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CITY GATE, KROMA Tower, & AFT (photos)

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(from the Stock Mentee thread):

OFFICE MARKET may Never again be the same

AREIT may be effected by the WFH trend. So we SOLD our AREIT shares


OFFICE RENTS must be under pressure in PHL too.  walking around Makati today, i saw about half a dozen signs of Offices for rent. 

Consequently, I sold the last of my AREIT shares today. capturing the latest dividend and a capital gain too.  Why? I reckon I will have chances to buy AREIT cheaper,. maybe much cheaper in 2021. A cheaper price will mean a better yield,  so I take the divs & cap.gain and move on.  Meantime, I found another share with a decent dividend (5%+ historically), and seemingly cheap price relative to rising PSEI, and the shares I have sold recently.

After selling 500 shs of AREIT at 28.10, and buying 100 shs PSE at 156.10...

Current PHL.     :
Portfolio + Cash: 142,781 - incl. 85k loan >Can.
Adjustment # 1. :    3,500 - Div paid to Mentee
Value, adj.1 —   :  146,281
Adjustment # 2 :        153 - Areit x 0.34/sh x90%
All-in value — :   146,434  vs. End.Nov: 146,179
Chg.: +0.17%. :    + P 255

Charts ... YTD: sep-dec: 10d :: PSE: 155.0 / PSEI: 7,154 = r-2.17% (YE'2019: 200/7,000= r-0.00%)


I continue to think that PSEI may be in the process of rolling over.


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PARKING  vacancies in Makati... Going Up?

I am hearing some rumors of cheap parking spaces for sale at Kroma, well under P 1 Million

KROMA PARKING, just checked, a little after 5pm: 52 cars on 4 parking floors  (3rd-7th),

about 60 slots per floor, so 22% full now.  Will also check at 6am or so sometime

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HOW DO I STOP a parasite like Bobbyinvok?

You Owe me big time, Azhat, for all the time, I have wasted deleting your unwanted posts.

If I find a way to get even, I will

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