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NEW TRADE: MUX / McEwen Mining...   will update Month End and Year End positions later

... But meantime, here is a New trade from last Friday

Bought 1,000 MUX shares at C$1.14,  costing C$1.14 x1,000= C$1,140. 

You can get this, by selling ...

Sold.   3,400 SMD shares x0.35= C$1.190 - $1,140, and repaying C$50 on the Loan

CHART Update:


The SMD share originally cost $0.39 a share, or C$1326, so selling them meant booking a Loss of $C0.04 x 3400= C$136.

If we add that loss to MUX cost ($1,140, +$136 = C$1,276),  it is as if we bought the MUX shares at C$1.276 per share,

which is 23.9% above the Low of Year ($C1.03), and 38.4% below the High of 2021 ($C2.07)

MUX in C$. from Jan.2016: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr: 10d / Last: C$1.14


> MORE on: MUX thread: "xx"

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