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Zimtu: Stock Promotion & Company Incubator

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Zimtu could be headed towards a sustained breakout over $0.25... It seems to have started in April

ZC.v vs. ADD.v etc ... from Oct.2021: w/ACT: 10d. / Note: ZC has 8.5 Mn. CC shs + 0.812 Mn. wts., now: $0.79

CCE: 0.32 +0.03  , +10.3% Volume: 103,310 , ZC: 0.28 +0.025  , +9.8%, Volume: 102,795 / updated 4.08.2022


(Old comment follows):

ADD is starting to pick up again,  and if they can get another exploration program going to trigger a bigger move, it could help lift ZC too.



ZC : 5yr: 0.24


BIG BOYS (EMO, CC, etc)... update:  EMO: $2.75 /ZC: 0.235= 11.7x,  CC: $0.53:  2.25x


Last for ZC was $0.235, a decent improvement on the 0.200 financing price.  That financing closed Feb.15, so the shares are not yet freely tradable.

NAV per sh., ZC’s Portfolio:
$15.66M/ 26.0M: $ 0.602, +wts: $1.92M = $17.58M = $0.676
$15.66M/ 39.4M: $ 0.397, +wts: $1.92M = $17.58M = $0.446, 0.30wt. exer.cash: $3.18m= $20.76M= $0.527
> See: Total Portfolio: https://www.zimtu.com/snapshot/

Zimtu current shares outstanding and fully diluted numbers:  3.23.2020

================  (share price :   $0.235 )     Prev. $0.205
25,998,983 Shares   (Market Cap:     $6.11M): 16,106k $3.3M
2,760,000  Options   (Exercise Value:  $649K):  2,760k $566k
10,604,500 Wt, 0.30 (Exercise Value: $3.18M):    712k  $213k
39,363,483 Fully Diluted          ===  >  $9.25M: 19.58k= $4.0M +131%

==============  (share price :   $0.235 )    
25,998,983 Shares  (Market Cap:     $6.11M
2,760,000  Options  (Exercise Value:  $649K
10,604,500 Wt, 0.30 (Exercise Value: $3.18M
39,363,483 Fully Diluted    x0.235 >  $9.25M:

Market Value of Equity Holdings:  $15.66Million / 26.0M = 60.2 cents. All investments, f.d.: 52.7 cents,

Zimtu Capital Corp. Announces Private Placement

January 10, 2022 – Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXv: ZC) (FSE: ZCT1) (the “Company” or “Zimtu”) announces a non-brokered private placement offering (the “Private Placement”) of up to 3,750,000 units (the “Units”) at a price of $0.20 per Unit, for gross proceeds of up to $750,000.  Each Unit will be comprised of one common share in the capital of the Company (each, a “Share”) and one non-transferable share purchase warrant (each, a “Warrant”). Each Warrant will entitle the holder to purchase one additional Share in the capital of the Company (each, a “Warrant Share”) for a period of 24 months from the closing date at an exercise price of $0.30.

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2022 / Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXV:ZC)(FSE:ZCT1) (the "Company" or "Zimtu") announces that it has completed its previously announced non-brokered private placement (the "Private Placement"), as described in its News Release dated January 10, 2022 pursuant to which it has issued an aggregate of 9,892,500 units (each, a "Unit") at a price of $0.20 per Unit for gross proceeds of $1,978,500

(meantime, ADD is doing a placement in tranches):

Arctic Star Closes First Tranche Unit Private Placement

March 11, 2022 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Arctic Star Exploration Corp. (“Arctic Star” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce, further to its news release dated February 28, 2022, that the Company has closed the first tranche of the Company’s non-brokered private placement (the “Private Placement”) of 8,186,430 non-flow through units of the Company (the “Non-FT Units”), at $0.07 per Non-FT Unit, and 3,700,000 flow through units (the “FT Units”), at $0.08 per FT Unit, for a total gross proceeds of $869,050.10.  The Company intends to complete additional tranche(s) of the balance FT Units and Non-FT Units (collectively, the “Units”) offered under the Private Placement.

Upon closing of the first tranche of the Private Placement, the Company issued a total of 11,886,430 common shares in the share capital of the Company (the “Shares”) and 10,036,430 non-transferable share purchase warrants (the “Warrants”). 3,700,000 Shares were issued as part of the FT Units and were issued as “flow-through shares” within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

The Warrants are exercisable to purchase 8,186,430 Shares, at $0.10 per Share (for the Warrants issued as part of the Non-FT Units), and 1,850,000 Shares, at $0.15 per Share (for the Warrants issued as part of the FT Units), until on March 10, 2024

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11.9m x 0.20 = C$2.4 Million !   , since then has sagged to 10 cents and lower


Zimtu Capital investment SWMBRD begins trading on CSE

2022-02-16 12:19 ET - News Release / Mr. David Hodge reports


Zimtu Capital Corp. equity holding SWMBRD Sports Inc. has commenced trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange today under the ticker symbol SWIM.

"I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations to Justin, Gareth and Matthew Schroenn for successfully bringing SWMBRD Sports to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange, no small feat," said Dave Hodge, president of Zimtu Capital. "It was a pleasure to personally witness their passion and commitment to success. SWMBRD Sports represents Zimtu's first example of company creation in the sporting goods space, and we expect big things from the SWMBRD team going forward."

Zimtu Capital presently holds 11,885,000 shares of SWMBRD Sports.

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ZIMTU is lagging its stronger investments

ZC (in blue) vs. CCE, EMO, CC, ZAIR, ACT  ... update: CCE-ZC: $0.29-$0.255

CCE/Commerce R.$0.29, EMO/Emerita R.$0.00, CC/Core.$0.00, ZAIR/Z--.$0.00, ACT/Aduro CT-$0.00





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ZC's Top investments ... source - at Apr. 8, 2022

Sym. Company ——    :   ZC holds : = price: Mkt.Val: %Hold /ZC sh
CC.  : Core Assets       : 8,500,000: $0.790:  $6,715k 34,8%: $0.258
EMO :Emerita Res.      : 1,104,286: $2.530:  $2,794k 14.5%: $0.107
CCE : Commerce Res. : 6,821,599: $0.320: $2,183k  11.3%: $0.084
SWIM: Swimboaord   : 11,890.000: $0.150: $1,784k  9.25%: $0.069
ZAIR: Zinc8 Energy      :  5,817,361: $0.260:  $1,512k 8.36%: $0.058
ACT: Aduro Clean Tec.:  1,347,777: $0.720:    970.0k 5.03%: $0.037
ADD: Arctic Star Expl. :  9,290,464: $0.100:    929.0k  4,82%: $0.036
==  Total 7 co’s.            : ========  ====>  $16,887k  87.6%: $0.650
==  More holdings        : ========  ====>     $2,393k 12.4%:
====QUOTED shares  : ========  ====>  $19,280k 100.%: $0.741
Warrants in  8 co’s       : ========  =====>  $2,100k  10.9%: $0.081
= Quoted + Warrants   : ========  ==== > $21,380k  111.%: $0.822
*Assume 26M shs Of ZC are O/S.  And 39.4M shs. Fully Diluted

OLD, when 16.1M shs were O/S:
====QUOTED shares  : ========  ====>  $11,698k 100.%: $0.727
Warrants in 12 co’s      : ========  ====>    $1,359k 11.6%: $0.084
= Quoted + Warrants   : ========  ==== > $13,057k 112.%:

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Cloudbreak versus Zimtu

CDL vs ZC ... update: 6.25 +0.15 / 0.28 +0.025 = Ratio: 22.3x


ZC / Zimtu ... All: from 2016: 5yr: 2yr: 1yr / Last: 0.28 +0.025


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EMO is a long way Off the High

And approaching L.T. support at/near $1.25

EMO / Emerita Res. ... update: 10d/ Last: $1.54, - xx% down from Yr.H of $4.14



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