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QUAKE! Earthquakes in the Philippines

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QUAKE! Earthquakes in the Philippines


(decided to start this thread after an experience about one hour ago)


EARTHQUAKE - here in Makati


What a shake!

I was half asleep, and it woke me up, giving me a real scare

The light fixture from the ceiling was swaying for 2-3 minutes



Just found this:

Latest earthquake activity near Metro Manila: 25th May, 2017, magnitude 5.3, 14:28:27 GMT (22:28:27 local),

location 87 kilometers, 213 dgrees from Makati City, depth 93 kilometers,

duration 35 seconds felt in Metro Manila as magnitude 2.0-, no noticeable damage to structures, JUST A SHAKE


The Marikina Fault

The most significant, historic earthquake zone (geological fault) in the Philippines is located just 10km East of Manila City and is known as the "Marikina Valley Fault" or, frequently, "Marikina Fault". Archaeological evidence tells us that the Marikina Fault earthquake zone, that runs almost North-South along the Marikina Valley, and almost exactly parallels the route of the C-5 circumferential road around Metro Manila, slips every 200-400 years (average every 310 years) delivering a magnitude 6.0-7.0 earthquake (maximum estimated 7.5). The last time the Marikina Fault earthquake zone slipped is calculated to have been in 1863AD, meaning that this geological fault is not due for another movement for about 50 more years, on average. But a better-safe-than-sorry philosophy suggests even more reasons to chill out on the beaches, especially around Puerto Galera.


> https://www.pgyc.org/tsunami-earthquake.php


> usgs : https://earthquake.usgs.gov/ : https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/

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I experienced another "mid-large" quake a few weeks ago


Last one: Apr 8, 2017 - An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale has hit the Philippines,


But I hardly felt that. being on the ground floor

This time, I was on the 22nd floor and it was more noticeable

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Good thing that this week's 7.0 was not a Direct hit on Manila. 

Epicenter was far away


I was told the 7.0 SHAKE this week was approx. magnitude of 2.4 in Makati

1863 Manila earthquake struck the Philippines on June 3, 1863.
1863 Manila earthquake.
Local date    June 3, 1863
Local time    19:30 PST
Duration    30 seconds
Magnitude    7.4 Ms 6.5 Mw
Epicenter    14.55°N 120.9°E

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