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Kroma Private Discussion - for KTO Group

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Kroma Private Discussion - for KTO Group / Link to: Public discussion on Citygate / Kroma thread : SSC-kroma :

/ this is a private discussion thread for owners of flats in Kroma Tower, Makati Philippines /



/ Original invitation as sent to owners of flats in Kroma Tower - on SSC, pg 17 /

Co-operation by Kroma Tower Owners?

Here are some areas where cooperation by Kroma owners may be advantageous

+ Approaches to Alveo concerning delays in construction, and any design ot facilities issues
+ Savings on design and decoration of flats - if a designer knows there may be multiple clients, he/she may offer discounts
+ Optimizing rental rates by cooperating rather than competing in seeking clients; good design can enhance rents;

And some tenants may pay more, if they know they can rent multiple flats in the same building or on the same floot

+ Sharing of information on design options, building issues, and preferred local merchants

If you are interested in joining a Kroma Tower Owners Group (KTO Group), then please send me a PM, and I will give you more information


This thread can only be viewed by GEI member who are registered and have signed in

If there are concerns about

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Request for payments extension:

(my original request, sent by email):

Delay on completion of Kroma?

I received a letter by DHL today....

The Six Months Delay
The main point of the letter received from Alveo today seems to be THIS:
"The turnover of the unit will begin towards the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2018"
This is not good news, since it would be a six month's delay beyond the "4th Quarter of 2017" that I was promised when I bought the unit.

You may recall our conversations back then, and my reluctance to sign what I called a "one-sided contract". But I signed anyway because I was told that Alveo delivers its projects on time, and often even early. I was also told: "Alveo cares about its reputation and will do its very best to deliver ontime." Well, that is not happening now with this delay. So it seems, I was foolish to sign a one-sided contract

Before I start thinking about what my recourse, if any, might be, I want to point out that a Large payment is due in XXXX 2017 (about P 3.X million), and that was meant to be six months (or less) before completion. NOW, it is maybe more than 12 months before completion.

Is Alveo offering to let me delay this large payment?

And/or: Are they offering me other compensation for the delay, such as a lower price?

I have to say, this does not happen in HK, without compensation to buyers here - and such compensation is nothing but commercial fairness.

Feel free to pass a copy of this email to your Custom Services area

Can we please have a discussion when I am in manila and resolve this soon



(DRAFT - suggestion from my Alveo agent, to be sent to Alveo)


Alveo Land Corp.

Dear sir/ma’am:

Good day.

I received a letter from your office regarding my Kroma unit 4716 and I was disappointed to find out that the turnover will be delayed.

As such, I would like to have my payments extended up to April 2018 without interest. Please maintain the same monthly amortizations of Php 80,000 until March 2018 and the balance on April 2018.

I expect that any administration fees in this regard will be waived due to the delay in turnover.

Thank you.




(so far, after 3-4 weeks of the holiday season, I have no response)

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Concerning joint approach to design



(excerpt from an email from another Kroma owner)


" ... on interior design,

in an oversupplied market i don't think that you have pricing power, so for those who spend 1m in interior with likely just contract their yield further and have even more trouble to go down with the price if that's what the market wants. Let's see what 2018 brings, but i m likely to put just the right furnitures in it and go for a price advantage.. What do you think? The whole interior design value seems a bit hyped... "

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My own unit is a 1 BR flat, on the 47th floor of Kroma Tower

Before starting this thread, I discovered that one of my friends in Greater Manila owns 2x 1 BR flats on Floors in the low 30s

Two other Kroma owners are members of this website, but have not yet reported* the type of flats they own.

I expect that many more members will join in the future

AND a variety of issues will be discussed here - Please feel free to raise any topic here


*1 BR's in the 40's perhaps

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Residential or Office use? It matters.

If we can achieve "office" rates for Kroma, it will be far better for us

On 12/21/2016 at 10:40 AM, DrBubb said:

Concerning joint approach to design

(excerpt from an email from another Kroma owner)

" ... on interior design,

in an oversupplied market i don't think that you have pricing power, so for those who spend 1m in interior with likely just contract their yield further and have even more trouble to go down with the price if that's what the market wants. Let's see what 2018 brings, but i m likely to put just the right furnitures in it and go for a price advantage.. What do you think? The whole interior design value seems a bit hyped... "


You are right. Residential properties are in oversupply right now - with Vacancies probably running at around 10%.
And with some many completions coming ion 2017 and 2018, I do not see it getting better by mid-2018, when Kroma may be finished.

But Offices are a different matter. Vacancies are somewhere between 0.85% (Colliers) and 3% (JLL), according to the big real estate agents.

With so few completions prior to 2020, the Office market may get even tighter.

This is a big, big difference, and it is showing up in Rental yields.


See this summary and my chart based on Colliers Q3-2016 report:

...In order to assist their unit buyers in achieving their expected rental yields, residential condominium developers should explore creative rental arrangements.

Demand for worker accomodation units
Colliers believes that the need to explore a creative lease model is needed as investors face an increasingly challenging rental environment. We recommend that developers look into worker accommodation projects to cater to the highly-mobile young urban professionals who can’t afford to own their own apartment yet or rent a condominium unit within the established business districts such as Makati, Fort Bonifacio, and Ortigas Center. These halfway residential units are for professionals who want to live near their place of work during weekdays but go home to their families‘ suburban areas during weekends.
The Makati market now favors owners of Office Space, since Office Rents are still rising.
Some Calculations:

================ : Rental-- : Est.2017: CapValue: Yield :
+ Premium office---- : 1350psm: 1410psm : P197.0 K*: 8.59%
+ AFT - Rent same-- : 1350psm: 1410psm : P250.0 K : 6.77%
+ Grade A office------ : P950psm: P985psm : P143.4 K*: 8.24%
+ Residential----------- : P840psm: P795psm : P146.5 K : 6.51%
+ Kroma guestimate: P840psm: P795psm : P140.0 K : 6.81%
+ Kroma 59 sqm flat : P50,000  : P 47,000 : P8.26 Mn : 6.75%

What if... A Kroma owner could get a Grade-A Office rental (P58,000 per month) for his/her flat, rather than a Residential Rent? Then the monthly rental might rise by P11,000 monthly, and the Gross Yield from 6.75% to 8.43%.

Hence my interest in design of the flat.

What would and office-like user want inside the flat? And how about the needs of an home/office type user who might pay more than an ordinary residential tenant?

Even if the unit is rented bare, there may be some advantage in cooperation, since a substantial tenant might want more than a single unit within the building to justify renting there.

(Looking ahead at this type of opportunity is one of the reasons that I started this thread.)

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It has been quiet here - so I will add this post from the Mak-Prime gateway thread:

Kroma has 23 units ( maximum ) per floor :-)

- nayroc

> source: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20717&page=2


True. And the lower density means less potential problems with elevators at Kroma.

And the Rise is less dense than Air Residences.

I have seen people queueing up at a CityLand building at busy times waiting a long time for elevators.

This rarely happens next door at an Avida Building.

The ironically thing is that people may move to a Cityland or SMDC building in Makati so they can get to work ontime,

and get more sleep in the morning, but then they lose 15-20 minutes (or longer!) waiting for elevators!

THE POINT to keep in mind when choosing a place is...

You need to look at more than advertising, amenities, and possible views when choosing a place to live.

> More TIPS: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20614

> More on Kroma, Rise, Air, Citygate: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21029

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As far as I know, you are allowed to post photos.

I have posted some above.

In a pinch - you can send me the image by PM, and I will post it

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On 5/16/2017 at 5:01 AM, nayroc said:

How can we achieve grade A office type rental?

I wish.

Problem is... the deed of covenant will restrict use to Residential, meaning:

+ Tenants cannot advertise publicly

+ Customers (and employees) cannot come and go

+ No noise, related to a business

My idea (so far) is to decorate my flat as a Home Office, and seek a tenant who will pay a higher Rental for that decoration.

I also think it might be possible to cooperate with a Co-working Space provider to find the right tenant

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OFFICE USERS requirements - from a Viber chat

I am investigating the idea of using Residential space for certain Office type tenants (not all! and probably not your client) by creating a Home/Office interior.

Maybe you can help educate me on the difference.

Here are the issues which may sometimes require that an actual formal Office be used:

1. Ability to advertise the business location, and especially in the lobby or just outside the building,

2. Ability to receive clients, customer visits inside the space,

3. Ability to make noise during "office hours",

4. Ability to obtain proper Office invoices, and BIR tax receipts, in order to properly charge office rents against income.

Have I missed anything?


(following from I.F):

5. Ability to easily register for local business permits that often requires a visit from the fire inspectors and assessors during application for some municipalities.
6. Ability to expand operations in the same building for staff and storage. With regards to BIR, it is always difficult for the business to switch registered RDO (regional district office) when they need to transfer locations due to limitation of space.
7. Ability to install fiber or commercial internet connectivity as some buildings are pre-locked to certain providers by long term contracts which does not allow tenants the room for upgrades.
8. Ability for the unit to accommodate new commercial demand electrical load when needed. Additional panel board, breakers, outlets, circuit systems, etc.



Still, there may be some users, like a team doing a start-up, or a back office part of a larger business,

with their main office next door who might Be able to function well within a residential building

iT will help if the residential building is next to an office building, and if it has fiber cable already, or can easily get it installed

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CHAT #2 - (Continues): "NO CUSTOMERS" / they should not be visiting a residential space



If residential, space should not require reception of clients. Basically just back office work that may or may not need bir registration. Is this for condos?

Because in subdivisions this generally is not allowed especially if the zoning is residential


Good point. But they do it in silicon valley all the time.


"not allowed" : How would they know? If the people working there are registered as "residents" what difference would it make? One or two may even live there - ie "home office"


Yeah well if it's a startup just work from home and meet with your team 1x a week in coworking space conference room. Saves a shit ton of money that way.

Can't register business with a home address


Developing minimum viable product does not need an office yet. The office operation is too early for overheads. When the business is ready for commercialization i.e. mentorship, vc match, additional talents and hardware, accounting, legal, marketing, etc that I think an officd is needed during incubation phase which actually pertains to incubating the business but not the idealization.


Or... have part of the team work in your home... Take Trevi for instance, it is a short walk from Warehouse 18. Some members of the team can work there, and spillover can work in Trevi

Actually Trevi will make some sense, since rents are low / probably lower than W-18. But tenant demand is high, so unless the Home Office user pays a premium, he/she may be unable to get space away from normal residential tenants - and the decoration of furnished units may not be fully suitable


I was able to register a business with a home address once in Quezon City. But when we wanted to move the operation to Makati, RDO would not allow us. In the end we had to register a new name instead which was a bad option for branding, portfolio, BIR, and closing a previous corporation is just utterly horrifying.


Interesting. Makes me think the two location option: Coworking + Home Office may be best.

... for an actual registered business with customers etc. The Registered address would have to be in the Coworking space, so all is right an proper. As for the Home Office part, you would say: "Some of our employees live there, and occasionally they work from home". Still, there might be a useful savings for the business. Especially if some are actually living there and saving on rent.

I believe there would be nothing illegal in such an arrangement. There would simply be some working space within the home. That is not illegal, I think



The home office might also help address the "9-to-5 mentality" which seems to affilict many businesses in PH. This is a big contrast with Silicon Valley and the US, where people work very long hours, especially when there is a deadline. The co-working spaces absolutely encourage it. I recently spent a day in Warehouse 18. I arrived after 9am and planned to stay until 6 or 7pm. People started leaving by about 4pm, including the owners. I then left a little after 5pm, and was almost the last person there. In fact, I think the place shuts down by 6pm. Does that really make sense if you have a deadline to meet - that you have to stop by 6pm. Makes me think that wages may be lower in PH, but you may get far more productivity out of your team in the US when you are facing deadline pressure.

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CHAT #3: Scale it? How many tenants can be found?



If eventually youd go down this path, do you think you can scale it?



"scale it?" - will depend on how easy it is to find TENANTS - that's the hard side.

I think it will be easy to find Landlords who want a higher rent. But finding the tenants to pay a higher-than-residential rent because the property is furnished as a home office will be the value-creating side of the transaction.... and maybe there is another challenge in getting the furnishings right to win those sort of tenants.


This is a project, I am actively studying. You are welcome to "look over my shoulder" at the calculations that I am making. they look something like this:

Full Office tenant in Alveo Financial Tower: maybe 1300-1400psm Monthly.

Normal Residential tenant in Kroma, which is next door to AFT : maybe 800-850 psm.

SPLIT the difference, to maybe P1000-1100 psm for a Home/Office set-up.


Here's the actual research I have compiled to back up these early calculations:

Posts#44-#45 : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21029&page=3


The way I would get the tenant is this: Get the landlord to pay for HALF of the soft furnishing cost,

and allow the tenant to take soft furnishings with him/her when he/she leaves, if they repay that 1/2 cost.

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(I am accepting Ads from KT owners, and one or two friendly agents);

> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21029&page=3



KROMA 56 sqm 1 bedroom FOR SALE : "Very high floor, facing Salcedo Village"

Price is "a bargain" at P 8 Million + Agent's commission
That's just P8000k / 56 = about P 143k per Sqm.
That's much cheaper than recent Kroma sales (P155k psm or higher)
And cheaper than other new properties in this fast improving Citygate area, especially for High Floor

If interested, please send me a PM*, and I will provide contact details

*/ How to send message: JOIN MakPrime, GEI here, post #2 ("Admiral Byrd") /

This one may not last long

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Interesting - there seems to be a 54 sqm flat advertised at OLX, priced at P 7.8 million


1 Bedroom at KROMA for resale : 54 SQM = P 144k psm

AUN Philippines Inc

- note: AUN has another 1BR at 7.7mn / 54 sqm = P 143k psm

Please contact us for more details.


A lower floor, maybe?

A high floor, with a better view, is certainly worth more than a low one with constrained views

From the size this may be on the Citygate side



Here's another:


834443816_1_644x461.jpg?bucket=04: 834443816_2_644x461.jpg?bucket=02 :

/ 2 /

P 7.95 million / 54 sqm = P 147k psm

1 bedroom with provision to make living room as the 2nd bedroom.

  • Date Posted: 09 June 2017
  • Category: Apartment and Condominium
  • Ad ID: 115771970



Francis Cheng

From the layout (no balcony) and size (54 sqm),

it looks like it is facing the Citygate side (ie not DLR, where they have balconies)

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Dealing with the unexpected....




SADLY, my image hosting service has changed its terms of service - I am investigating alternatives,

while I work to restore images. Please be patient


(From a private message):



. . .

I have had some contact with owners of about 6-7 Kroma units - and I hope more will join the KTO group here.

Unfortunately, I lost many of the images here, and it may be several days before I start recovering them.

I may not recover all, but the Kroma / Citygate thread is one where I expect to restore (all of?) images.


I may not become a paying member on Photobucket, because the very sudden way they changed their Terms of service,

and effectively blackmailed people to pay them, destroys my trust in them. Also. I always found the PB site clunky to use.

Perhaps I will join for one month, to get as many images as possible, and them leave for good. Meantime, I am seeking

a better alternative. (see: IMAGE Thread )


Anyway, I do hope the KTO thread*...

... will be used by many to exchange some ideas about how to improve the Life of those who live at Kroma, or invest their


*Link: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21202


Best Regards,

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- see half-joking remark, below (original comment was post#59 on the Citygate thread):



Will this block the view of kroma tower? sorry i don't know where the gsis and windsor building is, thank you

- Cashflow


Nothing has been announced yet - and development could be years away

I could not find an actual record that SMDC had acquired the GSIS Building, but I recall having been told that by a guard or something


- Check google and the other posts here (like #53), and you ought to be able to see where these buildings are.

- Or click on this Emporis Kroma Tower link below - and browse around on the map there.

Kroma Map : https://www.emporis.com/buildings/1198194/kroma-tower-makati-philippines


At the moment since these old buildings are 10 floors or less, most floors in Kroma will see over the existing GSIS and Windsor buildings.. But if something is built at GSIS, and sometime later at Windsor, some Kroma views might be effected - sure. This can be a risk where ever you may buy a property.


However, I think there might be some height limitations on Legasi Street. I note that GB Hamilton has only 31 storeys - 107 meters.


Spectacular views are likely from high floors at Kroma Tower.


The above photo was taken from the 43rd floor of Milano in Century City - a similar height to the top floors of Kroma - where the penthouse floor is 52nd floor.


Not many buildings are taller than Kroma, especially on "side streets" like Legaspi St. In the above photo, you may note that the top floors in SMDC's Jazz complex are on the 41st storey - 156 meters. Shang Salcedo with the triangular top seems to be a tall exception - at 67 storeys - 250 meters. And Air at 51 storeys / 194 meters, and The Rise at 59 storeys / 210 meters will also be exceptions, along with Alphaland Makati Place at 55 storeys - 210 meters, across the Ayala Avenue from Air Residences.

How Shang Salcedo etc got permission to build so high, I do not know.
The top of Kroma is 157 meters, while Grand Midori (145 meters) and GB Hamilton (31 storeys - 107 meters) are the tallest on the nearby part of Legaspi Street. Meantime, Alveo Financial Tower - with 49 (high ceiling) storeys and 186 meters, seems to enjoy its height-busting location on Ayala Avenue.

I am guessing that Alveo obtained permission to build higher-than-normal, by agreeing to leave a small park next door.

That is generally how the parks are created in other countries


A good way to hedge the loss of your view, from tearing down Windsor might be to buy a cheap unit there. If it gets bought out, you would likely get a windfall gain, as usually happens when old buildings get sold to build a higher buildings. (I am only half-kidding.)

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I presume you are checking the Citygate/Kroma thread

> Citygate / Kroma Rising thread : SSC-kroma

I will not be back in PH until late October, so there may not be many new photos from me until then.

But photos or comments from others may be posted - and a discussion (by you or anyone) can be started.

It is best to try to contribute something, since that can grow the thread, and increase the number of voices heard

Try Imgur dotcom as a place to store images, and you can post links


btw, I had some discussion with the founder of a co-working space about renting Kroma units for Home Offices.

I hope to continue those discussions when I am back in PH

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Circuit's 1BR Show Unit


Nice set-up for the kitchen.  That is a Alba Range hood.

This could work at Kroma too

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ALVEO WARNING - as posted on the Public thread.

(in case it gets deleted there, I want to keep a record here):

NEW THREAD on Delays?  Or Delete this post?

It depends on how the negotiations with Alveo go.

Meantime, I have been asked to post this comment regarding delays at Kroma 


WARNING to Potential Buyers of Alveo & Ayala Properties

"ALVEO's Purchase Contract is One-sided and Unfair"

HISTORY: "Ayala cares about its reputation", I was told
I bought a 1 BR unit from Alveo almost Four years ago. And I think my experience is noteworthy for potential buyers.  I always paid my installments on time, per the contract, upholding my end of the deal.  Had I failed to do so, I am pretty sure that ALI would have imposed penalties or even declared me in default,  I might have even been at risk of losing my unit.
Unfortunately, the contract I signed is one-sided, and Alveo is apparently allowed to be late in its completion with virtually no consequences. I am not stupid. I read the contract carefully at the time I bought my flat.  I did point out the asymmetry, and asked my agent about it.

I was told (here I paraphrase): "Don't worry, this is Ayala.  They are never late in their deliveries. Alveo will be on time, because they value their reputation." 

(I have spoken to other owners in my building, and they heard the same sort of message from their agents.) I did check out ALI's track record at that time. An absence of delays did seem to be true at that time. How naive I was to believe this would continue!  

AN EXTRA DELAY, without new compensation
My unit is now over one year late. As recently as early summer, I was promised by email handover of my unit at the beginning of Nov, and in return I arranged to replace some stale checks with some new checks.  But after making various moving arrangements, I was told just a few weeks before the move that the completion would be delayed yet again.  This time, the newest delay from Nov to Feb, that's another three months delay!

In fact, most of the owners up to the 40th floor have been able to get their keys, and move in. It is only a minority of owners, whom I call "the Unfavored Few" above the 40th floor who are suffering this new three months delay.  This is costing me money, as I have to pay for an alternative place to live, and also pay for some storage.  Certain items, I have had to leave in another country, and it will cost more to move them when I do.  I estimate the cost to me is about P50,000 per month, and that is similar to the rent I would be able to get if I rented my unit out.

What I expected, and have requested is compensation from Alveo for the delay - something close to my estimated costs of P50,000 monthly.  So far, they have merely said, we will consider it.  I have told them that I would begin a social media campaign if there was no compensation - this message is the beginning !

What is common in other countries (such as Vietnam) is compensation of perhaps 0.3-0.5% of the value per month of delay, beyond a 3-6 months grace period.  Alveo should pay this, if they truly value their reputation, and are willing to treat the Unfavored Few fairly.  Giving them something equivalent to what those on the lower floors have acheived.


First of all, buyers should not be naive.  They should know that whatever claims ALI makes about its reputation, and treating clients fairly, they are UNWILLING to do what developers do in other countries - ie compensate in a fair way when the completion is delayed beyond the target date.  I recommend that buyers think twice about signing such poorly-drafted one-sided contracts.  They should look extra hard in the secondary market, where they may find something suitable which is likely to be cheaper, and can be purchased without any risk of a construction delay.  And they can PUSH ALAYALAND TO CHANGE ITS CONTRACTS.  I wrote this post, so that other potential buyers could be made aware, and maybe share this concern with others.

1. PASS ON a link to this thread > Quicklink: xx

2. JOIN the website, and post a comment here. Go to >  xx

Maybe we can start a petition, and pass a list of those who agree to Alveo.

3. CONSIDER Legal Action. We can join forces on that maybe.

Let's work together to change this unfair practice of using One-sided contracts!

Meantime: Please let us know if you find a Philippines developer who handles this risk in a more fair fashion.  We can drive the market towards more fair practices.  And work with this site to develop the secondary market


Alveo has offered something small. Not quite what I was expecting or asking for.  Let's see if they can improve on that

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SEARCHES for the CityGate/ Kroma thread on this website are increasing

VIEWS and Search Positions

OVER TIME : MP-views : "Kroma for Rent":
07/20/18 : 27,000 +000 / pg9,#01, TIPS: Choosing a Condo to Rent
07/27/18 : 27,060 +060 / CGvws: RiseVs: LChina : +000 : pg5,#04, CITY GATE: Kroma... Pg. 5
08/04/18 : 27,131 +071 / 14,999 : 08,675: 06,257 : +000 : pg7,#05, CITY GATE: Kroma... Pg. 5
08/11/18 : 27,190 +059 / 15,152 : 08,792: 06,372 : +385 : pg3,#05, CG-pg5
08/18/18 : 27,263 +073 / 15,324 : 08,906: 06,482 : +396 : pg3,#05, CG-5
08/25/18 : 27,323 +060 / 15,416 : 08,996: 06,571 : +270 : pg4,#02, CG-5
09/01/18 : 27,385 +062 / 15,593 : 09,088: 06,695 : +393 : pg4,#02 (est.)
09/08/18 : 27,458 +063 / 15,770 : 09,180: 06,820 : +394 : pg4,#02, CG-5
09/15/18 : 27,526 +068 / 15,995 : 09,310: 06,940 : +475 : pg1,#10, CG-5
09/22/18 : 27,595 +069 / 16,142 : 09,410: 07,027 : +334 : pg2,#01, CG-5 :
09/30/18 : 27,675 +085 / 16,312 : 09,535: 07,130 : +398 : pg1,#06, CG-5
10/07/18 : 27,000 +074 /
10/14/18 : 27,000 +074 / 16,774 : 09,929: 07,413 : +380 : pg2,#06, CG-5
10/21/18 : 27,897 +074 / 16,774 : 09,929: 07,413 : +381 : pg2,#06, CG5
10/28/18 : 28,077 +180 / 16,943 : 10,046: 07,523 : +450 : ==/2.06: CG5
11/04/18 : 28,317 +240 / 17,190 : 10,162: 07,590 : +430 : Up/2.02: CG5
11/11/18 : 28,528 +211 / 17,335 : 10,290:
11/18/18 : 28,739 +211 / 17,480 : 10,419:
11/25/18* 28,951 +212 / 17,625 : 10,548: 07,908 : +370 : Dn/2.04: CG5
12/02/18: 29,153 +202 / 17,860 : 10,702: 08,016 : +497 : == /2.04: CG5 > BEST WEEK!
------- Chg.7days : + 202 / + 235+ : + 154+: + 108+: +497 :

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Possible Budget for furnishing a 1BR flat - An illustration

P500k Budget "sounds about right"
Major items, & categories below... shift to tastes/ requirements
+ 100K : Air Conditioning. 2 units, costing total P100k
+ P50K : Condensing washer/drier, around P45-50K
+ P25K : Refrigerator
+ P32K : Range, hood & strong fan (7k)
+ P10K : Tiles & Tiling work
+ P40K : Sofa, or Sofa Bed
+ P40K : Bed & mattress
+ P30K : Wardrobe?
+ P40K : Dining table and chairs
+ P25K : Desk and chair
+ P20K : TV
+ P10K : Water heater, mirrored cabinet
+ P 6K : Microwave (4k) & Rice cooker
+ P 4K : Kitchen accessories
+ P20K : Lighting
+ P20K : Paintings or other artwork
+ P28K : Labor, installation, delivery

> 500K - Sub-Total
+ Other: Curtains or blinds, coffee table, end tables/ missing?

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A's One Bedroom Unit - rented in Dec. at P65,000 a month - that's about 1,100 psm






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