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DrBubb's Diary - Feb. 2017 Trading - v.97

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Hollywood. Schmollywood = Pure Politically-correct Preaching


Oscar contenders aim to raise awareness — but in the Trump era will they change minds?

A number of Oscar contenders focus on serious issues such as sexuality, race, immigration and war.
Pictured from top left: “Moonlight” (courtesy A24), “Hidden Figures” (courtesy 20th Century Fox), “Hacksaw Ridge” (courtesy Summit Entertainment) and “Lion” (courtesy The Weinstein Company). (Courtesy photos)

02/25/17 218 Comments


“La La Land” skips into the Oscars with a leading 14 nominations — and more than $136 million at the domestic box office — but some of the other best picture nominees offer a look at more serious issues beyond singing and dancing.

Critics point out that a number of this year’s Oscar contenders focus on topics that are meant to expose moviegoers to a different way of thinking, which is timely as President Donald Trump rolls back protections for immigrants and transgender students.

Once such film is multiple nominee “Moonlight.” It follows the story of Chiron, an African-American boy bullied in school as he struggles with his sexuality, and the realization later in life that he is gay.



Actor Trevante Rhodes, who plays Chiron as an adult, told the Southern California News Group the film offers lessons to people from all walks of life.

“The fact that the film is so specific, it becomes this universal thing that anyone can relate to because of the themes. Everyone, no matter your race, your sex, your age, everyone relates to the film.”

Another best picture contender, “Lion,” addresses the issues of poverty, missing children and refugees.


> More: http://www.dailynews.com/events/20170225/oscar-contenders-aim-to-raise-awareness-but-in-the-trump-era-will-they-change-minds


Once such film is multiple nominee “Moonlight.” It follows the story of Chiron, an African-American boy bullied in school as he struggles with his sexuality, and the realization later in life that he is gay.

Right! Daring, eh?

If they want a truly daring film they should make one with a Hero who supports Trump while living in La La Land


I was proud of my girlfriend

She wanted to see a film this weekend, and I told her I was indifferent, because of the choices.



"She can handle any figures you put in front of her"

(Song: Yes, it's an uphill battle .. "Everytime we try to get ahead, they move the finish line")

The sensitive male is a Polish Jew (does anyone else want to puke at how PC this story is?)


She suggested Hidden Figures - and I said I wasn't keen.

She read the plot summary, and said afterwards. "I see what you mean. I am happy to skip it too."

We stayed at home

(She tutors teenagers in math, and knows the realities of getting young boys and girls to learn math,

She's a Mensa member with a Phd from Oxford, and is a whiz at teaching math to children.)

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(some) Hedge Funds Call 'Time-out' on Trump Fueled Rally Hedge Funds - Feb 24


Some big hedge fund names have called time on the Trump-fueled stock market rally.


Reuters discussed this point live with ValueAct's Jeff Ubben on Wednesday; he said he was 'disinvesting' because of high valuations. You can watch a video of the event with Ubben, Paul Hilal, Zach Oleksiuk and Richard Brand here: Newsmaker-The Future of Shareholder Activism

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I ran this chart before selling about US$100k of Gold yesterday


GLD ... All-data



I was concerned that gold was running higher "on its own", without the participation of Gold shares.

and I thought the 4-6 mos cycle might be rolling over


I also produced this busy chart, expecting that NUGT might test expected support at about $10.00

(In my own chart work, I am accustomed to looking at such busy charts.)



Later in the day, we saw a sharp drop in GDX (-5.35%) and in NUGT (-16.07%)


NUGT ... 12 mos : Last: $9.45 - $1.81 : -16.07%



What we saw in the summer was: Gold chopped along in a high range, while GDX came down,

resulting in a GDX/GLD ratio that looks like this:



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"Hollywood feels an obligation, to bring the rest of the country 'up to their moral level' " - Tucker


Tucker Carlson on when politics intrudes on art in Hollywood


Published on Feb 27, 2017

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host sounds off on Academy Awards




"hollywood and the dems are both phony and done. Its time for MAGA"


"I think this "mistake" was planned. So the guys who actually had the Best Picture, La La Land, could be made to look so fair minded in turning the award over to the Gay_Black brainwashing film. You can believe it was a mistake if you like, but I am not buying it"


"You mean that the Oscars are rigged... No, say it ain't so.'

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"- Overwhelmingly bearish sentiment in commentary pieces etc in the press and on forums such as Asia Expat and Geoexpat"

- came on last year's Low

- now some property pundits are predicting a gain of over 10% in property prices in 2017, and

"- Developers shares are outperforming the physical market this year indicating further strength for HK property"

- per Lev.


The peak in sentiment often comes with, or a little before the peak in prices, here's an update on the Long Term chart of HPI - the Hong Kong Property index



I met well-known investor, David Webb, at a M--- event on Friday night. We spoke about property with some young Hong Kong people.

His view is that now is NOT the right time to be buying. He says, if you can manage it, it might be a good time to sell.

He expects trouble in China to come, and thinks many Chinese bank now have problems with their loan portfolios, and doubts the

Chinese government will be as willing to take over the problem loans as they were the last time.


Even so, he now holds "reportable interests" (over 5%) in 16 Hong Kong traded companies, and says it is not easy to sell.

He would like to have plenty of cash the next time the market drops


Obviously, there is no guarantee that this thinking will prove accurate

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TOP of Page Header


t24_au_en_usoz_6.gif : idx24_russell_en_2.gif : idx24_hui_en_2.gif :

3d : ag : au


Bitcoin : The uptrend continues as money flees China:
Charts: Bitcoins LIVE : BTC:1-year : 4-mos : 10d : Ticks : BtcWisdom : BTC-24hours : PB : aD : aF : aG : sjw :


BTS - Frozen / Bitcoins, on Bitstamps ; 10-Days: http://tinyurl.com/bts-10d : 6-mos : 12-mos : 24-mos : 32-MOS


Over a week ago, I said: "Bitcoins Price may take another run at the Gold price - Now $1230"


BTC - 32-months





Bitcoins was just above $1100 when I wrote that - it touched $1220, and has traded as high as $1210 in Asia today

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I have been long this one for years - it is getting very interesting now, as the stock breaks out,

and development is set to proceed


IMA.t / I-Minerals Inc ... update




About I-Minerals Inc.

I-Minerals is developing multiple deposits of high purity, high value halloysite, quartz, potassium feldspar and kaolin at its strategically located Helmer-Bovill property in north central Idaho. A 2016 Feasibility Study on the Bovill Kaolin Deposit led by led by GBM Engineers LLC, who were responsible for overall project management and the process plant and infrastructure design, including OPEX and CAPEX calculated an After Tax NPV of US$249.8 million with a 25.8% After Tax IRR of 25.8%. Initial CAPEX was estimated at $108.3 million with a 3.7 year After Tax payback. Other engineering services were provided by HDR Engineering, Inc. (all environmental components; hydrology / hydrogeology; road design); Tetra Tech, Inc. (tailings storage facility design); Mine Development Associates (mine modelling; ore scheduling; mineral reserve estimation); and SRK Consulting (U.S.) Inc. (mineral resource estimation). Permitting work with the State of Idaho is well underway.


> https://www.imineralsinc.com/news/i-minerals-inc-applies-to-extend-the-expiry-date-of-certain-share-purchase-warrants

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Have you thunderclapped yet? http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21317



Speaking Back to the Media

Published on Feb 24, 2017

Let's make ourselves heard.


I just read an article on a German Antifa Site and they call you a right extremist.
The argument is that you are not allowed to have those opinions. Keep up the work!
I finally made an account on twitter. I signed up for the Thunderclap.
And twitter locked my account instantly. Sorry guys, I'm quitting twitter. It's just too orwellian for me.
Thunderclap (website)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Type of site
Crowdspeaking Headquarters New York City, New York State, U.S. Founder(s)Website thunderclap.it Alexa rank 11px-Decrease2.svg.png 31,934 (October 2016)[1] Launched May, 2012

Thunderclap is a "crowdspeaking" platform that lets individuals and companies rally people together to spread a message. The site uses an "all-or-nothing" model similar to crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, in that if the campaign does not meet its desired number of supporters in the given time frame, the organizer receives none of the donations.

On Thunderclap, backers donate tweets and social media posts rather than money.

You know what? I don't like PewDiePie. I don't like his videos - but many people do (for whatever reason).
The videos which are considered offensive are obviously jokes, designed to provoke laughter. You're right, Sargon - PewDiePie has been targeted by the mainstream media. Felix decided to showcase how stupid people are - and I think he succeeded in proving his point. I will be allowing Thunderclap to access the Twitter account which I hardly ever use, in order to get this hashtag trending - because to be honest, this isn't about PewDiePie - this is about the mainstream media being utter cunts. PewDiePie has my support. Let's give the left a message, eh?
I'm probably still shadow banned on YouTube so you'll probably never see this - but I've added my 50k+ Twitter account to your thunderfart. <3


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TWO from SGT


/ 1 /


Published on Feb 26, 2017

Jerry Robinson from FollowTheMoney.com joins me to discuss the ways we can - and should - diversify BEFORE the collapse of the US Dollar as world's reserve currency.


FollowTheMoney : http://ftmdaily.com/

Not to be confused with

Internet ncome University: https://ivetriedthat.com/2013/02/13/were-taking-a-look-inside-the-internet-income-university/


PODCAST: Marc Faber: Trump Will Beg Fed For QE4

Audio Player

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 58:26 — 107.1MB) | Embed

Get Jerry Robinson’s signature commentary on stock market sentiment amid the incoming Trump Administration, and hear an in-depth interview with Marc Faber of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”.


/ 2 /

PODESTA, We Will NOT Stop Digging

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"His Best Speech yet"


Krauthammer: This should have been Trump's inaugural address


President Trump Full Speech to Congress 2/28/17


Published on Feb 28, 2017

In his finest hour, President Trump delivers a speech for the history books.

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HEDGED rather than Sold Bitcoins - Here's Why


BTC - 32 Months



I hedged rather than selling the bulk of my Bitcoins position in the last 24 hours when it touched the Gold price near $1230-1250.

Here's why...


(see explanation coming on the March thread):

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