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Is there a "Secret" beneath the Ice in Antarctica?

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Antarctic Stunner: Mysterious Creatures Discovered Under a Half Mile of Ice

Bivouacked in the middle of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf—a five-hour flight from the nearest Antarctic station—nothing comes easy. Even though it was the southern summer, geologist James Smith of the British Antarctic Survey endured nearly three months of freezing temperatures, sleeping in a tent, and eating dehydrated food. The science itself was a hassle: To study the history of the floating shelf, he needed seafloor sediment, which was locked under a half mile of ice.

To get to it, Smith and his colleagues had to melt 20 tons of snow to create 20,000 liters of hot water, which they then pumped through a pipe lowered down a borehole. It took them 20 hours to melt through the ice inch by inch, finally piercing through the shelf.

Next, they lowered an instrument to collect the sediment, along with a GoPro camera. But the collector came back empty. They tried once more. Still empty. Again, nothing comes easy here: Each round trip of the instrument took an hour.

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Admiral Byrd Expedition to Antarctica after WW2... "to collect data"


"Friends you don't need 30 ships... 5,000 military personnel..." (at just over 1 min in)

Courtney:  "the Nazis got help in Antarctica... from two ET races, one Reptilian, one blond humanoids"

Nazis and Reptilians in Antarctica: Farsight


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"Spartan One" Reveals ancient structure in Antarctica... (from his Aug. 2003 memories):


McMurdo Station, present time


mX9uwLy.png < McMurdo Station in lower part of Ross Ice Shelf

Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice Documentary


"they seeded us"

There is a huge secret hidden beneath the ice in Antarctica. Military whistleblowers report large alien structures under two miles of Antarctic ice.

Navy Seal Spartan 1 walked an alien hallway inscribed with Symbols.

/ 2 /

Spartan claimed that OumaOuma is a derelict spacecraft

Ep. 1475 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Prof. Avi Loeb: The Galileo Project


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10 Mysterious and Unexplained Events in Antarctica (Premier published yesterday)

The mysterious humanoids, I had not heard about...  Nor the "Yeti Crabs"

> https://www.bitchute.com/video/qiRFLKHhnzyJ/


A Yeti Crab

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Mostly, an update on the US Political situation, from the angle of Trump being the rescuer from the Deep State*

ANTARCTICA MATERIAL BEGINS at about 40 minutes in

*MORE here, on the Rescue situation:

MIND BLOWING interview with Clif High, which really explains how he see the big picture of DEVOLUTION, and Trump's role in battling the Deep State.  Helped me to clarify many things.  ( Overall: We are winning against the DS, but it will take a long time for a final victory.  Trump was drafted to lead this process, by a group of insiders. )  
Patel Patriot - Devolution Power Hour - Clif High Interview. December 29, 2021   91,494 Views  

> https://rumble.com/vrkqx7-patel-patriot-devolution-power-hour-clif-high-interview.html

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Brad Olsen Interview, re: Antarctica

They pivot away from Covid, and talk about Antarctica from 17 minutes in



He talks about Holes in the Ice and Operation HighJump, including many details I have not heard before.

He also speaks of underground cities, and Reptilian bases.


/ 2 /


Another Brad Olsen interview from 1 year ago:


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STUNNING Interview!  About Antarctica and ETs . 

Do not miss it!  Jump ahead to 32 minutes when she starts... 

Ep. 1604 Linda Moulton Howe  >


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"FIRST TONGUE" and other revelations will test our faith

Fascinating material from Cliff High on how our civilization will be Rocked to its Core

Financial, religious, and governmental institutions will be tested - some will fail.




NEW THREAD on what might be an important topic:



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Hidden Anomalies of Antarctica - The Latest Updates with Brad Olsen -


from Contact in the Desert presentation, virtual conference, 2021

It is very dry. the two mile high pile of ice is a real anomoly



Brad Olsen was also recently interviewed for SGT reports, and repeated some of this material

ANTARCTICA: PYRAMIDS, UFOs & THE DEEP STATE -- Brad Olsen, June 1st, 2022.




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CLIF HIGH series on Antarctica - with Forum Borealis. (repeat from Jan. 2018)

Welcome to the webbot guru Clif High to explore the obscurity that is Antarctica. In this 3-part show we deal with everything

Part 1: Clif_High : Antarctica Unveiled (Pt.1)


some issues touched in Part 1:

Why did Clif take interest in this mystery? What say web-bot about it? What happened there in the late 90's? Why was it promoted
for tourism after that?
What's the large magnetic anomaly under the ice? Why's all satellite images censored & manipulated? What did Russians find in Lake Vostok?
Are there really hot zones? Was there a nuclear meltdown in the 70ies? Where was Atlantis?
Was Admiral Byrd right? What say the Ancients? What happens if the ice melts? And learn how Earth grows...

Part 2: Clif_High : Antarctica Unveiled (Pt.2)


In part 2 we move through history with topics like:

What's the Expanding Earth theory implications for Antarctica? Why is most ancient habitation zones submerged?

Is Mars a dead planet? What say Salish & Jain about former civilizations?

What's the Royal belief? Were humans incarcerated by ancient invaders at Antarctica? Was it frozen due to war?

Is humanity a hybrid species? Were we once 600 billion people?

Is the Sun cause to climate change & ice ages? Is Smithsonian destroying history?

What did Nazis discover in New Swabia? What happens to polar expeditions?

Who stole Cliff's Antarctica data? And hear about his Giant pyramid images.


Part 3: Clif High - Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 3 of 3) MUST WATCH!


some issues touched in Part 3:

Clif High - Forum Borealis.In this Crescendo Closer Clif deals the final cards of the SP enigmas.the 4 basic scenarios: Ancient Civ, Nazis, Aliens, & Hollow Earth. What's his original info before blue chicken pollution? Why did polar scientists suddenly get ill? What's the weird energy radiation from SP to Hawaii? Is an ancient village uncovered? What power players visits & why? What say the Salish about ...

Forum Borealis - on Apple Podcasts

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Antarctica Pyramids "dwarf those in Egypt"

Pyramids Found Beneath Antarctic Ice | The UnXplained (Season 3)


Ancient Aliens: A Pyramid in Antarctica (Season 11, Episode 1) | History


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