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Bitcoin jumps of 2017 & 2020 : $1,000, $5k, $10k, $50k & rising?

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The BOUNCE Fractal


We've just seen two near identical "bounce" fractals - What's next ?


BTS - bitcoin prices at Bitstamp : 1-mo : 3-mo :



Another drop? Or are we ready for a more sustained reality?

The clue is being traced out now

If it can hold above the 72hr-ma, and get that line moving higher, then "more sustained" bounce looks like the pathway.

I'm betting on more sustained bounce, because prices are now above 192hr/8d ma - see 3mo chart.

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Is Dash now Trash?


It seems to have lost half its value in only a few days


Dash went from over 0.100 (BTC?) on 3/25, to recent 0.047



/ 1 /

Mar 3, 2017 - At the price of US$46.09 per coin, the total market cap sits at ... However, some people were betting the Dash price would crash and opened ...


/ 2 /

Altcoins Will Burst, Dash Will Crash: Vinny Lingham - CoinTelegraph

Mar 14, 2017 - Cointelegraph asked him to explain that and he said Dash price is going to crash. March has been an exciting month for Dash with so many ...
/ 3 /
13 hours ago - The price of DASH had been hovering slightly below or slightly above the $10 mark for several months leading up to the… by digicrypt.
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As BTC touches $1200...

Did One Tweet Make Litecoin's Price Drop 20%?


Apr 7, 2017 at 20:10 | Charles Bovaird

Litecoin prices fell roughly 20% within 24 hours, and the culprit appears to be a single tweet.




Litecoin prices fell roughly 20% in less than 24 hours, and the culprit is apparently a single tweet.

The digital currency declined to as little as $9.19 at 12:29 UTC today, after reaching a high of $11.45 yesterday. According to data source Coinmarketcap, this represented a 19.7% loss for the digital currency.

Yet, analysts suggest the price movement is the latest example of how cryptocurrency prices can be impacted by relatively minor events, in this case, speculation about the future of an upgrade to the litecoin protocol.

First developed for the bitcoin network as a way to increase the capacity of network transaction blocks, there are now high hopes litecoin could be a useful proving ground for Segregated Witness, a blockchain scaling solution.

Developers, for instance, have expressed their interest in testing SegWit on litecoin as a way to ease concerns about its deployment on bitcoin, and traders have responded in turn.

The tweet that analysts identified as triggering this sharp drop, however, shook confidence in this outcome.

In the message, Wang Chun, co-owner and chief administrator of mining pool F2Pool, expressed his concerns about Segregated Witness and warned that he may need to pull his mining pool's support for the proposal.

At issue is that F2Pool accounts for roughly 35% of the network's mining power.

Still, less than two hours later, litecoin creator Charlie Lee tweeted that he had spoken with Chun, who would continue to signal for SegWit.

Though with the scare over, it seems markets were still affected.

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Bitcoin's New Controversy: The AsicBoost Allegations Explained


Apr 6, 2017 at 18:21 | Pete Rizzo

A new allegation from a high-profile bitcoin developer has once again stoked the fire of its scaling debate.


Bitcoin is abuzz with fresh controversy following an inflammatory new post by Bitcoin Core developer and Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell in which he alleges some miners are engaging in unfair practices that may be harmful to the network.

Posted to the bitcoin mailing list last night, the entry asserts that a mining hardware maker is secretly exploiting a previously known weakness in bitcoin's proof-of-work algorithm that enables them to mine roughly 20% faster than competitors.

The allegation is that this activity is ongoing, and that this has been proven by an analysis conducted on a mining chip.

Here's where the intellectual gymnastics begin.

Of note is that the technology in use has already been patented by developers Timo Hanke and Sergio Demian Lerner in a scheme called "AsicBoost" for which a patent was filed in November 2014.

Maxwell contends that someone has discovered what he called a "covert" version of the technology used in a mining chip. He did not state who conducted the analysis, whether him or a separate party.

Taking a step further into speculation, the inference of the post is that Segregated Witness, a scaling solution developed and proposed by the Bitcoin Core team, would render the covert version of AsicBoost discovered obsolete, hurting the bottom lines of any miners using the workaround.

As such, the statement has stoked controversy in bitcoin's long-simmering scaling debate in that the allegation that the miner engaged in the practice is China-based Bitmain – one of the industry’s largest providers of mining equipment. (Bitmain has a separate patent for the AsicBoost technology in China).

The assertion is that Bitmain is not only blocking a technical solution favored by the Core developers (through its support of alternative development teams), but doing so because it would enhance its profitability at the expense of users.

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Will Bitcoin punch its way through resistance at $1200?


On its way to $1400+

Or will it begin a deeper retracement to under $1000 again?


BTS - 5-mos : 1-mo : 5d:



I'm betting on the retracement.

And in my model portfolio, I am 100% hedged.

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Bitcoins punched thru $1200, but will not necessarily go all the way to the Top of the channel at $1400+


BTS ... chart.png?width=940&m=bitstampUSD&Submit



The red down-channel can be redrawn with a channel top near $1250.


The historical "break-point" sometimes also provides resistance

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Putting Mouth where the Money is


How Deloitte's Bitcoin Bistro Was Built
Aaron Stanley | Published on April 9, 2017



While Deloitte has long been an advisor on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it took a step toward to practicing what it preaches earlier this month.

After installing a bitcoin ATM in its Toronto office last fall, the consulting giant is now accepting bitcoin payments at a restaurant in its office complex – providing a hands-on opportunity for patrons to experience bitcoin.

Iliana Oris Valiente, strategy leader at Rubix by Deloitte, explained that such first-hand experiences are instrumental toward educating people about the greater potential underlying blockchain technology.


> more: http://www.coindesk.com/how-deloitte-bitcoin-bistro-built/

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Bitcoin prices traded mostly sideways through the Holidays


charts, bitcoins : 5mos BTC-1mo 5d:





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AFTER the latest Flash-crash, some changes


Bitcoin / USD Index and Sanity Checks


Due a price flash crash, and the halting of fiat deposits and withdrawals at a number of exchanges recently, we have made numerous changes to our Bitcoin / USD (.BXBT) Index. Below is a list of the current constituent exchanges in the index. They are equally weighted.

  • Bitstamp
  • GDAX

We have added various index sanity checks to prevent the mark price crash that occurred last Saturday. Please read the blog post New Protections for BitMEX Indices for more details.

Bitcoin / USD Swap Funding Rate Calculation Changes

Due to the ongoing issues at various Bitcoin exchanges with regards to depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies, there has become no credible source for overnight USD and Bitcoin lending rates.

The BitMEX Bitcoin / USD Swap, XBTUSD, currently uses the Bitfinex overnight USD and Bitcoin lending rate in the funding rate calculation. The interest rate component of the funding rate calculation will be fixed at a positive 0.03% per day.

To arrive at this number, we calculated the average difference between the Bitfinex daily USD and Bitcoin lending rates for a 12 month period ending 31 March 2017 to arrive at the positive 0.03% rate.


(by email, from the Bitmex exchange)

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Bitcoin, Ethereum Hit New All Time Highs Amid Buying Frenzy, Liquidity Squeeze

Bitcoin has soared to daily all-time highs over the past few days, rising above $1,300 on Friday, then pushing $1,400 on Monday, and even above $1,500 on the second-largest BTC exchange, and was last trading just above $1,460 on Coinbase amid a buying frenzy attributed to speculative investment across the cryptocurrency sector, coupled with liquidity problem at some exchanges.


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Catherine Austin Fitts on Bitcoin


This week on the Solari Report, join me for a fascinating conversation with Sarah Wiesner of Bitcoin Embassy TLV.

Interest in bitcoin is growing. One reason is the price. Bitcoin prices are rising, with market capitalization approaching approximately $25 billion – almost five times greater than the market cap of the next largest cryptocurrency.

Another reason is government policy. With central banks and governments engaged in liberal monetary and fiscal policies, involving both debasement of sovereign currencies and encouraging the creation of paper gold and silver investment vehicles, a stateless currency that limits its issue appeals to investors weary of inflation and market intervention.


The bitcoin market is tiny by financial market standards – we are still at the early stages of the development of it and other cryptocurrencies. At a market capitalization of approximately $35 billion, the entire cryptocurrency market is approximately one-third of the market capitalization of Starbucks.

The market is growing fast – it grew from $30 to $35 billion in the five day since Sarah and I recorded this interview. If the SEC approves the first Bitcoin ETF capital flow will accelerate. We could also face the same paper problem we have experienced in precious metals.

Whatever happens next, digital currency volumes are likely to grow supported by communities passionate about decentralization and financial privacy. According to research produced in 2017 by Cambridge University, there are between 2.9 million and 5.8 million unique users actively using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.


The $64,000 question is whether or not a trustworthy digital currency with encryption can operate on a digital infrastructure and platforms that lack integrity, controlled ultimately by the leadership promoting a global war on cash and eager to be relieved of liabilities for sovereign deposit insurance. No less than the The Economist declared on its cover this month “Why computers will never be safe.”


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Bitcoins - some Big variations in prices

Bitfinex is being eliminated from some Indicies


[20:10] trollbot:
Bitstamp : 1506.54 (-0.03%)Bitfinex : 1615.20 (-0.06%)OKCоin   : 1438.93 (0.97%)itBit    : 1518.61 (0.23%)Kraken   : 1510.13 (0.31%)GDAX     : 1539.86 (0.11%)SLQ      : 35 mins
[20:13] hitme1: cryptostephen: i had that idea nice to see it being done contactless payments with btc
[20:15] REKT: Liquidated short on XRPM17: buy 2000 @ 0.00004437 Liquidated short on XRPM17: buy 1000 @ 0.00004477
[20:19] rapidtrades: This f*cking guy stop the rally here completely what the f*ck bro can u do that on bitcoin
[20:21] trollbot:
Bitstamp : 1502.77 (-0.25%)Bitfinex : 1613.10 (-0.13%)OKCоin   : 1444.86 (0.41%)itBit    : 1516.85 (-0.12%)Kraken   : 1507.33 (-0.19%)GDAX     : 1540.00 (0.01%)SLQ      : 11 mins
[20:31] mofeta: 5 consecutive green days on btc, g0d-damn-unbelievable-f0ck
[20:31] hitme1: mofeta: not really
[20:32] jose: am i the only one or poloniex is being under attack ?
[20:35] hitme1: thats what this markets missing. a DDOS attack
[20:37] mofeta: a swarm of IOT crappy devices DDoSing poloniex controlled by evil ETH overlord that could save rapidt
[20:43] trollbot:
Bitstamp : 1502.30 (-0.03%)Bitfinex : 1611.00 (-0.13%)OKCоin   : 1437.45 (-0.51%)itBit    : 1517.19 (0.02%)Kraken   : 1509.56 (0.15%)GDAX     : 1548.49 (0.55%)SLQ      : 21 mins
[21:13] mofeta: you could also arb gdax-bitstamp
[21:13] shillosopher: can't withdraw usd from bfx
[21:14] mofeta: local accounts can do it
[21:15] shillosopher: so why buy from coinbase and not stamp then?
[21:16] mofeta: volume maybe? maybe the will start doing it? also maybe because for US citizens it's easier to already buy on coinbase?
[21:22] j8: bitstamp and coinbase were within $5 just a few hours ago
[21:23] Makimoto: finex vs the rest has come down a lot i think a sell off may be coming
[21:25] REKT: Liquidated short on XRPM17: buy 12000 @ 0.00004581
[21:26] mofeta: bitstamp is more liquely following bitfinex, in the 30m chart the pattern is similar, coinbase is shooting up also kraken btcusd is similar to bitstamp
[21:27] trollbot:
Bitstamp : 1505.80 (0.05%)Bitfinex : 1614.00 (0.37%)OKCоin   : 1441.48 (-0.28%)itBit    : 1525.75 (0.17%)Kraken   : 1512.33 (-0.04%)GDAX     : 1564.00 (0.39%)SLQ      : 21 mins
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Is The World's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Headed For A Mt. Gox-Style Collapse

Could Bitfinex, the Hong Kong-based second-largest in the world cryptocurrency exchange, be headed for a Mt. Gox-style collapse? It's starting to look that way.


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Looong Term Gold price - back to -- 1792 ! Peak was $1920 in 9/2011


> source: http://www.businessinsider.com/long-term-gold-chart-going-back-to-1792-2013-4


GLD : All data : All : fr.Peak 5-yrs : 4-yrs : 2-yrs-wk :



BTS / Bitstamp ... 8-years : Peak (for BTS) was $1,892 on 5/11/2017



Note the Gold low at around $250, followed by an upwards drive of less than 10X to $1920.

After the BTS low near $200, will wee see the Bitcoin rally end at less than 10X at around $1900?

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Bitcoins can move a long way if it stays in this channel


BTS ... update



BTS - 5mos



Meantime, ETH is a moonshot: $ 144.60 ! New high


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Bitcoin : The uptrend continues as money flees China:
Charts: Bitcoins LIVE : BTC:1-year : 4-mos : 10d : Ticks : BtcWisdom : BTC24hr : Eur : PB : sjw :


BTS - Frozen / Bitcoins, on Bitstamps ; 10-Days: 6-mo : 12-mo : 24-mo : 32-Mo : 8yr :

BTC - 10d : $2337 / 1251(186.8% of Gold) whatta jump!




Could be headed to 2X Gold , ie $2500

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Bitcoin prices could (should?) come back to $1900 or so; then $1600


BTS ... 5mos :



ETH : was $141 when I made the chart. now $128



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Bitcoins / BTS ... 5-months



Price could peak out here. around $2850, or jump to the next resistance level, perhaps $3300

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Bitcoins / BTS ... 5-months


Price could peak out here. around $2850, or jump to the next resistance level, perhaps $3300


MA Crossover?


Looks like BTS may be rolling over on the Short Term charts ... update




If a MAJOR break, it may need more downside volume

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Coinbase Crashes As Bitcoin, Ethereum Join FANG Stocks Meltdown

Jun 12, 2017 2:42 PM

Whether it is just a curious coincidence or not, cryptocurrencies are crashing along with FANG stocks this morning...

Earlier statements about the Ethereum network running slow due to extremely heavy activity appear to have taken their toll on one major exchange...


And Bitcoin is tracking FANG stocks lower (down around 13% this morning)... This is the biggest drop since January 2015



And Ethereum is down over 15%...after tagging $400 earlier last night


> http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-12/coinbase-crashes-bitcoin-ethereum-join-fang-stocks-meltdown

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Another Bitcoin price drop may be imminent


BTC ... 1-mo : 5 d :




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Bitcoin Buyer Beware

Jun 25, 2017

Entrepreneurs have a new trick to raise money quickly, and it all takes place online, free from the constraints of banks and regulators. As Axios reports, since the beginning of 2017, 65 startups have raised $522 million using initial coin offerings — trading a digital coin (essentially an investment in their company) for a digital currency, like Bitcoin or Ether.

One recent example, as
NYT reports
, saw
Bay Area coders earn $35 million in less than 30 seconds during an online fund-raising event
They sold Basic Attention Tokens (BAT coin) which will grant buyers access to an innovative ad-free web browser the coders are intending to create, but have yet to launch.

And that's the catch: these investors are buying promises in the form of coins for a product or service that doesn't exist.


Similar to the Bay Area example, a group of entrepreneurs in Switzerland secured $100 million last week by selling a coin that will one day be used on Status, an online chat program that's still being developed.


Proponents argue that these
initial coin offerings are "a financial innovation that empowers developers and gives early investors a chance to share in the profits of a successful new enterprise,"
NYT notes.


However, many say it potentially violates securities law and that this trading of digital currencies is ripe for hackers, from NYT:
"Last year, the first blockbuster coin offering, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, quickly raised more than $150 million. But the project
blew up
after a hacker manipulated the code and stole more than $50 million worth of digital currency."

By selling these coins for Bitcoin or Ether, "conventional banks and financial institutions are essentially shut out, allowing initial coin offerings to take place beyond the control of regulators," and that could lead to a whole host of issues for the entrepreneurs and investors alike.

So, it is no wonder that Fred Wilson's advice with regard ICOs is simple "buyer beware, do your homework, don't be greedy."


> More: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-25/bitcoin-buyer-beware

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