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Click on the first phrase in this post from Retrofitting Suburbia


/ Or preeching to the choir in the tabernacle


David Byrne speaks to Congress for the New Urbanism on Bicycling - Atlanta CNU18 (Part 1/2):



Like me, Byrne is fascinated by cities


(In Ferriss’ rendering of the city, marked by signifiers of the industrial landscape, the spectator is decidedly separate from the spectacle.)



(To make them look interesting, and livable, you have to get the lighting right.)



(... Even in today's modern version of Ferris's citscape, lighting matters and adds drama.)


Are we heroic enough to cycle in them ?



Byrne understands that the Suburbs are

better than any other musician

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Not really my type of music but he was very good





Funny that, I've got the same sentiments about that particular tune, there is something inherently enjoyable about it. Heard some really good -remixes- too. I think that somehow in that tune there are 'echoes' of genres I relate to. Wish I could put my finger on it.


Glad you enjoyed Glastonbury Harvi ............... it's a little too big and noisy for my tastes. I've tried to find a festie this year but they all seem to clash with a personal promise I've made to be elsewhere. There's a few I've watched which haven't come to fruition due to lack of funds, and a couple which did which I never expected to (Glade a prime example).


If you. or any others here, fancy any particular festival next year and wanna hook up start a thread and perhaps we could have a GEI UK music thread hook up.


Anyway, back to the program .......................




A few (over a couple of posts) *rolls eyes* from some of my favourite MC's ...........................



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Damn, cant even reply to your posts Harvi and add tunes without 'error too much media'. I'm seriously starting to lose patience with this.


As I was going to add * rolls eyes * ................. a few from some of my favourite MC's .................. (over a few posts)




(talking about a language that crosses continents, ages and cultures)




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