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New Clean Energy Concept

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Does anyone have any idea how to contact investors that are actually interested in doing something new? I tried, but strangely enough with energy prices continually rising, I still cant seem to get someone with capacity to listen.


Do you perhaps know a structural/electrical engineering company that may be interested in perhaps the largest clean power capability on the globe? The only things known now are wind,solar,biomass and a few other methods that still cannot really provide anything much in relation to energy demand.


In the light of the financial crisis, I believe the root cause to be rising unemployment,and unsustainably high energy costs. I tried contacting a few govt depts since 2008, but since all seem to only have autoresponders, it was a fruitless exercise. Propping up banks financially gives people nothing, and only serves to make balance sheets look 'balanced' or show fake profitability, but you surely understand that no ' recovery ' is really in sight.


I was hoping to be set into a legal framework to release my concept, since protecting the concept is an issue, and no global protection seems possible.


With all the stimulus money across the globe, not one package has any kind of regenerative component. Factually, wind and solar ..and all other current renewable power methods will never supply more than a fraction of power demand. Its true, they supply some, at very high costs ..costs that many in the know agree cannot really be afforded by taxpayers. The reality is really that with everything thats currently operating, and whats planned, energy costs are rising rapidly. The costs - $trillions.


Perhaps it may sound laughable, but it is possible to output high volumes of clean electricity. Scientists, politicians and economists actually don't know everything there is to be known, yet it is difficult to get someone to listen...too many are too busy listening to themselves and lobbyists.


My concept needs the attention of government level departments, but I cannot reach there since lobbyists seem to run the big shows, therefore many people will go over a cliff , overpaying for mostly useless ''products''.


Can you assist me in some way??

I may not have a high sounding note, but I can tender a concept to generate the highest volumes of clean electricity in a sustainable way. The world's biggest energy summits, or the G20 can really not give anything new..unfortunately. Factually, if the globe relied on politicians for solutions, we would all really be dead:) Talk almost never translates into any kind of action, and the clock is ticking.


NEW Concept- World First: The generation of unlimited, daily, clean electricity into the national power grid, in volumes that, with implementation, will outstrip the combined power output of wind and solar energy - Concept currently UNKNOWN as alternate energy provider.



Here are a few spinoffs/advantages :


Type: Clean,non nuclear solution with guaranteed multi zonal high power outputs

Method: Currently unknown among the known methods of alternate electricity generation.

Purpose : The entire energy generation methodology of the globe should change.

Oil Dependance : Guaranteed to drop systematically

Emissions : Guaranteed to drop systematically as less use of petroleum, automatically reduces carbons.

Development: Because of the flexibility, it gives developers entire new direction , unlimited to a single standard.

Environment: Minimal impact. Carbon emissions will be reduced on a large scale.

Economic impact: Basically, the economies of the globe will be able to regenerate within 2 -10 years. Low cost electricity, available daily and abundantly allows all sectors of societies to progress.

Employment: Multilevel layers of employment potential, and investment potential. Factually, if you need banks to invest in the private sector, then it needs to have genuine profitability assured.


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