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Is there a "Secret" beneath the Ice in Antarctica?

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Antarctic Stunner: Mysterious Creatures Discovered Under a Half Mile of Ice

Bivouacked in the middle of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf—a five-hour flight from the nearest Antarctic station—nothing comes easy. Even though it was the southern summer, geologist James Smith of the British Antarctic Survey endured nearly three months of freezing temperatures, sleeping in a tent, and eating dehydrated food. The science itself was a hassle: To study the history of the floating shelf, he needed seafloor sediment, which was locked under a half mile of ice.

To get to it, Smith and his colleagues had to melt 20 tons of snow to create 20,000 liters of hot water, which they then pumped through a pipe lowered down a borehole. It took them 20 hours to melt through the ice inch by inch, finally piercing through the shelf.

Next, they lowered an instrument to collect the sediment, along with a GoPro camera. But the collector came back empty. They tried once more. Still empty. Again, nothing comes easy here: Each round trip of the instrument took an hour.

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Admiral Byrd Expedition to Antarctica after WW2... "to collect data"


"Friends you don't need 30 ships... 5,000 military personnel..." (at just over 1 min in)

Courtney:  "the Nazis got help in Antarctica... from two ET races, one Reptilian, one blond humanoids"

Nazis and Reptilians in Antarctica: Farsight


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"Spartan One" Reveals ancient structure in Antarctica... (from his Aug. 2003 memories):


McMurdo Station, present time


mX9uwLy.png < McMurdo Station in lower part of Ross Ice Shelf

Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice Documentary


"they seeded us"

There is a huge secret hidden beneath the ice in Antarctica. Military whistleblowers report large alien structures under two miles of Antarctic ice.

Navy Seal Spartan 1 walked an alien hallway inscribed with Symbols.

/ 2 /

Spartan claimed that OumaOuma is a derelict spacecraft

Ep. 1475 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Prof. Avi Loeb: The Galileo Project


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