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Respected friend!!!

Allow me to greet you firstly, and to ask you for your health, family and love. If they are good, it might mean that also business, profit, success or anything will be very god.

American politicians who are voted for the law to use nuclear energy and reactors, to move that they and their families living near a nuclear rector. Seeking nuclear reactor cooling (rivers, lakes) in the river live fish and mammals that we use for food clothes and shoes, besides nuclear energy comes in the house and apartments, many users, and have been shown to radiate light bulbs to every second, minute, hours, days, months and years. How long will you live and you will not get cancer, depends on how much you milirengena received that day ... not to speak of failure and explosion at the reactor, who guarantees for personal safety must show that there is a healthy and move yourself and your family. 2 billion dollars were made from the treasury for a disease that has no significance (swine flu) and I can not give money for silver to be an excellent product for the sun mirror and sun energy, the stupidity never end and the taxpayers are paying this stupid? Once you start using sun energy to all investments, a city (4-500000 population) to 100 kg of silver and 1 ton of glass. We got a clean energy, cheap and healthy for all of you and the planet Earth

Thank you very much indeed, Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart. Thanks and God bless you and your family.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your' s Faithfully,


























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