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  1. Warren Buffett - "Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful" An email from ATS bullion. This weeks special offer features the 2011 Britannia, we have 50 of these mint condition coins and are offering them £20 below our normal Britannia price! These coins are an excellent way to invest in Gold as they are exempt from both VAT and CGT. These coins are always popular with our customers so be sure to get your order in promptly! 50x1oz coins, I wonder if they all came from one investor ? 2011 dates, might have been someone who was just "jumping on a bandwagon" I've seen a few of these emails from ATS recently. $1550 is a key number for me, but it's a long way down from here. Tempted to buy
  2. Mabon, riggerz I appreciate the comments, I have very much enjoyed this thread and I thank you for your suggestions on places to visit. It has to be Ibiza, just has to be, plot up in the "quiet side" and do a few "missions" into the other side, got to do this while I'm still young ( erm...*cough*..... Lol) enough, we'll see. Either this year or next I need to get it "off the bucket list" and to be fair Carl cox doesn't play many other places now days. I'll keep an eye on this thread, and hopefully in the future I'll contribute and update again with a planting list Actually thinking about my initial question when I started this thread, is six chickens and a draw hoe a better investment.? Well.......... I'd say that it was, it didn't cost much other than a bit of labour, and my returns were fantastic. Very best regards
  3. Here's an update you may ...... Or maybe have not expected. I've given up why? To be honest I've no need to grow anything at the moment, I lost 3 chickenS during the early part of the year (2no due to age and the other flew the coup) the other two remaining are not laying at all....... And as soon as the last bag of feed runs out, well.......... If there are no eggs, then there's no point in keeping them. The patch has been fully mothballed just in case I decide to return to it, it's all covered up so the ground will get a good rest. Seeing the short life cycles of the chickens, the establishing of "pecking order" and how they live has been a fantastic experience for me, it really was like watching an episode of big brother, but the evictions were a little more severe, and of course there was no prize money nor fame for any of the chickens. The veg patch......... Well I did enjoy doing it, it's hard work but the benefits and the tastes of the produce are so much better than any shit you buy out of the supermarket. Anyway, I'm now confident that I have the skills to produce if I need to. Information and experience like that can not be taken from you. For those that are still growing I hope you have a fantastic growing season, but I'm now going to milk as many corporate c**ksuckers for as much money as possible and the company that I work for can pick up the bill of my living expenses. I no longer have the time to fully attend my garden. They say that for every sucessful man there's a good woman behind him, unless of course she's a cheating whore, then that man realises that everything he did really wasn't worth the effort. Think I'll visit Ibiza Best regards SR
  4. Sorry ladies and gents, no xmas cheese from me i'm afraid You want the best of............... well the 10mins (the encore) left me feeling like....... well......... better not say really I realy need to see these boys live. enjoy
  5. at his finest I'm hoping you neighbour isn't strutting his stuff in a pair of orange pants lol
  6. I must let everyone know.............. Michael Jackson is not dead
  7. went to a goth night last night, they're a cheerful bunch - lol here you are, one off the Marine Parade label........... just for any goths reading http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl2oFfU26NI
  8. hear hear i'm sure you can guess that Saltwater triggered this one in my head
  9. Thought i'd better post an update. Bit of a strange year for me........... only things i've grown have been Tomatoes, courgettes and strawberrys, which have all been grown in the green house. good yeilds on the toms, well pleased with those but i can safely say doing courgettes in growbags is a no if you ask me, thier much better in the ground. just dug in a new veg bed and have started encroaching into the field out the back, new compost bins going in shortly ( mine are currently located on concrete which isn't a good idea) and i've just hammered the patch with the contents of the chicken coup. Chickens have slowed down, now lucky if i see a couple of eggs per day, although they're still knocking out some quality eggs. about to empty this years compost onto the patch then i'll cover it all up hopefully with some old carpet. other than chicken feed and a few grow bags i've spent nothing this year on food production...... and still got a load of produce I've got a feeling next year is going to be a heavy one keep well everyone.
  10. From about 5:45 but its worth listening to the whole lot. My money says that you recognise the tune from somewhere http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dEb4v51K3w Hope you're keeping well m8, enjoy
  11. Wrong * Cheers loads * ensure that you have the deluxe version, he's obviously been screwed over by a woman/partner/wife and for anyone else in a simular positon...... well, its a great album, it's not endtroducing, that album will never be rivaled GIVE ME BACK THE NIGHTS.............. OH MY WORD Circular Logic (Front to back) ........... lol Scale it back....... Just lovely (not so) Sad and Lonely ......... just a big smile accross my "chevy chase" along with an occasional tear from the eye Def surrounds us ........... it most certainly does Underling, give it time my friend Warpig, to save you searching performed perfectly at very special timepoint of my life
  12. This week I think i've had a bit of an epiphany that i'm totaly powerless in the grand scheme of things, I was stood next to an Electric arc furnace (obviously not right next to it, the blast shelds were down of course) but it was like standing in Dantes inferno. All week long............. i've been blasting this out on my travels, and I dedicate this to all those who have had to sacrifice something, those who had the presence of mind that keeping up with the Jones' is not the corect path for life, those who saved and actively contributes to an economy not just financially but by the way they educate and share technology and ideas and support them. Those who know the meaning of Thrift, and are actively growing thier own food .............. and to you Merv for another 75 Billion, see if I F***ing care, for a revolution without dancing, is a revolution not worth having, and a revolution starts inside each of us, you just have to realise it first TURN THIS UP Keep well everyone (Not so) Silent Reader
  13. Don't know the tune at all, but it reminded me of this one. Gets better from about 3mins onwards A remix maybe ? but I couldn't find anything on you tube/google to confirm that. Interesting video as well btw
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