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DrBubb's Diary - Q1. 2020 Trading - v.132

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2020 ELECTION FOR SALE to Dem Billionaires?
"I am Proud to be an American. God bless the USA" COURT SYSTEM, if i can come thru at this critical time!

My Gold stocks & Silver calls are Soaring today... as people see massive corruption revealed and that the US election has been a dumpster fire of Dem cheating and attempted election buying....                   
GLD/ Gold :  182.84 +$4.03, +2.28%
SLV/ Silver : $23.37 +$1.13. +5.06%
GDXJ/ Jr’s : $58.66 +$4.46, +8.22%
AGQ/ 2 Slv: $47.92 +$4.52. +10.4%
The Dems have taken Election manipulation to a whole new level, and markets are scared.
See thread:
2020 ELECTION FOR SALE to Dem Billionaires
> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/topic/22701-2020-election-for-sale-to-dem-billionaires/

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There never was anything Official about the fake Biden victory story




VERY RECKLESS of Biden & Harris to have had that premature victory celebration,  

It seemed an act of desperation, to grab all the media hype behind them, and try to bully Trump & the GOP into conceding "for the good of the country"  WHAT A JOKE!  As if giving in to cheating and bullying could possibly be good for American democracy!   If Biden wanted UNity, he should have called for a fair and full legal process to investigate the results.  Instead, he lined up some celebrities and political pals, plus GOP has-beens. and the corrupt media to celebrate his "victory" with him.  I think that was one of the Lowest moments in US political history.  And he will live in infamy for it.  When his supporters understand what he has done, they may be very angry with him for pushing their hopes so high, only to have them dashed... and instead we go into weeks of Stalemate, while we await the Legal process, and a final credible result.

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2021-01-09 Learning to Trade Options with Bubba and Lex
Jan 9, 2021 10:12 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Meeting Duration 115 minutes        

> sign up, ZOOM:  https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/hg2IFVch-NzSetREOUYhAC2Fq8PSi464oKFCHf0-_FOrrzf3BHF3jzJp8F54Luhe.-ee2oyIVy-7qiWPN?startTime=1610211479000


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LARRY WILLIAMS Charts - Show the Value of Trader Reports in confirming HIGHS and LOWS

"When the Commercials get Net LONG, you had better get Long Gold!"

#1: GOLD, History From ???, shows Commercial Hedgers behave at Gold Lows


#2: GOLD, from 2016.  "almost there" at Buy sign, based on Comm'l Holdings

"Greatest long position (for Commercials) since 2019"


#3: SILVER, from 2016 - we are already IN a Buying Window


( Palisades Gold interview follows )

Larry Williams: Inflation Cycles have Topped for Now

SLV / Silver .... All: 5yr: 2yr: Ytd: 10d / $17.36, up xx%, from YrL, $16.19



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