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CITY GATE, KROMA Tower, & AFT (photos)

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CityGate: Prime location: KROMA, & AFT are Going Up Fast

------------------------------------------------------------------------> : RENTING / Buying 2nd-hand @ Kroma -> Page 6


Great Business Connections: Walking along Ayala Avenue, away from the City Gate end (Citygate will be across the street, to the right)

c8RklYD.jpg : CG model-fr ChRoces

Alveo's Model of City Gate viewed for the Manila Bay side. It shows buildings clustered along Ayala Avenue. The new Kroma Tower is at the intersection of Dela Rosa and Legazpi Street, connected to the coming Citygate platform

BUILDINGS are rather Tall in the Citygate Area (with Makati height rank as of end 2016 - see post #18)

# Building------------------------   Height: Floors Year
?? The Rise                           210 m : 59 F : 2019/20?
?? Air Residences                195 m : 51 F : 2019/20?
13 One Central                     195 m : 50 F : 2013
14 RCBC Plaza Yuch. Twr  192 m : 46 F : 2001
?? Alveo Fin'l Twr/ Jaka     186 m : 49 F : 2020/21?
?? Lerato Tower 3 (tallest) 183 m : 48 F : 2018
?? Alphaland Tower             180 m : 35 F : 2013
?? Kroma Tower                   157 m : 52 F : 2018


Kroma and Citygate at October 2016 ... image : Kroma2c

jBDj3KY.gif : MakatiMap


Kroma Tower had reached the 42nd floor by October 2016 ... image

What is planned at Citygate: ... image


: 1f : Kroma-CityGate

=================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - > The Rise & Air will be next to City Gate

377238.jpg < Ayalaland's Citygate development

vnwcKpu.jpg : subway-2C-65pct

Kroma Tower - Alveo Land


Kroma Tower is Alveo Land's hottest mixed-use high-rise development in the Makati Central Business District (MCBD).

Located along the energetic Dela Rosa ...

SSC threads :: Citygate : Kroma : Ayat Corner : AFT : TheRise : AirRes : Makati : MetroManila : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1471414

Rise thread on Mak-Prime  : Rise : TheRise, other: selling a contract : SSC-kroma :

>> Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/citygatePH / KT Owners thread : (for GEI members only)

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City Gate Now, and Alveo's model of the future


The City Gate area is taking on more shape - ALVEO Financial Tower (AFT) has been added to the original plans.

3698276_orig.jpg > Rise / vs Air



The City Gate model from ALVEO's showroom, as viewed from above where The Rise will be built : PB

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Citygate, circa Nov. 2016 : this seems to be from the top of AXA Tower - Kroma Tower is under construction to the right

Note that Citygate is at the NE end of Ayala Avenue in Makati's Central Business District


Columns (31 floors), RCBC (46 floors, 192m) - across from City Gate : PB

> source-100pct : SSC : Emporis :

A proposed railway would go under Ayala Avenue - Citygate is were the brown line turns down


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Alveo Financial Tower (AFT) 49 stories, 186 m... is scheduled for completion in 2020


Priced originally at P225k psm, and now P 250k per Sqm, AFT is one of the most expensive properties on Ayala Avenue, and therefore in the country

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THE BUSIEST CORNER? (I have dubbed it: "Ayat Corner")

Within 5-10 years Ayala / Gil Puyat will be one of the busiest corners in Makati (& in Greater Manila?)

k2majUa.jpg :

Corner of Ayala and Gil Puyat (also known as Buendia) is set to get a whole lot busier within 5-10 years./ Kroma will be 52 stories, 157 m. : Kroma-Nov28

sQgE6pe.png : Ayat Corner.

RISE & AIR Residences


Citygate's foundation : View of from The Coffee Bean on Ayala Ave. & Amorsolo , with The Air in the distance : PB :


Maluguy St near Ayala Ave will be the home of The Rise (59 fl, 210 m), and The Air (51 fl, 195 m) : PB : Rise thread


Alphaland Makati Tower (55 stories) and Lerato (t1: 37; t2: 31; t3: 48 stories) are also very near the Ayala / Gil Puyat corner : PB

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Busiest Corner #2 : Buses and Pedestrians

The Impact of the proposed new BRT, and the walkway extension

This could be big... assuming it is actually developed

A BRT station at / near the City Gate Corner would allow people to commute in from:

+ Ayala station, and the MRT-3 Line, and

+ Taft station, and the LRT-1 Line

This will open the new commercial projects there to commuters from all over Great Manila,

given the extensive reach of the MRT, and LRT lines

Makati's plan for a P 1 Billion : BUS Rapid Transit System

Summary of a story which appeared in this week's Manila Bulletin

Key Points:

+ A business group, Makati Commercial Estate Assoc. (MACEA), whose member own comm'l buildings in Makati has submitted a plan to the govt for a P 1 Bn BRT system. The plan involves private financing under a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement
+ The first step is to get approval at the local and national levels


MAP - showing Pedestrian walkway, with proposed bus link : PB :

+ There is a plan for six underground stations, starting at the corner of EDSA and Ayala Avenues
+ From there, it would go down Ayala Avenue, and turn left at Gil Puyat Ave. (Buendia), and continue on to end at the Buendia station, also called Taft Ave. on LRT-1, Light Rail line.
+ It would utilize existing buses, and the space presently given over to the center islands along Ayala Ave.
+ It will connect with the larger BRT system for Greater Manila has already been approved, and is now arranging financing
+ MACEA's plans also include spending on pedestrian facilities in Makati. P 497M has already been spent, and the works include the 305 meter extension of the Dela Rosa walkway, which opened on Monday (yesterday)


Dela Rosa walkway extension was opened yesterday. Mayor Binay was among the first to try it - it is now the longest walkway in PH

"ongoing projects include sidewalk enhancements for de la Rosa, Valero and their connecting streets, as well as the on grade covered walkway along Valero, V.A.Ruffino and dela Rosa streets."

(A key source of this information was: Manuel Blas 2, VP within the strategic landbank management group of Ayalaland)



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THE RISE - shows Slow progress so far


6th Floor only, so far


Progress seems slow, as one SSC poster complained:

"That's 4 floors finished in 2 months since October. Tapos na 'yong 2 floor gym as you see (I mean tapos na i construct). Sabay sabay naman 'yong gawa e ng tatlong wing e.
If the plan is to contruct 59 floors, that's 53 more floors to go which means 28 months to top off at current pace which would bring us to April 2019.
Kung 1 year after ng topping off ang turnover ng units, that would bring us to 2nd qtr of 2020 as the date of the turnover. Parang sakto lang sa deadline nila"

> http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1723515&page=67

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KROMA, Alveo's fast-emerging Reality is next to the Dream (at City Gate) - Kroma has reached the 45th Floor : PB :



From now, building progress will likely accelerate on City Gate and AFT

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.Thinking about the View of your flat in Kroma?

These photos from Makati Prime (MP) may help you to visualize what your view might be




Many flats facing Dela Rosa will have a nice view down Legazpi Street, see also photo#3, below ... PB :
The view of Kroma from Sotto Street - to the left of the pink condo bldg (Windsor Tower), is PNB's renovated building : PB :

This shows the view down Legazpi St. towards 31-storeys "GB Hamilton" : PB : In edit > that bldg. is Man Tower

The old building (GSIS Building*) on the right before GH-Hamiliton is now empty and said to be for sale. It may get replaced with a new one within 5-10 years.

In fact, a corrugated metal wall has just been erected in front of the GSIS Building*, and it looks as if demolition could be about to begin.

An announcement may be made soon, and the footprint is large and so something like GB Hamilton could go into that space eventually.


On the left side of the street are two towers of Grand Midori: 38 storeys, 145 m high (see floorplan, above) : PB :


Windsor Tower is a Class-C Residential building (built 1983) located at 163 Legazpi Street, Makati City. : PB :

> source

*Notes on GSIS Building : Manila Bulletin | Sunday | February 7, 2016:
"State-run Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is hopeful that it can dispose at least one of its assets in 2016 despite failed attempts in the previous years;;; GSIS is also selling the 2,429-square meter property on Legaspi Street in Makati City"
> see post #1 : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1895939
There's also this note on another site, saying (but I consider this to be unconfirmed):
> http://wikimapia.org/2531467/OLD-GSIS-VACANT

I spoke with the guard there, and he told me, "it is for sale."

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A correction - based on on comment from SSC:

"That pic is not of Greenbelt Hamilton..."



Looking down Legazpi Street with corrected labels on buildings : PB :

(with the above photo, comes this comment):
Actually, you are right
You will find that GB Hamilton is positioned there, between Legazpi and Sotto St.
But there is an older building first (Man Tower, pictured), before you come to an empty lot (T2), and GBH, Tower-1
I walked by it again today, to confirm this information.


Man Tower is at 153, Legazpi St. across from Grand Midori, and was completed in 2013, and has 29 floors, according to Zipmatch.

I have found a recent record of a Fully-furnished 2BR flat in Man Tower of 80 SM offered at PHP 60,000 being rented out - that would be P 750 psm. I would expect that flats in Kroma would rent for more than Man Tower, because of its newness, and better location on the Citygate podium and the walkway.



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Kroma Location from the Top - Old photos, next to Jaka / AFT :

Solaris One (24 storeys, 92 m.) is to the right of Kroma and the small park


Photo is from years ago, long before Kroma construction had begun


The Kroma flats "with a view of the pool" should also look past Alveo Financial Tower (AFT), in the upper left corner of this photo.


Kroma Tower is the upcoming project of Ayala Alveo Land along Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Its the previous lot of the planned Solaris Two building. Situated in the pulsing cosmopolitan hub of Legaspi Village in Makati City, Kroma Tower is stunning from every angle. It is a seamless fusion of two elements of superior modern living: convenience and tranquility.

Ayala Alveo Kroma Tower Makati Dela Rosa legazpi Village is located conveniently within Makati Central Business District and near schools, medical / health institutions, commercial areas, various leisure and recreation spots. Its ideal location gives residents and their families the comfort of having their needs within easy reach making life easier and more relaxed. Much like the successful Senta, Kroma Tower is a few minute walk away from Ayala Center and Ayala Avenue corporate strip.

Like other Ayala Alveo High-Rise projects, Kroma Tower will highlight a well-planned incorporation of luxurious leisure amenities as part of its lifestyle-enhancing privilege offerings for its upcoming unit owners. First class amenities and verdant landscaping are planned to encourage a relaxed, recreational lifestyle, providing residents with wholesome activities that encourage family bonding and de-stressing. Through wellness and invigorating recreational facilities, a well-balanced lifestyle will be promoted to address the needs of each family member.

Brief History of Makati City | Philippine Real Estate Broker

04.29.2018  | 

Tradition attributes the name Makati to two possible sources. The Tagalog word “kati” accented on the first syllable, means “tide.” Accented on the last syllable, it means “itch.” Long ago the area was wilderness where “lipang kalabaw.” a weed whose leaves irritates the skin upon contact, thrived. The early Spanish asked the natives for the more »

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CityGate Model - as displayed in Alveo's Lifestyles showroom at Greenbelt mall

/ 1 /


Alveo's model of City Gate, viewed from Chino Roces : PB :

/ 2 /


Alveo's model of City Gate, viewed from where the high floors of the Rise will be : PB :

/ 3 /


MAP of Makati showing walkway to Greenbelt and Glorietta ... : PB :

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Co-operation / Discussion for Kroma Tower Owners?

Here are some areas where cooperation by Kroma owners may be advantageous

+ Approaches to Alveo concerning delays in construction, and issues regarding the design of facilities

+ Savings on design and decoration of flats - if a designer knows there may be multiple clients, he/she may offer discounts

+ Optimizing rental rates by cooperating rather than competing in seeking clients; good design can enhance rents;

.. And some tenants may pay more, if they know they can rent multiple flats in the same building or also on the same floot

+ Sharing of information on design options, building issues, and preferred local merchants


If you are interested in joining a Kroma Tower Owners Group (KTO Group), then please join Makati Prime / GEI

And post your comments on this thread. If there is enough interest, I will start a dedicated thread for the KTO Group.

> (CLUE: You need to know that Dr B's favorite @nimal / use: "Admiral Byrd" when you JOIN HERE, see post #2 : It is Free! )

> Link to this thread: http://tinyurl.com/MP-KTOgroup > see Post #13

(In edit)
Re: Kroma Private Discussion - for KTO Group
In one of the sections of this website, that can only be seen by signed in members, I have started a thread for Private discussions
> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21202
Comments there cannot be seen by the public, or by search engines

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TALK FREELY here, even discuss some business ideas - can't do everywhere

(A certain well-known website likes to ban people, with messages like this):


You have been banned for the following reason:
Clone Account of ????

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

They never give actual reasons, and do not seem to care if the person they ban has made posts with good content,

Even if you have provided photos that were liked by many of their members.

I think this site can and will do better from Owners & prospective owners of flats in nearby projects

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Air Residences - progress ...with buying & interest



Air - just keeps getting taller, having caught up to The Rise


SSC seems to have some buying and selling interest - but many accounts get banned soon after these types of conversations got started


Join Date: Jul 2015 / Posts: 20 ( Jan. 1st, 2017 ):
I've got a studio at Rise for sale. Any interest, do pm me. Agents are welcomed.

Registered User:
Join Date: Aug 2016 / Posts: 6 ( Jan. 16, 2017 ):
How much?
Join Date: May 2016 / Posts: 4 ( Jan. 21st, 2017 ):
Got a studio apartment, 22.95sqm @ 58 storey.
Agent pm me for interest.

=== ===

I am considering starting a thread here (some day), to assist transactions at:

Kroma, The Rise, Air Residence, etc.

Comments are welcome.

(in edit) : here's the new thread for The Rise (which also has photos of Air Residences)

> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21503

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The RACE to the Top? The Rise versus Air Residences

The Rise and the Air seem to be competing with each other, to see which building will be completed first


SSC comment:

"you can see both amenity level side by side. I thought both towers compliment each other."

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Alveo Financial Tower - Building the Luxury Box


The original design for Jaka Tower had a curved frontage, shaped with columns.

But Ayala seems to have decided that was too old fashioned, so they opted for a box-like, but modern design


As someone on SSC put it:

"It just boggles the mind all the trouble they are going through just to make this building a box!

It looks like they continue on with the reinforced concrete structure as if it was the old design with the curve but with the exterior steel attached to it!'"

> http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1568161&page=16


At least the new design seems to work for many. Buyers liked it enough to pay P 225k - P 250k per sqm !

They are making a logical bet on Rising Office rents, with little supply in Makati helps - especially on Ayala Avenue.

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CityGate is rising fast ... in a Growing neighborhood


Height (estimated): 114.46 m
Floors (above ground): 30 storeys, when completed
Construction start : 2015
Construction end :  2018
--- Compare:

Tallest buildings in Makati
# Building------------------------------ Height: Floors Year
1 Trump Tower, Century City : 280 m : 58 F : 2016
2 PBCOM Tower                      : 259 m : 55 F : 2000
3 Gramercy Residences         : 250 m : 73 F : 2012
4 Discovery Primea                : 250 m : 68 F : 2014
5 G.T. International Tower     : 217 m : 43 F : 2002
13 One Central                         : 195 m : 50 F : 2013
14 RCBC Plaza Yuch. Tower : 192 m : 46 F : 2001

?? The Rise                              : 210 m : 59 F : 2019/20?
?? Air Residences                  : 195 m : 51 F : 2019/20?
?? Alveo Fin'l Tower / Jaka  : 186 m : 49 F : 2020/21?
?? Lerato Tower 3 (tallest)   : 183 m : 48 F : 2018
?? Alphaland Tower               : 180 m : 35 F : 2013
?? Kroma Tower                     : 157 m : 52 F : 2018

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Kroma's Podium and Pool



How the Pool area will look in the future

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Rise vs Air:  Windows discussion

There's some complaining about possible "small windows" in the Rise / on a thread at SSC


"I find the color palette currently applied to the facade of the Rise horrible! The windows look small also."

"These are the pics of their model homes showing big windows. High expectations often leads to disappointments. At least for Air, we are not expecting much"


"Tsk tsk. Deep sigh. I had to remind myself that I bought this at 90k per sqm. My agent was offering me future development in wack wack. I say forget it."

The Rise Makati [63F|res|u/c]

It is smaller than what was promised, i think we lost a foot in height. But i dont think its smaller than Air. Regardless, I sent an inquiry to the developer.
Agree, we need to watch out for further value engineering."

(This guy sounds like an owner or agent for The Air):

"Too bad for all the investors of the Rise as value engineering are visibly now coming into play. I can tell this early that this could be the first and the last project of Shang Properties catering to the so-called middle class investors.

Caveat to all investors and would be investors of the Rise. You have been warned! Go and check the ongoing construction of this so-called world class development. While you are at it, you may want to check the details of the so-called project team of the Rise also and get ready for a very big surprise!

Somehow, they are trying to copy the color scheme (with a very weird color mix of dark grey, dark blue, violet tone) of their marketing materials when the picture as shown above was supposed to be taken at night (probably with a dark blue and some violet overcast skies) and edited to give a dramatic feeling to it. Come on, Shang Properties you should remember that you have a name and reputation to protect.

I agree that Air may have bigger windows compared to the Rise. As to the balcony area, forget about it. You may not even fit in there in the first place. Maybe that was designed to serve as emergency exits."

> SSC: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1723515&page=70

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The City Gate area is developing and Growing... & includes Rise & Air (for me)


- - - - - - - - - - : Citygate Area thread

MORE Info on the Windows issue at the Rise (as started on the previous page)

RISE Showflat : 1 BR/studio



If you look closer the window's height is just around twice the height of the aircon provision. That is mostly standard sized and as much as i know it is 45cm/17.5feet. So the windows height is only 90cm/23feet. It looks very small.

I think the expectations towards this project are way to high because of the developers name. But what do you expect at a pre-selling price starting from 2.3 million? You can't expect the same quality as Shangri-la BGC Residences or Horizon Homes. They should have created another brand like for example Hampton by Hilton where they could still include the name Shangri-la but make it clear that it is differente. But ofcourse the name Shangri-la standing for itself at 2.3 millions was a sales boost for the project and some people only bought a unit because of the Shangri-la branding. But you don't get the real Shangri-la quality for SMDC prices. This project is priced more or less the same as the SMDC PREMIER AIR RESIDENCES so it should be obivious that it can't have the quality of a 5 star serviced Condo/Hotel. Unfortunately some people believed they would get the real Shangri-la quality and are now dissapointed that this is not the case.
I still think that this is a very nice building but people should set their expectations lower and compare it to other buildings in the same price range and not compare it to other Shangri-la buildings which cost five or six times more. If they do so they will realize that they are still getting a nice apartment for the price they paid.
The window will be 150*250cm and from the bottom of the window to the floor is 79cm. this is the data from shang

In the construction side-by-side photo, it does seem obvious that the Air has a higher floor to ceiling distance sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

But having said that, upon looking at the pics of the model units, it seems that the model units do have low ceiling. Maybe that explains why The Rise has 63 floors and the Air 50 floors (will they end up having the same final height?). - ANSWER: Not quite. Rise is 210m vs 195m for Air.

Regarding the Window, from the plans, I thought it is mainly the units at the ends which will have small windows as there are pillars at the tips of the "propeller". On the other hand, the central units are all in glass and so I think floor to ceiling windows?

The balcony may not seem usable but on the lower floor is good for the laundry and yet, on the higher floors is not safe enough to climb out any way. I am on the central 61st storey...I wouldnt dare go out that balcony... lol...

> http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1723515&page=70

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Why is Kroma not Glass-Clad ?

Keep Cool, Save Money

Originally Posted by X_X viewpost.gif
but they can do it for office buildings, why not residential as well??


Office buildings are designed as enclosed boxes meaning it should have a robust mechanical system to heat/cool and control the inside temperature of the building which a typical condominium does not have hence the reason why you see a lot of pretty glass-clad office buildings. On a residential setting which every operable window cannot be centrally controlled or tied into a central mechanical system that have actuators so that it can open and close to control indoor air quality it is logical not to have full-on glass on the exterior wall. Just imagine a 10'wx8'h double glazed,low-E glass wall (I do hope it is at least double glazed on Kroma's windows and asking for low-E is already stretching it) then it is 33° C outside that 33° heat and UV will radiate inside the building through the glass in short you will be cooking yourself and everything inside and no internal window shades will get that heat down and your window AC will be working hard to at least keep it at 25° inside. Sometimes even if you have a operable window on that glass wall it won't help venting the room unless you have cross ventilation which is very rare on condos to have operable windows that are situated to provide cross ventilation. Not to mention cost of making that glass wall versus to just plain cheap mass it is why residential developers are staying away from glass-clad exterior walls.

I am not saying it is impossible to have glass walls on condos in the Philippines. You will need to spend a LOT of money to treat it (low-e, double or triple glazing, integrated films in glazing, design proper ventilation inside the units etc... which are big cost) to keep the heat and UV out. Some buildings even employ exterior shades in front of the glass wall to help the building cool down during peak sun exposure then it will move away when the sun is not beating down on that glass wall but the system is damn expensive.

There is also a negative effect of just having plain mass (ei..concrete) on walls and it stores heat and this heat radiates inside the building even during night time. So unless the back side of the concrete wall has insulation which in the Philippines is very rare to happen then you will still have cooling problems almost 20 hours in a day. The idea is to have the right proportion of glass and solid walls to make a reasonable looking facade which won't compromise too much occupant comfort, won't cost to to build and won't cost too much to control the temperature and air quality inside. If money is not an issue and a bare 59sqm unit will be costing at least P20m each I say ALI can go all out on the facade of the building.

Base on my experience and feed back from clients who owned glass-wall condos the excitement only happens in the first few months. After that you will be closing the blinds either because of too much light coming in, you are just tired of seeing the same thing and you don't like the feeling of someone can see you inside your unit specially during night time.
Keep the pictures coming. I am excited to see my hard earned money taking shape!

> SSC ( by shotgun_banjo ) : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1471414&page=18

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Consider what the Citygate area will look like in the future



MAP : City Gate will occupy a strategic location at the North end of Ayala Avenue ... PB :


NOW - it is hard to see Jaka from some angles - it is obscured by Kroma Tower which has recently topped out

(This photo was taken through a window on a high floor of The Beacon)



City Gate as it is now from the top of Beacon Tower ... PB :


What is Coming by 2022-25



This shows what the City Gate area should look like in about 2022-25, but does not include Rise & Air ... PB :

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Jaka / AFT begins to grow a skin... :




The old hulk, Jaka Tower, looks towards a new Spring, as AFT : PB :




Kroma stands guard behind Alveo Financial Tower .. PB :

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Citygate - at 18 floors - April 2017



City Gate's two towers, Kroma, and AFT, as of early April 2017 ... PB :




The Rise and Air are rising nearby City Gate. This photo was taken alongside The Coffee Bean on Ayala Avenue ... PB :

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