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Johor Bahru, Malaysia near Singapore (MY#3)

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... (of its ticky-tachy downtown)



Uploaded on Aug 21, 2010

Following the pamphlet provided by the tourist information office is a good idea to discover downtown JB. The downtown area is a real outdoor museum and is fun and interesting to explore by foot. Have a look!

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in case you hadn't seen it:


I had not



How to buy this theme


I think the simplest way to buy this theme is through a company called UEM Land. As the largest listed Malaysian property company, UEM Land owns a huge land bank adjacent to Singapore.

Singapore needs to develop a satellite city to thrive, just like Shenzen to Hong Kong. I think UEM’s land value will sky-rocket. Because I’ve seen this happen myself. I've watched the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore develop in the years I've lived there. Land prices have been rising in Iskandar for the last ten years.

Take a look at this chart showing the population growth in Shenzen. It demonstrates that if you’d bought in ten or twenty years ago you’d have been part of a pretty incredible growth story.


City of Shenzen population





The two countries are diplomatically closer than ever… and commercial relationships are following on from that.

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The HSR will also open new growth avenues, create value-added industries and services along the stops of the railway line that can spur greater economic activities in Malaysia.

Citing examples of HSR lines around the globe, he says they have been successful in creating high value economic developments and some of them have flourished tremendously into mega-cities with population exceeding 10 million people earning high-income per capita.


> http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2014/08/02/Will-the-HSR-be-value-for-money-It-may-be-more-cost-effective-to-improve-the-MRT-system-and-eco/

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