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DISCERNING others : new topics (KO'Keefe v Max, Zen G)

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Hillary propped up in front of a green screen? Why am I not surprised?


Her puppeteers may like a world where they don't need a living candidate, and can issue computer simulated speech under her "brand"

=== ===


I wonder if the toads at Project Avalon, have managed to recognize the evil candidate yet?

And if they understand yet why someone felt compelled to start THIS old thread there back in 2014:


The Crucial Battle against Political Correctness (a new trend)

// stories about pushback - against the destruction of Western culture //


Program: In the event that You are called a : "Racist", here's what to do...

"You are only calling me that because I am White...
"Racism is a codeword used to attack white people."

(Stop there - No need to say anything else - Act like you have WON the debate.


> source: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?71551-The-Crucial-Battle-against-Political-Correctness--a-new-trend-


/ 2 /

(Tell me, was this post spot-on, if a little early?)


The Beginning to the End of Political Correctness in the UK ?

UKIP, which had been seen as a "Fringey" Fourth party - has triggered an Earthquake.
In the election for EU representatives, UKIP has done the unthinkable:

Result : the "upstart" 4th Party wins the Most Votes !

UKIP--- : 28. %
Labour- : 25.7%
Tories-- : 24.5% (PM David Cameron is in this party)
Liberals : 07. % (Deputy PM Nick Clegg is now in trouble)
== source: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/...cal-earthquake

You can learn more about Nigel Farage's views here:
UKIP Nigel Farage - Four against one, BBC Question time May 2014

What does it mean? - Here's one comment from Youtube:

1963MAN / 1 week ago:
" I think that people (mainly UKIP voters) are waking up to the fact that political correctness has been used as a tool for far too long to silence and stifle debate. Subjects such as gay marriage, feminism and multiculturalism have been used to undermine the traditional family unit and the cohesion of the nation state. This is a typical collectivist policy driven by successive UK governments and the EU. UKIP have got the balls to talk about these topics and as a consequence are taking a lot of flak. VOTE UKIP."

Yes. This big and shocking UKIP vote, can be read as a rejection of Political Correctness.



Hillary is now the Focal point of PUSHBACK against the NWO / Globalist agenda within the US


And this is a part of the reason that Trump has been so successful, The pushback movement needed a leader,

and he stepped forward with money, courage, and a compatible message at just the right time.


Rand Paul might have done it, but he was too mired in the past.

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