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DrBubb's Diary - Mar. 2019 Trading - v.122

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BTC all data: 8yr: 4yr: 3yr: 12mo: 6mo 1mo 10d 10d 5d / SLV-lv


From prior page:

" If gold will complete the symmetrical pattern, it should go back down to 1185 support before a strong reversal to break 1360. All within the next 4 months. So crazy. "  - Hector

Could be.

If stocks don't breakdown soon, I am think precious metals and especially Silver should soon have good rally.

Based on  the Silver-Shanghai Composite Cyclical indicator...

TURNING Up (like Sh.Composite), or Rolling Down, like SLV might be doing now

Three Different Prices ... 3yr : 10d :


Cycles - between Silver & Shanghai stocks


NOT SURE how useful this indicator will be, but I may follow it for a while.

They should both respond to monetary inflation, and China has been showing a dramatic loosening

: 10d :


China cbank's record $83-B injection heightens worries over ailing economy

Winni Zhou and Andrew Galbraith, Reuters

Posted at Jan 16 2019

SHANGHAI - China's central bank injected a record $83 billion into the country's financial system on Wednesday, seeking to avoid a cash crunch that would put further pressure on the weakening economy.

China's policymakers are pledging to step up stimulus measures this year and do more to protect jobs as economic growth cools to 28-year lows.

But a raft of measures last year from big rail projects to tax cuts seem to have had little impact so far, with recent data suggesting activity is cooling more quickly than expected.

"The news is clear - the economy needs help," said Trinh Nguyen, senior economist for emerging Asia at Natixis in Hong Kong.

Wednesday's open-market operation, the bank's largest net single-day injection on record, came a day after China's state planner, central bank and finance ministry all offered reassurances to investors, signalling more spending and other types of policy support.

But shockingly weak December trade data released earlier this week, along with shrinking factory activity, are stirring speculation over whether more rapid and aggressive policy measures are needed to turn the world's second-largest economy around.

Authorities now agree the economy needs more decisive support "and today's large injection reflects that," Nguyen added.

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I am in UK so not very in-tune with Euro or Asian markets. But I think Brexit continues to be a kind of fuse that will be lit within a year, maybe even this year. The establishment or banking cartel are trying to stretch out the indecision but the British people can only take so much uncertainty before one side or the other will cause a ruckus. And that may finally lead to dislocations in markets. Not sure what to change in my positioning but I will remain long hard money i.e. gold and crypto. Good thing I did not swap into EUR - EURGBP seems decisively down and probably deserved.

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HERE is what I was thinking in early Feb...

Gold Coiled And Set To Break-Out? 
Daily US Market and Currency Reportse (For 01/17/19)

_ says Elliottwave Analytics

"It is Still possible"  To See a Breakout - I said as I posted the chart below in mid.January


What happened? SEE BELOW

Step#1 at early Feb. : GLD ... update : last: $121.02 - 1.09, -0.89%


Step#2 at early March : GLD ... Two years : Last: $121.88 - 2.11, -1.70% - Gold touched $127 in Feb.


Looks like it is headed towards possible support at $121 - that's about $1285.

Meantime, for (junior) Gold stocks...

GDXJ ... Two years : last: $31.44 - 0.97, -2.99% ... Key support is near $31




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Market Commentator like CAF remain Bullish on Gold - due to the Debt risks

"We are now headed into a SPIRAL UP in the Debt ... Rose 6% last year, and maybe 8% this year"

Catherine Austin Fitts – World Choking On Debt - Buy Gold


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In The Last AUDIT of Ft Knox... They only assayed 36 bars... in 1953

FT. Knox and Why You Should Stack Silver Not Gold

"Not a FULL Audit!  Not by a long shot"

Summary & conclusions at 22 minutes

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This video came out near the recent $127 high

Mr Hunter is HIGHLY ARTICULATE & well worth listening to.

Was in top1% of pension fund managers for several years

"i think I am among the Most Bullish" - $1550 by mid-year

David Hunter: Big Moves Are Coming For Gold and Silver

"I think a good part of this will be driven by the US Dollar rolling over"

Expects a Melt-up in stocks... But "a very weak market later in the year"

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US Dollar has been STRONG in recent days

DXY / trade-weighted USD ... updated / Last:

arrow +0.238


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36 minutes ago, drbubb said:

In The Last AUDIT of Ft Knox... They only assayed 36 bars... in 1953

FT. Knox and Why You Should Stack Silver Not Gold

"Not a FULL Audit!  Not by a long shot"

I'm not sure how a lack of gold in Fort Knox translates to holding silver (over gold). Fort Knox gold obviously was looted and has been known for sometime. Gold has flowed from the West to the East. I'm not sure if this means anything in terms of relative value between Yuan/Dollar. But I think Gold/{USD, GBP, EUR etc.} should rise over the long term. Not sure if I can be as certain of that with Silver.

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Thanks. Interesting chart.

I don't think people are throwing in the towel on Gold's rally yet

Six weeks ago... from an Old Friend of this website

David Skarica: Explosion in Gold Price on the Horizon


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SIL ... update : > to 8/31/18 : 7/27/18:

Silver: SIL vs. SLV ... update : w/GDXJ :


more lines


GDXJ - etc.  update :


more lines


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SOLD my TZA calls just now... as the Bearish move in Stocks may be waning

Most of them made me nearly a double

I bought at 73 cents, and sold out at $1.35 and $1.48

SPY was near the Low of the day, and TZA near the day's high as I sold at $1.48 (+$9 = $10.48 underlying TZA)


SOXX - vs. SPY, IWM ... $178.30 -0.79%, $272.65 -0.86%, $150.94 -0.45%/ TZA: $10.47 +1.47%


The gap down on disappointing Employment figures may have taken the energy of of the slide.

SOXX opened much lower ($176.56) and is now well off its lows as SPY & IWM retest lows.

I take this as a potentially bullish indication. And I like to double my money (at least) on Option trades

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3 Things To Learn From Market Speculator Victor Niederhoffer

Counting - Long before anyone heard of quantitative finance, Victor had developed a platform for statistically analyzing patterns in markets. waAnd far before it was commonplace to talk about "hybrid trading"--the integration of qualitative and quantitative insights in investing--he was a consummate hybrid. One of my vivid memories of that first visit to his office was hearing him talk about a market pattern from lows to highs and comparing it with similar movements that occur in classical music. The integration Vic seeks, from my perspective, is that of prediction and understanding. It is not enough to discover a black box...

Lateral Thinking - Many money managers emphasize deep thinking as a source of superior trading ideas. They spend hours modeling companies and pouring over macroeconomic statistics to find the nuggets of information that others might miss. What I learned from Victor was something different: the importance of broad, lateral thinking. One of my favorite times spent with him occurred in the New York Botanical Garden, when a group of us strolled through one of the world's largest collections of living plants. With each variety, Vic spoke of its ecology and related this to the structure of the world of finance. For him, markets are organic ecosystems, not unlike those found in nature....

Dynamic Thinking - Perhaps the idea that has most stuck with me since that first meeting in Weston is the notion of "ever-changing" markets. Victor's genius can be found in his understanding--years before others--that patterns appear and reappear in markets. Like the seasons, like ecologies, markets are ever-evolving. What occurred in the recent past may not occur in the present. And yet markets are not entirely random. The role of the speculator is to continually update perception and thought and identify patterns as they unfold.

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Hang Lung Properties (101) keeps running ahead of HL Group (10)

Looks like I put my chips mainly on the wrong one. haha

chart ... update :


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"American is GOOD, America is Great !"

Michelle Malkin speaks at CPAC 2019: full speech


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Peabody Energy (coal producer) getting cheap enough

RATIO of BTU to USO Oil may suggest a Buying opportunity


Here's Peabody / BTU on its own - the drop reflects a $1.85 dividend


USO-etc / The comparison chart that got me to look at the Ratio above



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From near the 2009 LOW in US stocks, China's Shanghai composite has lagged by a lot

ShComp vs SPX ... fr. 2/1/2009 :


Lines added




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AGs Down

The Agri fund has been a poor investment for years

Probably thanks to strong usd, & limited chinese buying of us agricultural products.

But in the past, there have been nice sharp spikes up. And we may see another

DBA / DB's Agri Fund ... all-data ...: Last, updated to March 13, 2019: $16.37


dxy vs dba - strong usd has pushed down dba


dba -vs udn : update : DBA-$16.36/ UDN-$20.88 = Ratio: r-78.4%



dba -to crb



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Peabody may be headed to $28

BTU / Peabody Energy ... update : $28.89 -$0.65, -2.20% vol. 670.7k, Yield: 1.80%, PER: 6.43


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SLV looks likely to retest $14. SIL to retest $25.50-25.70?

SLV / Silver etf ... update : 6mo : $14.24 -$0.27, -1.86% vol. 7.57M, Yield: n/a, PER: n/a


SIL vs SLV/ Silver Shares vs. Silver ... update : 6mo : $26.28 -$0.59, -2.20% vol. 164.5k, Yield: 1.16%, PER: n/a


Ratio: SIL to-SLV : $26.28 / $14.24 = R-1.00?



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AGQ (Silver Bull x2)

AGQ ... All-data : $24.80


Ratio: to UGLD (Gold Bull x3)



UGLD vs. AGQ, SLV ... update: $00 vs $00, $00


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Gold & Silver producer

GORO / Gold Resource Corp ... update : Last: $


Gold Resource Corporation Achieves Eighth Consecutive Profitable Year Reporting $9.3 Million Net Income, $0.16 Per Share, Provides 2019 Production Outlook

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gold Resource Corporation (NYSE American: GORO) (the “Company” or “GRC”) today announced an eighth consecutive year of profitability, reporting net income of $9.3 million or $0.16 per share.  The Company also confirmed its previously announced 2018 annual mill production of 26,838 gold ounces and 1,672,034 silver ounces for 47,622 precious metal gold equivalent ounces.  The Company announced its 2019 Oaxaca Mining Unit precious metal Outlook targeting 27,000 gold ounces and 1,700,000 silver ounces plus or minus a 10 percent range.  The Company’s Nevada Mining Unit’s 2019 gold Outlook is scheduled to be announced after Isabella Pearl production commences, targeted by June 2019 or before.  The Company targets its first 12 months of Isabella Pearl production to be approximately 29,000 gold ounces, plus or minus a 10% range.  Gold Resource Corporation is a gold and silver producer, developer and explorer with operations in Oaxaca, Mexico and Nevada, U.S.A.  The Company has returned $111 million to its shareholders in monthly dividends since commercial production commenced July 1, 2010 and offers its shareholders the option to convert their cash dividends into physical gold and silver and take delivery.


  • Achieved eighth consecutive year of profitability;
  • Achieved 2018 gold production range with 26,838 ounces;
  • Achieved 2018 silver production range with 1.67 million ounces;
  • $115.3 million net sales, an increase of 5%;
  • $9.3 million net income or $0.16 per share;
  • $84 total cash costs after by-product credits per precious metal gold equivalent ounce sold;
  • $655 total all-in sustaining cost per precious metal gold equivalent ounce sold;
  • Obtained necessary permits to construct and operate Isabella Pearl Project;
  • $15.4 million cash flow deployed to build the Isabella Pearl project;
  • $15 million recent equity raise to fund estimated Isabella Pearl project completion;
  • Working capital of $13.5 million;
  • Commenced Isabella Pearl construction and completed heap leach pad;
  • Commenced Isabella Pearl mining, crushing, and ore placement on the heap leach pad;
  • $1.1 million distributed in shareholder dividends, totaling over $111 million since 2010;
  • Global Proven & Probable Reserve tonnes increased by 16% year-over-year;
  • Global Proven & Probable Reserve gold ounce increase by 17.9%, silver increase by 14.2%.
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A great American hero vs "the Satanic one" - why is she not in jail?

Award Winner - listen to the great intro

Tom Fitton w/ Joe diGenova: The Coup against Trump, the Scandal of Our Generation, & Hillary Clinton

Weekly Update: Court Slams FBI on Strzok Docs, JW Questions Clinton Email Witness, & More!

Still no good reasonwhy a criminal (Clinton) was given a psss

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