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Amazing serial drum solos


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An old favorite from Nancy Sinatra



(When I first saw this film, I knew I would live in the Far East someday.)


Nancy S. bounced back with this in 2004 (A Second Life?)


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PROOF ... you don't need talent to become a global phenomenon


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Had a great day out at the weekend, nothing like a decent event being free to add to the enjoyment factor


Musical Youth - remember them, celebrating their 30th Anniversary (2 original band members present), not bad at all





Musical Yout' was followed by some human beat boxers and then a fella in drag trying to organise a world record in the okie kokie - sorry cant be bothered to correct spelling. Took the little one, she enjoyed that bit! Told her it was her first rave (at 5 years old):D Still there were other child friendly activites.


Apparently the RAGGA TWINS were supposed to be there - a good ole underground act from back in the day but didnt see them, however event was over 2 days.


held at new venue / park:





- looks like there will be other free events also

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THIS IS COOL, and Classy

Both performers gain from this joint appearance


Which one is the greatest Singer ?




Will your answer be the same in 10 years? In 20?


It is actually extra-cool that they are not on the same stage, since it

points to a sort of time-warp connection that they now share.

It helps my to recall the magic that was revealed when a very young Barbara Streisand

first appeared on the scene.



She has given so much, and lived her life in her own way.

Now she helps to open up a new gift to the world -

Through her work, and also through her connection to Jackie, she acheives mortality

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Does she realise what a beautiful (almost mythic) voice she possesses ?


The Dragonborn Comes



/more: http://www.malukah.com/about/

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ODDBALL = posted back Oct. 6th, 2010:

You've got to give this one a bit of time. Pat Metheny - Au Lait

Forget the world for a moment.


And then, there's another "Metheny: : Joe Matheny

(at least 2 million copies of the book were downloaded)


Ong's Hat: The Beginning is now available on iTunes for your iPad, iPhone and other ePub compliant readers. It is reasonably priced at$4.99 USD.

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MANUFACTURED CONFUSION : Blurring of Legend & Reality


Kinsella allows: "When you're dealing with this…this thing, there are trickster qualities and pranks and hoaxes, and fact and fiction are so blurred that it's really hard to make sense out of it."

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: Now, from the you-can-learn-something-new-every-day files, comes Michael Kinsella's Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong's Hat.

Read it here: http://chronicle.com/blogs/pageview/the-surprising-online-life-of-legends/29221

From the article:

The response of Joseph Matheny to Legend-Tripping Online suggests the success of Kinsella's read on the Incunabula Papers. On his Web site, Matheny wrote that Kinsella "did an excellent job and only missed the mark with two or three of his conclusions," which Matheny said he would clear up by writing a complementary account.

In the context of the Incunabula Papers and Ong's Hat, something about that statement echoes beguilingly. Is Matheny offering to perpetuate the project, despite closing it down?

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