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  1. I think part of the problem that has got us into this mess is the desire by people to make money off trying to trade into and out of financial instruments. We need to go back to a society where we work hard to produce & sell physical things, rather than financial instruments that enable some to gain as others lose. You have made money out of buying a option then selling it for more, but think to yourself someone somewhere has been on the other end of that deal and has lost money. Trading is quite similar to gambling in my eyes, someone wins - someone loses.



    Yeah but... I agree totally with this sentiment - it is self evident that gambling is a zero sum game but people have to eat! I sold my property in the Summer of 07 - good timing and luck and use the cash to support myself via trading. I am unemployed and see no prospect of ever working again. My background is in mech engineering but after years of unemployment , I went to Russia and studied Russian for 4 years at University - I lived on the income from my apartment while there. I did get some work here as an interpreter for a few years but gradually this work was taken by native Russian speakers from the Baltic states - because they are cheap and easy to hire and fire.


    If I had the opportunity to use my skills and contribute to society, I would but I cannot so I do what I can to survive and so does everyone else.


    My point is that everyone has to make the best of living in a decaying society. When we reach a critical point of poverty and repression, there will be a revolution and the cards are shuffled anew!

  2. I am another refugee from HPC - a lurker there for over a year. I returned from living in Russia two years ago and felt in my bones that the standard of living here in the UK bore no relation to the productive work being done. My background is in engineering - with a mid-life change to language as engineering employment was impossible to find. Thanks to the gold thread and links from it, I have steadily improved my understanding of economics - thanks to all who contributed especially Goldfinger. I sold my property last April and invested partly in Gold - physical and Bullionvault.


    I am sorry that there seems to be some sort of censorship at HPC and will be spending less time there now that have I found this new niche for the gurus!