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The Best of Youtube - Music

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Sorry ladies and gents, no xmas cheese from me i'm afraid



Bah Humbugg...Not a bad offering, but did skip it along a bit.


Hey IF you really want to get started on christmas, guess who I'm off to see backing the good ol boys Fran and Rick. Oh yes, none other than




Not the best recording, but one year on, bring it on. :lol: Besides you just know it's Christmas when the Quo are on tour ;)

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How do imbed youtube?


Once in the 'post reply' page click on the button/icon box "Insert Media" (Looks like 3 polaroid photos on top of one another) ......... remove the http:// bit already prompted. Cut the full youtube address from the youtube page and paste it into where you removed the http:// bit. Then click the insert media box just under where you've pasted the address.




Just click the 'Preview Post' button before 'Add Reply' to check you've done it right or just to view your post first. Saves editing.


Good luck.

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Another way to do it is just to surround the youtube link with the media tags like the example below. This is all the media button does anyway. I've cheated so I could show you how to do it, without it actually showing you just the video, but when you do it, it will show you the video as in underling's post above. Give it another go.




hmm, not working for me.


Thanks anyway.

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Came across this today ....




Guy centre-right goes by the name 20syl, from the hip-hop group Hocus Pocus. He's one of these ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalists, plus rapper!


Here's a video of him making a beat from scratch, using the MPC plus keyboards, guitar & vinyl - fascinating to watch from a slightly nerdy point of view!



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Promo vid for one of the tracks off the C2C album due out.





Really like what C2C produce as a team. Though I love the whole DJ Team thing I've often found a lot of what gets produced can be more concentrating on technical skills rather than a well composed track. The DMC's often can produce winners that cram as much skills into their time allotment rather than quality of the mix.


Here's an old one that even though it makes me giggle, I can only have admiration for.



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Another one of those AVJ sets this time courtesy of DK..............




Playlist ........


The Clonious - Alter-Ego-Cate - Affine - (Visuals - Alex Roman)

Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets - Warp - (Visuals - Original Video Sixty40 )

Machinedrum - GBYE - Planet Mu - (Visuals - Aramaki koji )

Chrissy Murderbot - Braaain - Planet Mu - (Visuals - Morocco Vaughn)

Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng - Jammys - (Visuals - Lorenzo Fonda)

Skoobz - Sleng Teng - Rockers Dubs - (Visuals - Scott Pagano)

Tribe Of Issachar - Junglist - Congo Natty - (Visuals - Original Video)

Return of Macka Brown - Dub Heaven (Edit) - unknown - (Visuals - Adam Smith/Thalia Mavros)

Jo - R-Type - Awesome - (Visuals - Musuta)

Jo - R Type (T.Williams Refix) - unknown - (Visuals - Musuta)

Peverelist - Dance Til The Police Come - Hessle Audio - (Visuals - Phil Borst)

Herbie Hancock - Nobu - Sony - (Visuals -PBS / Openmind)

Albert - Side showed out - Studio Rockers - (Visuals - Dan Tassell)

Pearson Sound - Blanked - Hessle Audio - (Visuals - WOW)

Addison Groove - It's Got Me - 3024 - (Visuals - Felix Thorn / Tom Mansfield)

Skream - Where You Should Be (Seiji Remix) - Tempa - (Visuals - Original Video Carl Burgess for Blinkart.)

STAGGA - PREHISTORIC UFO RHYTHM - Rag & Bone - (Visuals - Andrey Nepomnyaschev )

My Panda Shall Fly - Injury (Nightwave Remix) - Growing Records - (Visuals - NASA / Alex Cherney)

Pangaea - Runout - Hessle Audio - (Visuals - il Luster Productions)

Hexstatic - So Good - Lower Level - (Visuals - Original Video - Beeple/Hexstatic edit)

Burial - Archangel - Hyperdub - (Visuals - maurizio morucci)

Pearson Sound - Stifle - Hessle Audio - (Visuals - Takuya Hosogane / Phil Borst)

Bang On! - Got It (Martelo's Dungeon mix) - Big Dada - (Visuals - Original Video)

MJ Cole & Wiley - From The Drop - Prolific - (Visuals - Beeple)

Pangaea - Won't Hurt - Hessle Audio - (Visuals - Beeple)

SBTRKT - Ready Set Loop - Young Turks - (Visuals - Matthias Müller)

Thundercat - For Love I Come - Brainfeeder - (Visuals - Special Problems)

Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me a Tale - Communion Records - (Visuals - Original Video Tom Henze)

Raphael Saadiq - The Answer - Columbia - (Visuals - Jaro Minne)

Vangelis - Let It Happen - Vertigo - (Visuals - Sculpture)

The Stepkids - Wonderfox - Stones Throw - (Visuals - Original Video - Henry DeMaio)

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Time for some new romantics, got my arm twisted by missus to see these. Just got back from Sheffield and they were fab pop pickers.




In fact they are still wild boys and Le Bon's still got it.... even if he is a little more rounded than this a few years on



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Nice tune pond life. Nice chat over a dub version of Viceroy's 'Rise in the Strength'.




"Deck the Halls with lots of Collie, tra la la la la"


Merry Christmas ...... :D


Cheers Underling some great tunes there from you and LC1. Making me quite nostalgic for a bit of collie - maybe Santa will provide!

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Came across this link recently and wanted to pass on to Catflap who used to post here. Should he/she post under a different name now then hope he/she enjoys the link, if not then if anyone here is still in contact with him/her please pass the link on and wish him Merry Christmas from me. :)


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