Acore: Discernment & Disclosure - version 2018 I am drawing the line now on 2017 - Small-d Disclosure of UFO's and an ET presence seems to have genuinely begun.  If the pace of disclosure speeds up, we will be in a brand new world of new wondrous & dangerous possibilities as we go into a New year, and a world where it is no longer taboo to talk about contacts with Extraterrestrials OTHER Reports / Early & Breaking / 1 / Dec. 21, 2017 : UFO Interview: Glenn Beck with Luis Elizondo LE : There is significantly more (coming) / 2 / "This is powerful small-d Disclosure' Grant Cameron & Steve Bassett: UFO Disclosure is Happening NOW Just the beginning. Grant Cameron heard a year ago that it was going to happen this way, with a high level official coming out and making revelations.  Another 28 interviews coming. "There's blood in the water... Disclosure is Happening. It is only days, not Months. Only days away" "THIS has been planned.  The UFO video is a strong sign that this has been planned."