, you and your contact in Tokyo will be able to meet with Nat directly, should you desire. Please be on standby.’

I have her name as well. At least the one she gave me… She sounds like she is British, as I can hear from the way she talks.

I do not know what you should do with this information. Maybe release part of it, and hold the part about actually naming xxx back for now.
It seems that your numbers were checked out and they are obviously aware of what you have been saying in your weekly updates…as well as our conversations?”
So in other words, the Rothschilds have finally agreed to support a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and trigger an exponential expansion of humanity into the universe.This is good new indeed for the planet. We will keep readers posted on any further developments.

Old report begins here:

Negotiations for a new financial system are on hold as the controllers of the old system seem to have gone into or are preparing to go into hiding. This means that at the time of this writing it is unclear if there will be peaceful transition to a new financial system or a hostile take-over of the old system.

The backdrop to these now on hold negotiations is an increasingly chaotic situation in the United States, the Middle East and Europe as the bankruptcy of the Western financial system begins to affect social and economic stability.

The situation in the United States is especially critical with an intense power struggle that has become visible even in the corporate media. This can be seen as some Khazarian controlled media like the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting a very different reality than media like the Wall Street Journal and ABC TV or the nation-wide McClatchy newspaper chain. The former, for example, report that Hillary Clinton is now the official Democratic Party presidential candidate while the latter are concentrating more on the criminal investigations into the Clinton foundation etc. The clearest sign of a split in the power structure, though, comes from the White House itself. There “acting-President” Barack Obama publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President only to have the White House Press spokesman come out an hour later to say that Clinton was under criminal investigation.




The bankruptcy on May 2nd of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation is being felt in increasingly obvious ways. For example, many of the close to 50 million Americans who rely on food aid to feed their families were experiencing glitches with their cards this month, in what is either a cyber-attack or an attempt to steal their money. Another example is that police have gone from stopping cars and stealing the passenger’s cash to using high-tech devices to empty their credit cards. There are also reports of glitches in mobile phone networks and GPS systems around the US in what is a clear sign of intense cyber-warfare.

The false flag attack in Orlando, Florida, where 50 people were allegedly killed, “will not stop leaks or distract” from the ongoing campaign to end Khazarian mafia control of the United States, Pentagon officials say. The Orlando incident also illustrated the split in the US with many corporate media outlets describing it as an attack by a single ISIS “radical Muslim” killer while internet news sites, agency officials and other aware people instantly recognized it as yet another Khazarian mafia psychological warfare operation false flag incident.

The Pentagon and the agencies already know the Khazarian mafia the real culprits behind this attack and know the trail leads to Israel and world Khazarian mafia headquarters in Switzerland.

This false flag took place immediately after top bosses of the Khazarian mafia ended their meeting at the Bilderberg gathering in Dresden, Germany. Although not on the official list of attendees, Rothschild family sources confirm


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/06/14/us-and-un-power-hand-over-or-hostile-take-over-up-for-grabs/

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FULFORD : June 20th

In a first US Supreme Commander General Joseph Dunford addresses the UN as head of Republic
Posted by benjamin
June 20, 2016

On June 17th, in an unprecedented move, US Supreme Commander General Joseph Dunford addressed the United Nations peacekeeping summit to discuss transitioning the US military into a global force for peace. US forces will now be replacing corrupt and poorly trained UN peacekeeping troops who have caused many scandals involving rape, theft, etc. The full text of his speech can be seen here:


Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power and General Joseph F …

Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power and General Joseph F. Dunford at a UN Meeting on Peacekeeping

Pentagon officials say that in addition to what Dunford told the UN, this also means the US military will now be focusing its energies on “Israel, drug cartels and China in the South China Sea.” They will also be fighting to protect eco-systems and hunt down poachers of endangered species, other Pentagon officials say.

The Rothschild family, secret rulers of Israel, for their part, told the White Dragon Society “We want to mend our ways.” They promise to reach an agreement on setting up and financing a new future planning agency during meetings due to take place in July, according to WDS sources.

However, a representative of a group who previously negotiated with what they call R&R or Rothschild and Rockefeller, warned that these families were just fronts for the Italian and Spanish black nobility headed by the Borgia, Medici, Orsini and Del Banco (Warburg) families among others. The negotiators they plan to send will be professional James Bond 007 type assassins, this source warned. He said his group lost several hundred of their agents as a result of their failed negotiations. The source said his group was warned by others not to trust these people but they decided to try to negotiate a new financial system with them anyway. “The result of such decision since then has cost the life of a few hundred agents, even though the ratio is about 1 of ours for every ten of them is has been an extremely painful experience to endure. In addition they will put a large price on the ‘heads’ of all the main people involved in the transaction (usually between 20 to 100 million dollars).”

In conclusion, the source continued, “The R & R have no honor, never keep their word and will bluntly lie to you ALL of the time to get their way. They act like this because in the past they never had to comply and that behavior has always worked great for them, so they strongly believe they never have to so they NEVER will… They follow no law, no rule no code of honor or of any type but their own benefit regardless of the human and capital cost! We have absolutely no value to them unless we are their 100% submissive slaves.”

The Rothschilds responded by saying Nathaniel Rothschild recently lost a $300 million lawsuit, a first ever loss for that family. Furthermore, the French head of the family, Baron David de Rothschild, is on the run from the French police after an indictment for fraud, In other words, they know they are no longer above the law.

They also want to find a new protector for their colony of brainwashed slaves known as Israel. That is why Benyamin Netanyahu has gone four times to Russia recently to seek Russian protection from expected Pentagon law enforcement actions against their country.

The Russian government, however, is now run by the Orthodox Church and the old Tsarist Nationalist network and is in no mood to protect the people who caused their nation so much torment during the 20th century.

The WDS will only protect the innocent among the Jews and will insist on their re-education based on their true history and applying the golden rule (do unto others as you would have others do unto you) to all peoples and not just Jews.

The black nobility, for its part, is fighting desperately to keep their EU fascist government intact. They staged a killing (real or fake is not clear) of pro-EU politician Jo Cox to try to manipulate public opinion towards staying or at least create a plausible cover story for a planned vote stealing of the Brexit referendum due on June 23rd. WDS and Illuminati sources have both previously corresponded with Jo Cox when she was identifying herself as a Rothschild agent. If the British people vote to regain their independence, it will be a huge blow to the black nobility.
Even if they don’t, the European banking system is in a state of collapse which will undo their fascist EU project anyway.

In any case, the WDS will only respect action, not promises, by the “R&R,” and their black nobility bosses. If they steal or try to steal the British referendum, there will be consequences.

Speaking about R&R, a CIA source says he recently saw Richard Rockefeller alive and well in Argentina. Rockefeller supposedly died in a plane crash in 2014 so, if this source is right, he just faked his death so he could escape from the US.
Pentagon sources say he is the exception and most top Khazarian mafia bosses still in the US will not be allowed to escape justice.

The source of their power in the US, the ability to create and distribute money, is also being confiscated. To that end there was an unusual meeting at the US Treasury Department on June 14th where US presidential spokesperson Barack Obama, General Dunford and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper discussed

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You seen this video before?



I had no idea Keenan's story was this crazy. The guy is holding up a fake gold bar he got out of some magic box in Indonesia?

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I have. (I believe, though my internet connection does not allow me to watch it now)


The "gold" was green, I believe.

And Keenan went on begging for donations even after he got his hands on it

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Dave Schmidt is delusional (too), claiming Global Collateral accounts exist


- But provides no actual evidence, simply asserting it is true


June 29th Dave's Continues Last Week's Discussion of the RV/GCR

Published on Jun 28, 2016

Dave will continue his discussion from last week's radio program on the RV.GCR. This week he talks about the source of the funds, who has the gold, whre does it come from and why some will be funded and others will not.

The Sedona Connection dot com : https://thesedonaconnection.wordpress.com/


Claiming it is so does not make it so.

Someone should ask Dave for the evidence backing his claims


He also says: "I have been invited back to Hong Kong" (to meet the elders)

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A Special Report on the Global Collateral Accounts


An edited version of the radio program on the same subject - jump in at 5 minutes (after the weather report)


+ He claims "real" sources, "real" people who never go public, and never post on blogs (and cannot be confirmed)
+ "I would love to be wrong" (well guess what, Dave!)
+ Those cabal sources that do not want this to happen are using secrecy and disinformation (only Dave has the truth?)
+ For all those out there who think I'm a scammer, I don't take money (er, what about the conferences you sell? "no one forces you")
+ One day I will totally open up - a lot of it will be in the book I am going to write
+ The gold in (in the collateral accounts) was collected in Asia over hundreds of years, or thousands of years
+ The gold is off-markets, and is used in shadow transactions
+ It came from Solomon's Temple, and over the silk road - check also Lance Schuttler, on TheSpiritScience dotnet (source: Neil Keenan)
+ Also from GoldWarriors book, about Yamashita's Gold - "this gold is real, there are lots of pictures"
+ Neil Keenan, Swissindo, Karen Hudes, Ray C Dam / OITC, the Red Dragons, & others say they are in charge of this (mythical) gold
+ The gold was said to be in caves in the Philippines and Indonesia after the war
+ Sukarno had control, and had an agreement with Kennedy, who was going to back the US currency - but 9-10 days later, JFK was dead
+ The CIA created a civil war to get rid of Sukarno... and the cabal came in and took it
+ Those who think they have control now, do not control the gold... because it traces back to the Dragon families
+ Two years ago, an important agreement ended - and various factions are now fighting over it
+ Who is the "top Dog"? (Dave cannot tell you this)
+ "The Gold is very real... and it is scores and scores of trillions of dollars" (but he gives no evidence)
+ "Neil Keenan has credible information... But he does not have the full picture... Another is Zap, Jersey K."
+ (stopped at 37 minutes)

=== ===


I gnash my teeth, this superficial run-through of highly dubious sources is miles away from a serious report


In other words, Dave's special report is a Big Nothing ! - just a rehash of old stories, old misinformation

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Who is the real "Bottom-fisher"? Is Ben Fulford's threat for real?


NEIL KEENAN FULL UPDATE 7.03.16: Crayfish And His 3 Trillion Dollars


That's a lot of money, chances are (like 100%) that it is pure delusion


Could this "funny money" be the source of the $100mn per head Bounty that Ben Fulford is talking about

for arrest or termination of certain bad guys?


Ben Fulford 7, 05 ,16 : "Khazarian Mafia Defeat Certain"


"FRANCE will be forced to leave the Euro"


(in a video he recorded July 4th):

"We know who you are... This is your final chance"

Benjamin Fulford July 4th 2016


"After the July 10th deadline, we will issue a deck of 52 playing cards" (with their names and pictures?)


This idea was suggested here:


MP3 : http://media.blubrry.com/vtradio/p/content.blubrry.com/vtradio/The_Short_End_of_the_Stick-with_Mike_Harris-2016-06-07.mp3


> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/06/10/short-end-of-the-stick-with-mike-harris-benjamin-fulford-is-the-guest-2/


At the end of his July 4th video, Ben says: "Have a nice day"

I am sure the elites will appreciate that

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Neil Keenan Update: June 26, 2016 Hot Spot: Money, RV’s, Transparency And The Gold Game


Michael Tellinger played a neat trick:
Instead of paying back his creditors in cash, he issued to them promissory notes, giving them a Time, Date and Place where they could go to get paid back. (Presumably at the top of a mountain at 2 am.) When no one showed up, he said the agreement had lapsed, and they would not be repaid. Imho, Tellinger is another con-artist


"The elites have ancient trusts, with 50-60 zeros behind them."
BULLSH/t! impossible! there is NOT that much money on the planet. So where is the wealth stored? Off planet?


Comments from under the video

Neil the Criminal elite can no longer be trusted in any shape or form to ask the people of the world to do so is wrong, they need to be removed there is no exceptions they must be punished for their crimes. it's time they are forced to live in poverty as they have forced humanity to do so. a leopard cannot change his spots as the elites will not change theirs. to allow them to continue is like telling a pedophile he is free to continue molesting and praying on children.
If, indeed, Neil, you are in a position to represent the legal form of republic based upon the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Articles of Confederation, then thank you for recognizing the Swissindo trojan horse and rejecting the gold handouts
I agree with not handing out large sums of money to the masses because of the huge inflationary ramifications but also the reasons behind why they are getting this money is lost in their minds. They are not informed. Most would say "who cares where it came from." And thus cabal control endures as always. Just help cancel the fake debt for us all. I refuse the money anyways whether it be gold or silver that I have not earned myself.

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