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Wallbridge (WM.t) and its Fenelon Mine

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SMART PEOPLE PAID $1.15 (& higher) for this stock in October

  • WM.t / Wallbridge Mining... 3yr: 6mo: 10d / Last: C$0.82 - 0.01 / SH


Following are the highlights from the Bought Deal that happened and announced back in October;....have a read and note whom the players are.  You will be in good company. (IMHO) They are not here to take a haircut.  Yes current conditions are putting pressure on the share price but I feel once the resource estimates come out ( later 2021 ) and mining permit is finally issued, we will push SP in the $1.50 range.  Yes Shiite happens so be prepared to reap what you sow.  Do your due diligence.

  • Wallbridge Mining (WM) has completed a bought deal offering after raising C$63.8 million in gross proceeds
  • The company issued an aggregate 55.5 million of its common shares at a price of $1.15 per share
  • Some shares resulted from the exercise of an over-allotment option by underwriters, who acquired 6.5 million common shares
  • The proceeds of the offering will be used to advance the company’s Fenelon Gold Project, and for general corporate purposes
  • Wallbridge Mining (WM) is down 1.89 per cent and is currently trading at $1.04 per share

Wallbridge Mining (WM) has completed a bought deal offering after raising C$63.8 million in gross proceeds.

Through the offering, the company issued an aggregate 55.5 million of its common shares, at a price of $1.15 per share. 

Some of those shares were issued as a result of the underwriters partially exercising the over-allotment option. The underwriters consisted of the lead underwriter and sole bookrunner BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc, along with Eight Capital, RBC Dominion Securities Inc, and Paradigm Capital Inc.  By exercising the over-allotment option, the underwriters acquired 6.5 million common shares in Wallbridge, also at a price of $1.15 per share.   Wallbridge Mining’s fellow TSX-listed mining company, Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) also participated in the company’s bought deal offering. In total, Kirkland acquired 20 million common shares in Wallbridge, in order to increase its ownership interest in the company to approximately 9.9 per cent. 

> More:  https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard?symbol=t.wm&postid=32036960

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Wrap: Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up

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Fenelon Canada’s Next Major Gold Camp - November 2020 Update

The camp has generated significant interest from legendary investor Eric Sprott as he is a big shareholder in Wallbridge Mining and Great Thunder Gold. The area continues to develop alongside other companies in the region looking to make a discovery.

I have updated the report to bring you up to speed on the developments and progress made by the companies within the camp since the last article.

The Big Players:

1. Wallbridge Mining Co Ltd. (WM.TO):

  • Wallbridge has continued to show why the Fenelon Project has the potential to be Canada’s next high-grade deposit. Just some of the highlight intercepts since our last update:
    • 308 G/T GOLD (8.98 OZ/TON) OVER 2.97 METRES
    • 858 G/T (25.03 OZ/TON) GOLD OVER 1.06 METRES
    • 70.84 G/T AU OVER 5.35 METRES
    • 32.26 G/T AU OVER 7.05 METRES
    • 4.06 G/T GOLD OVER 51.70 METRES
    • 4.88 G/T GOLD OVER 18.95 METRES
    • 24.61 G/T GOLD OVER 15.00 METRES
    • 9.06 G/T GOLD OVER 40.05 METRES
    • 5.07 G/T AU OVER 100.6 METRES
  • These are exceptional results and only the highlights of what could be a multiple page article on all the intercepts that makes this deposit a rare find!
  • On October 2nd Wallbridge announced the closing of a $63.8M bought deal financing at a pre-money valuation of over $800 million! Kirkland Lake Gold maintained their 9.9% ownership by contributing $23M to the financing. Kirkland’s continued participation and valuation speak to the Fenelon deposit as a potential world-class deposit, which is comparable to Fosterville.
  • Wallbridge is well on their way to completing their 100,000-meter drill program for 2020, and there are significant catalysts in store for 2021 (70M Budget):
    • 150,000 meters of drilling
    • Maiden resource estimate for Fenelon including the Gabbro, Tabasco, Cayenne, and Area 51 zones during the third quarter
    • Commencement of a 10,000 meter, multi-year development program to establish underground drilling platforms in Area 51 and Tabasco.
  • On November 23rd, Wallbridge announced a 75% earn-in for $35M in work expenditures on its Detour East Project with Kirkland Lake Gold. Another exciting development and continued collaboration with Kirkland Lake. 
  • Major investors include Kirkland Lake at 9.9% and Eric Sprott 20.7%. With the Fenlon Project being only 75km east of Kirkland’s Detour Mine, one can quickly see why this is of interest to both investors and a potential takeover target. 

> MORE in camp:  WM.t, PRB.v-Probe,  KL.t-Kirkland Lake, GTG.v-Great Thunder Gold, GSK.C-Goldseek, XND.v-Xander,


  • It is clear with the area consolidation and continued success since our last update that the Fenelon Gold Camp is going to be very exciting for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. In a historically underexplored area we expect new discoveries to be made in 2021, which will increase the following on all players in the area. 

> https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard?symbol=t.wm&postid=32037773

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Stock: YE.’19 : 03.31: 05.31: % Ytd: 12.07: % Ytd : Yr.H.: off High:
GDXJ: 42.26 : 28.10 : 46.08 : 9.04%: 53.68 :  27.0%: 65.95: -18.6%
ELY.t :  $0.46 : $0.71 : $1.61 : 250.%:  $1.16: +152%: $2.09: -44.5%
WM.t :  $0.91 : $0.52 : $1.35 : 48.4%: $0.79 -13.2%: $1.35 -41.5%
Gcm.t:  $5.57 : $4.05 : $7.01 : 25.9%: $6.44 : 15.6%: $8.10: -20.5%
Cgc.t:   $1.40e $1.59 : $2.15 : 53.6%: $2.40 : 71.4%: $3.07: -21.8%
Gldx.t   $2.20 : $1.29 : $2.37 : 7.73%: $3.20 : 45.5%: $4.62: -30.7%
Emr.v:  $0.07 : $0.04 : $0.06: -14.3%: $.075 : 7.14%: $0.16: -53.1%
VG.v. :  $.155 : $.145 : $0.26: +67.7%: $.425: 174.%: $0.93: -54.3%
SMC.t. $0.05 : $.035 : $.045: -10.0%: $0.06 : 20.0%: $.095: -36.8%

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WM - Wallbridge drills 31.34 m of 9.26 g/t Au at Fenelon
[2021-01-13 07:40]

Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has released the remaining assay results from the five wedge cuts drilled around FA-19-086 that continue to delineate the high metal factor (grade multiplied by core length) domains in Tabasco-Cayenne shear zones. As expected, the results of the FA-19-086 wedge cuts confirm a wide shear zone with good geological continuity and highly variable gold grades. The average grade and width for the original hole and the five wedge cuts, which tested a 75 by 75 metre area surrounding the original hole at approximately 25-40 metre spacing, returned (see Figs. 1 and 2):

9.26 Au g/t (8.22 Au g/t cut) over 31.34 metres

. . .

2020-2021 Drilling Program Update

In 2020, Wallbridge completed approximately 102,000 metres of exploration and resource drilling at Fenelon, achieving its 2020 target despite the temporary suspension of activities in the spring due to the COVID pandemic. For the majority of the year, six drill rigs were running and a seventh drill was mobilized to the project at the end of November.

In 2021, the Company is planning to complete approximately 170,000-metres of drilling, with a maiden resource estimate at Fenelon anticipated in the third quarter (see Wallbridge Press Release dated January 11, 2021). Approximately 10-15% of the drilling program will be devoted to regional exploration on the Company's district-scale, underexplored land package on the Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend.

Currently, drilling is ramping up and by the end of January the Company will have nine drill rigs turning. Six drill rigs are targeting the Fenelon Gold System (Tabasco-Cayenne-Area 51 mineralization) to approximately 1,000 metre vertical depth, carrying out a combination of 75-100-metre step-outs and tighter-spaced (50-60-metre) in-fill drilling. An additional two drill rigs will be focusing on near surface, open pit resource drilling in the western portion of Area 51. One additional drill rig will be devoted to regional, grassroots exploration at various projects of the Company's Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend land package.


About Wallbridge Mining

Wallbridge is currently advancing the exploration and development of its 100%-owned Fenelon Gold property, which is located along the Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend, an emerging gold belt in northwestern Quebec. The Company completed approximately 102,000 metres of drilling in 2020 and has begun a fully-funded 170,000-metre drill program and 10,000-metre, two-year underground development program in 2021. The Company intends to complete a maiden resource on the Fenelon Gold System in the third quarter of 2021.

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Stockhouse Bullboard calls it...

"Good News!!!" / Drilling Report from WM.t / Wallbridge

Wallbridge’s Infill Wedge Drilling Results Average 9.26 g Au/t over 31.34 metres in Tabasco Shear Zone Toronto Stock Exchange:WM (globenewswire.com)
  rate and reply
+  The operative word being "infill".  - DK
+  This is fantastic news.....let's take this over $1 and then some more....
> https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard?symbol=t.wm
BOXER Calcs:
9.26 g Au/t over 31.34 m = : at 1/13

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Wallbridge Mining - Q1 2021 Update: "multi-million ounce potential"

Increased land package from 10 sq km > over 85 sq km w/ Balmoral, & much is under-explored
Maiden Resource estimate expected by Q3.2021.  $85 Million Cash in treasury, as of end 2020.
Enough to fund an aggressive drilling program

Looking to spin out Copper/ Nickel assets

From the CORE Shack: VIDEO: "we have six drills working now"

WM.t ... update / Last: $0.72...  started climbing again!  (it seems, tho' I want to see it over 0.82)



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RESOURCE ESTIMATE will be a Key Step

February 07, 2021 - 02:12 PM

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:No Nova gold for me

cdnkeswick wrote: 80 million and it will all be spent this year. Maybe you need to wake up or at least tell me where next year's money will come from.

The RE should be out by September,  a offer on the fenlon property will be made shortly after.  My guess is Sibanye  Stillwater will buy this property but may get a fight from KL looking for 1.5 billion for just fenlon. Jmho


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Wallbridge vs. Ely Gold Royalties (which holds its royalties) & others

WM.t vs. ELY.v ... update: 10d/ $0.675 +0.065, +10.7% / $0.92 +0.05, +5.8%= 73.4%


Ratio: $0.675 / $0.92= 73.4%, yrL: 60.7% - yrH: 85.6%: mid: 73.2%


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WEAK DEMAND for Gold stocks has held some portfolio stocks down in 2021

Only very nimble profit-taking has allowed our trading  out-performance; up +55.1% since end 2020

GDXJ (Junior Gold stock index) vs Portfolio stocks : from Dec.2020: 10d / GDXJ $47.45, -12.5% in 2021

Sym. : Ye2020 : 4/30 :  % chg.
GDXJ : 54.24 > 47.45 : - 12.5%
WM.t : $0.78 > $0.62 : - 20.5%
EMR. : 0.080 > 0.070 : - 12.5%
SMD  : 0.395 > 0.460 : +16.5%
MCI.v: 0.240 > 0.300 : +25.0%
VG.v. : 0.440 > 0.465 : +5.68%
==== : Aver. 5 stocks: +3.09%


Despite the weak performance, Wallbridge drill results are continuing strong - but the market is bored with drill holes

Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline
2021-04-29 06:41 C:WM 0.61 News Release Wallbridge drills 16.4 m of 17.79 g/t Au at Fenelon
2021-04-15 11:34 C:WM 0.61 News Release Wallbridge Mining closes $20.01M bought deal

The Headline results, were the best by far -> 17.79gm x 16.40m = a massive 292 gm-m "boxer"


Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has released results from its exploration drill program at the Fenelon gold property, with an intersection of 17.79 grams per tonne gold over 16.40 metres, including 76.98 g/t Au over 3.30 metres in a newly discovered eastern extension of the gabbro zones. This high-grade zone is located approximately 140 metres along strike to the east of, and 175 metres vertically below, the known part of the gabbro zones where Wallbridge completed a 33,500-tonne underground bulk sample in 2019 with an average grade of 18.49 grams per tonne gold. The mineralization is open for expansion with very few historic drill holes in the area.

"We are very excited about this new high-grade discovery hosted within the Main gabbro, 140 metres away from the known gabbro zones," stated Attila Pentek, vice-president, exploration, of Wallbridge. "This eastern extension of the Main gabbro, one of the important host rocks at Fenelon, has seen very limited drilling in the past, only with shallow 100-to-200-metre holes. This intersection is still close to surface, at a vertical depth of 300 metres, and is open in all directions."


A High grade gold on a step-up hole like this would have moved the stock up 1-2 years ago

Seems like the market is now awaiting Resource estimates, to see how big the Gold deposit(s) have become

"The company completed approximately 102,000 metres of drilling in 2020 and has begun a fully financed 2021 program of approximately 170,000 metres of drilling and 4,800 metres of underground exploration development (phase 1 of a 10,000-metre two-year program). The company intends to complete a maiden mineral resource on the Fenelon gold system in the third quarter of 2021."

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Has Wallbridge finished with its long decline?

WM.t ... 5yrL: 4yr: update: 1yr: 10d/ Last: 0.63 / Cost: $0.76 = -17.1% decline from purchase, -53.3% from $1.35 Top


WM.t ... 5yrL



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WM.t / Wallbridge had a good drill hole...  But the stock made no progress since Tue. : 0.53 Unch. --      

Wallbridge drills 24.9 m of 23.7 g/t Au at Fenelon


Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has released additional assay results from its current drilling program on the Fenelon gold property. Expansion drilling continues to reveal additional bulk-minable near-surface mineralized corridors in the western part of Area 51, while definition drilling continues to define steep high-metal-factor (gold grade multiplied by thickness) gold shoots within the Tabasco-Cayenne zones.

Drilling is currently focusing on multiple areas, within the approximately 1.0-kilometre-by-1.2-kilometre central portion of the Fenelon gold system, to expand and better define the mineralization in support of the maiden mineral resource estimate (MMRE). Over 200,000 metres of drilling will be incorporated into the MMRE.

> https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item/Z-C!WM-3104542/C/WM

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Key Support is about 50 Cents

WM.t ... 5yrL: 5yr: 4yr: 1yr: 10d/ Last: 0.53 /


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Wallbridge starts 20,000 m drill program at Martiniere

2021-07-22 06:43 ET - Mr. Marz Kord reports


Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. is initiating a 20,000-metre regional drill program, part of the company's planned 170,000-metre 2021 drill program, starting at the Martiniere gold project, located 30 kilometres west of its flagship Fenelon gold property and 45 kilometres east of Kirkland Lake Gold's Detour Lake gold mine.

Located in Quebec's northern Abitibi greenstone belt, the Detour-Fenelon gold trend has demonstrated potential for world-class gold deposits, yet it remains highly underexplored in comparison with the other prolific gold belts in the southern portion of the Abitibi, like the Timmins-Porcupine, Kirkland Lake and Val d'Or camps. Spanning 97 kilometres in east-west direction within this belt (roughly equivalent to the distance between Rouyn-Noranda and Val d'Or), Wallbridge's extensive, 910-square-kilometre regional Detour-Fenelon land package offers excellent potential for new gold discoveries, and the company has selected Martiniere as its second priority area after Fenelon.

Martiniere has a historic indicated resource of approximately 591,000 gold ounces, reported by the previous owner, Balmoral Resources, in March, 2018. The mineralization extends over a known area of approximately two by 1.8 kilometres and has been traced down to 700 m vertical depth by sporadic drill holes. Most of the drilling, however, is restricted to the top 300 metres from surface, and the company believes there is excellent potential to expand the known zones both along strike and down plunge.

A review of the geology and the controls on gold deposition at Martiniere has identified a number of attractive exploration targets and opportunities for expansion of the historic resource.

"We are very excited to kick off our regional exploration program on Martiniere, our second-most-advanced gold project after Fenelon," stated Marz Kord, president and chief executive officer of Wallbridge...

> https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item/Z-C!WM-3114179/C/WM

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Wallbridge is moving again... even in a weak market.  Moreover, it has announced it will reveal the size of its maiden Deposit next month... and Now it is turning its drills back to EXPANDING the deposit.  This plan is helping the stock price.

WM.t / Wallbridge's Gold resource is set to grow again - Stock is out performing GDXJ:  last: 0.65 / Gdxj: 33.00 = xx%


vs. GDXJ:


VIDEO : Wallbridge Mining (WM) - Settling into a Multi-Million Ounces Rhythm


Wallbridge drills 27 m of 3.75 g/t Au at Fenelon

2021-08-05 10:28 ET - Mr. Marz Kord reports


Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has almost completed its resource definition drill program for the upcoming maiden mineral resource estimate on the Fenelon gold property.

Drilling has been focusing on multiple areas, within the approximately one-kilometre-by-1.2-kilometre central portion of the Fenelon gold system, to better define the gold mineralization in support of the MMRE. Approximately 260,000 metres drilled by the company at Fenelon within the three years since the commencement of systematic, continuous exploration drilling will be incorporated into the MMRE. With the drill program for the MMRE now substantially complete, drill rigs are being transitioned to focus on resource expansion and exploration drilling at Fenelon as well as regional exploration on the company's other projects along the Detour-Fenelon gold trend (see Wallbridge news release dated July 22, 2021, on the commencement of phase I drill program at the Martiniere project).

"As we near the completion of the resource drill program in support of our maiden mineral resource estimate at Fenelon, we are excited to turn our attention again to more widely spaced exploration drilling to continue outlining the ultimate size potential of the Fenelon gold system and to discover additional gold deposits on our underexplored Detour-Fenelon land package," stated Marz Kord, president and chief executive officer of Wallbridge.

"We are excited to reach this important milestone and to move forward with our MMRE," stated Attila Pentek, vice-president, exploration, of Wallbridge. "The MMRE will provide an initial snapshot of the true potential of the Fenelon gold system, the limits of which we have not yet defined."

> more: https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item/Z-C!WM-3120859/C/WM

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