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  1. An outrageous, unfounded, statement from the 'Durden' person on zh




    http://www.zerohedge.com/article/eurchf-ne...ld-surges-again (not a lot to see, I was just drawn to his 'gold standard' remark.


    Even hints that the Euro isn't falling apart because of printing!

    Is this what that collider machine en CH is really for?

    Maybe it's that age thing again, but I do find this fiscal affair difficult to take seriously at times; but please do not confuse serious with responsible. No-one on GEI would do that, would they?

    I blame Plato.

    Somewhere in distant memories is Socrates saying we must forgive someone who has touched the divine for being unable to refrain from laughing when men are discussing serious affairs.....or a transliteration to that effect.


    Laura, you must be getting on a bit if you remember chatting with Socrates. <_< Maybe the collider is going to produce mini black holes - these will be used to suck in all outstanding debt and therefore solve all the problems. Simple really.

  2. Perhaps a central issue here is that the kind of people who have bought physical (even at a distance) over recent years are precisely the kind of folks who like things kept simple. They have (I suspect) mostly bought gold to remove many of the question marks associated with other investments, and to try to get out of the way of those who can mess with their money. It feels as if we're still well in advance of any gold mania (whether or not one is to come), so gold buyers thus far are probably more suspicious and more cautious people than most. For gold buyers, change is something to be wary of.


    BV's apparent simplicity (and being relatively question-mark free) might explain why it's done pretty well, and (sadly, from the point of view of at least some customers) become interesting to other parties.


    I hope that those still in majority control of BV remind any such interested parties that they became interested in BV because of what BV already is. I would suggest the possibility that trying to 'improve' what BV is might not work out as intended.


    Very well observed. Perhaps the loss of ultra cautious types was anticipated with the hope of reeling-in some new, wealthier, less savvy customers in the future. Given the dismissive tone of the reply here at GEI, the directors may be genuinely unaware of the effect their decision to take on a new 'partner' would have :blink:

  3. The Price of Apples


    Thanks for your replies guys.

    It's not a test, so I won't be marking your answers :lol:


    You get a better quality of reply on here than I would expect in many other places. I think it's a gold thing ;)


    I did want to get you all thinking about stocks and flows though.


    The "stock" answer would be calculated like this:


    Stock = 100 apples. Money in existence = $500.


    If all the money "flowed into" the stock of apples, that would be $500 spread over 100 apples, or 500/100 = $5 per apple.


    That IMO is wrong :D


    The Flow answer would be calculated like this:


    There is nothing to eat or drink on the island, just apples. Only one fool is willing to sell his one apple for some dollars.

    That's potentially $500 trying to buy 1 apple.

    Maybe $500 per apple (on sale) is closer to the answer ;)


    Why am I making this point?


    Of those who currently hold real physical allocated gold, how many are willing to sell?

    So what is the real supply?

    How much "money" might end up chasing that gold?


    Yes, ultimately, the only oz of gold for sale might be chased by all the "money" in existence!!!!


    So the maximum, theoretically, is quite high.


    Yes, in practice, if only 1oz of gold was for sale people would buy other things, but it is the basic concept I wanted to highlight.



    So an ounce is worth an ounce and an apple is worth an apple. :lol:


    Given the decline of the West, the current ability to swap (high purchasing power) fiat for gold is a once in a lifetime opportunity to magnify one's purchasing power perhaps tenfold - only a fool would take paper profits. However, most people have some kind of a plan for life - even though it rarely works as one might wish <_< and at some point, land or property will seem cheap enough for those who wish to buy to swap some gold for property. For others, there may come a point where it makes sense to invest in some real productive activity but my feeling is that we are some years from that.

  4. GREAT just bagged some more physical on the options expiry smackdown!!!!




    Bounced straight back up £10 after the pm fix. <_<


    Physical is drying up in Hockley THE LARGEST GOLD and JEWELLRY CENTRE IN THE UK .Dealers ringing around to try and fill sov orders are stuggling.





    Hmm, wonder why the surge in demand for physical now... <_<


    Must be a lot of bigots cautious people in the Midlands.

  5. I'll continue to hold some funds/ gold with BV. It's a very useful and convenient service.


    Don't forget the tin hat while on the internet people.





    I see the tin-foil hat family at least have somewhere to live and some furniture to sit on - perhaps they were cautious with their savings... <_<

  6. Yes, and just as I'm pondering how to manage this shift, gold gets smacked down about $20, making me wonder whether I should have sold some of my BV stash this morning.



    Perhaps a number of BV clients closing their positions (having spotted the fox entering the hen-house) has caused the fall. If that is the case, expect to see some bottlenecks in physical in the next few weeks. Just a thought.


    Edit: by Googling 'Bullionvault Rothschilds', it is apparent that there is a lot of chatter on this subject on many Internet forums and there are a lot of spooked customers. BV customers are a lot more savvy about things than the general public and I would imagine there will be some considerable movement of funds.

  7. I am not surprised that you are one of those who oppose Rothschild's involvement, Schaublin, in view of this recent post of your's:-



    The future of Europeans (irrelevant what religion) in the US is in the balance. Jews already wield immense power in that country. Zionist Jews in the US dictate foreign policy for the benefit of Israel while Jew bankers control the money supply - as if that were not bad enough, through control of TV and films, the thinking of the people is being corrupted. The last pillar to fall will be the constitution - it is already crumbling.


    Before too long, the mostly brainwashed armed forces will be withdrawn from abroad and used to enforce a reign of terror at home. The excuse will be 'White Supremacists" planning a revolt or something similar. The horror of what may ensue can be imaganed by looking at the Bolshevik-Jew led revolution in 1917 - the most awful period of mass-murder and de-humanisation ever to have taken place in Human History.


    The Internet and access to free information may have upset their plans. The 911 event may have been plausibly executed before the Internet while controlled media reported on what happened but the 'chutzpa' of orchestrating such a thing in broad daylight and imagining that people would believe the 'official' version shows that (as ever) arrogance will be their undoing.


    Don't bother calling me an anti-Semite - as it happens, real Semitic Jews (sadly a small minority) are acutely aware of the great harm that Ashkenazi Jews (as a group) have done in the world.



    Yes, I do not want my modest stash used to finance evil doing in the future. Thanks for re-posting - it may make a few more readers question things.

  8. QUOTE (Schaublin @ Jun 21 2010, 06:54 PM) *

    Before I transferred funds to BV some years ago, I did enough research into the company to satisfy myself that it was a sound proposition with honourable people in control. Edit: Now that there is a new element involved, it would require me to do similar time consuming research - I prefer not to do so.


    :lol: how much more research do you need to do to figure out the Rothschilds are evil sh1ts!




    people who buy and hold gold shouldn't worry about a repeat of 2008.


    after all, in the year 2008 gold closed 3.4% higher in dollars and 44% higher in pounds.




    how many of the people withdrawing funds from BV due to Rothschild involvement are doing so because of the Rothschild's (alleged) religion.


    my guess is none.



    Yes, - I meant to say that I have already done my research on the new shareholders and urge others to do the same.

  9. That's possibly what it is: just a name.


    From another forum





    Augmentum Capital has only one client - Jacob Rothschild.


    The WGC is the front for GLD and deeply involved in paper gold?


    Do you think a Rothschild would be interested in merely taking a part-share of Bullionvault's meagre commission - or is it their $800,000,000 in physical gold that's drawn him?


    I've got a substantial holding in BV - I had considered them one of the safer custodians. Not any more - when the wheels come off, they'll go dark and the gold will be gone. Not a lot of point in sueing a Rothschild front company for "your" gold?


    Would you entrust your gold to anyone with those partners? Just goes to show how tight physical is getting when those with only 20 tons get taken over.


    Where's the best place to buy a bulk order of British Sovereigns?

  10. This letter, no doubt sent to many who expressed concern, indicates where the fears (& loathing?) of BV's clients lie? - Note the second para. opening :)



    Laura, everyone has to be responsible for themselves. We all have different models of the world - based on what we have been exposed to in life. A week ago, I was reasonably happy with the risk of owning gold at BV, now I am not.


    I know many on this board own gold at BV and do not want to be spooked in any way - well, it is up to every individual to do their own research and draw their own conclusions on whether the recent developments change the risk.

  11. What's the thinking behind this?


    Before I transferred funds to BV some years ago, I did enough research into the company to satisfy myself that it was a sound proposition with honourable people in control. Edit: Now that there is a new element involved, it would require me to do similar time consuming research - I prefer not to do so.

  12. Just had an email from Bullion Vault.


    We are delighted to welcome the World Gold Council and Augmentum

    Capital, which is backed by Rothschild Investment Trust, as minority

    investors in BullionVault.


    Pity, BV was great while it lasted but it was too tempting a fruit to be plucked.


    I do not have much left at BV but what I have, will be coming out in the near future.

  13. This just appeared on zerohedge; the same day as a particularly aurophobic thread (which isn't link worthy imho) on hpc



    Aurophobia is defined by Webster's dictionary as an abnormal fear of everything gold; but it might be more aptly defined as 'the pathological and almost hysterical fear of owning gold, as espoused by the mainstream media'. The mainstream financial media seem to be falling prey to this malaise at an alarming rate. With gold rising seemingly in perpetuity not only in dollar terms but in a plethora of free-floating paper currencies, the antagonists are out in full force, their fear and loathing of gold for all to see. Gold seems to engender all manner of emotions, and there appears to be no middle ground. The mere mention of the word can induce comments more on a par with those of Marmite. People either 'love it or hate it', as the advert for the nation's most divisive breakfast spread chimes. Indeed the skew of hate from most media gets more pronounced at every new high. Indeed, every interim peak in gold's price over the last few years has been accompanied by a cacophony of voices proclaiming it to be overvalued. The inevitable retreats that have followed have been short-lived, briefly silencing the critics. However much to these critics’ consternation gold keeps making new highs, and with it their strident chorus of disbelief echoes out even more fervently. - Hinde Capital



    My take on it is that we are in a kind of phoney war period where anyone with any gumption (including uber rich unspeakables) knows the debt is too great for the system to recover and will store their wealth as gold.


    For a brief but uncertain period of time, one can still use paper currencies to purchase valuable goods (from the sheeple). The increase in the purchasing power of gold measured in dollars means we are closer to the endpoint - but when it comes, I think it will come swiftly.


    Edit: Perhaps a fear of gold is linked to the fear of the changes that are coming. I wonder if people hate lifeboats because they represent the possibility of a disaster?

  14. No one really excited about new all-time highs in gold anymore.


    Populace possibly trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwaggon.


    Read gold "analysts" and newsletter writers and say: I wait for $660 and then back up the truck.*


    Hugh Hendry, who is Hugh Hendry?



    EDIT: *Not gonna happen. Any entity with unlimited Dollars or Euros (there a quite a few of these) will buy unlimited gold at $1,000 latest. Fiat is done.


    I think RB on HPC recommends backing up the truck at 300 USD FFS :lol: :lol: :lol:

  15. Recently I have bought several items on ebay which came with the original receipts dated 1978. The coins sold for much the same figures in 1978 as they cost me on ebay.


    My parents house cost £11,000 in 1978 and today they would be asking more than £220,000 which is 20 x more.


    I think silver has a long way to go yet. Based on the comparison above, a £15 ounce coin would be £300, a £500 kilo bar would be £10,000.





    I look at the:


    Lack of productive capacity


    Natural resources in relation to the population


    Demographics and massive debt


    - and conclude that UK property (and currency) is massively overvalued internationally. The supernova of GBP purchasing power - fueled by debt is now fading fast.


    1000 oz of silver to buy a house in a third world country (UK) in a few years does not seem too much of a stretch of the imagination.

  16. Prechter recognises gold as money, but I think his dollar vortex thesis over-rides a more pragamtic view on gold's behaviour here. Gold is becoming a de facto currency, and as such is becoming less a commodity to be caught up in a deleveraging vortex. imo this involves a paradox or fatal flaw within market fundamentalism where currencies are supposed to float freely in the market; as the free market system in currencies becomes increasingly unstable, money will go into into gold and away from economies. This process if unchecked would obviously be fatal to economies. The only way to check the process, and stabilize both currencies and economies would be for governments to renounce market fundamentalism and go back onto a gold standard thereby formalizing and stabiliizng a process which the free market precipitated.


    Or do a little more 'intervention' (cough) in the paper-gold markets - or is that looking a bit risky now?

  17. Good points. Is there any verifiable data on who is buying gold, and how much. Are the banks not buying to cover the crazy amounts of gold ETFs they are selling?


    I do not know that there can be any really - so much obfuscation that I certainly would be skeptical of any published data. As for the other question, my belief is that central banks are buying gold because like you or me, they have an opportunity to swap paper for gold while there are still those willing to do so!