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Plausible? Ignore the marketing spiel. Listen the gold market commentary from about 16 minutes in.


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The Unfolding Global Insolvency (& Reboot) - partial summary, v 0.3

We are now in the biggest global economics shock in History.
There are bound to be long term consequences, from the high slide in supply & demand,
And the shock to global liquidity.
Even with the massive money printing, banks are bound to be very cautious with their lending.
They will hold onto the cheap funds they get from Central banks.  Debt will be difficult and
Expensive to obtain, the further a company or an individual is, away from the favored circle
Of first class corporations, that banks will be willing to lend to.
Many lower quality credit borrowers will be tardy in paying, or will outright default.
Baby boomers with their funds in the stock market, will be pulling them out, so they can
Assure their retirements, which are suddenly looking much less secure.  

What is at risk, is the solvency of the entire system, and confidence in the Dollar standard.
The system has been weakened by years of blowing up bigger and bigger bubbles in
state & corporate debts, and in over-valued stock markets.  Coming demographic changes,
and mainly retirement of baby boomers, who will want to live on savings and pensions
will put extra pressure on Valuations.  Because of low rates, retirement funds are largely
invested in the stock market, leave the system fragile, and highly vulnerable to any loss
of confidence in insecure “promises” - ie we have shaky debts and fiat currencies.
Ultimately,  a Debt jubilee may be the only way to “cure” the problem of excessive debts.
A “solution” of the type seems inevitable.  This could be the end of the Dollar and the Euro,
Replacement with a New currency is likely, perhaps a crypto backed by gold, or linked to
the SDR (ie a basket of global currencies.) In this crisis, spending will slow as people will
be cautious, and economic growth will take years to recover to pre-Covid levels.

(That is my own quick summary & some personal thoughts… Still in process !!
On this excellent 120 page report, the Unfolding) : >

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Since 2010, GLD/ Gold has lagged TLT

Since 2010:



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GLD ($132.14) vs TLT ($132.44: r-100%) from 5.Jul.19 : Oct-19: 10d / 9.4.20: GLD:$181.64 / TLT:$162.74= r-111.6%

Chart is updated from time to time


NEW PUSH above $2000 Gold may start next week

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2020 ELECTION FOR SALE to Dem Billionaires?
"I am Proud to be an American. God bless the USA" COURT SYSTEM, if i can come thru at this critical time!

My Gold stocks & Silver calls are Soaring today... as people see massive corruption revealed and that the US election has been a dumpster fire of Dem cheating and attempted election buying....                   
GLD/ Gold :  182.84 +$4.03, +2.28%
SLV/ Silver : $23.37 +$1.13. +5.06%
GDXJ/ Jr’s : $58.66 +$4.46, +8.22%
AGQ/ 2 Slv: $47.92 +$4.52. +10.4%
The Dems have taken Election manipulation to a whole new level, and markets are scared.
See thread:
2020 ELECTION FOR SALE to Dem Billionaires


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DXY / US Dollar heading back down?


David Hunter@DaveHcontrarian
Jan 21
The U.S. dollar is rolling over & that means lots of other currencies will be doing well vs USD.CAD & AUD look poised for nice runs as do the Euro & GBP. One that will surprise many is the South African Rand,currently .065 & heading for .086.I continue to expect fall in USD to 80

One More Melt-up Coming Before the 80% Correction in 2022 | David Hunter   >


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( Your trading thoughts are always great to read, along with a monthly or “whatever” time frame diary.

Shame the number of visitors to the metals section dropped off, that was good in its hay day for ideas.

Bad....err spam posts above creeping in lol. The bickering that caused a lot of people to drift away I feel. My personal choice was to stay out of contentious topics, respectfully allowing opposite opinions but I feel too many get wound up in debates and don’t know how to do this.)

Are you on VIBER? 

If so, send me a PM and I can add you.  I have an active commentary about Precious metals and markets there.

I am thinking about moving it to GETTR.   And might even add it to TWTR, if Musk takes over there, and ends the censorship

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+ Up to 1/3 of our population may die in the next war !

+ Gold cycle is up until 2027. Resistance is $2500, and then as high as $40K!

+ "Gold's short term cycle turned up this week" (yesterday, from when he said it)


Gold's L.T. Cup & Handle : Explanations: Handle should end in top 1/3 or upper 1/2

Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner

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