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ARIS.t / ARIS Gold , 45% owned by GCM.t

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BECOMING ARIS GOLD soon?  The way is cleared now...

ARIS-etc... update: 10d/  Last $2.31 / GCM: $5.68 = r-40.7% at 3/4/21


ARIS.t -etc ... update: $3.10, GCM: $6.26 (2.02x ARIS), GLDX: $2.86 (0.92x ARIS) at 2.10.21



 CGC , became ARIS.t: 2020: YTD.: 10dCGC: $2.25 (35.3%, pv45.4%), GCM: $6.37, wtB: $4.20 - @ 12.16.2020


Caldas Gold gets Marmato mining extension to 2051

2021-02-02 19:06 ET - News Release

Mr. Serafino Iacono reports


Caldas Gold Corp. has received official notification from the Agencia Nacional de Mineria (ANM) confirming that the 30-year extension of its Marmato mining contract 014-89M has been approved and has been registered in the Colombian National Mining Registry.

Serafino Iacono, chairman and chief executive officer of Caldas Gold, said: "We are very pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the mining title extension process. Marmato is a world-class project and our significant investment in the future expansion of its underground mining operations will benefit all stakeholders including our investors, the nation of Colombia, the department of Caldas and the local community at Marmato. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who were involved in this process over the last two years, including the minister of mines and the president and staff of the ANM."

About Caldas Gold Corp. / "... change in the company's name to Aris Gold."

Caldas Gold is a Canadian junior mining company currently advancing a major expansion and modernization of its underground mining operations at its Marmato project in the department of Caldas, Colombia. Caldas Gold also owns 100 per cent of the Juby project, an advanced exploration-stage gold project located within the Shining Tree area in the southern part of the Abitibi greenstone belt about 100 kilometres south-southeast of the Timmins gold camp. On Nov. 23, 2020, Caldas Gold announced it had entered into a transaction with a group of investors, principally referred by Aris Gold Corp., that resulted in an $85-million (Canadian) private placement completed on Dec. 3, 2020, and will result in changes to the management and the board of directors of the company as well as a change in the company's name to Aris Gold. The net proceeds of the Aris Gold private placement, the management and board changes and the company name change will all occur once certain escrow release conditions are met, including completion of the Marmato mining title extension.

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Record here?

= : TWO MINES PRODUCTION /  v 2020-Aug
Two Mines: Combined /  ——— : Segovia / ——— : Marmato/
Mo.:  Prod'19: Prod’20 / Prod'19: Prod’20 / Prod'19: Prod’20 /
Q1- :  60,601 : 56,247  /   54,386 : 50,346  /  6,215  :  5,901  /
Q2- :  57,882 : 48,228  /   51,625 : 44,377  /  6,257  : 3,851  /
Q3- :  56,271 : 58,454 /   50,050  : 51,556  /  6,221. : 6,898. /
Q4- :  65,237 : 60k.Est /  53k.E.   : 53k.Est /
Yr.=  239,991: 223k.E : - 7.5%E
Mo.: Prod'19: Prod’20 / Prod'19: Prod’20 /Prod'19: Prod’20 /
Jan.  17,941 : 18,501  /  16,220 : 16,865  /  1,721  :   1,636 /
Feb.  21,335 : 18.674  /  19,196 : 16,548  /  2,139. :   2,126  /
Mar.  21,325 : 19,072  /  18,970 : 16,993  /  2,355  :   2,139  /
=Q1: 60,601 : 56,247 /   54,386 : 50,346 /  6,215  :  5,901  /
Apr.  20,372 : 12,602  /   18,371 :  11,400 /   2,101  :  1,202  /
May 18,528 : 18,129   /   16,363 : 16,915  /   2,165  :  1,214  /
Jun. 18,882 : 17,497   /   16,891 : 16,062  /   1,991  :  1,435  /
=Q2: 57,882 : 48,228  /   51,625 : 44,377 /   6,257  :  3,851  /
July  18,166  : 18,111  /   16,100 : 16,459  /   2,066  :  1,652  /
Aug. 18,710 :  20,644  /   16,739 : 17,901  /   1,971   :  2,743  /
Sep. 19,395 : 19,699.  /   17.211 : 17,196  /   2,184.  : 2,503  /
=Q3: 56,271 : 58,454  /   50,050 : 51,556 /   6,221  :  6,898  /
Oct.  20,968 : 19,392  /     18,600 : 16,905  /   2,368  :  2,487  /
Nov.: 21,835 :  17,915  /    19,447 : 15,741 /   2,388  :  2,174  /
Dec.: 22,434 : 19,958  /     20,133 :  17,438 /   2,301 :  2,520  /
=Q4: 65,237: 57,265 /    58,180 :  50,084 /   7,057  :  7,181  /
Mo. Prod'19: Prod’20 /  Prod'19: Prod’20 / Prod'19: Prod’20 /
Yr : 239,991: 220,194 /  214,241: 196,362 / 25,750 : 23,832  / 

Guidance : TwoMines /  —— : Segovia -- / — : Marmato -- /
Estimate: Low to High  /     Low to High  /.   Low to High.   /
2020 : 218.0k- 226.0k / 192.0k- 200.0k /  23,000-26,000  /

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2021-02-10 17:53 C:ARIS 3.10 News Release Aris Gold graduates to TSX

ACQUISITIONS PLANNED / ARIS.v: C$3.10 - 0.10, tomo: ARIS.t

Aris Gold Corp. has received final approval for the listing of its shares and warrants on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The shares and warrants will commence trading on the TSX at the market open on Friday, Feb. 12, 2021, under their existing ticker symbols, ARIS and ARIS.WT, respectively, and will cease to trade on the TSX Venture Exchange at that time. Shareholders are not required to take any action in connection with the graduation and listing on the TSX. Aris Gold shares will continue to trade on the OTCQX under the symbol ALLXF.

About Aris Gold Corp.

Aris Gold is a Canadian mining company listed on the TSX-V under the symbol ARIS. The company is led by an executive team with a demonstrated record of creating value through building globally relevant gold mining companies. Aris Gold operates the Marmato mine in Colombia, where a modernization and expansion program is under way, and the Juby project, an advanced-exploration-stage gold project in the Abitibi greenstone belt of Ontario, Canada. Aris Gold plans to pursue acquisition and other growth opportunities to unlock value creation from scale and diversification.

ARIS.t -etc ... update: $3.10, GCM: $6.26 (2.02x ARIS), GLDX: $2.86 (0.92x ARIS) at 2.10.21


GCM: $6.26 (2.02x ARIS)



Caldas Gold (TSXV: CGC) has completed its previously announced transition to that of Aris Gold. The company this morning revealed that the described management transitions have now occurred, while also announcing its growth strategy for the future

With the completion of the transaction, the company is expected to begin trading under the symbol “ARIS” on the TSX Venture as of February 8, with the firm this morning also announcing that it has received conditional approval to list on the TSX, with further details to be released in the future. Meanwhile, the firm has seen the net proceeds from its $85 million private placement and its US$83 million of gold-linked notes released from escrow.

Funding from the private placement is to be used for the expansion of the firms Marmato mine, which will see its capacity extended to 150,000 ounces of gold per year. The company also intends to continue exploration at the property to extend the current 13 year mine life, while implementing a project development plan to optimize the operation and deliver further value to the company and shareholders.

Outside of Marmato, Aris intends to “pursue a strategy of acquiring operating gold mines and projects nearing construction.” The company intends to then provide value to such operations via additional scale, optimization, and investing in expansion and further near-mine exploration.

The company is helmed by that of Neil Woodyer, whom has taken the CEO role at the firm. Woodyer is supported by an independent board helmed by Chairman Ian Telfer, and includes numerous industry leaders including Peter Marrone, Daniela Cambone, Attie Roux, David Garofalo, Hernan Martinez, and Serafino Iacono. Frank Giustra meanwhile is acting as a strategic advisor to the board.

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Aris Gold Virtually Opens The Market

ARIS-etc... update: 10d/  Last $2.31 / GCM: $5.68 = r-40.7%


Objective: "to build the next globally relevant gold producer"

TORONTO, March 4, 2021 /CNW/ - Neil Woodyer, Chief Executive Officer, Aris Gold Corporation. ("Aris Gold" or "the Company") (TSX: ARIS), and his team joined Arne Gulstene, Head, Company Services, TMX Group, to celebrate the Company's graduation from TSX Venture Exchange to Toronto Stock Exchange and open the market.


Aris Gold is a Canadian mining company listed on the TSX under the symbol "ARIS". The Company is led by an executive team with a demonstrated track record of creating value through building globally relevant gold mining companies. Aris Gold operates the Marmato mine in Colombia, where a modernization and major expansion program is underway, and the Juby project, an advanced exploration stage gold project in the Abitibi Greenstone belt of Ontario, Canada. Aris Gold's objective is to build the next globally relevant gold producer, with management having successfully created Endeavour Mining and Leagold, and members of the Board having successfully created Wheaton River Minerals, Goldcorp, and Yamana Gold. Aris Gold will continue to pursue a strategy of acquiring operating gold mines and projects nearing construction with the aim of creating value through diversification, mine and corporate-level optimizations, investing in expansions and near-mine exploration, and active portfolio management. https://arisgold.com/home/default.aspx 

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Rather spectacular Drill results !   (78.1 x3.43= A 267.9g "Boxer")
"Larger High-grade system than previously envisioned"

  Aris Gold drills 78.1 m of 3.43 g/t Au at Marmato

Aris Gold Corp. has released high-grade gold intercepts over broad widths at the Marmato mine in Colombia.

The 2020/2021 drill program that began in May, 2020, at Marmato comprises 60 holes totalling 35,000 metres and is now approximately 50 per cent complete. Drilling to date has demonstrated high-grade mineralization over broad widths, demonstrating potential to extend the 13-year mine life outlined in the company's prefeasibility study dated Sept. 18, 2020, with an effective date of March 17, 2020.

The principal objective of the drill campaign is to convert inferred mineral resources to indicated mineral resources. In addition to the Deep zone, the campaign is also testing the newly discovered Fortaleza zones A and B to the north, which opens up a new area that will require further drilling to evaluate its potential.

Aris Gold chief executive officer Neil Woodyer commented: "Our ongoing drill program at Marmato continues to deliver on our objective of adding to the already large gold inventory and 13-year mine life. Drilling in the Deep zone is demonstrating potential for a larger, higher-grade system than previously envisioned. In addition, drilling on the newly discovered Fortaleza zones to the north confirms a prospective new area worthy of additional testing."

. . .


The continuing 2020/2021 drilling campaign has been successful in showing higher-grade mineralization over broad widths in the Main zone (MZ) below the 500-metre level and in the New zone (NZ) above the 500-metre level, which strengthens the probability of adding a significant amount of mineral resources to the current inventory. The higher-grade shell is defined as greater than 2.5 g/t Au and lies within the grade shell of 1.7 g/t Au used to build the geological model of the Deep zone (MDZ).

Infill drilling in the MZ has extended the higher-grade mineralization over broad widths down to the 400-metre level, well below the 500-metre level that is the bottom of the indicated mineral resource, and remains open at depth. Drill holes MT-IU-75 and MT-IU-078 confirm that the MZ is branching into three separate bodies (A, B and C) to the southeast with the three reporting higher-grade mineralization over broad widths. Drill hole MT-IU-075 intersected 39.75 m at 2.35 g/t Au in the Main zone A, 21.84 m at 2.07 g/t Au and 19.90 m at 1.94 g/t Au in the Main zone B, and 13.17 m at 3.35 g/t Au in the Main zone C. Drill hole MT-IU-078 intersected 26.45 m at 2.83 g/t Au in the Main zone A, 36.20 m at 3.68 g/t Au in the Main zone B and 51.40 m at 2.46 g/t Au in the Main zone C.

Two wildcat drill holes, MT-IU-077 and MT-IU-079, were successful in intersecting higher-grade zones over broader widths compared with previous drilling in the Fortaleza zones A and B, which opens a new area that requires further drilling to fully evaluate its potential. Drill hole MT-IU-077 intersected 35.65 m at 2.82 g/t Au and 76.65 m at 1.93 g/t Au in Fortaleza zones A and B

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BIG VOLUME on price rise

ARIS.t / Aris Gold... update



Date ET Symbol Price Type Headline
2021-04-21 19:16 C:ARIS 2.54 News Release Aris Gold does not say why volume is up, but ...
2021-03-31 19:31 C:ARIS 2.25 SEDAR Annual Information Form SEDAR Annual Information Form
2021-03-31 19:31 C:ARIS 2.25 SEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements SEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2021-03-31 19:31 C:ARIS 2.25 SEDAR MD & A SEDAR MD & A
2021-03-31 18:39 C:ARIS 2.25 News Release Aris loses $83.11-million from Marmato in 2020

Following the launch of Aris Gold on Feb. 4, 2021, management embarked on an active investor marketing program to build brand awareness, increase visibility and, importantly, increase share trading activity. The marketing program has included numerous calls and meetings with U.S. and Canadian shareholders, bank analysts, bank and brokerage house sales desks, newsletter writers, and media. Since Feb. 4, 2021, the company has also attended a number of mining investment conferences, including the BMO Global Metals and Mining Conference and the Red Cloud Pre-PDAC Conference in March, and the World Gold Forum during the second week of April. Finally, there has been significant public disclosure, both in press releases and in the company's Canadian regulatory filings, summarizing the company's successes, plans and strategy.

As part of its investor relations program, Aris Gold retained Red Cloud Financial Services, a full-service broker/dealer offering investor outreach, non-deal marketing, research coverage and investment banking/advisory services to Canadian mining companies. Aris Gold management has made several presentations to Red Cloud's team and clients, including a webinar on April 15 that was widely viewed by retail and institutional shareholders. Red Cloud also published a research report on Aris Gold on April 5, 2021, which summarized the company's annual financial results, and was exclusively distributed to Red Cloud's client base, which includes over 300 institutional accounts, 1,500 retail brokers, 150 private equity groups and 250 strategic mining investors.

Aris Gold also engaged Wealth Research Group LLC, an independent media company, to provide marketing services with a one-time media campaign.


Probably it is going to take some strong volume like that, to get past the 50-53% barrier.

Ratio: ARIS.t to-GCM.t : last: 46.1%


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A track record of success was the main selling point in the Presentation

Led by Neil Woodyer, CEO, and a Board of Directors that includes industry veterans such as Ian Telfer, David Garofalo and Peter Marrone among others, the Aris Gold team has done it before and will do it again

Select companies founded by Management & Board:

Goldcorp, Yamana, Wheaton, GranColombiaGold, LeaGold, Endeavour Mining

Long history of company building experience.  Created some of the world’s largest diversified mining companies.  Numerous mines operated and projects built around the world.  Established leading sustainability & CSR frameworks.  All started from a single asset

> more presentation:  https://s27.q4cdn.com/150190369/files/doc_presentation/2021/Aris-Gold-corporate-presentation-19-April-2021.pdf

( the following Video may be based on what was revealed there):

Aris Gold | The Fastest Growing GOLD Mining Company on the Planet


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Share price.            C$2.35
Issued shares.       137.8M
Market cap.           C$324M / 2M oz* = C$324 / 1.25= $259/ 2m= $129 per Oz.
Options                        6.1M
Warrants                    87.5M
Diluted shares.       231.4M
Cash on hand.     US$174M

GCM Note: owns 44.3%, ie 61.0 M shares

...at C$2.54 is worth C$155 M, that's 46% of GCM's undiluted MktCap (61.1M x C$5.51= C$337 M)

Until the earlier of February 3, 2023 and GCM falling below 20% ownership:GCM will vote in accordance with board and management recommendations, subject to certain exceptionsGCM has the ability to maintain its equity interest in Aris Gold.   Until February 3, 2023:GCM will not sell any of its shares or warrants without prior approval...


The key achievement of 2020 was the creation of Aris Gold as an independent public company with a strong financial platform to finance growth. During 2021, the focus shifts to improving the operating performance of the Marmato Upper zone mine and to starting to realize the potential of the Marmato Deep zone by starting the development of a new MDZ underground mine and constructing a new processing facility in fourth quarter.

Marmato -- Upper zone operations

During 2021, Aris Gold expects steady improvements of Marmato's current operations through implementation of comprehensive work force training and redirecting site-level operation management while concurrently improving health, safety and environmental performance.

During the continuing modernization and expansion phase of the Marmato mine, the company anticipates elevated AISC (all-in sustaining cost) per ounce due to increased investments in sustaining capital. During 2020, sustaining capital expenditures totalled $6.4-million or $268 per oz sold, and included $4.0-million or $168 per oz sold related to mine infrastructure improvements and equipment. The Marmato mine has been in operation since 1991, and investments are planned to refurbish Upper zone operations in advance of the large-scale MDZ expansion project expected to start in Q4 2021.

Marmato -- developing the MDZ

During 2021, Aris Gold's primary focus is the scheduled start of the Marmato Deep zone project in Q4. The Marmato project team is implementing a comprehensive development plan that includes completing optimization studies, completing the 35,000-metre drill program and subsequently updating the mineral resource and reserve estimates, engaging an EPCM (engineering procurement and construction management) contractor, completing FEL3 design, amending the environmental management plan, and continuing to advance health, safety and community support programs.

Corporate growth strategy

On Feb. 4, 2021, the company changed its name to Aris Gold Corp. in association with the appointment of the current board and management team and the expansion of the corporate growth strategy with the vision of building Aris Gold into its next globally relevant gold producer.

Aris Gold is pursuing a growth strategy of acquiring operating gold mines and projects nearing construction with the goal of creating value through adding scale and diversification. Aris Gold has a solid foundation and experienced team to implement its growth plans.

*2 Million Oz.

(1) Proven and probable mineral reserves include proven mineral reserves of 807,000 tonnes at 5.13 grams per tonne for 133,000 contained oz and probable mineral reserves of 18,898,000 tonnes at 3.11 g/t for 1,888,000 contained oz. Full details of the Marmato mineral reserve estimate are included in the Marmato technical report.

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Aris awards EPCM contract for Marmato expansion to Wood

Kitco News |

(Kitco News) - Aris Gold (TSX: ARIS) (OTCQX: ALLXF) announced today that following the completion of a competitive tender process, the company has awarded the engineering.

...CEO Neil Woodyer commented, "Awarding the EPCM contract to Wood who is commencing the detailed front-end engineering and design work is a key step to ensure the successful development and construction of the Lower Mine at Marmato, with construction scheduled to start in Q4 2021."

In addition, the company announced that it has received the initial US$34 million of the US$110 million precious metals stream financing from Wheaton Precious Metals. Under the terms of the agreement, the remaining US$76 million will be received in three installments as the development of the Lower Mine progresses

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Lucky timing on ARIS.t: $1.71 +0.26, +18%.  update


I picked up shares two days ago, and it popped by almost 20% today.  NEWS at last !


2021-11-11 07:00 C:ARIS 1.45 News Release Aris Gold Announces Plans to Start Marmato Lower Mine Construction and Reports Increased Mineral Resource Estimate
2021-11-10 17:47 C:ARIS 1.45 News Release Aris Gold earns $6.04-million (U.S.) in Q3

A 35,000-metre drill program began in May 2020, following completion of the Marmato Expansion Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) led by SRK Consulting. The drill program had two objectives: (1) convert Inferred mineral resources to the Indicated category; and (2) test potential areas at depth and along strike.

Between May 2020 and June 30, 2021, results were received for 43 holes totalling 27,737 metres, or approximately 80% of the total program.

The new holes infilled existing drilling in the lower eastern half of the Marmato Lower Mine, converting Inferred mineral resources to Indicated, and expanded the mineral resource at depth and towards the east. The drill results demonstrate continuity of grades and widths and confirm the quality and interpretation of the mineralized zones, currently extending 800 metres vertically from 1,000 metres to 200 metres elevation, and along strike for over 950 metres.

The drill program is ongoing and since June 30, 2021, eight more holes (4,543 metres) have been drilled and a further six holes are in progress.

The Marmato deposit is still open with high-grade mineralization along strike and at depth with opportunities for further growth. Additional drill programs are in the planning stage.

With an effective date of June 30, 2021, the updated mineral resource estimate (MRE) is as follows:

Measured and Indicated mineral resources of 5.8 Moz gold comprised of 56.9 million tonnes at 3.2 g/t gold, representing a 42% increase in contained gold ounces from the PFS MRE; and

Inferred mineral resources of 2.6 Moz gold comprised of 30.8 million tonnes at 2.6 g/t gold, representing an 18% increase in contained gold ounces from the PFS MRE.

... (An earlier version of the Release said they were beginning construction of the new mine):

Construction of the new camp and administrative areas is scheduled to begin in late November 2021 followed by the new portal and decline to begin in December 2021. The Lower Mine project includes a new decline and a 4,000 tonne per day (tpd) processing facility to expand on the existing Upper Mine operations


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ARIS got cheap relative to rising Gold and Gold shares, and is now rising

ARIS vs, UGL, GDX ... update : Last: C$1.82 / UGL: $68.38 = ratio 2.66%


RATIO ; ARIS,t: C$1.82 / UGL: $68.38 = Ratio 2.66%



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