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  1. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/worlds-ri...ing-silver-fray


    A source in mergers and acquisitions out of Europe has alerted King World News that Carlos Slim may be looking to enter the silver market in a big way. Gold and silver are in big bull markets and this is attracting the attention of some of the smartest money around the globe. James Turk commented, “If this deal does happen Eric, this is going to make the silver shorts choke.” Fresnillo has a current market cap of roughly $19 billion.



    Why do I feel increasingly sceptical each time I read a JT comment?


    Probably because there have been so many predictions that did not quite come to pass. My decision to buy PMs was based on a cold hard look at the completely unsustainable economic model of the UK and its inevitable collapse - not on PM buggery of any sort.

  2. Gentlemen, my apologies for drifting away from the main focus of this thread but I think the great contrarian may have inadvertently stumbled across the reason for his aversion to gold!





    RB is a proven reliable contra indicator so attempting to understand his thinking is useful to gold holders. Looking through that thread, RB completely misunderstands the topic and goes off on a tangent about entropy. The most probable cause for brain shrinkage is the absence of evolutionary pressure since farming was adopted. RB does not understand this.

  3. Why are we the tax payers paying for the wedding of these benefit scroungers? Parents are on benefits living in a tax payer paid accommodation, no council tax, no utility bills, hand outs for supporting kids..... :angry:


    The more benefit is received, the higher the social status. Obvious really. Strange thing is though, if a thousand people were asked to name the biggest recipients of benefit, I doubt more than a few would name the Royal Family - the population is well trained you see :lol:

  4. While there is a debate to be had regarding just how big the cuts are (or will be), there are definitely cuts happening here.


    I know a few that have lost their jobs already (before the bigger cuts, we have just been told will be occurring in the early part of next year). The bosses sent a nice xmas email this week, explaining the voluntary redundancy package. It’s even worse in some civil service depts. >30% for the dept. For Transport!


    The "pound in your pocket" speech was actually relating to the devaluation of the pound and trying to convince UK citizens that it wouldn't affect their spending power, obviously it did.

    However, the effect actually drops out of the CPI/RPI a year later (assuming no further devaluation) and it was this which was I was referring too.


    PS I noticed that you never backed up any of the accusations you made on a previous thread? (You can PM me if you like, so we don't disrupt this thread)



    I said 'money in peoples pockets' and was referring to the argument had elsewhere about inflation not about Harold Wilson's speech.


    What accusations? Please use the thread where they were made to comment.

  5. Worth a read - especially for the Indian government.


    So to summarise so far, out of 1,912 tonnes at the BIS, 90% of it is now unallocated and nearly all of this gold is held in unallocated accounts at other central banks. While this sight gold at central banks is technically deliverable on demand, there is no apparent requirement for them to actually have it. It is therefore entirely possible for a central bank to retain only a small portion of the total owed on sight accounts, which after all is what banks have done from time immemorial.


    The temptations to use physical gold from these unallocated sight accounts to supply the market have been enormous, given the progressive demonetisation and discreditation of gold by the BIS founder members. It is easy, without proper audits, to keep these activities secret from the markets and even from other central banks not in the inner circle. It would be very interesting to know, for example, the terms under which India agreed to buy 200 tonnes of gold from the IMF. Did she actually take delivery into an earmarked account, or was it a pure paper transaction across sight accounts?



  6. Far from ideal.


    However, will the rising unemployment, the cuts, the slowdown in the economy, coupled with falling house prices, which will all put negative pressure on the RPI / CPI, be enough to limit the positive pressure on the CPI from VAT rise, commodity increases etc?


    At the moment, I would expect (guess) a lower CPI 12 months from now.


    Unemployment rising: Most of them work for the State and so are unemployed anyway - they will just get benefits for staying at home.


    The 'cuts': There are no cuts it is just spin.


    This looks like a 'money in peoples pockets argument' which has been debunked elsewhere. The rise in prices will come from international competition for oil and resources where the West will effectively print in order to buy the oil it needs. Oil is the key and oil is getting harder to find - and China especially, has developed a severe and growing habit for it




  7. Look, this is not really about silver except very tenuously. But I really had to tell you all about it.....


    I lost an item (of silver in the post recently) but I may of had it. My postman signs stuff for me to save me the hassel of going down the post office to get it later. Im 99% sure I did not get it, but I buy quite a bit so I may have over looked it....


    Anyway, while I was out taking the kids to school, the post man came in our house and knocked on the bathroom door while my wife was in the shower. "special delivery" Do you think think this was 1st class service or a bit creepy??? :unsure:


    If you have so much silver that you cannot keep track of it all, I would like to apply for the position of Azazel's administrator!


    How come the postman knocked on the bathroom door - did he let himself into the house? Not just creepy but a clear and present danger to wife and silver.

  8. I'd rather that then a collapse of system which is what the people at zero-hedge are calling for.



    I was pondering this question while stropping my favourite tomahawk earlier today. Is it right to deliberately take actions which may, even minusculy, affect the stability of an economic system - and hence presumably, cause suffering during the upheaval?


    It depends whether one believes that the cumulative suffering caused by a parasitic banking cartel is greater than that caused by a period of instability. I am sure good arguments could be presented for both cases. Actually, I think that the collapse of the fiat Ponzi-scheme will be the catalyst for unimaginable upheaval in the world - from which, perhaps, a more wholesome way of life will emerge. I hope so.

  9. JP Morgan buying up all the copper.


    Traders said JP Morgan's name had been circulating the market all day as the most likely buyer, especially since it is about to launch a physically-backed "exchange-traded fund" (ETF) in copper imminently.


    One metals broker dealing on the LME said: "The story is that they're positioning themselves in front of the ETF. There's been a lot of speculation it's them."




    An ETF with real stuff backing up the paper? Shurely not :lol:

  10. I was in Amsterdam last weekend and bought as a birthday present to myself a 1929 2 1/2 guilder coin from a dealer for 14 euros. He told me it was 945/1000 silver and it weighs 25g, but when I got home the internet tells me it's only 720/1000. He got the weight right though.


    Don't trust coin dealers on Nieuwezijds Vorburgwal



    Don't trust those scantily-clad lonely ladies that sit in their front room with the light on and invite you in for a cup of tea either - they have other things in mind <_<


    Edit: Some are not even proper ladies :unsure:

  11. Whether your savings/investments/entitlements are destroyed by hyperinflation, stagflation or deflationary collapse is debateable. But if the promises cannot be met then the end result is still that you get stiffed one way or another. The article seems to acknowledge this, but concludes more paper promises are better than a tangilbe asset, wtf???



    I think it is some kind of cognitive dissonance. I caught a few minutes of the World Service last night regarding the Euro. A talking head was describing the ramifications of Ireland leaving the Euro vs Germany leaving the Euro. He talked about mass panic/collapse and the interlocutor said: 'But that sounds like an apocalyptic scenario.' He replied: 'Yes it would be and that is why it will not happen!'


    That says it all about those talking about gold in a bubble. We can stop the impending collapse by putting our fingers in our ears and repeating 'gold is frothy, gold is in a bubble'.

  12. CID now paying above spot to buy back most 1oz coins


    The revamped site is causing me problems - the pull-down menus are not where they seem to be (farther to the right of the actual menu) and I had to delete their cookie to let me get back on the site - perhaps they don't want any business!

  13. £10 for 10z 2006 silver maple and £70 1985 1/10 kruggerrand. Politely enquired if that was all, as I had been quoted higher over the phone to a dealer. They wouldn't budge an inch.


    Quite surprisingly no other customers were around, seems people are not yet ready(or desparate enough) to part with their treasures; they also looked rather bored, which pleased me no end.


    £10 for a Maple! Pop it in the post and I'll give you £15 <_<

  14. Unfortunately the average Brit is likely to get seriously ripped off too. A leaflet was pushed through my door last week, informing me a local jeweller would be at our village hall one day this week, offering cash for gold/silver. Scrap, medals, jewellry, all sorts; would take me ages to list everything.


    Essentially though they were offering a mouthwatering, astonishing.........wait for it.....up to £300 per kg for Silver :o and up to 90% of the spot price of gold.


    Aside from wondering how the average Joe knows the spot price of gold, the term profiteering springs to mind. Sorely tempted to sit outside in the car and tell anyone going in, i'll give them 10% on top of any offer made. Now what was I saying about profiteering :rolleyes:


    Good idea! Seriously though, It is sad to see people being relieved of what little gold and silver they may have for a pittance.

  15. Don't see much drama in gold these days. It was due a correction to the trend line....a 20% appreciation against the dollar. Ho hum....






    RH, you seem rather wedded to your idea of a a nice 20 percent increase in the price of gold year on year together with appreciating value of the fiat. Leaving aside the fact that fiat is losing its purchasing power - except in property bubbles, from what I have seen in life, unstable systems of any kind rarely behave in a linear consistent way for long. At some point a self-reinforcing mechanism takes hold and the model quickly explodes/collapses/falls over.

  16. YES!!!!

    Well come to THE REAL WORLD of the psyche of the average brainless brit and probably many other countries intoxicated with property "FEVER STILL".




    Mortgage lending still subdued, lenders say

    Mortgage lending will stay subdued for at least the next few months :lol::lol::lol:, lenders say Mortgage lending continues to be subdued, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) says.


    Total mortgage lending in October was £12.4bn, the same as in September but the lowest October figure since 2000.

    The continued rationing of lending has been the main factor behind the recent fall in house prices. ;) PURELY BY DESIGN.

    The FOOLS would be purchasing houses until the iirredeamable perpetual annuity bonds did'nt have enough space for all the 000's to fit on them. :lol:

    This is the REALITY of "GROUP THINK" "UNHEALTHY SENTIMENT" and all the other consistently quoted tags by many on here.

    I have a very good freind who owns a national letting agency in his words we are RUSHED of our feet.We have never been so BUSY.Does he see the bigger picture ?ABSOLUTELY !!!Did he take my advice and purchase some PHYSICAL GOLD yes he did.One of only 3 (THREE) other people of the hundreds i have spoken to about buying Au.Everybody else wants to talk about property STILL and how WELL the FUTURE looks.Thats where the "GROUP THINK" "UNHEALTHY SENTIMENT" is

    time to WAKE UP to the real world reality.


    My own experiences back-up what Fitkid is saying about property-fever still alive and kicking! It seems as if the average property obsessed Brit is simply ignoring the fundamentals of massive State and private debt and is convinced that what is now happening, is just a hiatus and soon it will be back on the merry-go-round of money-for-nothing property flipping. One-trick ponies eh!


    Still, I suppose that 65 million dimwits, is a hell of a lot of inertia and, like an oil tanker, takes a long time to change course!