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Guest yhmo21

Theft of Personal Identity - Examples

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Guest yhmo21

The subject of "theft of personal identity" is daunting when we review examples found through research. I recently viewed a TV documentary showing how Japanese old men suffering from dementia were approached by younger Japanese men to participate in their crimes. The documentary showed a few of these old men were taken to court for their crimes, but they claimed that they suffered from dementia. Ah, that was a good excuse. 

I am NOT going to summarise what these crimes are happening in Japan, just in case that you (readers) are going to take advantage of my posting here. I am sorry.

However, I will write more postings here to highlight the fact that we are living in a world which is full of dubious, selfish and greedy people who are after our money in financial institutions. 


Three immediate questions are raised:

1./ Can you trust someone whom you have met originally in a coffee shop, which then develops into so called "friendship"?    Not at all

2./ Can you trust someone whom you have met in a church, which then develops into so called "friendship"?     Not at all

3./ Can you trust someone who has been "introduced" by a so called "friend" whom you have previously met in a coffee shop or a church?   Not at all

Then, you may ask me how you can tell whether to trust this person or that person whom you have previously met in a coffee shop or a church.

                                                         I have my answers to you, to be shown in a different posting.

FYI: I hold a doctorate in Psychology (Oxon) with a thesis title of "Interpersonal Trust ....", and know the topic of trust inside out. 

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